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  1. Too much gear just hanging around, prices include shipping in the US. Outside pm for shipping quote, here we go. No trades please, reasonable offers considered, thanks Titleist Korean AP1 forged, these only have a couple rounds on them, head covers always used. 3-pw with C taper lite stiff shafts, mcc plus 4 midsize grips. These went for almost 1,500 4-pw here and sold out, 3-pw shafted $old Yamaha inpressX V202 10 degree head and head cover only, great condition $120 drop $110 S yard xv 10.5 with Fujikura Romdax Platinum 65S, plays 46". This is a bomber, good shape but an owie not seen at address see picture. $175 drop $150 S yard 3 stiff and 5 wood SR, good used condition $200 or $ 115 each drop $105 each SYB 3 wood 15 fujikura motore speeder few 80 stiff very good condition and long $115 drop $105
  2. Yamaha Inpres-X Utility 18 Degree Selling a great feeling and top performing utility. I am only selling because I am going back to a 2 Iron. Details: - Loft: 18 Degree - Shaft: ACCRA DyMatch 2.0 RTH Regular (M3) - Length: 40,75" - Grip: Pure - standard size, color: white - Head cover: original Yamaha - Price when new: 400 US-$ The shaft plays a little bit stiffer than regular in this head, I would call it R/S. Now: 75 US$ net to me + shipping from Germany Condition: Used, but in fair condition. slight brush marks on the sole and some scratches on the face, one small paint chip on the head. Please refer to the pics! No trade offers please - cash is king
  3. So I have been hunting for a spare Iron Set for quite a while now.. But with such a huge selection from JDM, this has been a frustrating hunt.. However having played my current Yammy (2014 Inpres RMX Tour CB) for a fair bit now, been enjoying it so far.. So was thinking of getting an older yammy set to try out.. There's been quite a fair bit of discussions surrounding Yamaha's irons but information is sporadic and spread out.. So would like some opinions on which Yamaha Models/Year have you played and liked the most out of the rather large selection from Yamaha across the years..
  4. Updated pricing below. Open to cash and trade offers as well. 1. Onoff 46P 10° with Roddio W-6WA in X-flex. 68.5g and 3.8° torque. I've really never used this driver more than a few rounds. A shoulder injury has kept me from hitting X-flex shafts and my swing does not do justice to this driver. Mint condition. Was over 1k new. Will not separate head and shaft on this one. 275 USD 225 USD 200 USD 2. Yamaha Tour Model V201 10° with an Oban Kiyoshi Purple 65g O4-flex (stiff). I accidentally slipped and stepped on the crown... So, needs a paint job or a person not too concerned about the look of the crown (I've never met one). Awesome feeling head and the shaft is simply magnificent. Smooth as anything with a strong kick. This shaft has numerous tour wins over the last 3 years. Black Iomic grip. Shaft only 150 USD 140 USD Head & shaft SOLD 190 USD 3. Tour Edge Exotics CB2 15° with Matrix F7M2 LTD (Low Tip Deflection) in strong flex. So smooth. Shaft alone was 600 USD+. Pics upon request. 175 USD 150 USD Shipping from Sweden not included in any item.
  5. First time poster here, Greetings TSG! I need help in identifying the year and lofts to these Yamaha Inpres GRX irons. Couldn't seem to find much information on the old Yamaha catalogues or anywhere else online. I know for sure these are not 2008. A guy at the local driving range had me try some, and it was the probably the best feeling club I ever swung. Tried the 6, and it was LONG and FORGIVING, lofts are probably jacked up strong. I just want to know how strong.
  6. SOLD 2015 Yamaha Inpres RMX Tour Model MB iron set 5-P shafted with Fujikura MCI 70R Composite shafts, Tour Velvet grips, standard L&L, spine&flo by Goodsie in excellent shape $499 PayPal / US
  7. END OF SEASON WEDGE SALE ---- ALL SOLD ----- Thanks, TSG all in excellent condition, lightly used (some only once) $250 for the whole lot Yururi, Bettinardi, and Yamaha are sold. Miura and Zodia still available. as priced below individually Yururi 2015 Gekku Okamura 52-deg - $70 [sOLD] NS Pro Modus3 105 wedge, Iomic grip sparkling clean, used just once Bettinardi 2015 High Helix Cut Bronze 58-deg - $70 [sOLD] KBS high rev 125S, Bettinardi Pure grip sparkling clean, used just once Miura 1957 Y-grind 53-deg - $60 DG Spinner, Pure grip lightly used Yamaha Inpres RMX Tour Model 52-deg - $60 [sOLD] NS Pro WV 105, Yamaha Tour Velvet grip Zodia Point Five Spec 51.5-deg, head only - $50
  8. Unsold items withdrawn from Sale.. 1. TRPX D-013 Driver (9.5* Loft) + Fujikura Tour Platform Series 26.3 (S) w/ Original Headcover Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 8/10 Usage:- 3 Range Sessions + 1 Round Comments:- Usual minor scuff marks on sole. Very clean crown and face. 2. TRPX S-013 Driver (10.5* Loft) + Fujikura Tour Platform Series 26.3 (S) w/ Original Headcover Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 6.5/10 Usage:- 2 Range Sessions + 1 Round Comments:- Usual scuff marks on sole (Slightly more than the D-013). Crown in very good condition. Paint Fill in one of the grooves came off a bit. 3. Yamaha 2014 RMX 01 Driver (9.5*) Head Only + Weight Kits/Adapter (No original Headcover but Onoff Headcover included) Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 9/10 Usage:- I bought it as used condition but have not even shafted it myself Comments:- Very Clean Sole and Crown. Faint ballmark on Face but barely noticeable. Got a lot of drivers to try in a bid to rebuild the bag but decided to go with T.388 and Honma TW717 for rotation. 4. TaylorMade 2014 Gloire Driver (10.5) + T.M GL2200 Shaft w/ Original Headcover & wrench Asking:- $$OLD Condition:- 8/10 Usage:- 3 Range Sessions (2 Grass, 1 Mat) Comments:- Usual scuff marks on Sole. Faint ballmarks on Face. Very Clean crown but tiny paint chip where the Face meets the Crown near the toe end. * All shafts are standard/default lengths as purchased from TSG/Dealer, no cutting done. The TRPX Drivers were installed by professional clubfitter with the same exact shafts for a clearer comparison. * TRPX Drivers does not come with the wrench or weight kits. * Shipping cost is conservatively estimated but actual shipping depends on your actual location. * Buyer shall be responsible for all import taxes, duties, and any other misc charges. Having said that, I have not encountered any thus far. Have already shipped several times to USA/Europe in the past. * Heads only can be considered on the TRPX Drivers but the rest should be as is.
  9. Unsold items withdrawn from Sale.. 1. PRGR New Egg Spoon Fairway Wood (3W @ 15* Loft) + 2 x PRGR Original Shaft (M-40 + M-43) w/ Original Headcover Asking:- $ Traded Condition:- 7.5/10 Usage:- 4 Range Sessions + 3 Rounds Comments:- Relatively clean sole. Scuff marks at bottom of the Face (Kept on topping the ball!) Slight scratches around the "crown" portion (Top side part as there is no crown) 2. Yamaha Inpres XV Fairway Woods (3W + 5W) + Original Rombax Shaft (Stiff) (No headcover) - To be sold together Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 6/10 Usage:- 2 Range Sessions (1 Grass, 1 Mat) Comments:- Usual scuff marks on Sole. Clean Face. Clean crown but slight paint chips where the Face meets the Crown. 3. Maruman Shuttle A F3 Maraging + Orig Infiber Shaft ® w/ Original Headcover Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 9/10 (Bought brand new!) Usage:- 2 Range Sessions (1 Grass, 1 Mat) Comments:- Very slight scuff marks on Sole. Very Clean Face w/ Faint ball marks near the bottom. Very clean crown, no marks whatsoever 4. Fourteen RM-11 Wedge Set (50* & 58*) - Shaft & Grip to be updated later on (I can't rem what it is) Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 6/10 (Used condition - Conservative rating) Usage:- 3 Range Sessions + 2 Rounds Comments:- Usual wear & tear expected of wedge use. Nicks/dings and scratches on leading edge/sole/face. Refer to picture for clear indication of usage. Cosmetic blemishes does not affect the performance at all, ball shredder to the extreme. Got this to compare with the Titleist Cold-Forged Wedges and decided my swing characteristics suit the Titleist better. 5. Kenmochi Wedge Set (52* / 56* / 60*) + NS 950 + Iomic Grips Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 6/10 (Used condition) - Black finishing wearing away beautifully on club face/sole. Gives character to the club. Usage:- Used for 1 season Comments:- Usual wear & tear expected of wedge use. Nicks/dings and scratches on leading edge/sole/face. Refer to picture for clear indication of usage. Bought this from TSG Store before really understanding about bounce/swing type/wedge play techniques. Found that the high bounce (13*) not that suited for me, disregarding that ground condition in Dubai is pretty hard. * All shafts are standard/default lengths as purchased from TSG/Dealer, no cutting done. * Shipping cost is conservatively estimated dependent on your location of course. To help keep costs down, I will share 50/50 Shipping cost with Buyer. * Buyer shall be responsible for all import taxes, duties, and any other misc charges. There's rarely any to be frank, but you never know.
  10. I have for sale a Yamaha V201 Tour model 9 degree driver head. It has been blasted of all it's paint...so now it's basically "naked" bare as you can see. Asking $150 net shipping to North America obo. Elsewhere please enquire about rates. Last picture is what it looked liked before.
  11. 1. Kamui Pro TP-O7S 9 degree conforming Head Only Mint condition $550.00 OBO 2. Ryoma D-1 V-SPEC 9.5 Degree Head Only Mint condition $600.00 OBO 3. Crazy 435 II 9.5 degree face and crown in mint condition (a couple of small scratches on sole) with Crazy Royal decoration X flex shaft 45 1/2" D4 $750.00 OBO 4. Akira K-109 prototype 9 Degree face and crown mint condition (few small scratches on sole) with Matrix Ozik TP6HD X flex 45" D5 $ 600.00 OBO 5. Yamaha V25 Tour 9 degree in excellent condition with Graphite Design Tour AD 9003 S 45" D4 $450.00 OBO 6. Kamui Pro KP-X 9.5 degree conforming head in great condition with Graphite Design 60 X 44" D2 $600.00 OBO Happy Shopping!
  12. Hello fellow TSGers! Selling this great club because I need some room for new projects! Plus, I realized that this puppy has been sitting idle for too long. This was bought here at the BST section from a very respected member called supo67. It is the Yamaha 14* 3 wood with a Diamana Kai'li 70 in s-flex and a Lamkin grip. Overall I would rate the club a 8.5/10. The quality of this club is simply put: Yamaha. Newly priced at USD 220.00 + 30.00 shipping costs then 200.00 now asking USD 170.00 shipped worldwide That's a staggering USD 80.00 less! Length: 42.5 inches or 108cm Zwan
  13. Hi Will gather all my ads here, will be easier :) 1./ Set of AF 302 4-PW heads only 3./ Yamaha V202 head. Regular one (not Tour). Great condition, in 10* with Headcover. on BB6s custom build 5./ AF202 3w - mint condition as you can see. Currently built on a Quadra FEX 65s FW. plays 43" and D1 - Epon grip included. 6./ Tourstage x-fw 3+ wood (13.5 loft). New, less than 10 balls hit with tape. Currently built on GT7s. 8./ Zodia chiba masterpiece 52-02 and 58-05. Mint condition. 9./ Epon Zero - custom paint in deep british green. Mint condition 9/10 10./ Epon AF103 - 10.5* loft - mint condition as well. Will rate 9/10 with original HC
  14. Couple items up for sale cheap, I've made some swing changes and launch these too now. Prices are shipped priority mail and paypaled in the conus. Others PM for shipping qoute, driver can't go to OZ and I won't sell shaft separate. Yamaha 4.6V 9 with Crazy Noir CB 80 LS 6.9 shaft. The shaft lists for $875 specs here http://www.tourspecgolf.com/crazy-cb-80ls-noir-shaft 6.9 is for 95-105 swing speed, full 80T. Plays 45" with red Pure mid size grip, shaft has been pulled twice and a mark on the top which could probably rubbed out, no cover. $old SYB 714 13 head only. Excellent condition, SYB is a division of Fourteen and their tour players use these fairway woods, really long. $130 drop $120 drop $100
  15. Hi Guys, First sale here but 93 positive feedback sales on the other site and I've bought from a few members here before without any issues. I have a near mint condition set of Yamaha RMX CB irons 5-PW with stiff Modus 120s and yamaha grips and I'll include a set of yamaha neoprene iron covers. Irons have had covers at all time so no chatter and see pics for condition easily better than 9/10. Asking $825 shipped conus, would prefer not to ship internationally at this time. Thanks!
  16. Hi all! Looking for a Yamaha V425, 9*, stiff... head only is fine.
  17. Thinning the herd a bit here gentlemen. Unless otherwise noted, all prices are shipped to US, net of PayPal. International shipping no problem for additional fee. S-Yard T.388 driver. 10.5* with stock Graphite Design shaft in SR flex at 45.25". No head cover (about the only thing I don't like about this club). Condition is quite good - crowns and faces great; soles with minor wear marks. $old Yamaha V201 Tour Model. Head only in 9*. Very good condition - crown is perfect; face close to it (superficial vertical scratch); sole has normal wear without any abuse marks. $old Baldo 8C Craft Trajectory 01. Head only in 9*, IP black finish. Baldo should have more of a following around here - great stuff. I find this head quite soft and penetrating; hit some of my longest and most satisfying drives with it. Condition is close to new. $old Speeder 661 Stiff shaft. Barely used in an S-Yard T.388. Played at 45.25"; butt trimmed only - raw length of 43 15/16. Professionally pulled by a top custom shop. $150. Akira 3W. 15*. $70 head only; $90 full club. Shaft is a stock X flex; feels like S to me. I don't have much info on the shaft except that it's made in Japan. Regarding condition, I think I've hit it a couple times during one round. True Linkswear Tour shoes.. Size 8.5. New in box. $70. Puma jacket. Size Medium. Lightly quilted front; stretch sleeves and back. New with tags. $100 new; selling for $50.
  18. This head is leading in TSG's Cavity Irons poll right now. 2014 Yamaha Tour CB heads only 5-PW. All standard loft/line. Selling heads only. It's in really nice condition. Totally only a few course sessions. No mark/ding. Now, still shafted but I'll get the heads pulled tomorrow by my most trusted fitter. $OLD The photo below taken today. Thanks for looking. Mark
  19. shacco


    Hey guys, Just thinking about selling my Yamaha RMX tour model driver. The reason is... well there is no real reason for it. I have just been itching to try a Ryoma Maxima. Have not even been on the course with the Yamaha yet. I guess I'm just a bit nuts. Obviously, I even prefer to trade it for a Ryoma Maxima. Preferably type v. Anyway. Just testing the waters. It's a 10* head square face angle shafted with a GD tour ad MT 6s. Head cover obviously included as well as the wrench and the weights that came with the driver. 400 Euro plus shipping from Germany. I know it is a lot. But I won't go lower because I don't really mind keeping it. Like I said, just testing the waters. Also have a NS Pro Reggio Formula 55S with a RMX sleeve that I might thow in a possible trade with a Maxima. Pics will be uploaded tonight.
  20. epon zen sold.. update price.... I still prefer ship to USA so that I don't need to sell head only.. update: any combine and split can be discussed, welcome to PM>> I have to clear my garage before this summer since too many clubs there.. I bought yamaha sets in TSG, RC from members here, and Epon Zen in TSG, I replaced the grip for it. RC Utility is X flex, and 3 wood is s flex. 1. 2013 yamaha 2013 limited tour forged iron set 4-p. $900 $800 $780$750+shipping. 2. Yamaha 2013 wedge 52, 56. $200 $180 $150+shipping. 3. RC wood 3, $100 $80 shipped S shaft. 4. RC utility 17 degree $100 $80shipped. 5.Epon Zen putter $800 $700+shipping. sold In LA, so better in USA 48 states.
  21. As 2014 approached, it was the first time in a few years I had to face abandoning my Miura CB301's for a new set of irons -- not because I particularly wanted to, but because I had to admit the Miuras were showing their age. So I conferred with Tario, Chris, and Tatsuro about the new Yamaha RMX Tours, and we talked about both the cavity backs and the muscle backs. I had tried the S-Yard GTX's, and although I really liked the feel, I found them a little thick at address for my eye, especially in the top line. I also tried the MG CB1007 (in beautiful black), but I'm not nuts about what seems to be this year's use of swirls in a lot of the CB designs I've seen... I was torn between my usual preference for CB's and my attraction to the RMX MB, both because of the look of the Yamaha MB design and my desire to narrow in on precision this year with my iron shots. Also I believed I had played one of the finest CB's ever made in the 301's -- from pictures I've seen, they were very similar in design to the Miuraism's I saw posted by Craig earlier this year -- and I felt like trying something new. Chris and Tatsuro gave both the CB's and the MB's a thorough try and were kind enough to share their experiences with me. And as always, Tario helped me zero in on the right shaft fit for my game. I'm a little different from most on that, as I prefer lighter weight shafts that still make the grade on distance and dispersion, and knowing that, Tario helped me select the NS Pro 850's. And so, I decided to give the MB's a try. And man, am I glad I did! Right out of the box, I posted my two best scores of the year at my club, and I found the MB's to be just what I was looking for. They feel like scalpels precision wise, and I'm actually hitting them farther than I was hitting the Miuras. As Chris and Tatsuro said, they definitely let you know when you miss the sweet spot, but when you hit it... oh, it is sublime! Reminds me of the smile on my face the first time I pured a Miura, but with a little more horsepower behind it. I don't know if it's the small pattern on the face around the grooves, but I definitely feel a nice long contact with the ball on the face, which I've found gives me a great feel for working the ball. On one of the Par 3's at my course, I deliberately hit two shots off the tee with the 7-iron, one a draw and one a fade, and felt like both were available to me with only a subtle change in my release. In short, the new bag looks set for this year, and it's smiling at me as I post this. (Only thing up for consideration is possibly swapping out the shafts for the MCI's I had Goodsie fit into my other irons...) The RMX Tours are, as Tario, Chris, and Tatsuro have noted, a pretty special run. And I'm happily in MB territory for the first time with these beauties. Here's a pic of the bag for those interested:
  22. Need alittle advice. I am starting to have a wandering eye back towards JDM drivers. I have a Crazy 435 with a Crazy shaft; it is long as advertised, but not very forgiving and the feel is decent but not great. The only other lefty options that I see are the new Yamaha RMX forged driver or the Epon 103. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with both of these drivers and can compare them for me? Ryoma, S Yard, TRPX, etc. do not make left handed drivers as far as I can tell. Thanks!
  23. This is my biggest sale ever and has some of the best iron sets ever made! First up is my favorite Epon Blade, the AF-Tour This comes 3-PW with KBS Tour Stiff shafts The 5 iron is 37.75 and all of the irons are standard loft and lie I had these shafts spined to the shaft band (they are brand new pulls from the new Taylomade TP MC irons) and the grips are not aligned These were just built with white ferrules and weighted perfectly SOLD Next up is a set of 2012 Yamaha InpresX V-Forged Tour Model 4-PW This set of irons lives up to the hype because they are AMAMZING! These are shafted with UST Mamiya Recoil 125's, F4 (stiff) flex They are in Very Good condition at least 8.5-10, just check the pics! There is 2 small scratches on the 5 iron from a hidden obstruction The 5 iron is 38" and the set is all standard (Loft and Lie) These have custom designed ferrules from cell-parts.net and also have Iomic Sticky 2.3 grips This combination is a new classic by having incredible feel and performance SOLD I have another set of irons for sale with Recoils! The RomaRo Ray H irons are a hybrid muscle back and blade The top line is razor thin and amazing to look at as it frames the ball This set is 4-PW with the 4 iron being a Full cavity back Ray V and the rest are The Ray H The 5-PW have Prototype Recoil 125's in an F4 Stiff Flex, the 4 iron has a standard 125 F4 shaft The 5 iron is 38" and the set is all standard (Loft and Lie) There are 2 small marks on the pitching wedge (see pic) with just normal wear on the rest of the set These have custom designed ferrules from cell-parts.net and also have Iomic Sticky 2.3 grips This is also an incredible combination of feel and performance! SOLD Finally is a very nice wedge from Miura This is a Miura-Giken Forged WMF-06 58* Wedge This comes with a Tour Issue Dynamic Gold S400 Wedge Shaft and an Iomic X-Grip The grip and the ferrule are a matching blue color and it is very sharp This wedge is in good shape with some normal wear, the grooves are deep Just $115 shipped in the U.S.
  24. Selling 2 Endo forged all time favourite: Epon Zero with original head cover fitted with Crazy Longest Yard- 01 Hot Black 6.4 flex @ traded Please note this Epon Zero has 'DEMO' stamped on the hosel (see photo), light scratches on the back of the top crown, some discolouration on the bottom sole (see photo), face in good condition no scuff marks Yamaha V202 Tour Model with original head cover fitted with Tour AD BB 5S @ SOLD Please note that the V202 has fine scratches on the top crown (can't tell from photo) and some 'peeling' at the hosel (see photo), otherwise in nice condition, used but not abused
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