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  2. Hey off topic a little, how do you find the j3 tour? Compared to black 435? Cheers!
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  4. I did find one, but he's change his mind 😭
  5. supo

    Some stuff

    these are a great set of sticks... so soft , closest to epon ive hit. nice square look to them with pretty minimla offset to upset the eye wedges are superb, micro milled, flared sole , you can get very funky with these.
  6. Nob, thanks for the insight, they do look good and the fit and finish would be top notch, however I can not find the face progression measurements, and from the pics, the orions look like they may have a little too much off set...
  7. wow those irons look like they're in great shape. what's your asking price for those? would you be willing to sell them heads only? also, while you're taking pics, I'd also love to see what that Epon stand bag is all about
  8. hahaaahaah.. good luck with that one!
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  10. Hi all, Looking for a PXG 1 iron. Head only is fine. Best Sean
  11. Out of those three, I would go with the Closer CB. ( or even the CB/MB Combo )
  12. just came across the Masda HC-01 they look damn good! as well as the PRGR Tune 01 CB.... and finally the Orion Closer Cavity Back
  13. thanks for the replies everyone... i am totally ok with older models; the only caveat being the condition of the heads must be brand new, so if i could find a brand new set of the yamaha tour's from 11/12/13 i would be all over them, so yes older models are fine, provided i can still find a set brand new (which is not so hard to believe, as there was a brand new set of mr-23 us blades for sale less than a month ago on yjp auctions)
  14. jsrz3

    Some stuff

    I may have grabbed the wrong top line / face pics as the shafts are MCI black and it looks like I infected some of the pics from the Miura / Yamaha just what I had on my phone i will get up some better shots here shortly
  15. nice time line... almost makes me cry they dropped the ball so bad with their last few abominations..... I used to speak to them regularly about coming out with player designs,, Mika ( ithink it was ) used to listen and pass on ideas but the others cudnt give a rats, then they re did the old model names with new a semi twist on the old and added more offset!??!?!?!?!??!?!!??!?? puke.. I gave up totally on them so sad. luckily I still have my af tours and they will most prob stay with me for life.
  16. ooohhhhhh.. k Yamaha tour 2010. nabla tour , good if u like a squarer shape syard.. like that one ,good call! prgr tr500!!! prgr idbl still cant be beaten IMO 2017 shingo model onoff kuro I love! tourstage 701g SUPERB irons much as I hate to say it.. TM tp 09 cb ( designed for sir Nick) iactually ahs this set and loved them. NEVER again has a tm set foot in my bag,, same as the driver , the triangle Tp driver is til lsue with a bimatrix 100g steel tip for links play @ 44 inch 09 they got the TP so right!
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  18. I'm at least interested to see those PRGR iD nabla Tour's
  19. I will take some. I took some good ones but gotta take bad ones so you guys see it for what they are.
  20. 2011 thread here, haha. Endo has lost it's Mojo and most of it's golf customers. Endo Japan no longer forges. Much of that staff has moved on. Endo thailand services their golf division. --- So in a nutshell here is what happened. - long time ago most quality drivers were forged body and forged faces. - china comes along and produces cast bodies for cheaper - endo loses customers. ** The world is still not aware drivers used to have forged bodies, no one told the industry during the change from forged to cast bodies. ** Ryoma is only forged body FYI. - then adjustability comes along, endo stays purist due to 9-12g extra weight near the hosel and does not go along with this trend - more customers move to china. I agree, still to this day adjustable hosels are not a good design traight. - endo japan golf div closes and moves rest to thailand while laying off many staff - some my friends. - endo's original founder is canned, son in law to founder of factory. too much hanky panky. - epon is now run by people who were not there from the beginning. they clock in and out. brand loses soul imo. they don't remember TSG created their model names and logo and brought them out in 2005/2006. - China has really stepped up it's game and can match Endo forgings ( almost ). Now OTA and FuShen are tops as far as size goes. Tier 2 factories are just surviving.
  21. Years back I had some UK co. alchemy golf refinish 60pcs Seven OG wedge heads - the non-conforming ones. Holy s**t. they messed up all 60 heads with terrible finishes. I tried "nicely" to get them to fix but they disappeared. I find them in storage and I'm like what do I do with these now. unsellable for sure yet brand new. No where does quality finishes in USA. These are discontinued. sad. If you are the type who likes a patina wedge let me know. I can sell each one for 50 bucks + shipping.
  22. yes and even if your lofts match up the distances may not due to the club head design. So actually mapping out the distance gaps is importanto.
  23. Consider higher launching shafts for deeper faced woods. For me I value straightness and consistency for my FW. I could care less about distance if it means my #3 gets me in trouble.
  24. No more tour world as the TR20 replaces it. I was a big fan of 747P. hope the new P is equal or better. I got all samples here and will shoot soon.
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