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Man, seems like I've been really slow to the band wagon this year! 

Back in March '21,  Graphite Design released a Japan only limited edition Tour AD PT High Modulus shaft and I am just learning about it.  

Basically it is positioned to be the successor to one of their longest seller Tour AD PT ( Think Blue Board type profile ) but uses updated/higher grade material including 80T carbon fiber as well as Toray's T1100G  around the tip section.    

Saw some Youtube videos a few weeks ago where they compare this shaft against Mitsubishi Tensei 1K as well as Diamana D-Limited. 

Though it is a mid launch, it appears that this shaft provides very low spin.    Since my all time favorite is the Kurokage '13 which is a mid launch shaft,   I decided that I need to get one of these shafts in 6S and try it out.  

Should arrive in the net couple of weeks.   One I have it, I will compare this against my D-limited shaft.   


Screen Shot 2021-10-11 at 1.46.12 PM.png

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Looking forward to it.

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Here is a quick summary of my first few range sessions with the Tour AD PT High Modulus 6 Stiff.   I've actually not had the chance to try the original PT shafts.  But after trying the PTHM (PT High Modulus) in my Mavrik Subzero Triple Diamond 8.5* head,  my impression is that even though Graphite Design claims that it is a neutral and mid launch shaft,  to me it feels more similar to the likes of the original Diamana X or Fire Express BX70  It's mid-low launch and low spinning.   It does not feel as refined as the D-Limited .. but I like how the overall feel of the shaft is very responsive.    It's one of those shafts that don't have a lot of play.   Still is a highly stable shaft.    Unfortunately,   I don't feel that this shaft is the best match with the Mavrik but possibly a better match to the PRGR Proto Single Clover.   It may push out the Loop GK out.  



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 I played the original PT   6x and  thought it was the best GD shaft id ever hit.

LOVED it,  it suited my swing profile perfectly,just  a little softer, little  spongier,  especailyl vs the   orange  one matsuyama loves.. didnt lie that at all DJ  i think i t was , i got THE perfect flight arc. with a  mid to mid high  flight , shafted  up a callaway ERC3 endo special form a while ago  and left back home for my links.  LOVE that combo.

so if u say this is similar to the  DIA X  but looks just a tad less torgue , ill be allover that.


good graphics too.

not being funny but how a shafts looks is important to  me as well! 

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