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  2. supo

    GP platinum GP-x3 driver head 9*

    done ,ill wtap herr up tonignt
  3. Today
  4. bngolfer

    GP platinum GP-x3 driver head 9*

    That I’ll take Stu. If it’s not sold, please confirm and I’ll transfer. It’s silly now and I have 6 drivers - this head is too good to pass up though.
  5. What is your price and details on the ST wedges please.


    1. bngolfer


      ST wedges? Do you mean SDJ?

    2. cuistot


      No, the Seven ST wedges where modeled after the SDJ. Ill nhave to reread your post.

  6. Ian-500

    JBeam Fairways

    Hi. What is the face angle of the Glorious 16*? Ian.
  7. supo

    GP platinum GP-x3 driver head 9*

    $150 delivered!!!!!
  8. supo

    hiro matsumoto sln mz07 head

    passed offer of $100. $125 delivered , best ill do or ill make it a paper weight .., freeeking refurb was 200+ sheeeeeeeeesh.. looks like golf Is ending......!
  9. Yesterday
  10. Bjorn, what length is the 6i. Just testing the water as I may be interested in the shafts....... 😎
  11. Ok, please let me know if he wants the irons head only or shafted. He can perhaps sell the shafts? Sweden is rediculous as I have to pay 75 bucks to have them pulled..
  12. It’s definitely a fair deal but I just asked and he’s not into those shafts.
  13. The cost for me to remove the shafts is greater that their value to me so the price would be the same for heads only. Shipping is slightly cheaper though at 35 usd for heads vs 55 for shafted. 350 + shipping seems like a fair price to me so if we split shipping, that should be more than good. Deal?
  14. Last week
  15. Hey, they are for sale. Thought about putting my new shafts in them but I have so many iron sets so yes.
  16. You still have the idbls for sale. A friend hit my set but they’re not for sale.
  17. dickyfowler

    PRGR 2018

    and we thank the Jedi master for his extensive review...
  18. supo

    PRGR 2018

  19. I have a GREAT 3 wood for sale! This is a titanium head, Tourstage X-FW 14* 3 wood This is the Type-T version for Titianium This comes with a Speeder Evolution IV 70 gr Stiff Shaft, the newest Evolution Shaft This also comes with the headcover The shaft alone cost me $225 a couple of months ago This is legendary for its length and it will not disappoint!! Steal this bomber from me for the shaft alone for just $210!!! The Kasco Dolphin 56* Sand wedge is as unique as it is AMAZING! This is the DW-116 Forged wedge head This has a very unique and versatile grind This sells new for over $225 This is for the HEAD ONLY and it is just $99!!!
  20. warrnty

    Ryoma beyond power shaft

    will look for both
  21. driverhead

    PRGR 2018

    Anyone hit the 2018 RS driver yet?
  22. What? Are you seriously offering stuff from them here or is this perhaps just a scam to get people to click the link and get viruses? Either way - f o.
  23. Took out of the TM bag for the pics. Never touched a ball. Delivered to me yday for $219. Seller took two weeks to ship this one to me so I grabbed a 33 inch last week that is treating me very well. Very firm feel w the true roll tech. This is the one Tiger putted so well with a couple weeks back.$old Shipped USA--no trades and price is FIRM
  24. dabong

    Ryoma Utility

    Looking for 18, 21, 24. Thanks
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