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  3. ...and no-one would ever blame you for that! Those Yammy's are one of the best ever.
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  5. There was something fun around the corner? The only clubs I’ve kept for more than a season or two are the Yamaha Inpres X Tourmodel 2009. I had them for 6 seasons or so.
  6. thanks guys? why did you end up switching? Can anyone post an in person address shot of the MB? thanks
  7. Epon af tour cb satin mint all original specs Project x 6.5 playing 38.5 5 iron $1100 heads $1300 complete note 1 mark on the 5 iron
  8. I played the cb for a season. Very nice, tight head. Mine had a raw face and it made them look awesome. And yes - very playable.
  9. Deleted most of my pics but heres one left on my phone. If you're in between the mb and mcb I'd recommend the mb as they were very playable.
  10. I’m most interested in the mb or mcb model. Ive searched high and low for in person photos or reviews and cant find much. thanks
  11. yea... the S are especially good , particualry ih this condition . ive wanderd off the path so many times with them but just didnt set these back up. i had so many possibilities for them, EPON heads , MIZUNO, ONOFF, anything that is like marshamllow with these is a perfect match. EPON especially, ive played several sets of these since 2012 and the best match i had was with the af-tours and 302s. oh and.. i had them with a set of miuraisms as well once....... THAT was a set of blades!! sold them of course duh...
  12. yup, as soon as i hit these i went back and got more . i have 3 sets of these so im keeping one. that SQP plating is THE............. THE best plating a club can get, period, it doesnt fail.
  13. Wow!! 2 sets of LEDs !!! And one of them are NEW?? I think they are the best wedges PRGR ever produced. GLWS!
  14. Got to be the last few that's left on earth especially in an S flex. I had mine saved for the perfect occasion but it seems that I've waited too long and these shafts are too much shaft for me now. Modus 120 Stiff are the perfect fit for me at the moment even with 5 days of gym time trying to maintain myself physically. 🙂 Getting older is tough!! Good luck with this sale!!
  15. A really good graphite shaft for irons that does not cost a fortune is True Temper's GENER8
  16. Making a hole , moving some pieces ive enjoyed to the n'th. pre spring,spring clean PRGR IS the top OEM in japan, has been for eons. basically, everyhting from them is made at endo. all of it is/ has been , ONLY MINE. HEADS : -idbl irons 3/pw. - idbl 3i brand new $150 these have the lowest off set there is. -tr 900md 3/pw cavity blade stle , soft as as iron can come. -tr wedge 52/57 multi forged(4 press endo) SQP plating highest cover there is. -Led wedges 52/57 sqp plated -egg fw long ball Lama -e
  17. supo


    sold. full set.
  18. Patti traded thanks
  19. Price drop, $215 Shipped CONUS takes it.
  20. Bump... any final interest before they find their way onto various market places?
  21. 7D has been in my driver for the last 3 years. It's the real deal. I'm glad Stew cosigned that purchase when I made it.
  22. True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 S200 Shaft only, 5-PW, with Elite Grips, pulled once & in great condition. SOLD Thanks.
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