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Itobori at it again - please hold brands accountable

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These guys need to stop.  It hurts everyone,  the industry, and consumer.

There is already too much bull shit going on and brands are not willing to provide answers.   We need to stop this.

Please hold brands accountable when you see them doing shady stuff.  



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They'll get no business from me, that's for sure

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On 1/2/2018 at 10:05 AM, neova said:

I was looking at Itobori website today and based on the translation it says TSG is selling fake Itobori products? 


perhaps retaliation for exposing them?


For Sure!  

We are sold out of those so called "fake" itobori products...   Glad you guys got a good deal.

Anyone here thinks the ones they bought from TSG are fake?



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