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  2. From the end of a golf pride grip to the silver oval of the Diamana, my R50x measures 479mm and my W60x from the end of a Lamkin crossline grip measures 405mm. Both are untipped.
  3. https://twirledclubs.com/ Found this website the other day. It’s dangerous.
  4. Hi all, recently purchased these sticks from a local seller off Craigslist. I don't know much about Japanese clubs, so any information on these bad boys would be very much appreciated! I do plan on putting them up for sale - value/pricing information welcomed as well. Thanks much!!
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  6. i....i...........i had to do a double take... cud this REALLY be you ?
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  8. Yes it shows the measurements of my shaft.. πŸ˜ƒ So was looking for what you're asking! πŸ˜ƒ
  9. Driver should play 44.5" minimum SR / S LMK - shipped to S.Utah USA 84765
  10. Keeping the FEX and lowered prices
  11. Struggling to open your attachment. What does it show? Are you looking for a measurement from the Butt to the diamana graphic or from the diamond graphic to the tip? I have an uncut Diamana R50 that I can measure but unfortunately it has a TM adapter fitted.
  12. Epon AF-706 , 6/7/8/9/P/T , NSPro Zelos 8 , Regular, Men's Right handed, Mint condition, no ding , dent, Epon blue color grip. See picture, No trade please, USD1350 paypal gifted, Price included Shipping . Great clubs great price for quick sell.
  13. Hello all, Anyone who knows if mine is tipped or just butt-trimmed to lenght? IMG_0558.HEIC
  14. I have to agree with both of my colleagues. I would never buy those clubs in that condition. Pre-owned Epons is like buying a Mercedes - you know the person who had them took great care for them as they are $$$. Obviously, this person did not care about his ownership. For close to $400 you can buy some great sets here on TSG Buy, Sell & Trade. However, if you are happy with them, then more power to you. Enjoy them and have fun every time you're out on the course. β›³ Nothing really matters except if you're happy. Cheers TK
  15. i cant blow them off , have to oil remove or cut.. at 40 bucks a grip cutting them is not an option . they are new. my builder is very busy and wud charge me a decent whack to do it, basically de-incentivizing me , if we went halves in that id ask bec i can use the grips .
  16. I think the advertised price is amazing given what this set cost.
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