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  2. Good mate.....Lets have a hit sometime. I will PM you.
  3. can someone in Japan who has access to Modart check to see if these new irons will be offered in their BLACK --- as was the case with CBC model.
  4. Hello Hutchy, I am going alright. How are you?
  5. That's awesome, thanks for sharing. Can you say, as an expert, what do you think about websites like Grumpy Gopher which offers golf instructors based on their experience, giving people choice to select any of them? Is it worth it, in your opinion? I've heard a lot of positive comments about such instructors.
  6. Gday Jeff...How are you mate.
  7. Hello, are these still for sale? Rablak.
  8. Last week
  9. Bridgestone Tour B XD-F, 3&5 Fairway Wood, they are in mint condition. 3 wood has a Crazy Boron shaft, in SX flex. 43.5 length. With black-red Iomoc grip. $200 gifted. 5 wood has a fire express BF 70 in F2 flex. Firm flex. With golf pride grip. 42.5 length. $150 gifted Take both, $320 shipped.
  10. looking at their website and the info about this new release I noted 2 points of interest for me anyway... - why have they switched to forged when they made a big deal of not forging the CBCs? And I believe they have gone from s25 to s20 steel for the CBF. Not that it's a big difference according to most people who have hit both materials in a quality forged product.
  11. http://modart.jp/ニューモデルアイアン-cbfアイアン 販売開始/
  12. Still available. Held on to these for a few months longer. Just cant play the blade anymore, as much as I love blades......CBs for me now. $600 Inc Post
  13. Are those the SUS you had from me Nobs.....Mate if you are ever offloading please let me know, if indeed you still have them.
  14. The CBF font is a shocker....Not sure these are on the Modart Website yet though. Are they a new model or a Proto? Maybe Chris can shed some light on this.
  15. they released the CBC irons in BLACK also - can only hope they follow suit here..... not that these aren't SWEET
  16. Modart produced great irons without forging -- but I see their new CBF irons are indeed forged ??
  17. I'll have to check out the Kamui Pro. I was considering going back to the Modart FW in 16 as well. They are tiny but somehow so easy to hit. I think it's the shallow face. Most of the RCs ive used in the past were a bit too deep faced for my preference. The SFW Ti was actually pretty nice except it was a bit too anti-slice. :(
  18. Any hit the j beam kz 5? Interested in feedback thanks
  19. I already have a Loop FW Seven for whatever head I get.... 🙂
  20. Thanks....I wouldn't say that, nothing wrong with being a lefty mate.
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