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  2. Hey TSG! Looking for a special set today. Hopeful somebody out there has them tucked away. So without further adu.... ° Miura Giken Miuraism SC-01 Circle SL Conforming Groove ° (Picture attached below for quick and easy identification of my request) - CIRCLE SL CONFORMING GROOVE ONLY - Prefer 3-PW and GW, but will consider all - Prefer Heads Only, but will consider all Please don't be shy! THANK YOU so much TSG Brothers and Sisters!
  3. so many good options - with many of the 'mature' recreational golfers finding lighter is better. Steel has some good points for sure, but if you need some vibration protection and lighter weights - it's graphite that wins.
  4. That’s a coincidence…… several years ago I was a Project x user but entered a Modus competition to celebrate the launch of the 130s, yes that long ago…. won them, And absolutely fell in love. Til just a month ago it dawned on my how sloppy I would get towards the end of the round, realised that I was having to work hard at the swing, so decided to look for something lighter…. and ended up with the 105, yes I know it’s a different bend profile but they seem to just work and I’ve now got comfortable and confidence is back. So yeah lighter works better for me too.
  5. $700 for the baldo bunch great way to try quality Jdm gear. also have a 60’ 568 wedge can add for 150 like new also
  6. Last week
  7. Great write-up Noboru. I’m going lighter with most shafts now too. Just got a 5-wood shafted with the Diamond Speeder 6x I got from you a year or so ago. I would have never thought of putting a 60-ish gram shaft in a 5-wood 3-4 years ago. Hit it great! Vanquish 5x in the driver. TiNi 6s in the brassie. Modus 115 in the irons. Wedges and putter though is where I like the heft. Modus 125 in the wedges. The new putter I’m having built by Christian Nordberg will have a black Nippon shaft in it. Not as heavy as the other Nippon shafts, but still. I’m really ”preservinh” my back,
  8. Been playing Modus 120 Stiff in my irons the last few years and while I don't have any complaints, At 55 years old, I've started to feel that I might be better off with lighter shafts. Recently I switched my irons from Yamaha 020 Tour Forged to Ping I230s and since Ping US did not offer Modus 120 as an option at all ( not even for upcharge ) I had to order the i230s with Modus 105 S ... which just did not work out. So I pulled the 120 S out of my Yammys and into the Pings and it is night and day! I hit it so much straighter. I guess I'm a 120 Stiff guy. My i230s are set for the sea
  9. I like the sound of that. Will have try one out.
  10. Sorry.. The Vanquish feels like a stable, albeit lighter weight, version of a Tensei White. It is realy solid, not floppy at all. To get the weight down, I assume you have to make the shaft walls thinner using very rigid weaves. And to me it feels stiff/solid and pure. The Autoflex has the wobbly feel to it, much different to the Vanquish. I get why some people like it though. I may too, one day.
  11. there is a reason we have MANY shaft options - it's never going to be one suits all. Have spoken to a lot of people who love Autoflex and many who cannot come to grips with the tech and are better suited to a more 'traditional' shaft. The good news is we have a lot of great choices and nobody is holding a gun to our head when it comes to selecting.
  12. 'Miles different'. Come on Byorn, you can't say that without explaining.....give us the info we crave 🙂
  13. I’ve never hit an Autoflex other tvan on the range a few times. The Vanquish is in my bag. Miles different.
  14. I wonder how far apart something like a mitsubushi Vanquish is from the Autoflex.? not sure I care for the yellow either, the Ltd red and blue was ok, the rainbow just no, , gimme plain black please……
  15. They will come down in price once other companies jump on the bandwagon. Personally I don't care because I have no issue spending $10k a year on new golf stuff. Luckily I have no kids - thus a lot of time and money - and loving it!
  16. It may be a revolution in golf, but it needs a price reduction of 75%.
  17. Noticed a few of the legends of golf - all over 80 now - using those pink Autoflex shafts recently. I couldn't turn up for golf with PINK shafts. So I went for the ZINGER from Syncagraphite and they are very similar in tech - and they are really good. Now Autoflex has finally produced a decent color scheme - yellow and black. Regardless of which one you might try - I believe this is a revolution in golf that is not going away.
  18. Epon SOLD baldo driver 3 and utility $750 for the lot
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  20. Sound signature of Miura vs TaylorMade RAC Miura forged i created the video recording the impact sound of both Miura MB5005 (left) and Miura Forged TaylorMade RAC MB from 2004
  21. now THAT is handmade.. i shud never have given these back...........
  22. Photos of TaylorMade irons from the last 35 years – GolfWRX
  23. Same all over the western world it seems. It hurts here too.
  24. Amazing, thank you for sharing. You should definitely play them.
  25. Thanks mate. Damn interest rates here in Australia are killing me!
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