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  1. It's been a long hiatus my TSG brethren, and I trust that you've all been well over these last few years! While I've been playing, it hasn't been with the same frequency and focus that I've been used to in years passed, and the gear hunting has definitely stopped since I was here last. So, that means I've had a bunch of really amazing stuff sitting idle for the last few years and it's time to find them new homes! I'll start with what I can and will add stuff/pics as I get the time, so please check back and see if what I have is right for you. I want to move things quickly and easily, so
  2. Roddio compact driver 12 degree with original shaft, $550 delivered.
  3. Updated pricing below. Open to cash and trade offers as well. 1. Onoff 46P 10° with Roddio W-6WA in X-flex. 68.5g and 3.8° torque. I've really never used this driver more than a few rounds. A shoulder injury has kept me from hitting X-flex shafts and my swing does not do justice to this driver. Mint condition. Was over 1k new. Will not separate head and shaft on this one. 275 USD 225 USD 200 USD 2. Yamaha Tour Model V201 10° with an Oban Kiyoshi Purple 65g O4-flex (stiff). I accidentally slipped and stepped on the crown... So, needs a paint job or a person not too concerned about
  4. Hi all, I am ready to dismiss my S-Yard T.388. I might regret it later, but hey, that's life. While I love the small compact head and it's performance when middled, I am just not consistant enough with it. The specs are as follows: Loft: 9.5° FA: square Length: 44 1/4 " SW: D2ish Shaft: Roddio M6 X-Flex untipped Original headcover included Asking 400 USD net plus shipping from Germany. Will post a pic of the club with my username when I get home. Sorry for the crappy pics. Crown is clean, sole has some brush marks from playing. Can do more pics if requested.
  5. Hi gents, I am looking for high end 5-pw graphite shafts, one time pull preferred. Roddio's I-9 or I-10, the MCI 90 or 100 all in the R- SR- or S- flex range. Thank you!
  6. Looking to fund some new toys. So time to sell some things: 1.) Ryoma Maxima Type-V 9.5° head shafted with NS Pro Regio Formula 55 stiff flex. 45" and D2ish. Square FA. Good condition. Minimal scratch on the crown. Not even noticable if I didn't tell now. Original headcove included. I have the heavy weight kit which will be included (retails at 55$ in the pro shop). Price: 550 USD net plus shipping from Germany. 2.) S-Yard T.388 9.5° head shafted with a Roddio M:6 X flex. 44 1/4" and D2ish. Square FA. Sole shows some wear but overall good condition. Face and crown absolutely clean. Origina
  7. Onoff prospec 27 w roddio i8 sr Onoff fwy wings 21 w diamana b 3G japan sr Great condition, bought new from a shop on yaj and have a couple rounds. Diamana was installed by chip usher. Great feeling and performing clubs. A couple a pimped out Cadillacs....been sitting in my guest bag and one of my frequent guests decided he wants them. He's a good dude but am tierd of him low balling me so offering for what I think is a fair price. These will be up 4 2 weeks then going to burnzy... My buddy wants these for 240, will sell here, 270 shipped conus +25 intl. net.
  8. Has anyone here played both the Roddio I-10 and the Graphite Design Tour AD-115? Other than the weight being different, could your compare bend profiles, flight, and most importantly feel? I am happy really happy with my I-10s in a set of Labospec build OnOff Forged irons but I am looking to build up a second set and have always been curious about the AD-115. I tried a set of what I understood to be AD-115 prototypes a long time ago but they were in a different iron, not side by side, etc.
  9. Some really great pieces here just not getting play u should enjoy! Kamui Pro BW02 50* with nspwv105 stiff $125 - very good condition, maybe a season of normal loving wear, fresh no1 50 w 4 low 1 high, long for a gw and feels good, love the 60yard punch draw w this club. Pro Preference 60* with RODDIO i10 stiff $195 - very good condition, maybe 20 rounds and a half dozen range sessions, fresh no1 50 w 4 low 1 high, a shingawa hand made, spin machine, great lobber. George Spirits proto GSSW 52/58 with TT black stiff $175 for the pair - have been gamed a bit (am 2nd owner) but plenty of life
  10. Clearing out the garage and have various sets of graphite iron shafts that I have tested. All sets are in great condition. If you need more info or photos let me know. These are shafts only - no grips. 1. Aerotech i95 3 - PW (8 shafts) SOLD Flex: Stiff Length: 5 iron length played at 38" Tip: Taper Comments: These need no introduction! The shafts have been spine aligned and the 12 o'clock position has been marked. $300 net + shipping 2. UST Mamiya Recoil 110 F4 3iron - 9iron (7 shafts) Flex: Stiff Length: 5 iron length played at 38.5" Tip: Taper Comments: I played a steel PW wedge shaft whe
  11. Here is an excellent condition OnOff 24* hybrid. Type-S with RODDIO I-8 shaft in stiff flex and Labospec blue grip. Original headcover included. $379 in the TSG store selling for $200 net to me + shipping.
  12. would prefer the the new ones uncut but will take what I can get, 3-p -5-p pulls welcome unless they're more than 1/2" under standard titleist length...
  13. For sale, two items: Sorry folks, SYard is sold. Syard 388 9.5deg with Fubuki K 63 stiff, original headcover included. Around 45.25in. Will measure tonight for exact length. - $old Yamaha v201 10deg with Roddio Pentacross s6, no headcover. Will send it with a TM r9 headcover for protection Around 45in. Will measure tonight for exact length. - $250 $220 net to me + shipping (probably USPS) Not much hype needed for the Syard 388. I'm getting rid of it because I have two good drivers for my swing (Ryoma Premia - low; Crazy 435 - high) and I can't afford to keep this one laying around
  14. I traded for these not to long ago, dying to try the shafts as a precursor to getting them in my set of '13 Yam Tours. Played them a few rounds and a couple of range sessions. Believe them to be standard LLL, but daamartin might chime in and correct me… These are the photos he provided me and I can upload more as needed. $1200 shipped CONUS $1250 shipped WW other fees buyer's responsibility... $1000 for the set $650 for the shafts $500 for the heads Have an offer on the shafts need to let the heads go too. PM reasonable offers... shipped CONUS add $50 for international destinations a
  15. Epon 502 on Roddio i8 SR vs Epon 302 on Crazy LYI Neo S A 10-point cut-to-the-chase comparison 1. 302 launches a tad higher, which contradicts what I've heard. Could be the shaft. 2. 502 plays half club longer (for me). 3. 302 hits softer, not sure if the copper and/or black finish have anything to do with it. 4. 502 face 'hotter'; can definitely feel the ball speeding off in an instant. 5. 302 is more 'workable', more feel; 502 has a bit off a DOI (dead on impact) sensation. 6. 502 is more satisfying, in audible and tactile terms, on those full-blooded solid-contact hits. 7. 302 is le
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