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Miura Giken TB-ZERO 99.3% Pure Fe Limited

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So Miura Giken is once again bringing back 99.3% pure Fe in their irons. The last time was the CB-1008 from a couple years ago.

These TB-Zero 99.3% will come in two finishes; Double Nickel Chrome Satin Mirror and a new finish called SQP Black, the SQP is said to be as soft as copper under nickel.

Specs are the same as the regular TB-Zero and no MCW options on these. I know with the CB-1008 99.3% they were different than the regular CB-1008 but that is not the case with these.

Apparently these are available for pre-order till the end of the month (April, 30) with delivery in the fall, October/November or something along those lines.

I do not want to speak for him, but I am sure Chris would be able to get you a set should you so be inclined.

On to the pics.....(sorry went a little pic crazy)

*I think the irons are all #7 so if you see address pics that is what a #7 looks like

**the last picture shows a comparison between the new SQP black and MCW finish option D52 Matte Black Boron























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FE chemical symbol ferrum or iron

Gives the club a softer feel, there are less impurities, less carbon content, hence the 99.3% pure iron and much softer feeling.

Bridgestone Japan and their Tourstage line many years ago, used 99.3% pure FE in the limited edition maru wedges, i think for two years i maybe wrong, 2004 and the 2005 x-wedge maru.

Miura now does some of their wedges in 99.3%, and they also did a limited version of the cb-1008 in 99.3%

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Ah ok i heard for years miura had a top end line...that must be the 99.3 percent. But...not sure if that makes much difference in feel. I do know they still forge clubs for aome other oems...today in fact

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there it is.. theres that PW in the bottom picky .. they just cant leave it alone..

alas  none shall be headed this way.................


99.3 isn't uncommon a few co have used that over the years   as u said the marus were , so were  are a few fourteen wedges.

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I honestly don’t think 99.3 alone necessarily will  provide the softer feeling.   There are greater factors and variables that play into how the players feel softness in their iron shots.     Type of ball and shaft are for sure major contributors in my opinion as with the design of the head.     

When you compare 99.3 FE head to head against any of the popular mild carbon steel (S20C etc.. ) with the same shaft and ball,  I don’t think many will even notice the difference.   

But then,  I’m a al sucker for Limited Edition stuff!!  And that’s why I have set of the CB-1008 99.3 saved in a box!! 🙂 

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By design I can make an S25C iron feel just as soft as an FE99 iron.  Or an FE99 iron feel as hard as I want.

S25C is perfect to me.

S20C is no difference

S15C or SS400 you start to feel the material getting softer but then need to check lofts/lie's more frequently.

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I don't want people to mix up Iron content with carbon content. 

1025 Steel has Iron content of 99.03-99.48%

FE is within the same range of Iron content but has a lower carbon content.

FE steel's main selling point is not for the consumer.  It's for the factory or foundry.

Lower carbon = softer metal = the ability to use a small 800ton press to forge it.

S-15C steel with low heat treatment is useless in golf.  S15C with high heat treatment is the same as S-25C with lower heat treatment with a higher pressure machine.

The most stable material is JIS S25C. 

Take an FE steel iron to a range with matt's.  In no time the lie's and loft are bent out of whack due to it's low carbon content.

So what they do is heat treat the FE to be harder.  

Now the difference between S25C JIS vs 1025 AISI is that the metal has been verified by an official JIS office to be within Japan's tighter tolerances and requirements.

There are only 26 JIS authorizing offices.  All but 2-3 are located inside Japan.









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yes, thank you as usual for the quality information

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