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  1. Hey everyone, Looking to unload a bunch of gear. To be honest, I was more of a tinkerer than a hardcore player, so majority of these items are in very good to excellent condition. Domestic US shipping is baked in the price (will have to quote international). Local pick up is good too (San Jose, CA). Open to hearing offers. ***NOT INTERESTED IN TRADES at this time*** Let me know if you have any questions! - Epon 302 Satin 4-PW + Design Tuning Shafts Stiff Flex (Shimada Tour 105g) Standard L/L The 4 iron is in a stock Shimada tour shaft stiff flex 105g. Standard length and lie. Always used club head covers - very good condition ($SOLD) - Epon Zen Putter 34" Standard loft/lie - excellent condition ($500 $450) - Epon i33 Putter 34" Standard loft/life - excellent condition ($500 $450) - Yamada Musashi Putter in Burning Copper finish 33" - good condition - has a couple nicks on the top-line, would be great for golds refinish ($700) - Ryoma 4 hybrid 24* Standard L/L- very good condition ($250 $200) - Romaro Type-R Fw 3* + Bassileus FW55 stiff Standard L/L ($SOLD) - Epon Carry-on Golf Bag Stand - good condition. ($SOLD) - Onoff Caddie Golf bag - excellent condition ($SOLD) Thanks for looking!
  2. Epon AF Tour CB 4-PW w/ Nippon Modus 130 Stiff Shafts & XROZ Tour (White/Gold) Grips SPECS: Length- 38.25/37.75/37.25/36.75/36.25/35.75/35.25 Standard Epon Loft/Lie D2 Swing Weight $700 Paypal Gift ([email protected]) Sorry, No Trades
  3. Hi all. First sale here but please feel free to check my eBay username for feedback (titaneous69). Items to be shipped from Canada (Toronto) to Canada or USA ideally - if outside, please let me know so I can check shipping costs. Would like to sell the irons as looking at another set but open to trades on the driver. Cheers. 1. Romaro Ray H. 3-PW, S200 shafts, ROIR JAPAN grips (near new), 37.75in 5 iron, standard lofts and lies. Excellent condition (see photos): faces are excellent - there is a closeup of the 8iu that has the most wear. 3-4 iron barely hit. Mild scratches on the back of the 8i - photo of that also. Scratch on sole of 9i - also see photo. These are beauties but very similar to a number of sets I have and therefore am looking to purchase something a bit different. Looking for 670$USD , 625$, 575$ , now 500$ shipped (US/Canada) and PayPaled ([email protected]) LETS MOVE EM!! Purchased another set (of course....). 2. VEGA RAD 04 11 degree Driver with Quadra Fire Express MAX WBQ 65x, tipped about 1 inch. No sky marks. Comes with head cover. Some of the magnets are struggling (see photo). Awesome driver and super awesome shaft - very stable, not board-like at all. Really impressive. I get too much spin so looking for something nice that is a bit adjustable. For buying, say USD 295 shipped (US and Canada) and PAyPAled. A lot of driver and shaft here!! Thanks for looking!!!
  4. I had a fairly long range session earlier today. Below are my experiences. 1. Yururi Tataki wedges ​Among the wedges I've used (not many, just Mizuno MP-T4, Fourteen RM-21 and Yururi Tataki), Tataki is simply the very best. When I middle it, the feeling is unique, sensational and hard to describe but in my head it's like an egg heated to extremely high temperature and exploding. It's super soft and hot. The spin is ridiculous for conforming wedges. All balls stop dead after one or two hops. This set is just deadly within 100 yards. The raw black finish looks special. I made enough choji oil (pure mineral oil + 1% clove oil) to last a few years.. I routinely clean the Tatakis with it and they look gorgeous. 2. JBeam BM535 The shaft I use is Graphite Design AD-MJ 5s, 46-inch. BM535 head looks a bit narrower at address (top to bottom) than other drivers and definitely looks deep. For some reason, the shape just gives me immediate confidence. I hit it at the start of the session and every one was a high draw dead straight. The sound is solid but not loud. The launch is super easy and mid-high. I cannot be happier with it. 3. Romaro 455LX The shaft is stock RJ-TB stiff 46-inch. 455LX head looks wider than BM535 and clearly shallower. It launches the ball very high, not too high, but definitely higher than BM535. What really shocked me was the forgiveness for toe hit. I hit two shots clearly on the toes and to my astonishment, the balls went dead straight both times, just a tad lower and suffered negligible distance. This is the first time I've experienced this in a driver.
  5. RomaRo 435 LX with OBAN Tour Limited Shaft Very soft feeling combo, nice muted sound! I hit my longest drives with this setup. Unfortunately I cant control it enough to use is permanently :( This it a great driver especially if you are looking for an anti left setup (my problem is more on the right side...) The shaft is the top of the line product of OBAN. For detailed information, please check obanshafts.com. It is a great mid launch / low spin shaft with a smooth feeling. Details: · Driver Head: RomaRo 435 LX · Loft: 10 degree · Shaft: OBAN KIYOSHI Tour LTD 60 - 68 gr · Flex: S (O4 in OBAN lingo) · Length: 45,5 Inch · Grip: Pure Black · Headcover: original RomaRo Condition: The head is used. The shaft is new and has never been pulled. The head is in good used condition with normal brush marks on the bottom (black IP sole) and a minimal skymark (hardly visible when in use). The shaft is new and only used one driving range session and one round. Price: 550 EURO 450 EUR incl. shipping within Germany. Shipping to ROW will be shared, please inquire. (For reference: The MRSP of the head is 850 US$ and the shaft has 490 US$) In case of any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. I would prefer to sell this in a complete setup. Sorry no trades at the moment.
  6. My thanks to Chris for letting me review the new iBrid Chapter 2 from RomaRo. To begin with, I should say that over the years I’ve hit so many hybrids that they threatened to take over my garage at one point. I grabbed the very first one I ever saw (from TaylorMade…) and have had an on/off, love/hate relationship with them ever since. I love my long irons and I love my fairway woods, so although the concept of a hybrid made sense to me, it was always a tough sell. Like many golfers, I found a lot of them to be hook machines, especially off the tee. And the ones that seemed to work well off fairways didn’t seem to be right on the tee, or sometimes from the rough. And with virtually all of them, the hooks would return no matter how promising the feel when new. After endless experimenting, I finally settled on an 18-deg 2-iron and the Miura HB3 20-deg for my bag. I consider the Miura to be the perfect hybrid for me. It sets up like a long iron, is very small in profile, has the dense solid feel of a driving iron that I like, and most of all it goes straight like a long iron. So, I was more than a little curious to hit the iBrid. First test, out of the box and my two cats gave the immediate paws up to this beauty. It’s a gorgeous little club. (see Chris's pics for that) My black and white cat, whose name is Kobayashi Maru (interesting story that involved Tario, but I’ll save that for another time…) especially fixated on the head. Some clubs she immediately hisses at, and I usually find them to be unappealing at address later… As I said, they were both good to go on this baby. So off to the range. First thing I noticed was exactly what Chris describes in the blog. The face of this club, which is a forged cup, has more spring than I’ve ever felt in a hybrid. That same coefficient that measures time on the face -- which I love to be long on drivers and fwy’s -- is there in spades on this club. The ball is sucked in and then ramped out with a delicious feel. And the sound is also unique in my experience for a hybrid. There is a loud audible pop when you hit this thing on the sweet spot – not like an iron, not like a fwy, but like a new kind of weapon. It sounds almost copper-y, if that makes sense. The face shape is more iron-like than many hybrids, and I’d say the center is pushed out slightly toward the toe, making the club very forgiving on off-center hits. Open the face a little, and you get a more muted sound for a fade. Close it slightly and the sound is more staccato, kind of like a bullet firing into a nice draw. For me, sound is a big part of the equation, and this club definitely has its own unique sound which drew inquiring looks at the range, and later at the course. And definitely a forgiving, workable club, this thing, not a hook machine. Two rounds at the home course right next to my HB3 only reinforced the uniqueness of the iBrid. I found I could easily pick shots off the Kikuyu fairway, and when I took it into the rough, it went down for the ball with a growling authority that gave confidence. Off the tee on a couple of long Par 3’s, I also found the club in its own class. I haven’t said yet, but the iBrid is LONG. I wasn’t nuts about the ATTAS EZ shaft, but then I tend to not get along with UST Mamiya shafts so well (except for the Freq Filtered putter shaft…). I’ll say this, the shaft is beautiful to look at – a kind of smooth gunmetal grey – but like Chris, I’d love to try this thing with the new TRPX UT shaft when it’s out... For now though, when you catch this club and shaft right, it blows out shots with a strong piercing trajectory more common to fwy’s that have good run out than a soft landing hybrid. And oh yes, that sound stays equally interesting off of grass. The thing pops (and rocks). It brings smiles to those looking on as well as to you when the ball flies. I remain faithful to my driving iron, as nothing beats the feeling for me of puring a shot with one of those off the tee. But as far as hybrids go – and I would call this more of a hybrid than a driving iron -- the iBrid wants a place in the bag, insisting on its own distinct quality and range advantage. I’m still not giving up my Miura, but this club is a contender, and I applaud RomaRo for introducing something new, unique, and fun into the hybrid family.
  7. Romaro UT 4-Hybrid (24*) Head ONLY. I lost the head cover and order a replacement head cover from Japan. There are light scratches on the head. At the face, there are marks as well. Sold. Thanks.
  8. Finally, the new products by RomaRo are beginning to roll out. I just received the new Type-R driver and have had a chance to game it a couple of rounds and get some good range time in with it, and it's a beast. Based on the way it looks I was expecting it to play very closely to the 460HX that performs admirably and much to my surprise the two clubs play very different from each other. Let's wrap up the info before we move on to my review, The Type-R is 450cc's large available in 9.5 and 10.5 lofts, it comes standard with a square face angle and 59* lie angle. Total weight with the stock shaft is 303 grams and with its 56 gram stock shaft has a D2 balance in stiff at 46 inches. It features SP-700 titanium forged cup face and a 6-4ti body making it a 2 piece structure. One of the new features on this driver is its more shallow face, the older 460HX and the 430cc 435LX had deeper faces. One could expect a higher ball flight with the new Type-R which isn't really the case as RomaRo seems to have maintained the same trajectory as the HX yet by adding real estate on the heel and toe side have made this driver considerably more forgiving. The Type-R series started off with a utility wood that came out mid 2013, it won many fans and at one point made RomaRo the number 1 component company in Japan. While they no longer carry that title they are in the top 3, and I wouldn't doubt the release of their new 2014 models will give them a big boost. RomaRo has reduced the spin rates compared to the previous models kudos to them as going shallower can sometimes increase spin. Ok, so It's beautiful to look at but how does it play? I was able to test the Type-R against a variety of other clubs such as the Ryoma Maxima ST, Modart S&D, EGG1, Air KM200, and JDM SLDR. Now keep in mind all clubs had different shafts and specs which means this review carries little weight, but it was fun, and I wish some of you guys were there to help out. The club that I wanted the Type-R to go up against was my current gamer the Ryoma Maxima ST (very non-conforming) so I decided to compare the two on the range, on the course, and in appearance. I think a better visual comparison would be the Maxima Type-V because it has that all black finish, this is getting confusing Ryoma, RomaRo, Type R, Type D... Anyway while it's black like darth vadars helmet the face was kept free of the Ip finish I think that's a smart move on RomaRo's part because when black IP is applied to the face it seems to feel a little firmer at impact in my opinion. I don't have the measurements of the Type-R's face depth but the difference is quite substantial. One would assume the deeper face plays a more stable and penetrating ball flight but not in this case and for some the Maxima is hard to tame and or high launching this could be due to its hosel depth not being very deep or as deep as the D1 which means the shaft tip will play more active in this head. If you ever find yourself in this situation with the Maxima, I suggest you try a heavier, more tip stiff, longer length shaft. On the other hand, I have seen Tatsuro hit the Maxima in any flex dead straight and long for days, I've had my longest drives with the ST and it's a raging bomber. The better distance driver was the nonconforming Maxima because for the most part head to head on the same par 4 the Maxima ate the RomaRo's lunch by about 10yds or so. I didn't have a conforming version so again take this all with a grain of salt, not to mention while both are stock stiff flex shafts they still differ in specs, but yes the Maxima ST and I stress "nonconforming" was about 10yds longer on that day. The more forgiving club was the RomaRo Type-R, which I could hit much straighter, and bad shots really didn't seem as punishing in direction as the Maxima. In fact on this day this driver was the most forgiving for myself and others, whereas with the maxima you need to catch it square squared to reap its benefits. On some days, I can't hit the Maxima at all but the Type-R is so easy to square the face up at impact, I can't imagine how good it would be with a shaft like the TRPX Air. In the image above the RomaRo Type-R is on the left while the Maxima on the right, first big difference is the finish, the Maxima has a metallic effect that looks luxurious while the RomaRo is your basic black metallic. Keep in mind anytime photos are taken of top lines side by side the right always tends to look better and more straight but I think this picture shows the two perfectly. On the right the maxima is a hair closed while on the left the RomaRo is square, it's actually more square than the pic shows but it's handicapped visually by being on the left side. Feel all day goes the the RomaRo, see where I'm going with this? The Maxima ST may be longer, but this RomaRo feels so good and is so playable it truly is the Type-R Hybrid but driver version. It feels better than both of it's predecessors and the Maxima, and I will be gaming this now... but before it captains the bag it must first make it through the others... Bring on the MA01S and MA01D!
  9. Nice set of Onoff forged heads, 5-pw are 2011 heads in very good condition some lite bag dings,$325 shipped and paypal in the us, International pm me and we'll split shipping cost.
  10. Hi, have anybody plays with these 2 drivers? How do these two compare for forgiveness, feel, distance. Which do you guys like better? Many thanks in advance
  11. anybody have any experience with the Romaro 2013 Ray V Forged Type R irons? Read the review by T and looks very good! any input would be great. thanks
  12. This is my biggest sale ever and has some of the best iron sets ever made! First up is my favorite Epon Blade, the AF-Tour This comes 3-PW with KBS Tour Stiff shafts The 5 iron is 37.75 and all of the irons are standard loft and lie I had these shafts spined to the shaft band (they are brand new pulls from the new Taylomade TP MC irons) and the grips are not aligned These were just built with white ferrules and weighted perfectly SOLD Next up is a set of 2012 Yamaha InpresX V-Forged Tour Model 4-PW This set of irons lives up to the hype because they are AMAMZING! These are shafted with UST Mamiya Recoil 125's, F4 (stiff) flex They are in Very Good condition at least 8.5-10, just check the pics! There is 2 small scratches on the 5 iron from a hidden obstruction The 5 iron is 38" and the set is all standard (Loft and Lie) These have custom designed ferrules from cell-parts.net and also have Iomic Sticky 2.3 grips This combination is a new classic by having incredible feel and performance SOLD I have another set of irons for sale with Recoils! The RomaRo Ray H irons are a hybrid muscle back and blade The top line is razor thin and amazing to look at as it frames the ball This set is 4-PW with the 4 iron being a Full cavity back Ray V and the rest are The Ray H The 5-PW have Prototype Recoil 125's in an F4 Stiff Flex, the 4 iron has a standard 125 F4 shaft The 5 iron is 38" and the set is all standard (Loft and Lie) There are 2 small marks on the pitching wedge (see pic) with just normal wear on the rest of the set These have custom designed ferrules from cell-parts.net and also have Iomic Sticky 2.3 grips This is also an incredible combination of feel and performance! SOLD Finally is a very nice wedge from Miura This is a Miura-Giken Forged WMF-06 58* Wedge This comes with a Tour Issue Dynamic Gold S400 Wedge Shaft and an Iomic X-Grip The grip and the ferrule are a matching blue color and it is very sharp This wedge is in good shape with some normal wear, the grooves are deep Just $115 shipped in the U.S.
  13. Hi... looking for a used (but still in good condition) set of Romaro ray V type R iron set. Thanks
  14. Is it me, or has the BST been boring lately. Time to spice it up with some gems. Prices are shipped to US; will work with you on worldwide shipping. Offers welcome; "what's your best price?" questions, not so much. RomaRo Pro Forged- heads only Great condition, standard specs. Worthy of their reputation as smooth and forgiving. $old RomaRo Tour Select 3W (14.5*) Crown and face are perfect; minor brush marks on the sole from the glossy finish (look worse that reality). Very long, great feel. $old with Accra DyMatch 2.0 MT70 M4 shaft (1.5" tipped for 3W) Tourstage MR-23 US Spec 53* Wedge - head only Very good condition. Solid wedge; you already know how good. $100 Yonex Ezone 56* Wedge - head only Very good condition. Currently bend to 58*. This thing is so versatile. $90
  15. With some hesitation, I am thinking of selling my RomaRo H irons 4-PW heads only. These are the ones with the star. Paintfill have been removed. These are usually sold as a six iron 5-PW set but mine includes a 4I for a total of 7 heads. I am playing well with my Crazy protos and my spare bag is struggling for space with 3 to 4 more putters coming in this month. $0LD shipped airpost with track and paypaled heads only. Insurance extra. Thanks for looking and season's best.
  16. First up is 7 X-Evolution Blue with a yellow cap grips These are all brand new in the original wrapper. $OLD Next is 6 Black with white lettering No1 Expert series Grips Less torque thane the original No1 grips and nice and tacky These are also BRAND NEW $OLD I also have 3 White with the black cap Iomic Sticky 2.3 grips These are BRAND NEW in the wrapper SOLD And I have 5 White with Gold Caps RomaRo Mid Sized pulls These are in good shape with the unique RomaRo tacky grip pattern SOLD
  17. This just came in the mail today in a nice RomaRo box along with a nice RomaRo ferrule. Been looking for a specialised PW to replace the stock RomaRo H PW (not that there is anything wrong with the stock PW but just a force of habit I guess). Looks a lot nicer in the metal and not as big or clunky as I feared from Internet pics. Top line is a tad thick however. Took it to the fitters and put in a Shimada NW110 shaft and used a recycled Epon carbon fibre ferrule to match the rest of my wedges and irons. Plays to 35 3/8 finished length with an Iomic sticky grip, D1.5 SW and had the loft adjusted to 46 and the lie slightly more upright. I have yet to hit this but if the loft and lie adjustment is anything to go by, this should have a very soft feel. I do hope not Epon wedge soft though as I found those too soft. Lets hope this works out.
  18. The clear off continues and now we are down to 4 drivers which is still at least one more than wanted. So with a heavy heart, I am putting up Fujin, my God of Wind RomaRo 460hx Black 10* head for sale. Comes with original RomaRo head cover. There is a serial number on the hosel and face is square to my eye. Head is in excellent condition. Sole has very very little wear. This is a carry bomber and also has a fair bit of roll. On a couple of occasions, I actually hit my longest ever drives. Great distance driver! Sold. Thanks for looking.
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