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  1. 10 piece set! Taylormade P790 4-PW + Copper High Toe 50,54,58 Fujikura pro Graphite .75”short. The set have 4-LW, 50* installed with Fujikura pro 95i stiff in IP finish & the 54*&58* degree have 115i tour stiff in Matte black finish installed. All have super stoke cross comfort undersize grips. The set is in 9.5 out of 10 condition. They were custom built for me. They were hit a few times. Some irons are brand new. 1250.00 OBO
  2. Ok got 2 kids now and stepping out of the game to become a occasional golfer now... need to get these out ... please use pictures as the condition of the items as ALL ITEMS IS USED! if you need or want more pictures please let me know. First up is Yamada Musashi (Either im selling this or the Nike RORS that will be on sale on another forum not both) 34" with blue grip. stock head cover included .... $1,000 $950 $850Shipped Epon 153 9.5* with BangVOO Premium FLEX-S 250 cpm ...$675 $550 SOLDShipped Callaway Legacy "stenson" 4-PW True Temper s95 shafts... actually never hit these but bought used... $500 SOLDshipped Titleist Cold Forged Wedges 50* and 56* stock s200 shafts .... $SOLD Epon X -56.12 Wedge ... just got off auction site for fun ... $80 shipped Titleist T-MB 7 Iron with stock s200 shaft ... $ $SOLD N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour 130 Flex S... these were pulls i never used... $ $SOLD Epon AF-903 20* Head - $ $SOLD ROMBAX BANGVOO Premium Shaft in X-Flex 270 cpm with Callaway Tip(not sure which callaway head)... $225 $200 Shipped
  3. First time posting! Great condition chikara wedge set for sale. 52/56/60. Grooves still in amazing shape. Golf pride 2g grips. Only trade interest is yururi gekku wedge set. Looking for $325 shipped OBO.
  4. - SOLD - Thanks TSG ! 49* shafted with NSPro 125 Length: 35 inches Iomic grips. 57* shafted with NSPro 115 Length: 35 inches. Iomic grips Terrific weapons to attack the pin with. Point and shoot high spin wedges. Condition 7.5/10.
  5. Anyone here still game these?? I'm interested in any feedback. I'm wondering how they differ from ONOFF S Forged... my current gamers which I like but I want to attempt to pairing wedges a set of TR500. Thanks all.
  6. Selling 3 items for today. Located in the UK. Overseas buyer, I will have to check with the cost of shipping. ALL ITEMS ARE 1/2" longer than standard. Prices not inclusive of shipping. 1. Miura K grind 56 Excellent condition as well at 9.5/10. Shafted with dynamic gold S400 tour issue. Brand new masda grips. Asking for: £200 150 ​2. Callaway Legacy Black 5-PW (stenson's model) Excellent condition. Hardly used as you can see in the picture. Comes with KBS tour V stiff. Brand new masda grips. Asking for: SOLD Interested buyers please PM me. Have a great day.
  7. END OF SEASON WEDGE SALE ---- ALL SOLD ----- Thanks, TSG all in excellent condition, lightly used (some only once) $250 for the whole lot Yururi, Bettinardi, and Yamaha are sold. Miura and Zodia still available. as priced below individually Yururi 2015 Gekku Okamura 52-deg - $70 [sOLD] NS Pro Modus3 105 wedge, Iomic grip sparkling clean, used just once Bettinardi 2015 High Helix Cut Bronze 58-deg - $70 [sOLD] KBS high rev 125S, Bettinardi Pure grip sparkling clean, used just once Miura 1957 Y-grind 53-deg - $60 DG Spinner, Pure grip lightly used Yamaha Inpres RMX Tour Model 52-deg - $60 [sOLD] NS Pro WV 105, Yamaha Tour Velvet grip Zodia Point Five Spec 51.5-deg, head only - $50
  8. I've been addicted to Toyoshima's for a very long time and no matter what comes my way the Toyo's eventually make it's way back into the bag, up until now that is... Tabuchi-san's wedges I thought were the pinnacle of performance & feel, while they still rank I think another has edged them out. Suda-san has got my vote for making the #1 Wedge in JDM land. For now... For me... But I know many of you are going to go bonkers over these. Just hit them, that's all i can say. I ordered a 52/58 combo, they arrived last week, no lofts on them so how can I tell them apart? Easy they both look uniquely different in grind. Grind, this man's got it down totally. For those who don't know who Suda-san is he is the apprentice of grind studio master Tomaru-san and now president of Modart. Notice the different grind on the two although they are part of one matching set. I love this grind theory because it works for me. It's far easier to get near the pin with the AW than it is the SW and these suckers spin like mad. If you find yourself a gap wedge out often these could help lower your score. I went with the Modus 3 130g version and they feel excellent. Funny thing about Modus3, everyone wanted it until it became a standard Japanese offering and now it's like meh... I'm a neck transition geek, I look at wedges differently than most, how the neck and leading edge blend into both sides of the neck is so important It's the first thing I look at to see if the grinder has talent. To me Suda-san is the most talented in this regard. Don't get me wrong I love the 58* but the 52 is my favorite and perhaps of all time. If a Toyo wedge had a baby with a Buchi wedge you would get a Suda wedge. Think about that and after you hit one of these tell me if I had it right.
  9. The following for sale and all are HEADS ONLY and putter HEADCOVERS ONLY. All prices are shipped airpost with track and paypaled. Insurance extra. 1. Gold's Factory pair of Wedge heads. 53* and 58*. These are RAW heads and meant to rust. Grooves are still in very good condition. No rock dents etc. $old 2. Sky Dream Jump TB-D Tour Pro Groove pair of Wedge Heads. 51* and 58*. These heads are meant to rust. Grooves still in very good condition. No rock dents. $old 3. New Lajosi Didge Gun Metal finish carbon steel putter head and head cover. Deep face mill. This is brand new and shaft was removed by Kari to help me save o international shipping. 353 gram head weight, 3* loft and 71.5* lie with white flange slight line. NO personalized stamping. Has only Lajosi logo ENGRAVED (not hand stamped) in the cavity back. $old 4, Byron 612 SUS 303 stainless steel putter head in matte but oil finish and head cover. Light Tuna Face Mill. Has "spurl" stamped on bumper. All other stampings (coyote, HB, Byron, California Flatsticks etc) are generic byron stampings. Putter has only been on course for 2 rounds. Headcover has not seen the course. Approx 347 gram head weight, 3* loft and 71.5* lie. $old Thanks for looking.
  10. Is it me, or has the BST been boring lately. Time to spice it up with some gems. Prices are shipped to US; will work with you on worldwide shipping. Offers welcome; "what's your best price?" questions, not so much. RomaRo Pro Forged- heads only Great condition, standard specs. Worthy of their reputation as smooth and forgiving. $old RomaRo Tour Select 3W (14.5*) Crown and face are perfect; minor brush marks on the sole from the glossy finish (look worse that reality). Very long, great feel. $old with Accra DyMatch 2.0 MT70 M4 shaft (1.5" tipped for 3W) Tourstage MR-23 US Spec 53* Wedge - head only Very good condition. Solid wedge; you already know how good. $100 Yonex Ezone 56* Wedge - head only Very good condition. Currently bend to 58*. This thing is so versatile. $90
  11. I noticed in the Pro shop that A and S wedges are available. Does anyone know what they look like? Hopefullu musclebacks without the typical big gooseneck/offset JDM look.
  12. Anyone play the Yururi chilli wedges? Looking for some nice wedges that provides good spin and shaft. Thanks.
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