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Portable hand held swing speed radar machine thingy-ma-bob...

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 Hit the range last weekend for my  first sesshy of the season, surprisingly i  hit them extremely well,  was very happy with  the irons , smoked them actually, a nice 15*c and just a hint of a  tiny into  draw crosswind to make it interesting , great session really.

A  random  guy in the  bay  next to me had a portable little swing measurer  that measured the ball speed, distance  smash factor  , in fact  lots of measurements ,  he gave me a try of it.

 I loved it   cudnt take my eyes off it  totally threw me off my concentration..
ive never bothered to use one of these  before   and found out str8 away it  totally fkks up ur rythm bec u immediatly try and crush the bloody ball to max out the numbers.

anyway....... once i put the  mental D ...  measuring device to the  back  of  the mind , i relasied this cud be a very good tool , esp if u have more than 1 set of clubs , which, id guess more than 1 or 2 of us have.
point in fact. i had 2 ,6 irons in  hand  both  from yamaha , the tour 2009s  with  crazy  cbi and the 1980s  sx with  fujikura mci  both about the same  weight.

i postulated they were  not the same loft..............................................and the 09 wud be longer 

well on the trackman  thingy  the  SX flew 166-171  yards and the 2009 went 172-177 yards.

now, before i actually saw this  i wud  had said maybe 5 yards differernce  at max     but 10? 


thast a whole club!
 the   2009   7 iron  for eg was a consistant 161-166 max.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,  food for thought.

onto the woods.......

 they seemed pretty consistant with what i think i hit on course ,  3 wood was going  240+/-  yards   and  the driver swing speed  was 105-108  but only  going about 265 ish ,   the smash factor  as i was shown  was  all over the place, a good one   is high 140s  , i  however was low 140s , at best  ,  hopefully ill put that down to early  season rust  not an oh shiit , lawn bowls is in my immediate future. The guy said he cud see me slicing the ball  which accounts for the  low distance with driver  and it felt like i wasnt quite nailing it ...............

work     to    be   done  !

Now im over the  " just see how  long i am thing "   im going to  grab  one as it most certianly gives me excellent data on what each club can produce bec ,  i may just have more than i set i need to measure. 

question .........
 does anyone have one of these and can reccomend  one , i have no idea what he had.








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The PRGR red eyes is supposed to be ok for how relatively cheap it is compared to other small launch monitors.

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I had the Yupiteru ATLAS GST-6W...  great tool.   but after 6 years or so,  the internal rechargeable battery is now dead and can't hold charge.  

So I need to use it along with an external USB battery pack connected to it... 😞   

While the accuracy of these things is questionable , I still find it very useful for comparing distances I get against different clubs or head-shaft combos.  

As with any launch monitor, the measurement comparison needs to happen on the same device... ( i.e. you can't compare Trackman data against a Yupiteru. ) 

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nobs thats baically  the only thing i want it for..     as a tool for going  ok, my 5/6/7  irons go this far, with those  shafs t i think it cud be a GREAT tool.

 i use more than 1,234,566,789  sets of irons per season  as u know, and im quite often wrong with my distance sat .to sudnday when i swap  sets on the same course.  which does my head in! 
so a  check to measure  carry  i think cud help a lot.

i dont have access to trackman so cant use that.

thinking is, if i miss one less green  short  on the par 3s , that can make a decent  impact  to my  score.


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I remember Ryo Ishikawa long time ago used to carry one in his bag to use at warm ups before a round... swing speed measurement was his way of measuring physical condition for that day which I think is also a legit way to use one ...  different day, different swing (speed) 

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