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  2. supo

    prgr idbl

    yup.played the yammy 09 and on off kuro amd these were a lomg way ahead for him
  3. parputt

    prgr idbl

    Is this the only set he is interested in?
  4. supo

    prgr idbl

    impossible but true,,, 5/pw is fine no need at all for a 3 , 4 is extremely optional . my bud wants a decent set so before I go buy them locally i thought, id try help someone out here first......................I know unreal right, anyone with a decent cond set lemme know. prefer heads only of course.. but will consider dgs200, ns 120s, no carbon and NOTHING EVER with KBS. cheers...,
  5. Last week
  6. ns 120x pulls.laying around for ever 5i - 93cm-165g tip weights cud be redone muziik dry compound grips in mint cond $ 155 delivered.
  7. Club is in excellent condition. Price, not including shipping from the USA is 115.00or best offer. As you can see from the photos, I just played with the club this morning -- and didn't clean it. I will clean before shipping. Please email me at [email protected]
  8. Used S Yard T.388 Driver 10.5 Degree with Tour AD SR Shaft, includes original head cover . Club is in excellent condition. Price, not including shipping is USD $215.00 or best offer. Based in USA. Email me offers as: [email protected]
  9. EPON Personal sold...Fairway Wood/Egg head are still available. Take offers..
  10. Selling this for a friend. Here's some info he's asked me to include; Seven ST 61* lob wedge, custom ordered from TSG with Fujikura MCI 125 Wedge “Mild” shaft. Amazing feel, not quite enough bounce for me. $OLD shipped usps priority. Here’s a link to the product description. https://www.tourspecgolf.com/seven-st-wedge-black-b
  11. I'm selling an Epon Personal 3.0 single 4 iron. It's shafted with a Nippon 950 HT shaft and gripped with a black Lamkin Z5 grip. Playing length is 38.25". Its in great shape with minor chatter. Some of the black finish is coming off in a few spots per the pics. The face is in great conditoon.
  12. Got orion 54 and 60 Thn yamaha @ 46.. Big gap! 😃
  13. I have been looking for a Diamana Stinger lately and see that they are scarce but see that the Matrix Ozik TP(Full Boron) shafts TP6 or TP& are available and at a huge discount compared to their original 1000 price tag. What is the difference between these two shafts since they both use Boron in their production?
  14. hmm no worries.. i ask bec. I had this head for ages and tried to build it with all my top shafts at 45* to d2ish bec I cudnt control the 45.5inch version well enough and we cudnt get it above c9 without adding a fair bit of tip weight with any shaft I tried ,eventuallty we came out with the 75xs @ 45 and tip weight same labo shfat . it came out really good but none of the others worked... I love this driver... its awosme.
  15. The restrictions are over...its thought that shipping will return shortly. But right now its no
  16. Have you abandoned the Yamaha blacks? EPON 208KGX is a spinner. Think it has 10* bounce.
  17. Plenty of 50 deg wedges on the market. I currently use a JDM Cleveland RTX4 forged 50/56 combo. But I assume you prefer a PW or AW from an ironset that is around 49 or 50 deg?
  18. No idea on sw and no shop open or close enuf to check sorry
  19. Hello everyone, My PW is 46* and I need another PW/AW with minimal offset @ 49 or 50* Mizuno MP33 PW 48 degrees - will bend it to 49* Mizuno TP-9 PW 50 degrees KZG PW are mostly 48-49 degrees My wedges are 54 and 60
  20. you got a swi g weigbt on it as this head was buit to play with a.45.5 inch labo tataki60s so the head weight is very light like all onoff heads . id think 190g therefore the vast majority of shafts at 45 imch make this come out to mid c swing weight.. can u give post a swing weigt for the add
  21. 47* Ns proto 2fi5 453 gram shaf weight installed 111g high launch high spin this club zips! $120
  22. amazed how good they feel play. these are in perfect cond..as well. virtually no marks , had the shafts sst pured why i did that i dont know but theyare so taught now so straight. loved.playing them.as we wont be travellibg outide jp this year they may get.a.few.more runs in the.country.
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