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  2. I gifted my funds but will ask PayPal to assist next week if I don’t here anything.
  3. Well if KCS or another member for that matter were to take someones money and not ship anything at all for say an entire month, what is the penalty for that as per the rules or is there one? I think a reasonable amount of time like a month maximum should be allowed and then if a month goes by and nothing has been shipped and no money has been refunded then the member should be removed and banned from selling or buying again but I guess it is difficult if they can just make a new account. I find this kind of topic to be really depressing because you would think that golfers of all people in this world could operate by the honour system, you buy and sell like you play the game which means you are courteous and respectful to the people you are playing with and you play by the rules and never cheat. Anyone who does not adhere to the simple honour code of the game has no business in the BST or on the course. Hopefully this does not turn out to be something really serious as far as health problems go for KCS or his loved ones.
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  5. Looking for a set of set of irons for mid handicapper that can be delivered/picked up near BGC area in the Philippines. Let me know what you may have....Thanks
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  7. Hopefully it works out for you. I didn’t gift payment, so I’m in a holding pattern with Paypal. No response but new ads keep popping up is what pissed me off.
  8. I've shown my support for KCS217 in the past here in the forum. Now I'm on the same side as several others. I have paid for things - August 27th - and was told the box would be shipped the following morning. However, I have not received ana tracking information and I'm not getting any replies to my messages to him although I've seen that he was on the site last Tuesday the last time. Even though I'm still confident that I will get my stuff, and I have told the seller that I'm not in a rush, I think communication is key. As a seller, take pride in what you sell and honor the buyer with timely shipping and good communication. That does not mean you have to answer in 20 mins around the clock, but I've not heard a word since my gifted money went into his Paypal account 18 days ago.
  9. I'm also waiting for my shafts to be shipped - been a little over 2 weeks.
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  11. WTB: OnOff Kuro Iron set. Prefer head only. 5-PW
  12. Hi all, After another set of epon p2 heads. Shipping to UK. Would consider full clubs if they have oban ct115 (or aybe a c taper lite) in them S
  13. FINALLY found a shipping agent that can deliver in a much more appealing time, still NOT cheap but so much better than the big 2 thievng a holes.. so if anyone is agter steel NS shafts with great grips.. i got s few sets to move. ns 125 stiff ns stx protos x sp blue stiff sp dp protos s grips are excellent , these were all BNTM all built to stock JDM specs, 37.75 - 38 5i come get em before the missus turfs the danm things at me.! 3-pw and 4-pw on all random prices we can discuss individually $250ish ... delivered they all cost about $350 ish to build my price is shipping included cheers
  14. Epon Limited blue glazed 705 5-P. Great condition with very little use. Accra 110 stiff shaft. Pic shows 5i length. $1450 gifted Miura TC201 5-P. With Vokey SM8 50-F. With Nippon 105 Matt Black shafts. $1450 gifted.
  15. He shouldn’t be selling if he’s having problems or too busy. Makes no sense to by very busy but popping up ADS weekly. Complete BS
  16. jujuevang


    Hi is this still available , email me at [email protected] or whatsapp +639178123721, have a shipper in the usa whats the best price for epon JUJU EVANGELISTA
  17. Rklein


    How do you like the irons? Possible I may buy the iron. I’m thinking about this set for myself.
  18. Hi Gtrader88, are your EPON AF505 iron heads still available? Please advise. Thanks, Peter
  19. yea , might want to be a bit more pattient with this one.. a ew other guys had similar issues to be resolved adequatly it seems..... just sayen.
  20. look At his last ad he has had some health issues, hopefully it all works out. communication is key and always annoying if someone stops with that.
  21. Be careful with this seller. Purchased a set of Epons and yet to receive them or receive any tracking information. Made excuses for a week before ghosting me. BEWARE
  22. Hate to do this. But recently purchased a set of Epon heads from this member and for the last 2 weekS that’s all I have received is excuses and empty promises about shipping, and now I’m not even getting a response. ALL for $775, absolutely pathetic. But this is the world we live in. Now, I have to open a Paypal Dispute and deal with all the BS that comes with it. Just wanted to put this on the radar for other members. paypal is [email protected] Thanks,
  23. Hi , can you send specific photos on the damage of the Crazy 460s 9.5* SP700 Driver Head.., the price includes shipping in us ? thanks
  24. 1. Epon 505 5&4 heads. Mint. $380 Gifted 2. Epon 302 Copper 4 iron head, brand new. $250 gifted Will upload pictures shortly.
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