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Benock World White Dragon Putter - Base Model

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Here you have the new Benock White Dragon putter part of the Benock World Collection. Benock World products serve as a blank canvas designed with minimal stamping for clients to add options to. You may purchase it as seen here or with countless options and even the ability to create your own options in collaboration with the company. Follow the jump for more angles of this beautiful putter.


The Benock White Dragon putter is designed for visual symmetry. It’s a center shafted which supports the more straight and through putting stroke. The simplicity of this design is very easy on the eyes and great for confidence.

The face comes standard with Benocks softest milling design. You may also change the milling design with custom orders for a fee.


The angles and shape of the face looking straight on is also symmetrical and this putter is perfectly balanced for a straighter roll down the target line.


Some of our clients prefer this sight line on the top blade while others have ordered the White Dragon with various sight aids, even some pretty funky ones based on a unique visual preference.


This particular putter in the photos has a bead blast top with a polished stainless sole, we find this to be the best finish to reduce glare and keep it easy on the eyes.


The head weights can also be ordered at your request, the lofts are milled not bent and every aspect can be adjusted to your desire. Standard they come in at 350 grams and retail at 1200 for this model as seen here in base form. For the same price you may remove anything you like as long as it says BENOCK on the putter in the official font.


For those of you who are not familiar with the brand Benock we suggest visiting their website here –http://www.benockgolf.com/ – Here at TourSpecGolf with our manufacturing knowledge we believe this to be the absolute best putter maker in the world.


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I feel this is a putter type missing from my arsenal.   A center shafted wide blade!  

The hitting area looks nice and thick which I prefer because it usually means softer & denser feel. 



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I'll just need to find a third job and then eat nothing but soup for 12 months and I should have a deposit put together....

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Skip the soup. These putters are to die for...   ;=]  :atsg_smilie_pot:

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