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  2. Quadra Shaft Fitting Thread

    I recommend you sign up for a program called "drive 400!" No shaft will help your long arm swing...
  3. Yesterday
  4. Putting Aids

    Thanks mate - that makes a lot of sense. The only non JDM putters I have these days are SeeMore and Tad Moore. It is something with always wanting more..
  5. Kamui KP-102 5/P

    Offers welcome during these tough times on the BST
  6. RT @ArchDigest: These are the best indoor trees (and big plants) to grow in your living room: https://t.co/Vl7QC0VsYH #GetClever https://t.…

  7. Fire express wedge stiff

    Anyone? πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
  8. They are very similar. I think most epons have that solid Mushy feel with the exception of the 105. Defineyely has that epon driver feel.
  9. Last week
  10. RT @Marlins: For our community. #MSDStrong | #DouglasStrong https://t.co/EI52iDOIFP

  11. RT @Marlins: For our community. #MSDStrong | #DouglasStrong https://t.co/EI52iDOIFP

  12. RT @Marlins: For our community. #MSDStrong | #DouglasStrong https://t.co/EI52iDOIFP

  13. RT @totalgolfmove: WARNING: will put you in your feelings https://t.co/eQmjDLFUCT

  14. Putting Aids

    I don't want to advertise for other companies on here.. but SeeMore has a great putter aid for alignment (which is their specialty) and getting the ball rolling along your desired line: http://www.seemore.com/accessories/triangulator.html I have one, and if you take the time to go to the green and practice it's a fantastic accessory to have, and for only $10
  15. @AngelinaDDD2 Wow. DM me if you can.

  16. What the?? https://t.co/i4pdczs7RE

  17. Bulk stuff pics up more gear

    epon 460 SOLD
  18. @ESPNNFL @ESPNBooger Can you give me an example of a College QB in the past decade that had the character to carry an NFL franchise?

  19. Sold the IZ out of the Epic Forged. Head only for sale for $350
  20. Bulk stuff pics up more gear

    epon iron covers SOLD if any one has a grind gear they might want to trade pm me
  21. 577gram x 34 inch s20c cnc milled 4* loft x 71* lie x 29* shaft angle. head weight 409 gram 65 gram grip weight. immaculate.. used 4 rounds . moving this, getting my buddies with a diff grip. SUPERB mallet. $425 delivered
  22. Gold factory putter

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lollol good to see you all here
  23. Gold factory putter

    Could this be the spark that the bst has needed!!! more gear please Tae
  24. Gold factory putter

    One can only hope! Wife: Hm, what else could you possibly need? Me: ”Need? A fix. And Tae is the fixer.”
  25. Gold factory putter

    Has to be a Tae garage sale soon......
  26. Gold factory putter

    That was finally a quick sale on here! Good to see you back T.
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