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  2. out and out distance ? well, the jbeam has always been my bigdog, and i hit EASILY the longest shot , of my life atually. im never gonna beat that going forwards, ill never foget it, was one of those days where i was fit as a fiddle and swinging for the fences and it came off, i shot 68 that day, my best score and evertyhing was out of the middle. however, when u miss the centre of this heel/toe u can kind o get beat up a smidge bec its so squared off , if ur misses are up/down the middle, then its no problemo its a cannnooooon! the astro tour has been consist
  3. Morning Supo Of all these, which one do you consider the “longest”? Cheers TK
  4. Hi, is the Trackman still available?
  5. shafted with freq filter snd iomic odyssey,verrrry schuweet!. or head only...
  6. Hi Joe, Welcome to the forum! Georgeous sticks. Please take another pic of the clubs with your screen name and date written on a piece of paper. Just so that we all know they are innyour possession. GLWS!
  7. 3400.00 including UPS ground shipping. Excellent condition. CONUS only. I reserve the right to cancel the listing as they are for sale in other forums
  8. cleaning house. simply cutting down on my 30 odd drivers i dont get to play that much any more. few of these still have shafts in them so need to get PROFESSINALLY pulled, roddio s- stuning 10.5* - rounded elongated head ,higher launch , workable both ways $275 jbeam 435 9.5* rounded boxy square , lower launch antil left $300 callaway erc3 11.5* rounded square elongated big face LONG D head EPON JP FORGED $150 justick 10.5* boxy an
  9. Tour AD or Roddio for something more exotic.
  10. 2010s i cud do as well. not is as good cond , think c+ comapred to B+ in terms of comparison. these are 4-pw heads only $ 400
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  12. diamana fubuki are worth a look.
  13. Here is a photo of these irons: Mizuno JPGA
  14. Fujimoto putter found. A huge thank to @pacemaker for this awesome piece. So, i’m still looking for Ft-1 Mb-X irons and wedges…
  15. I´m a 72 y.o. golfer, that can´t play as much as I want to do, my distance is 130m =144y, with the 7i, hen I´m looking for one shaft with weight less 85 grs, regular because I´m feel well wit 250-260CPM in the 5i, I have demo the graphite design tour AD 65 reg, but I cam´t to demo others brands and weights, then I beg you , thay if you have experience with others shafts, please let me to know it, thanks
  16. a photo m,ight help...........
  17. Hello. I have a set of Mizuno JPGA irons. Not finding much information on them other than they are a MP14 style and have a TrueTemper Tri Step shaft( again I cannot find any information on this shaft). My hope, here, that this forum will be able to shed some light on these irons.
  18. http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/model-art-introducing-modart/ heads. in great cond. think tight cropped fairways, think modart. zero Dents , mong marks etc. both are very pure. play thoughts: 16* very sleek flat sole sqaure F/a especially good for low tide grass conds. ever so slightly pear shaped which gives it a very pro style look at address. quite workable. flight is not that high regardlesss of what the dialoge says, its not ,esp for a 16* i found mid flight with a kick in the tail towards its apex with a fair bit o
  19. seriously considering a set. but ive run l but of heads!
  20. Yeh nice shafts Stu. Wish they were stiff. Regs play firm but just a touch soft for me.
  21. Like stu said definitely .355 tapers will fit
  22. they must be older bec epon dont do 1050 anymore , not for a while, they use modus unless specically asked. f it says ns1050 then thats what it is epon likenall japamese makers use .0.355. tips so use the shaft that fits that ns1050 is just stock ns 1050 theres nothing more or secret to it. finding a carbon equiv shud be easy. as a guess id say diamana fubuki wud be a close.equiv.
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