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Winter gor'fooo arrives.

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Gawwwd damn its gotten chilly over the last cpl o weeks in old Tokyo  golf town.

The merino  thin long sleeve  under shirt is  in as are the long sox  tucked into the plus 4s!

Time to tune OUT of all things low and  stinger ish and focus on  high and all  carry  in cool winter conds!

 My last 3 games ,my score has hit the damn  roof. Greens are lightning and hard ,driver is going nowhere and lets not mention irons!!!!!!

Ive put aside the  NS 125 and 130, the Shimada 3001 , GD s200s and Monaccos  for the next 6 months   and will rebuild a cpl o sets with the greatest shafts  ever made by a man..... NS 950s.

Talk about  improved height  on strikes.. box ticked ,  with a flex that is a  slightly  softer stiff comapred to DGs200 and miles easier to hit. A dispersion, that typical  of NS ,doesn't like to go lateral too far  and   generally, a really really nice(est)  feel.

Think ill prob  hard step a set or two an pop them into a  spare set of callaway tour authentic heads,  magestic cavities  these things and a set of blades to scratch the winter ball striking itch , most   prob the honma  tw  727m, to whittle away  the winter  distance loss blues .

DRIVER.. oh man i need  some distance help with driver  shafts. the diamana X is just too strong and powewrful for  the cold , distance loss is significant  regadless of how accurate  this is, its  insane, it simply  will not move, i cant hit my  small draw and im ending up in the bundah on the right every drive! 

I built an  astro tour with a 60x last week at only 314 gram and i just cudnt get it to move 1 millimeter , feel is like .... a diamond  hitting  a  frozen  marshmallow. I cant WAIT to game this in heat next season  of heaven forbid OZ  soon as the vacccine comes into play!!!!!!  but ,. im pretty sure this  combo will  go str8 to the pool room,  for now and going forwards tho , i need some respite.

Thinking a nice original (and best) quadra fire express 65s  for winter now i dont loose my driver right too much anymore, this might make a herculaian  recovery.

 Even the 65xs tp-v , which is in play at the moment  is on the harder end  of what is  needed.

Dont  even start me with fairway woods ................,  my minds in the blender about what  to do with  those bec as much as i dont miss right anymore with drivers, i dont miss left with  fws.. which SHUD rule out the QFE, but maybe a cpl  of ligher , softer flex  say in 65 s  cud work out ok , thinking in a set  of old royal collection  bbds, or more probably the original egg spoon  in 15 and 17.5*  shud see me right for winter golf

yea ,  thats  not bad thinking  and the flavour for the next few weeks..................,


btw.. balls... anyone know what balls are a bit softer and spinnier for winter ?????





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Did someone say 'soccer'? Nooo couldn't have.......


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ive seen those. soccer ball ones . i love the look,   ok   il give  em a rip  tomorrow , put the bridgetones aside for a round

ive still got a few of the older XXIO premium brills, i rem they felt great in winter , they might get a go  as well

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