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  2. From what I have read in Japanese blog posts, they are slightly larger sized, ( 1mm more toe to heel) sole width is also slightly wider, and from pictures, slightly thicker top line than the X-CB. The face material on the CBP are also Chromoly and supposedly feel very soft at impact . I've not tried it. So I think you should get them and provide us reviews! :)
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  4. I used to have a set of Tourstage X Blade 709 Limited combos. 3,4,5 are Cavity , 6,7,8 are Half Cavity 9,PW are Blades. S20C Endo forged goodness. That was the last of the "Tourstage" branded X-Blade irons before they switched to Bridgetsone brand. http://www.bs-sports.co.jp/press/2013/g1001_x-blade_limited/g1001_x-blade_limited.pdf I think a used set can be had for reasonable prices these days. I currently use Bridgestone J015CB irons which look like musclebacks at address but it is one of the more forgiving Players CB I have played. http://www.bs-golf.com/bs-products/j015/product/iron.html I believe the Tour B X-CBs are very similar to these from a design perspective.
  5. Thanks nob! The MCB look like a lot more refined Adams Idea (no knock on it). Would be great if I could get it out. Also noticed that the don't have a 3 or 4 iron which would've a deal breaker. The 9903 doesn't do a whole lot for me visually but worth a look. Any other suggestions? Doesn't have to be new and maybe even preferred used due to costs.
  6. I once had a Wood Bros mallet putter that was made from some kind of ceramic and it was extremely good - wanted to buy more but Wood Bros went out of business. This particular putter had a DaVinci sketch on the head. Would pay good money if I could ever find another.
  7. I have a set of Kuro 4-pw with Modus 125 stiff if youare still interested.
  8. Are you still looking for some fourteen rm-22 in good condition?
  9. I have a set of the kuro 2015 onoff 4-pw with nippon modus 125 stiff if you are still interested.
  10. Gusto ko Driod goes to Japan! #LifeGoals

  11. I know there are Beyond power, Roddio Amorphous, Design tuning Moblus and so on. Anyone wanna talk about this kind of shaft? The hard part for buying JDM club is club fitting. You just hardly can do the fitting and adjusting physically. Does this type of shaft really help with the issue? How could we benefit from it?
  12. Let's hear it!
  13. Price dropped to $550 ONLY, pp net, shipped. Thank you.
  14. you say you have a couple of these? can you post any pics?
  15. Seven MCBs might fit the criteria the best. Forgiveness would be similar to a Game Improvement set but lofts are Player’s CB specs. It’s a rare breed. You can custom order Miura PP9003 with weaker lofts which might be another good option. Both of these irons would be more forgiving than Z765 and likely be better feeling in my personal opinion. But then again feel is highly subjective.
  16. I came across a thread about Wood Bros putters and the guy had this to say: Some "Wood Bros Bench Mark 60s putters (5 models) - hand forged by Japanese Samurai sword maker. You can see the layers of metal used to make the heads with very close examination. Like persimmon woods, the edges of the multiple layers are stacked up the face of the putter - creating the strongest head and also best feel. There's a discussion of the Japanese sword maker, Mr. Takagi, now near 100 yrs old and still playing golf, who hand made them on Page 9 of my Wood Bros collection thread. Maybe 20 examples of 5 different styles were made. Most sold in Japan and almost never seen. I've been collecting them for 30 years and have bought every one I've ever found. Dave Wood doesn't even own any. BTW - the putters are grooveless faced - don't need grooves - super soft and instant roll off the face. Anyone ever hear about or try one of these?
  17. @_bartman94 https://t.co/IeyKVnN9VQ

  18. Last week
  19. I posted this in a couple other places with no luck. Hoping I can get some feedback here. Does anyone have any experience with these? Can't seem to find any info on these. There's plenty on the X-CB but not the one with a pocket as it appears to be Japan only release. Currently play a Srixon Z765 (pw-7i)/Z565 (6-4i with the 6i bent 1* weak) combo with SF i95 stuff shafts. I love the forgiveness and flight of the Z565, but not thrilled about the Z765 (may have more to do with my skill level than anything). The feel on both is nice but nothing special for me. Thought about going all 5 series but the stronger lofts in the shorter irons put me off. Hit it far enough (7i is 175 carry) and my yardage gaps are good the way it is (wedges are 51*, 55*, 60* if that matters). The X-CBP seems to be lofted similarly to what I'm used to so I'm wanting to know what the forgiveness of them would be compared to. Also, any other JDM irons that would have similar forgiveness and more player's CB lofts that I should look at?Also, not sure if it matters much, but I think the SF i95 shafts are a little too light for my liking. May want to look into the i110 or another graphite/composite options for my joints. Reading up on the Attas and Roddio. Any recommendations on shafts would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance!
  20. Hi! My name is Bruno Strzalka and I am the PGA Professional at Fair Oaks Golf Club in Oakland, TN. I have 2 seven nonconforming wedges. Lofts are 52 and 56. I played them a few times in practice rounds and they spin like crazy! I can't use them in competition. Make me an offer and I will add shipping. They are 7 of 10 in condition. Thank you! Bruno Strzalka PGA Professional Fair Oaks Golf Club Oakland, TN
  21. Sold!
  22. just saw that -- I've got a horn Louis Armstrong couldn't blow
  23. callaway ERC 3 11.5* conforming immaculate condition. ENDO forged 200 gram head. no head cover. $125
  24. I can't make this cheaper....but still open to interesting trades ! Will also trade for unused L size t-shirts or new golf shoes in size 42 (EUR) / 9 (US).
  25. @realmadriden @NavasKeylor He must be having the dubious distinction of being the only goalkeeper in the world who… https://t.co/dPYgV5tGc2

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