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Honma TW-PT Putters!

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Honma fans will be happy with this release finally a tour world series mallet with a simple yet stealth shape and theme.  I say stealth because it kind of reminds me of one in black.  Honma did a lot of testing with their professional players narrowing it down to a couple of shapes they really liked.


Lets sort what it is first.  It’s made of forged stainless steel that has been cnc milled.  the sole panel itself is made of Aluminum while the weights are made of tungsten.  You have two fourteen gram weights to increase the MOI.  These are not adjustable weights.


This mallet is obviously center shaft which most people believe aids the golfer who has the more straight back and through stroke with less arc.  The face is milled deep for a soft feel.  The head is finished in a matte subdued black.


Honma did a great job on the shape.  You can see they were very particular about all details and aesthetics intentionally leaving the mill marks not choosing to polish them off,  everything seems intentional and well thought out.



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I like this.

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