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My 2019 Golf Resolutions

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actually... forecast for Saturday AM has changed....  now forecasting a dry Saturday AM.    looks like I'll be playing! 

Going with Epon driver this weekend.   Perhaps a couple of shaft swaps for driver and 3W as well. 


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1 hour ago, nobmontana said:

Mild winter weather definitely helps!!    Been out playing pretty much every Saturday .. but this weekend looks to be really rainy!  Ugh... 

Wanted to test out the Epon AF-153 driver I just got out on the course.    While I love the Grandista RS-D...  the 153  may be a better choice for easier point and shoot drives so I can put more focus on the rest of the game like "putting!!"          


Putting? That’s not prt of the game I play. It is an entirely stand alone game.

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