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Baldo Corsa driver


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Anyone played or even hit a recent Baldo driver lately, kinda thinking that they look good but are they just ho hum in the performance dept.?


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I play the Baldo Corsa 438h. Beautiful and great performance. I have mine shafted with a Vanquish 5x. Played about 12/15 rounds with it. Contemplating changing as I tend to hit it a bit high (9.5*). I get way less spin with something like the Cobra LTD in 8* but I have not played a non-Japanese driver since the Titleist 975D… 

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Sorry if it was a bit short. On my phone in an airplane. But to extend on it:

It is everything I could ever want from a look and feel perspective. Deep face, short heel to toe, no crazy graphics etc. Just pure. It sets up square to a little open. Never any tendencies to hook it as with a Ryoma etc. I find it to be very well balanced. It is easy to hit the center of the face. With some drivers that are less well made, I tend to have a greater dispersion of where on the face I hit it. With this, my smash factor is in the 1.49 range all the time on a launch monitor.

My typical shot is a medium high draw. Here I hit it with a bit less draw but a bit higher. Easy to hit a little cut too when needed. One of the most important things to me when choosing a driver is the ability to move the ball any which way I want to.

As I do get a bit more spin than I would ideally want, likely due to shaft choice as well, I do hit it really well off the deck. That is something I have done for 25 years and did not expect to do well with this driver due to the deep face, but I do. 

So, as a conclusion I would say that I love everything about the driver - look, set-up, sound/feel, workability etc - albeit I get a bit too much spin to maximize distance. I swing 99/102 mph and end up in the 2900/3200 rpm range. Getting that down to 2200 or so should give me 15 yards or so more distance I think.

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Thanks for taking the time to expand….. much appreciated.

id also be a little concerned with spin, but we all produce different metrics so may well gives this a whirl.

let us know if you do reduce it and what you did to achieve it?

thanks again

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