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  1. Yesterday
  2. TRPX 3 wood shaft, 42.3 length. 2 star. $ 100 gifted shipped in US. Epon 703 7 iron head. This was put to be a fitting head, but didn’t get any usage. The adaptor can be removed by heat gun, so any builder or yourself can remove it easily. $50 gifted and shipped. Thanks.
  3. RT @RealJamesWoods: So simple, even #Democrats could understand it (if they were to try)... #Legal, #Illegal https://t.co/hwGI9jVgqN

  4. Last week
  5. WTB JDM Cart/Staff Bag

    You're asking for a non-shiny jdm bag? Wrong market. Lol.
  6. I agree. Would love to try these. Come on forum members....
  7. Tailwind is now on @IFTTT https://t.co/V4ZwZWxnSv https://t.co/WH0SCLZkJf

  8. @fevivivi @jirgasm Happy beerday!

  9. With a google, I found this which only the old timers will remember: — "Our friend Gene Sarazen also invented the flat side reminder grip seen on thousands of Wilson clubs made from the 1930s through the 1960s. Mr. Sarazen personally told me that he wanted to get a better grip with his left hand (top hand) so he took his pen knife and sliced a flat portion off the side so he could get the proper firm grip. Only after being on the market for many years did the USGA finally outlaw this type of grip. All beginner golfers certainly miss this aid."
  10. If I had the disposable funds at the moment I'd snag these beauties up in a heartbeat without hesitation. They look to be in phenomenal condition and you are 100% correct they're about as high quality an iron as you can get. Ughhhh I even even already have a full matching wedge set.. 52/56/58/60(bent)
  11. Black head Ryoma F3 15* Wood. Beyond Power Infinity Shaft. Ryoma Headcover Included Pristine condition, never been on a course., 7 sessions on the range. This beast deserves to be on the course and not idle in my bag. This is too gorgeous of a club to break up. Will let it go for $728 shipped anywhere within CONUS. International shipping will be negotiated. No trades, thank you. Only on offer for 48 hours. Apologies for my photo skills. I will try to take more photos on request.
  12. RT @JzoSports: Baker Mayfield destroys Colin Cowherd for trying to imply he's a "selfish" teammate (via @ByJoeBuettner) https://t.co/AbPcC…

  13. WTB JDM Cart/Staff Bag

    Something cool...no shiny leatherette ones I am in WI, 53191 Thanks
  14. modart hybrid and epon wedges sold.
  15. No, I've never seen any grips being sold like those were. On the top half of the grip, there was a flat area on one edge of the grip to aid in positioning your left hand. Not a ribbed grip like todays.
  16. great condition.. spotless head 202 grams, 0.5*open shipped/tracked/insured. DELIVERED. if uwant full pics pls.ask $190
  17. PRGR Q

    Anyone have any of these clubs they want to sell? Let me know. Thanks!
  18. Your first set of clubs!

    Great stuff! When you say ”reminder grips” do you mean like the Golf Pride Victory grips with lines on the front to give you a hint on where to put your hands, or do you mean the back line/ridge? I can’t play with round grips and here in Sweden we call the back line a reminder.
  19. Seven Putter Dogatti Shaft=Sold

    Thank you. I love it but I have too many. It is a work of art and I am sad to see it go.
  20. RT @benshapiro: Dems: This is just like Nazi Germany! Cruz: Here’s a bill to end it. Dems: Nazi!

  21. 1966, age 12, Wilson Blue Ridge irons with reminder grips, a cut down Wilson driver, and a Bullseye putter.
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