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SHIMADA 3001 cw shafts- A review , of sorts.............,

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 SHIMADA 3001 cw  steel.

98 gram  ( play weight 94g) 

constant weight, mid kick  taper  tip and step profile for more  advanced hitters that like a lighter weight, lower launch  shaft .

They say  its  anti  left.

 I can neither agree nor disagree with that at this stage, they dont seem to  like going laterally   like DGs do  but  ive not hit them in enough heads  to say   yes/no but i had  to pop up a  sml review  on  these as ( right now)  they have all but blown me sideways in my busted and broken  state .

Ive been injured .......again...... (arm)............., for  just on 5 months now....... only started to play again so my quest to find a decent set  has taken me to new and foreign  brands. was gonna say lands , but thats never gonna happen, the  chance of  playing non JDM is zero , so thats not right.,. brands and models are  my new thang...........

cue-  MIURA cb3001 dent sole / SHIMADA 3001 cw stiffs.

Had the 6 (notice how i didnt say 7) iron   shafted for a while , never quite got around to  doing the set , was more into much more obtuse builds but i took this out with my ,as of late yamaha 2010/NSv90 reg  set that  im so in love with ( apart from the  inexplicable  big  distance loss......, ) ive been banging my head  to work out why , im not  back to  my normal distance/power/strenth, not  by a long way  , the driver is closest , prob 80% and i got a cpl of gooduns   out to  around  the 270y  mark  and my fairway woods were  pretty good too   but my irons/wedges  are a ways off still, ie/eg... my  9 iron  on the  10th which i Tiger cut  ,CCccccccRUSHED went a staggering  102 yards.................. !!!!!!    So,  instead of being 2 inchs from the pin where i thought it was going ,it  didnt  make  the bloody green!!!!!!  chipped up-s**t-2putt for bogie. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!

This was a 100% centered shot , AS GOOD i think   as  ive ever hit   a ball.................and its  30 yards short of its projected target..........30.......................crushed.........????????

do i  need to   sit down to  pee now ???????

do i need to  start lawn bowls??????

i dont get it.... whats  going on???

  i know im busted  a bit still  but  this is  just silly .

 So,  i move to the next hole  and hit my 2nd shot 5 iron into a  161 down hill par4  to be stuck  in the front  bunker after smoking it........ again...... another distance miss of 20+ yards,  as you cud possibly imagine  after 2 in a row  { and  several minutes  of  redacted  expletives  and club slammage into the turf  later.........}  i moved along with another s**tty bogie to the card  from bird land! 

 sigh........., it is what it is   i say to myself liking my paws  like a fat calico  meooooooooowwwwwwww. 

Moving right along....... to the above mentioned par 3 ,   A  super delishhh 160y  down hill slightly left right  crosswind hole  to a  left right kidney shape  green .

THIS  time  instead of the yammy   5 iron   i grab the miuira   6 with  the SHIMADA  ,once again crushed the impact,  pure  sweet-love compression  THS TIME  to 3 feet,  pin high and a friendly  gimme-bird-dog  to semi ease  pain and frusration of the 10th ..

This cant be shrugged off on just an explosion of adrenaline.. the flight was like watching a 50cal from a Baretta get schmokkkkkked into a  tank  ( seen that on telly, not live!) .... feel was  magnificent................ so me thinks  

what the hell just happened ???????? 

there  is NO WAY.................,  my arm  "  suddenly "   got 100%  better in the 4 mins  it took to walk from the  11th to the 12th and i pick up  15 ish yards  on a club up from what im used to..... no way,  somethings woofy  so i says  to da  fellas -

" hold up fellas   i need to hit another,  that was  unreal " 

low and  behold   same sweet impact ,same sweet result.  ok.... so what the fk gives??????

Time for some science i say to myself  for  rest of the round . i need  to  dial that shot in  for ever.

 So- lofts are the same. -length  is the same weight its the weight as both sets are from  beautiful s20c  forged  JDM SCHTEEEEEEEL   its gotta be  the  weight, it is quite a bit different ,  but i thinks to myself  the lighter  club   shud   be, by  all accounts go longer no .. ??????

well not in this case, 15+  yards  needs to be investigated............ 

Now this Miura head  IS basically a GI club  it  has a low COG, humongous  cavity, big  high  face  for misses up and away  from the  hosel ,  i took the weight difference  last night and  the miura is  13g  heavier so thats  not to be sneezed at.


SPIN.   its gotta be  spin.


the V90regs   are , i keep saying are so magnificent feel, easy on the bod and so easy to play when i actually  get into one they must just spin off the Richter.

The SHIAMADA on the other hand  DO NOT.

They hit  the ball nude and they fly OUT, not UP.  i hit 2 on that hole to make sure it wasnt a fluke and nope  there is a humongous difference.

The miura heads are a low COG head designed to launch high and with shimadas are a mid kick  98g shaft that  launch flat. the combo is SUPERB. i dont have to swing for the fences to  launch it due to shaft  and i dont get the ballooning im getting with the  the v90r .. i can relax still and let my bod build back to power  BUT get the added advantage of super easy  club with a powerful light weight shaft.

 Im getting  the rest of the set built   this  week ,  it takes precedence over all other adventures i have listed  bec this is  one  GREAT set of bats i  can use for a multitude of games. These heads ive had sitting idle for 11 years... They are responsible for my greatest ever ball striking  round   on Dec 24th  2007 ( with NS1050s ) so i just cant let them go no matter how funky i think i can get with blades.

So glad i didnt oust them.

For the record  ive  been playing  NS 125s, 2g18s  and super  peeing orange/blue  shafts as a rule for years with  no issue at all over weight (  till very  recently )  and most 5 irons i  play are at 425-430 g  with  437g   the heaviest. , the  miura  is at 419g  and the yamaha at 407g, thats a pretty big difference and one that  still doesnt quite  make sense to me, the only possible explaination i can thiink of is  the spin. 

These shimadas hit a flatter , more ballistic  flight with a solid ,firm (but not thick/ dense ) feel   to them,  sort of more akin to DG than NS, but with a thinner  classier feel. They dont seem  the prefer to  bend laterally  too much  either , my thought  pattern with them in play is go straight at the target  dont  try and get fancy ,just adjust flight by club length  choice and really give it to them.  

I used to play play the 115 and 125 tours so im pretty au fait with shimada flight  these are similar  i guess but with a better feel  and  reduced weight but not strength .

The super peening red i have  just bought  for a set of  old callies might just go on hold for a bit longer....  as are the  crazy  cbi  limited  but thats bec i cant decide on a head! the super peening shafts  have been my all time fave steel shafts   ( non protos  of course)  but i gotta say these 3001s  are holding my attention a lot more than i ever expected  them to. 

You know u have a premium shaft in play  with these , if  your looking for a new semi light weight  stronger steel shaft do your self a favour   and  put these on your radar. 









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I totally dig the head shape of these Miuras!!   🙂     Interesting!!   the 3001 S shafts are supposedly about the same CPM as 950GH in R flex....   I don't know how V90 S compares but I assume they're stiffer than 950GH R.... I always thought that softer flex shafts produced more backspin. So Im a bit surprised that you get more distance with the flexier 3001s 

I once had a k's 8001 in J015CB irons which spun like mad and I had on average 15 yards less than when I had Modus 105 S in them...  same head, different shaft.    K's 8001 are quite a bit flexier than the Modus 105.  So while I completely see how back spin can impact overall distance, my experience was opposite to what you saw from a shaft stiffness perspective.  

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oh wait...  you have v90 reg.    maybe the 3001 are stiffer ...

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yup  v90 REG, not stiff .... they spin like blazes and ill tell ya,  nothing feels better at impact............ nothign iive ever hit  but  they  spin too much  for me.  miles too much. whne  im an old crusty  wrinkly these will be my  shafts, so in like a cpl of yrs !!



 the 3001 STIFF are   def a lower spin shaft  and  wud work a treat  for a vast array  of strikers  im sure,  i just  cant get over how well they l fly. the difference in results was way way way too much to ignore,  iwas  considereing the v90s hard stepped but the  cw just  work  so no point.

im in a huge quandry right now to put these or the  superpeening red  into a set of new heads for my buddy............


ahhhh such is life  and the quarries for a mega ho! 

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Heads remind me of the PRGR by Muira 801?

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