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  1. Yesterday
  2. Thanks a lot! Guys. Got some offers, but nothing solid yet.
  3. V nice Vic. Great pricing. GLWS
  4. I love these wedges. Especially with OTI shafts. Just move the direction to Miura.
  5. Last week
  6. Really good wedges. Had mine with Accra i125. Plenty of spin. GLWS.
  7. For sale Epon personal generation 1 in near mint condition 3 to PW head only. Near mint. 3 head still in plastic while the rest have minor scratches from just minor use. Difficult to find generation 1 in such pristine condition. Not seen a set in this condition for years. Asking USD 1,999 plus shipping. No trades thanks.
  8. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh shaft these up with a set of NS sp blue , monaccos dg s200 or shimada tour125.. Roberts ya fathers brother !!
  9. sorry posted to the wrong forum. Admin kindly help delete. thank you.
  10. If anyone have a set of these, please let me know. Preferably heads only Thanks!
  11. FS Jbeam ZY 07 w original shaft(uncut 45") & head cover few hits at range asking $300 $250 plus shipping obo
  12. Epon Tour Wedges 50-54-58 set with OTI95 stiff. $375 gifted with free domestic shipping
  13. Honma TW747V Iron Set 3-PW. Modus3 Tour 105g Regular Flex. Owned for 1 month, bought new. Excellent condition. 3/4 iron still have plastic on them and never used. Set played with for 5 rounds. Price: $399.00 or best offer
  14. That work table has been in use since at least 1941 and is still going strong
  15. Earlier
  16. nope , tomorrow taking a cpl of 2i and 3i to see what the diffi is from modern to classics. i love a 3 iron. nothing better than sweeeeeeet stripe.
  17. I too like the build. But that worktable is the best!
  18. Nice. You going to pair w/ Maru wedges?
  19. pure beauty,,, cant wait to stripe the back outta this tomorrow!
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