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  2. bntm both sets prof. installed and removed. quality mint perfect. 120x-5/pw muziik dry ( harder) compound. great in wet/humid conds. 125s-4/pw perfect pro rubber. $200 120x $233 125s both sets $300 delivered delivered price.
  3. Looking for a good coach that has helped you improve. If they're a good fitter as well that'd be great. Location isn't important if they're able to do virtual lessons. Thank you
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  5. Lol...ah yes prgr nabla tour was like 7 yrs ago..the good stuff...crazy. dead or alive
  6. Ok, maybe cavity is not that different and it's only camera angle. Here's mine. I bought mine for less than $150 and they looked like they've never been hit.
  7. I have TW 901 -R-... they are different from yours. Not sure what the difference is between R and S. Cavity is different. Mine also have laser etched sakata studio logo on the hosel. It's a nice iron, low offset, compact size. Feel is very good. Finished in satin.
  8. I’ve had a BTG Stability Shaft sitting here but I’m not a fan of cutting my current shaft in half to do the install and I don’t want to be without my putter for several weeks to send it in and have BTG do the install.
  9. stability shaft? id like to try that as well i think ,seem popular as heck . not really a huge thing this side of the pond but i know they are about ,ive not even seen one out and about to try.
  10. Yes, I’m a putter shaft carer…… favourite steel shaft is the TT YSC (made for Scotty Cameron) but only available in .355 and no longer made (think SC use NS) now. live played the NS purple but always felt a little heavy, although they have a new version (green) at 120gm that I will give a run with. I have a SWAG handsome 2 putter with the LA golf graphite and I like it, it’s certainly stiff/stable, but maybe still prefer the crispness of steel…… would like to get my hands Ona Shimada, but not easily sourced in Europe. also have seen pix of a Grahite Design proto putter shaft, but that was a while ago and no signs of a production version(yet) this would intrigue me as a GD fan. the search is always on…..
  11. Do many care about what they pop in the putter or is it just as long as it 34..33..35 inch you dont care? I popped into the crazy store sunday and played about with thier putters which are 2 ball odysseys which im gaming regularly right now. They have 2 long shaft 38 inch the other at 33. both not perfect for what i prefer lenght wise but it was just about trying the feel of them and i can tell you, theres a gigantic difference in thie crazy and mine which are simply stock shafts form odyssey, albeit in rather top end 2 ball heads. i have the protype black and the gold exo. they are both very different feeling heads with the identical shape , i hit the crazy shafts a few times ........................ oh yes! now as a rule i use: frequency filter. muziik dogatti diamana proto Ns purple. shimada and various other randoms i know what they are, prob DG or genreic NS , my top putters get the above shafts and for me.... theres a dichotomous difference between stock and custom, i cant say which of the upgrades i like the best or if there is actually a best , but the feel of the customs are significantly increased to "just stock steel" . i love the smoother feel of the diamana prob more than the ultra tight dogatti, but i think the muziik is a higher quality, similar in steel , the shimada is a very good shaft for a ver y good price but the NS has it for sure. The FF super light can not be under rated, if anyone wants to know exactly what thier putter head feels like, then FF shaft will illustrate that quite like no other. this is a great match with " denser, duller feeling steel heads; softens its up a tad. First time ive hit the crazy and it INSTANTLY resonated with me as an ohh shiiit, i need one of these in my quiver ....,! as close to what i have hit id say its in line with the diamana more than the dogatti, the ball pings off the dogatti shafted heads where as the diamana, it kind of feels like is a directional " softer feel", the dogatti is a distance feel if that makes sense ? 80t carbon made in japan shaft with a typical " crazy " look to it is somehting i cud add for sure...........,
  12. Hi John. I believe that these were forged at Endo. I just haven't got the time to play so I'm taking a break from golf
  13. Hi. Come and grab these fabulous items. Kamui KP-102 4i-pw with KBS TGi 110 shafts, Golf Pride plus 4 align grips and BB&f ferrules, all in matching red/black colours 🙂 Please see photos for condition. I have the same shafts for 3 wedges that I will include & the same ferrules. £650 + shipping. Kamui TP-XF 4 wood 17.5 with Fujikura Speeder Evolution VI fw70x and Nexgen grips. DAT55g titanium face. Please see photos for condition and specs. Possibly built for a pro player. Original head cover included. £200 + shipping. Kamui TP-XF 7 wood 22.5 with Fujikura Speeder Evolution VI fw80x and Nexgen grips. Please see photos for condition and specs. Possibly built for a pro player. Original head cover included. £200 + shipping. Callaway JAWS forged 52/56/60 with KBS C-Taper shafts and Golf Pride Align plus4 grips. I believe these were a limited edition release? Jon Rahm used to have a set. The shafts 'feel' like they're 120 stiff. No labels on the shafts. https://www.callawaygolf.com/golf-clubs/wedges/wedges-2021-jaws-forged.html All three are in great condition. £200 + shipping. No trades. Unfortunately I'm not playing much golf, so these can go to someone who will use them rather than just sit in the corner of a room like they do now. Photos to follow. The putter in the photos has already been sold.
  14. 11.5* ERC3 CF, **CONFORMING** HEAD oldie but one of the all time best . fuller body rounded, blaanced large face at address, one of the easiest drivers to picture/hit. any shaft is good ,i had this for years with a diamana Blue and it lost for nothing better, if theres is infact a bettter...., head is suited for the harder hitter looking for a higher soaring flight with a stiffer shaft . or a ligher airier shaft or some hang time . 202g --------------------- i had this CUSTOM FOAMED BY MY CLUB MAKER TO KEEP FLIGHT from ballooning , now it higher and fllatter . very good wet weather driver to grab as much air as possible square f/a sp700 ti ENDO forged face $134 delivered via EMS
  15. yea, wrist lok makes the head almsot dissapear weight wise, the balance changes enormounlsy , not good nor bad , just a thing u need to play with. 75g and 3 inchs longer makes a really big swing weight change.
  16. I think size wise, the Lab Golf Pistols are right in between the Super Stroke Pistol GT 1.0 and 2.0 . The wrist lock from Super Stroke are installed on to the shaft in a straight manner where as LAB golf grip I have are installed at 2 deg diagonally. Looks weird at address where the shaft angle is already tilted forward, but I have gotten used to it. The other thing I like about these LAB Golf pistol grip is that they only weigh 58g. I have not yet come across other similarly sized pistol grips in this light of a weight range. Most are in the 80g range or heavier.
  17. I don't know when Tourspec became a verification site. It is not really possible to verify based on the pics you've sent. Do you have reasons to think they are fake? However, they are 17 years old and would not fetch a particularly high price regardless.
  18. Hi Can anyone help me with the club's attached, they were in a unit I cleared and dont want to sell them if they are fakes. I have great knowledge with other brand clubs but never seen the Honma brand in the flesh so to speak. Theu have some weight to them but are about an inch shorter than my Mizuno irons?
  19. those grips any different to the wrist lok form super stoke ? i have a few of these on a the meoment but cant find the correct postion to lok the wrist, im hitting it wel with the bigger grip , def takes more fingers out of play but cant get the wrist, i think u need to adjust the length of the putter and the agnle of attack of the putter head to engage it. these a re not o cheap so im not that keen to start chopping of length to see it fail. i do like thefact u can find thee balance point of the putter really easily with this size grip
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