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supo's bag--- 2011/12/13/14/15/16/17............,

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New bag/set pictures?

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:tsg_smilie_smile2: Great posting !! Thanks for sharing!!

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Only one set of blades bagged this year mate? Cant really get much better than the sets your bagging though.

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Only one set of blades bagged this year mate? Cant really get much better than the sets your bagging though.

Ehhh, Stew only has second stringers...


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this time of year. the GOLF time of year in japana, always has me fast tracking my thoughts away from japanese treelined opulance to the and wild wolley wind swept plains of austrialas east coast .

although right now is prime to golf season, the last cpl of weeks typhoons ahs killed a faair bit of playing time, that coupled with the demise of nearly all my playng partners over the las few years, and im crumbling into a shell of a ( wanna -be) golfer. ive literally hardly any one left here to play with..so to keep my mind nimble on all thngs club related... i tend to play the courses in sydney in my mind on the range ,bec this is where i spend the majority of my time hitting balls.

so heres my christmas thinking , iknow its early, but well its the only thing i can do to keep sane!

ive tries PLENTY of new gear this year , and pretty much all of it as been sensational in one form or another. a cpl of stand outs have been

diamana X driver shaft ..

graphite design z99036x.........

the TRPX / jbeam driver head......

callaway 2103 forged irons...

NS modus 3 130 iron shafts....

yamaha tour irons....

syard heads and wedges...

to name a few stright of hte top of m,y head .

so. how many of these can make my "world series club-athon bag on the most unforgiving links back home.................

i love thisnking baout thsi stuff, it makes the whole year seem "complete", chrissy is what i consider the ned of the season for me, and it culminates in very intsense golf in copmpetioins almost every day. so, the gear i play has to count bec it goes agaisnt my handicap!

so ive got 30 kilos of grear to bring , 20 of which will be clubs

the vast majorit ywil lagai nbe putter, bec as much as i play here i cant practice putting .hence why my scoring never meets the expectation of my best ball striking days. i just dont get enough practice time , to score well, simple as that.

so heres what i think wil make the trip a(unles somehtign remarkable cmes up in the bext 6 weeks..,)

drivers. ALWAYS the msot important club for my travels. bec i tend to play the most challenging courses i can get my teeth into, adn without a relaible cannon. im a dead man walking...


without doubt.......... the TRPX 9.5* /diamana X 70s gets a nod. for outright consistance, i know its ealry days with it but in all honesty this thing is uber reliable, its just a bit higher than the "trusty" ryoma which will serve me better on a cpl of longer courses. adn its ability to find the midle of the fairway warants any posituion, if there were "just one driver " available for selection, this wud be hard to beat for its allroundedness.

the ryoma v-spec OBVIUOLSY get one bag spot , ive already got a 9.5* v-spec d1 with GD p9003x living there permanantly. bec well its made for sydney. but the 2 new ones, with diamanaX nad gd z9003 6x.. will get spots as well. the z9003x is MIGHTY low and runs for ever. that wil be sensational at terry hills. the diamamnan X wil lbe perfect anywhere but as its only 44.75 inch i think ill prob use it more at longy thean anywhere else.

the 425 tour waccine............ the bomber............!

thsi is 100% coming, man on a few tracks with some whind at my back wholy scmokes! thsi will be a 1 shot club im hoping.ive not really missed too many with it , and ive only played it in horrid conditions and it eats it up so NSW will get its first look on the 17th dec. ill prob go 2 drivers at NSW thsi one and the ryoam diamananaX.

that shud do for drivers.

the fairway woods are set. theres no point looking anywhere else other than the yamaha tour IFF with diamana kaili 70 and 80 x shafts in 14 and 18*. sure theres great others ,but these are perfection for oz.

utes . ive gone back to the trusty egg4iron 23* with monacco4irons hfted X flex. it just perfroms and it just goest straight, there no nonesense, so its the one.


well unequiviocablly,,,,,,,, the pgrg IDBL will get one spot. no questions at all. its just a question of monacco or NS 2g18s. and the more i hit hte 2g18s in s**tty wind ,the more i think it will be them!

they will be joining the tr500-monaccos alreay living in oz. so i guesss id like the option to see how the NS hsafts go vs the monaccos i nthe same kinda head.

the callaway tour authentic c-taper protos are impossible to ignore, esp at longy where u dont need to hit the ball higher than head high. they are almost custome made for links play.

and the 2013 forged monaccos X, but i ahve to see if i can cut these down t suit my length they are currently @ 38.25inch , thats way too long for me. i need em 1/2 shorter. but i ahve the feeling if i butt them the SW will be disturbed too mauch so . well someone might get the op to get thse things . depends on what my builder says.


the syard bolds. wit monacco shafts 100% done

the yururi raw with aerotech 125 DONE.

tourstage maru.. monacco --DONE

and as a rogie the prgr low bounce wedges. gotta give them a proper whirl on hard pan.

they wil al be joining the foruteen MT tour grind-DG spinners. already living in sdyney.

thinking this season i shud............. be able to reclaim some handicap ive given up last 2 visits..!

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhh 2104 spring has sprung.

time for cherry blossoms, long tight " white pants stlye " on the gals and tourtsage z-01s

a relative golfing morgue this winter ,its been freezing and evening at the range testing the new stuff just wasnt appealing.

so the bag , the spring bag, prob my fave bag of the year , bec it ushers in warm hands change and birdie hopes.

i dd a small bit of snooping about this year, but nothing like previous, the golf show was a wash pout for me this yr 3 feet of snow in tokyo pretty much killed any hope of gettign there before my trip. damn i HATE misisng the show , that the first misss in 5 years.

a few bits and pieces have materisalsed for the beginning of this season.

cpl of drivers... few fariway woods....of course pelnty of wedeges and naturally the sasaya putters.

drivers include the egg7....trpx.....callaway ERC3.....

fairways--ryoma f3......syard xv......egg spoon...

irons----taylormade r9.....yonex ezone....tourstage maru blades..... prgr idbl.....callaway forged (ryo)

wedges----- 3-luck sky dream jump... royal colelction DB ws....prgr LED....PRGR nabla tour forged.....fourteen mt28 m5....

and a few golds putters that wont be availble till late season id think...!

so heres the line up to start.

(excuse the shiity pics but i was phone based only)

drivers-------- crazy 435. diamana stinger 70x// ryoma d1 diamanax 70s

fairways--------ryoma f2-gs p9003x royal colelction bbd quadra fex 75xs 14*//royal collection bbd diamana ali islei 17*

irons------------prgr idbl, nippon steel proto ST x.

wedges--------hmmmmmm tough one to start but with the ground stil being very hard underneath i went for the smaller lower bounce of the three luck sky dream jump . in 51-56 and the fourteen mt28 sv 62* lobber. the wedges shafted with Nippon WV125s, and the lobber with the 950s

putters--------had to put the golds GSS 360 + the newport replica sus 303 golds both with original horizontal pz milling,

all wrapped up safely in my brand spanking new Nippon steel caddy bag courtesy of Nick san.

just a small opening gambit to bring on the ealry season bling !

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That's more than 14 clubs...

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Ive got 3 magnificent caddy bags now

A miura limited

This beauty

And a roddio tour "bee"

They are pretty irlacable and if blody jason hand got the shingo one id be almost complete

The only other one i want now is a prgr tour pro one

Im still looking out for that

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is going here

to do this

with these.

then after this

this will happen

before this

goes in here......,

then bliss!

current witb.

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Very good plan indeed! I still recall someone trying to balance all of those bottles in the Tokyo steak restaurant....fun day.

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Man that is a sweeeet looking course. I'm not jealous........much.

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luvin it....

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ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook cougars ,swingers and lowballin ho'dads!

its been a while since the WITB got an update.

so with 2015 here its a heck of a time to reflect on 2014s bags.

and werent there a few!

2014 was EASILY.....................................................EASILY my best ever year on the golfing field.

score was consistantly at it lowest, driving was very accurate and gir were best ever.

killed it over all.

if i cud putt ................................................................. well thats a whole other story.!

so what was good bad ugly I HEAR U THINK ?


. not much new stuff caught my attention,a LOT of the OEMS made CRAP this year " IM honest O" . mr Yamaha what the fk has happend to you last 2 seasons. ?????

what was that abomination of a thing u put out this year????

cmon repect ur name!

it might be the first year ever,,,,ever ive NoT EVEN PICKED a new series yamaha.


so the driver combos went on and on... again...

the old faves ALWAYS hard to beat the biggest (non) surprise was once again the jbeam 435 with diamana stinger 70x at E6.

it headed the field and EVERY tourny i was in, this got the nod. in fact it ddint even cross my mind NOT to have it bagged.

the other major players of last year were ..............

best new comer to the stable------------------------prgr egg 7. was un real banna peal. endedup back in sdyney as my gamer at the mack daddy courses.

7*, as perfect a club as u can want i n the puff. and impossible to loose left.

justick 435 II------ all rounder, higher launch, easy to hit, distacne was fine , although i dont think it busted any records in my mind, it was and is one of THE best looking heads shapes at address ive got.

i LOVED taking this thing out , had a few shafts in her, and settled on the diamana X. just a heck of a match

not so anti anything . not so pro esque. just a really good players driver that is really nice to hit. although feel aint great. kinda 435 esque. it was one of my faves for sure.

and an oldie but a goodie, the kasco a 340 got plenty of airitme with 3 shafts

settled on a stinger, a diamana aliislei and a waccine .

like hitting big 3 wood, makes the fairwya look wide . very staight shooters.

fairway woods--------------------

the baggers ended up being the the 15* and 16.5* egg spoons. shated with diamana thump and quadra FEX.

both surprisiningly pleasant for mthe deck, but the real juice was form the tee.

the shape just suits my taste better than the sleeker ones like the syard XV with were my no choice, shafted with stingers, and my attas, adn diamana B. as an all round fw club i had trouble even picking up others. ( although of course i did!!) and they go like the clappers, my club bulider rated these as the best fws hes seen . urged me to play them more, although i just cundnt fault the eggs.

my fw selection now consits SOLEY of eggs, syards and crazy fws, that i it.

and ive got PLENTY of them


wel lthere was only one , it was the honma DI

club of the 2014.

the single best piece i got my hands on. so versatile, so sweet to hit, so damn accurate with it.


prgr idbl.....,TM r9 forged......callaway forged quad dots .....tourstage maru...... prgr tr500

these all got the nod on plenty of occasions, whats this u say???

these are old!!!

yes....................... they.......................... certianly......................are....................!

theres somthing very fishy in that if uask me!!!!!

how can nothing recent take my pique ,well not entirely true, the new srixon 945 adn honma tour world baldes wud get my coin ANY DAY.

just didnt get around to it last season. but with the above in the stable meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh tough choice to out any of the above.


i have a problem and its wedge love, fetish call it what u will.

love em. seriosly love a good old wedgie!

so what i nthe bag. once again it was older stuff.

prgr LED.....fourteen prototype......sky dream jump tour byte......syard bolds.....tourstage x wedge.....

the msot recent addition and the ones i gravitated to with earnest appreciation on harder, drier gound back home were in fact the prgr nabla tours on softer ground these were squelch. on harder gornd where i got to slide the sole a bit , these are MAGNIFICENT.

so much so, my gamers form JP ended up staying down under.

they leap frogged over many more vaunted performers, shafted as most things are now, with NS wv shafts

cant fault that.


i guess the one had the msot fun with was the newly restored golds mod yamada burning copper. that one and i are mde fo reach other, but so we shud be , bec it WAS customed by Yamada san for me all those years ago, accounting for left eye dominace.

long may it reign!

2015. who knows. as long as i gte out il be happy!

Edited by supo67

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I enjoy the newest eye candy as much as anyone else, and I've certainly appreciated your boldness (and budget) to give what seems like every player's cb/mb made under the sun good run. But it may very well be more bold to keep older clubs in the bag in the face of the ever-changing landscape of golf equipment. Playing with what actually works is always the best way to see lower scores. Cheers, Stew. It's good to know your own game. I aim to get to know mine.

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ha..... yes indeed. well that is a5 grade sirloin and fillet from kobe at what is recognised at one of japans finest steakeries.

its is quite sensaional. quite amazing,

i always take a defibulator with me ,

just in case....

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Thank you for sharing your insight, and man, what a great read every single time you hit the keyboard. Keep 'em coming ;-)

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