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  2. Whole set of wizard sticks. Very nice Dean.
  3. Great irons they really punch the ball hard. Not to mention sexy to look at.
  4. Although the TR500s have been my most played club of the year by a ways , when i started to play the yam tours again , ive not got them out of the bag , i love looking down at that thicker head, a bit like the masda mbs which were my second most played irons , they too have a thicker top line prob more so than every other MB , it inspires confidence in my striking by looking at a thick top but ill reverse my thoughts on most dynamic CB , i think the TR500s are more so than the yams , they are more workable and easier to clip the ball to shape for my swing style.
  5. Last week
  6. I love the looks of all of those irons. Have played the Yamahas for 9 years and the IDBLs a bit. Much prefered the Yamahas though.
  7. 4 hours?? Ridiculous. Nice collection.
  8. Epon tour wedge m type 58 can do head only or s200 shaft $200
  9. Seven cb irons 4 to pw 4 iron rare in a set, also matching wedges aw 50 54 58 Everyone on here knows what you are looking at so I won’t talk them up too much. only thing needs to be said is it’s a must to own a set of seven irons at some stage 😀. oban ct 115x shafts 38.25 5 iron pure grips 1 degree flat. so 3k for complete set as is delivered. happy to sell wedges seperate also happy to do heads only i also have a set of Accra prototype shafts 4 to pw 105x same length. lies lofts easy to adjust as super soft. scotty 1.5 beach been golds
  10. this post just highlights how poorly we Japan golf equipment lovers are serviced by this website and English-language golf sites in general. There is so much good gear out there and constantly being upgraded but you get stark reviews and information - thus forcing most of us to take a leap of faith....which I often do. But it gets expensive when you guess wrong. More reviews and information is desperately needed.
  11. Some solid clubs and shafts for sale today. Modart : Fairway wood, 14 degree. Stock SR flex. Iomic grip. Matching head cover. $250 gifted PayPal + shipping cost. hybrid. 22 degree. With OTI 90 in X flex. Head cover included. $230 gifted PayPal + shipping cost. TRPX: X-Line Concept 75 Fairway shaft, in SX flex. 42.25 length. Iomic grip. $150 gifted PayPal + shipping cost Limited Edition El Dorado driver shaft. In SR flex. 45 length. $220 gifted PayPal + shipping cost Cheers!
  12. heres a wee illustration of 3 heads with very minimal off set. from left: tr500 / IDBL / yamaha tour. THE 2 PRGRS share very similar head dimensions but the differences to the eye make a case to have both in play! they are actually not really a like at all to view or play i had a good look and yes the IDBLS have less off set by a whisker and u can see it at address. the yamahas are the most compact and chunky of the 3 and i think are the most dynamic of the 3 sets by a whicker over the tr500s. prob. bec the head is a bit smaller IMO.
  13. Gold Factory mod of Gauge design jpn model, premium zone ,FULL CNC sus 303 cut head. 360g X 4*open F/A X 71* lie x 3* loft HEAD ONLY A chance to grab a golds MOD . bec. they arnt doing them to non golds putters anymore,..............., been a solid gamer, i need a square face angled head nowadays. 4* open doesnt suit me any longer. $450 obo delivered.
  14. hahah yes they prob did and they are a magnificent match esp in summer months . what ive found , is heavier harsher shafts seem to benefit softer ENDO heads like the tr500, EPON, IDBL nabla tour.. ESPECIALLY NABLA TOURS better than smoother shafts. im not really sure why but i find it so. shimada tour,, monacco,,Sp blue/orange/red. modus 125s DG! seem.. to have some play advanatge over say modus 120s. as for offset i get what u mean theres not a lot of it. ive put the tr500s next to the IDBL and the IDBL have less off set but are thicker, chunkier and a ful
  15. Excellent condition crown is clean and free of blemish. Sole normal wear marks. Comes w headcover. Hard to find in 10.5 300$ Shipped anywhere
  16. No need for secret codes on here mate, you can supply your email if you really want. However, I would advise against anyone supplying personal contact details through the open forum, once you have advertised the item with pictures, full description and name date tag in the pic. You might get some serious answers on here. Outside of that good luck I guess....
  17. I don't think the heads have been bent. It's just the offset is so much less than what I have been playing lately. Slight adjustment was needed in my swing. With the GR forged I've been trying hard to not hit it left .... that same swing with the TR translates to hitting it to the right. When I go back to a more natural swing, the TR500 draws just right for me. So I am now rethinking about whether offset in irons helps me out or not. Project X shafts work well for me based on a fitting I did 2 years ago. With other shafts, I was not getting enough back spin. LZ gave me good
  18. I've got two PRGR drivers that I can use with this set. '16 Tour Issue RS and a RSF Proto Single Clover I've shafted the '16 with a Tour AD PT High Mod 6S and the RSF Single Clover with a Loop GK. 5 Wood is RS5 with a Loop FW6TS ... TR500 irons 4-PW Wedges 50 & 56 Cleveland RTX4 Forged (JDM) Gold's Factory T102 Irons are shafted with Project X LZ 5.5 now but I don't think these are the shafts. Will be tinkering further. 🙂
  19. Nobs maybe beceause the heads have been flattened a smidge ? , have u checked that ?, i only say that bec i got a used set a few yrs ago from my pro source guy that were 2* flat , he said as most of the tr500s wud have been bought by A grade+ players who dont like to hook , that stood to reason. that set i got were quite noticeably flat to the naked eye , too flat for me, so i had them put back 1* even that small adjustment made a discernable difference to the eye at address. esp in the longer irons. ( 3/pw) oh btw........, in case u get tir
  20. Just curious how the PRGR bag and this build build is working for you. What driver have you settled on?
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