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  1. Yesterday
  2. PRGR Q fairway wood

    Japan gear is the best - period! I'm an owner of many of their products -- plus I also have PXG and they live up to the hype in my opinion - if you are prepared to meet their price point, which is comparable to much of the good JDM equipment. The key for me is to ensure the Japan products are modified to suit me - something all buyers should be aware of. Many off-the-rack Japan drivers I found to be too light - but this is easily rectified. And you have to wonder where to next for the manufacturers - they've gone down so many roads trying to make the gear better. I'm wondering if the next big thing in design could be the head materials themselves or the inner-fillers - is there something coming to really stir interest?
  3. PRGR Q fairway wood

    Hard to love this one based on looks.
  4. PRGR Q fairway wood

    I agree with this but another thing to consider is the number of blades, X, XX, XXX shafts, compact players CBs, one piece forged irons, low bounce wedges, smaller pear headed drivers in Japan vastly outnumbers the US. So while Japan does have a ton for the slower swinger they also have a ton for the most advanced players.
  5. Summer bag is set

    Love the look of those irons.
  6. Kyoei

    Hope you find some, they’re worth it!
  7. A half set King Crown (ladys irons) and a Brassie + a 5 wood from McGregor. This was 1974 and I was 13 :-)
  8. Summer bag is set

    Well, it’s sunny on the roof here in Vancouver for the first time in five months and my summer bag is set. The only problem is my appendix decided to try and kill me so I had to have it escorted off the premises. No swinging a club for a month. I thought I would post the pictures of my bag anyways. We shall see how long the bullseye lasts. Driver has an Oban Kiyoshi Woods and hybrids with TourAD Irons have Modus3 Wedges have Shimada Black Lamkin Oversized grips on all with an extra two wraps under the right hand on the driver
  9. Last week
  10. @brendaboobies I do and will be in Orlando tomorrow night around 10pm. Is the nurse on duty that late??

  11. Ns Pro Zelos 7

    I want to have steel ns pro has a couple of shaft in this range
  12. Your first set of clubs!

    Titleist 962s 3-PW Big Bertha driver 3W and 5Wood Bullseye and some form of sand wedge. good times
  13. Great combo. Very clean condition. DAT55G Face 44.25 inches got a great deal and passing it on. Search TSG for more info on the head and shaft $340 gifted shipped in the US no matching cover and sorry no trades.
  14. Jbeam 435 Blackout 10.5* w Atmos Red 5 S

    Last price drop. How about $400 shipped!?!
  15. Kyoei

    Wtb kyoei irons, if someone have it,thanks
  16. Ns Pro Zelos 7

    If graphite, I can recommend the Fubuki or the Attas. Both come in the 70g range.
  17. PRGR Q fairway wood

    I think these are revival of the Stan Thompson Ginty fairways.
  18. PRGR Q fairway wood

    Please post additional pics of the 5 wood. It would be interesting if it can be useful for the shots mentioned in their website.
  19. Ns Pro Zelos 7

    Do they need to be steel? In that weight range , much more selection of shafts in graphite.
  20. Ns Pro Zelos 7

    hi i am currently have a ns pro wrap regular flex 79 grams. I have them fitted in Romaro type R iron heads.i am thinking to switch to zelos 7 Stiff flex any suggestions or further information
  21. Taylormade P730/P770 with $-Taper stiff HSx1

    Had them 5 months, and it's time to move on. My wife thinks I'm a f*ckin' idiot for spending all this money and then selling them on so soon. I thought they's last a year, but you know how it is Bjorn. I have someone tempted with heads only if anyone wants the shafts?
  22. https://t.co/Pfvw96W1MZ

  23. Sana matuto. https://t.co/Jxjige64NM

  24. Yup, I agree that the 435 works better hitting fade shots than draws. Draws shots with it for me looks like a drop shot. I’m sure I’d get a lot of run but it’s just too low of a trajectory when I draw it.... Fades look more consistent with good carry.
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