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Gents .......

the bounce of your wdges makes a fricken ENORMOUS difference if u didnt know that already, I think I proved it  sat. conds were good   mid thick grass erring on tighter than fluffier at this time of the year. so ordinalriy  id gale low bounce , but  sat I had one of my rounds where I hit as many balls as humanly possible. I took 2 sets of wedges. just to see what is what

old prgr  tr03 high bounce  14*sw  and 10 aw  and  prgr tr low bounce 8/10, very similar heads  think maybe a year or two diff release, both with the same shaft NS m43

I tell ya it may have been left hand right handed in terms of similarity!!!!!!!!!!!

the high bounce wedges have some ONSET to them.   its a strange look bec although onset  they have a gooseneck, its freaky but it works, these lauch LOW , I mean LOW,  these are for hitting dead straight and  just before the flag  definitely  not past the pin, they do not move in the air, I can not cut them in  and its EXTREMELY hard to  get funky with them . they are point shoot grip roll a bit stop. sort of like the SYARD bolds, I  find these very similar in play  style.  I get the same results. both high bounce wedges.  

the low bounce ones are the polar opposite, , I can lay them open, hit cuts, draws anything I can think of  ,  chips   flops all of it , basically  they are MILES more versatile, BUT with the versatility also cometh more variable results IF  you don't  swing em sweet.

 I found I hit the most consistent shots over the day  with the higher bounce  bunt shots as a rule  but I got  closer  on tricky  shots  or shorter   shots ( inside 50 yards ) with the higher bounced  ones .

the  lower bounce wedges   play best with high shots over the pin   as they back up a  fair bit   when I  hit these short  the  putt got  very long very quickly   BUT  I had  a  ton more shots to   decide  on  with lower bounce.

from the bunker the diff is even more pronounced, with the lower bounce the  ball ALWAYs comes out short so I had to  really commit to  hitting the ball harder to get the distance right,  or I was missing the green short!.. with the higher bounce it was longer and thinning the ball I was struggling with , a mid fariway bunker like 50 yards from the green the high bounce   blew the lower ones away for results   but  close by the green  the opposite was true.


what I discovered is I much prefer  the higher bounce 52*  GAP wedge and the lower  bounce 56* . prob not everyones cup of tee mixing and matching wedges but it was pretty obvious to to me that that's how I play wedges best, which is vexing bec  I kind of like matching pairs.....

 normally il game a set of  wedges but in a match . now I know exactly what pairing  suits my game

it will be the high bounce 52 and the low bounce 56 with a super low bounce 60/61.

was a good educational round sat. 



now, if I can  only  find where my once indispensably  reliable cut/ fade  6 iron shot ive seemed to  have lost  went ,  id be a chance  !!



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Love this. From a bloke who sure knows how to test!!!

Just goes to show we all need to keep our minds open re bag setup.

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Yeah, I appreciate this, too, Stew. If my back would let me, it inspired me to think about taking a bunch of my wedges out to try some different combos...  

(PS.  I finally had a microdiscectomy (Tiger surgery No.1...) two weeks ago, and the doc says August for me hopefully to return to play... Man, it's a drag being away from the game... but at least the pain seems gone for now...) 

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Speaking of wedges,  I just picked up a 50 54 58 set of Cleveland RTX 2.0 Precision Forged wedges.   Wasn't really paying attention to these wedges,  but these are apparently designed with much feedback from Hideki Matsuyama and S20C forged in Japan.   ( have not validated )    Think Cleveland's version of the Vokey Forged , I guess..... 

All the bounces on these are 10 deg ....  which is mid way and I think that's really what I'm looking for in the Pacific Northwest course conditions where it's rock hard dry in the summer and soupy wet in the summer.          




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