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  1. 1.) Epon Personal 1 LTD MB 3-PW Heads (8 pcs) Heads Only $400 2.) Epon Personal F (51.5*) & D (57*) Wedges (2Pcs) Heads Only $350 3.) SOLD 4.) Fujikura Rombax 115i X-Stiff Iron Shaft Pulls 4-PW (7 Pcs)... Iguana Grips... Good Condition Lengths: 4- 37.75” 5- 37.25” 6- 36.75” 7- 36.25” 8- 35.75” 9- 35.25” PW- 34.75” $100 5.) Nippon Prototype LSL Stiff Flex 3-PW Iron Shafts (3-Iron shaft new/uncut) Lengths: 3- 40.5” (Uncut) 4- 37.75” 5- 37.25” 6- 36.75” 7- 36.25” 8- 35.75” 9- 35.25” PW- 34.75” $150 6.) Nippon 2F15 Prototype 3-PW Iron Shafts New/Uncut (I have the 2-Iron Shaft as well, but can’t currently find it) $200 7.) SOLD 8.) Onoff Kuro 2015 3-PW Iron Set Shafts: 3-Iron Nippon 950GH Regular Flex; Onoff/Perfect Pro Grips 4-PW Labospec Shinari i105 Stiff Flex; Golf Pride Grips Lengths: 3- 39.5” 4- 39” 5- 38.5” 6- 38” 7- 37.5” 8- 37” 9- 36.5” PW- 36” $500 9.) TRADED 10.) TRADED 11.) Epon AF-305 4-PW, AW (8pcs) heads only $1000 12.) SOLD My apologies should the pictures be out of order. If you would like to see more pictures of any items in particular, feel free to PM me. I’ll be adding a Muziik Bangvoo MACV80 260 cpm Driver Shaft pull and a couple of drivers in the near future as well. I just got tired of taking pictures... Also, prices are negotiable.
  2. Epon AF Tour CB 4-PW w/ Nippon Modus 130 Stiff Shafts & XROZ Tour (White/Gold) Grips SPECS: Length- 38.25/37.75/37.25/36.75/36.25/35.75/35.25 Standard Epon Loft/Lie D2 Swing Weight $700 Paypal Gift ([email protected]) Sorry, No Trades
  3. IMPORTANT QUESTION: I just bought a set of mint condition irons that were built for someone else's specs, and am trying to work out how I am going to alter them to meet my own specs. These irons have Nippon modus3 Tour120 stiff shafts that I would like to keep, if possible. My problem is that I do not have enough practical knowledge about the modus3 Tour120 shaft, and there's not enough info on its webpage. So.. since I bought a set that was built for someone else, it is +1.0" longer than I need it to be, although it is the proper weight and bend profile; however I was fit to 6.5 iron shaft frequency (which can be achieved by hard stepping a Tour120 stiff shaft 1x) which is perfect for the X or TX flex, but not the S flex which needs to be hard stepped once to achieve a 6.5 frequency. My plan is to remove the heads and take -0.5" from the tip and also -0.5" from the butt.. but here is my problem: since I am going to be pulling these shafts, I do not know if they will THEN be able to be tipped -0.5" and still fit the iron heads. If these were 0.370" parallel shafts I know this wouldn't matter at all and I could do exactly that, but since they're 0.355" taper tip shafts and they've already been installed once I'm not sure if they'd still be able to be tipped -0.5" more, or even at all, and still fit the iron heads. So...…… my question is whether or not anyone has any knowledge that could be relevant to helping me get this set built to my specific specs: 6.5 iron shaft frequency, -0.5" from std length, std lie/loft. I am trying to achieve that result from the spec of the current set: standard Tour120 stiff flex frequency (unknown), +0.5" length from std. If anyone can offer any sage advice I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks very much. Drew G
  4. sold Beautiful set of Miura CB1007s with Modus 130 shafts in stiff and new CP2 Midsize grips straight in. Play off about 38.25in 5 iron (see photo) with standard loft and lie although I have no way to confirm this. See photos for condition. Is a nick in 7iron toe (see photo) - doesn't affect their ability to produce soft, delicious, penetrating shots!! Really great irons here! Price includes postage to most of North America as well as PayPal. Please PM me if outside for shipping costs - may vary. Pick up in Toronto welcome. I have lots of feedback on eBay for reference if wanted (just PM me). Cheers!!
  5. Hello Since I had a few posts active I thought I'd make it a big one and slash prices. ALL items INCLUDEDS shipping worldwide via standard international shipping. Grand Prix One minute driver 9.5 degree with Fujikura/Muziik BangVoo premium shaft at 46 inch long and CPM of 250. Small paint scratch on sole otherwise pristine condition. Original headcover in mint condition. Swingweight unknown. head - 8/10 (becuase of scratch). shaft and grip - 9.5/10. SOLD gifted via paypal. Masda L shaped putter with copper finish at 34 inch and a midsize black grip and original headcover. Loft at 2 degree, lie at 72 degree and clubweight at 520 gram. Plastic has been removed and putter has been tested indoors. Condition is 9.99999999/10. SOLD gifted via paypal. Epon AF-301 set 5-pw with headcovers and limited edition Nippon 999GH black shafts in S flex and black elite grips. Shafts are lightweight and really smooth feeling. 5i lenght is 38 inch, standard Lie and Loft. Shafts and grips were new for this build. Heads - 7/10 (some bag chatter but nothing serious, faces are really good). shafts and grips - 9.5/10. removed gifted via paypal. Dont hesitate if you have any questions about the gear. Sorry for pics being tilted but the uploader wont coop with me.
  6. I have a set of Nippon Modus Prototype 3-PW 2s14 3-PW available for sale. Please know that these are big boy shafts...I couldn't handle it so need to unload. No modus graphics on the shaft except for the 2s14 marking as this came off the tour. 3 iron measures 39" from butt to tip and .5" increments down. Asking $old net shipped CONUS. International will cover shipping. I know someone can hit these....
  7. Posting this up to see if anyone wants these. It's a perfect blend of distance and forgiveness. I always think about whether or not I should go back to these. No trades. Epon AF 503 4-PW Nippon Super Peening Blue stiff flex Standard length/lie/loft - 5 iron measures 37.75" and set is built off of 0.5" increments Blue Lamkin uTX and white/blue custom ferrule No more than 4 rounds on these I think. If you need any more pics please let me know. I'm more than willing to send more. Asking $old net shipped CONUS or best offer. Int'l extra...
  8. A few really nice items. Shipping is included in the US Crazy CRZ-FW 15* 3 wood head. $OLD Nippon Super Peening Red N.S. Pro Stiff iron shafts 5-PW $OLD Nippon 1050 GH Stiff shafts 4-PW 36 3/4" 5 iron shaft and then go by 1/2" increments PRICE DROP $110 Vokey Cold Forged 50* Gap Wedge $OLD
  9. Epon AF-503 4-PW -- KEEPING THE SET. Shipped to CONUS. Int'l requires additional shipping cost. Epon AF-503 4 - PW Standard Length (37.75" 5i), Lie, Loft Nippon Super Peening Blue Stiff Lamkin UTx Grip Custom White/Blue ferrule Purchased new during a trip and needed something to play with. In excellent 9+/10 condition, always covered. If my price is off send me a reasonable offer. Can send additional pics if requested.
  10. A couple of items up for sale, prices are shipped priority mail in the lower states and paypaled. Others PM for shipping cost above stated, questions and reasonable offers please PM. Please do not post questions, comments, jokes in this ad, it's an ad not an open forum, thanks. Diamana X 60 stiff, lampkin blue midsize grip. 43.75" excellent shape one time pull by low heat done by a pro. $795 shaft new, $395 shipped in The conus and paypaled.
  11. potuna


    I have a set of Modus 120 stiff 4-pw shafts, never hit, pulled from a set of Onoff forged. Plays 38" 5 iron with Labospec grips in the plastic. $220 drop to $200 obo shipped in the US, International actual shipping cost minus US shipping.
  12. I was going to keep these orange as back up as they've stopped making them, but might as well let them go. With it a rare Nippon double bender putter shaft with zero offset. They had originally made these for an OEM putter brand, but the brand ended up by going for the cheaper TT instead. New, uncut, 3-P Stiff nippon super peening orange. 255 USD shipped to the US ( a bit less for the EU, a bit more for OZ) gifted or plus fees.
  13. Want to try out the modus 3 shafts. I'm looking for 4i-pw set in stiff flex or regular flex with reasonable price. Let me know what you got, thanks.
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