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  2. Nobs , about time...........................................,! Im keen to hear ur thoughts on these, (not that i need another driver) but im always keen to see PRgR s stuff, these days PrGr is the only OEM i bother to look at any more , i was close to getting an RSF a cpl of yrs back, gave it a proper whirl but there wasnt any gain i saw over both the EGG1 and EGG 7 i have so i didnt end up getting one. In fact for big heads both the older eggs were easier to hit and hit consistently i thought. i wud say the RSF had a very nice long ball that was
  3. Reduced....Wow, I thought these would have been snapped up, seriously good DIs....This combo x 2 Very cheap @ $350 for the pair.
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  5. OK call me crazy but I took the plunge and picked up each of these heads last weekend. Should arrive later this week. Also picked up a PRGR RS5 3W, 5W and a 4H to test against my current gamers ( Cally Epic Speed FWs and Mavrik Hybrid ) Just gotta have matching woods ya know!! 🙂 I've sold my SIM2 driver and been on the search for a new driver and tested a few Epic Speed Triple Diamond heads as well as a Mavrik 440 ... I mean they all felt great and was pretty forgiving.. but none really got me excited. In the mean time, I've been using my backup driver which is a 2016 Tour Issu
  6. Happy to help!! yes the Kurozome finish to my understanding is effectively a Black Oxide finish which is the closest thing to an actual raw head. You get the full softness of the Mild Carbon Steel whereas chrome plated heads are typically that much firmer at impact. If you don't mind the rusty looks after a while, can't beat the feel you get from these!! The proper back spin you get from these heads are nothing short of amazing.
  7. Thank you very much nobmontana! Aha, so earlier models did not have the Kyoei logo in capital letters. that is where it all did not add upp (at least not by looking at product pictures online) Also, if anyone is wondering: they are amazing, had 716 CB/MB comboset earlier and the softness on the Kyoeis are on a completely different level. Sweetspot hit = you would not know you hit a ball if you didnt see it zoom away (on the other hand, bad hits on cold mornings = pain) BR Peter
  8. Original Kyoei KK MB with the Kurozome finish and 5 cut sole. Likely one of the earlier models that did not have the "KYOEI" logo on the back.
  9. Hi Bought a used set of Kyoei irons (4-PW), seller bought the heads from TSG and had them locally set up with shafts+grips. He had not the receipt etc but said they where KCM, most likely bought in 2019, but he was a tad unsure. I cant find exact looking clubs here on TSG nor on kyoeigolf.com, they look similar to KK MB, but these seem to be in the finish "Arakenma Kurozame" with I suppose custom coloring, is it a custom order to factory? Or refinished afterwards? Would that be done by Kyoei or TSG or local clubshop? Thankful for any help! Best regards Peter
  10. ok guys this is the same driver head decided to shaft it with a fire express 65sx. its now very very good combo with the FEX. Mid launch low spin bomber. practically giving the head away. plays approx 44.5 short driver build appropriate for the smaller head. 250$ net shipped
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  12. Brad Hughes had a set of those DP-30s. From what I’ve been able to figure out, in the Dunlop/Maxfli world if they’re stamped ‘Authorised Pro Model’ that’s exactly what it means - made for a pro. I have a set of DP-30 Pro Models, same head but different stampings and more of a commercially available model.
  13. agreed , this is a SUPERB combo. i have the matching 17.5* head , amazing feel on tnis.
  14. Very long and low spin combo. The feeling on the Kamui is incredible. 43 length. With head cover. $250 gifted pp. plus shipping cost.
  15. Most beautifully shaped fairway wood ever.. period!
  16. Thanks for replying DMG. Let’s hope we can find something!
  17. I saw these recently and also went on a search for information, but turned up nothing! Hopefully someone here can help shed a bit of light on these. Nice looking clubs!
  18. Hi guys, first post. I just picked up these Iguana Axe-50 Irons. They are fitted with NS Pro 950GH shafts. Can’t find anything about them, only that a company called Iguana makes grips. Looking for any and all info please. They are forged and seem to be made in Japan, but would like to confirm. They have light chatter around the heads also, helping to indicate the forged claim. Allegedly they are made by a boutique company, but again, cannot confirm.
  19. Yeah... PRGR did a copy cat thing from Callaway in producing special edition driver heads. Instead of Diamonds, they used "Clover" 🙂 Been reading up on these two bad boys. Single Clover looks to be a more deeper head with smaller profile at address. Triple Clover seems to be the shallower type. Both very hot and low spin. They both feature forward CG and a more open face angle (5 deg open) . Only comes in 10.5 loft and still uses the BACOSY adjustable hosel system. From what I can tell, these heads are only available through direct PRGR shops in Japan as well a
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