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    Clean up. Paint fill. Nice set of shafts. Bingo.!
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    Cheap!....Nice and forgiving but still playable.
  5. I've got a Dunlop DP30 pitching wedge. Wondered where it was from? Might sell?
  6. Anyone tried these? How do they compare to the competition?
  7. I don't think they had "TP" models for the R7 Forged irons. .... R9 Forged came in regular and TP versions. Regardless, the R7 Forged were the player's model irons in the R7 lineup. I actually prefer this R7 Forged over the R9 TP Forged. I still have an orphaned #5 iron I picked up years ago. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not sure if they were Miura forged... they definitely do feel like they are Miura forged. The current P7MCs remind me very much of these R7 Forged irons as well as the TP forged from back then. Though they were really sought after at the time, they unfortunately do not hold much
  8. I appreciate any info at all, actually had forgotten that "Ti" stood for Titanium insert, thanks for that. I was wondering though - (maybe you, or someone else could comment) - do the JDM clubs use different materials than the ones marketed in the U.S.? I know I hadn't heard of the "R7 Ti" club in the States (but did once own the Mizuno T3 Ti OS clubs - which were also utilized titanium inserts). Cheers
  9. Hi, This is not the R7 TP Forged that we typically talk about on here. Sorry to say that it is definitely not a tour issue set you have found as no pro would play them. That R7 Ti is to my understanding a cast game improvement iron for mid-/high handicappers with a titanium insert. Completely different club. Anyway, hope you do get along with them.
  10. Hi all - recently I won these TaylorMade r7 Ti irons in an acution - before bidding I had joined this site, found out a bit of info (enough to want the sticks - badly) - but would like to glean some additional info as most of my research has produced little tangible results. I have found a couple of instances of sets having been sold (worldwide), however, what I do not know is, exactly what the "Ti" stands for - (see pictures.) I also have been made aware of the NSPRO 950GH shaft and that it is common to the Japanese market. If anyone could shed some more light on these clubs (
  11. The TM R7 forged are a real thing. Whether the ones you have or real or fake I can't tell. Any serial numbers?
  12. I need this settled for piece of mind, were these ever an actual thing and do these look real or not?? Purchased from a older man that has been running a fitting shop from his home for many years. Best regards!
  13. Interesting that they would be advertised falsely.....Who am I to disagree if you have had them in hand. I wouldn't have a clue.
  14. Based on the review on the blog I bought a set of the original dual weights and I also have the TC201 and when you look at both there is no way the DW has less offset. My fitter and club builder also agrees. I bought the set because I don't like the look of offset since my miss is a hook and was deeply disappointed to say the least.
  15. Good input. Actually a good question if framed that way. But I think you are making more of a statement.โ€ฆHave you had both in hand.? This means you are calling whoever made the original statement a liar? Iโ€™m fine with that if itโ€™s a statement based on true fact. Just the same as the original review, I'm fine with that if the author has had both in hand. Trying to describe offset is difficult. Would minimal offset have been a better term? This is the problem I mentioned. There are actually full reviews on kyoei in the shop, blog and Insta. Chris is good at what he wants to promote on
  16. Thanks for your opinion on this topic of Roddio Pentacross , decided that after getting the offer of an Amorphous smooth 57 at a never to missed opportunity was too good .superb in every way , just need to wait on the load generating itself rather than applying additional force and it works .....never say never as they say & I might take the plunge for a Pentacross....certainly no complaints about what I have ....all positive ๐Ÿ˜€
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