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Semi golden oldie PR-GR irons .....,

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prgr 900mds


My first  foray into super  soft   ( s20c)  ENDO JAPAN  forged JDM players cavity muscles.

i played these for about 4 seasons  and these were responsible for the headlong plunge into  soft forgings.

 I wasnt much of a player back then , shot mid to high  80s as a rule but i distincctly  remeber hitting one  6 iron about 180 on the monster course we used to play and  nailing it to 3 feet  for a bird from  a beautiful draw and going , wow.. i need more of these! 

totally forgot about them for an age till  last  week when i found this set, a full set   3'pw  in really really good  condition still. i cudnt  resist,  played them on saturday and  (  i played like crap, but)   got a cpl right off the middle and relived  the guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush feel these are all over again, i rememebr why  i fell so heavily for both PRGR and  soft  forgings  players clubs.  

shape cud bee  construed as a bit dated now  for palyers cbs but  the specs on them are still lights out.

 thin sole, thin top line , mid side  body.  high launch with different COG  placements,  id say mid offest, its not tiny its not big.

workability and a nice framing of the ball.  epsecially  in the longer irons! 



ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ENDO, there is no substitute! 





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