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  2. Midsize grip changes SW?

    Hi, I want to change my iron grips from standard size to midsize.Will this change affect my swing weight? Will the SW be lighter if the grip is heavier?Thanks.
  3. I have a mint Jbeam Bullet for sale. 10.5 loft, square face angle, 198g head weight. Fuji atmos red 5 stiff(the real one not made for). 45”. With headcover. Also have an extra 12g weight with it. I removed the ugly yellow paint on the bottom. This club is a bomber. $525 net shipped Conus.
  4. @rdway Tis because of our own doing bruh. :( - us humans

  5. iron covers

    found some.. thanks for looking.
  6. Epon 210 54

    Looking for a good condition epon 210 54 degree. Pm me if you have one to let go.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Yamaha 2011 /2012 Tour Model Irons Hosel ?

    0.355 Taper
  9. @PaigeSpiranac It is now.

  10. XXIO

    you really should try to swing these models before you buy - because it is all so subjective. I play the forged irons because I like the softer feel. If I was trying to help a high handicapper - I'd say the 9's would be a winner. They look so big it should inspire confidence - but would not appeal to the better players who like a thinner topline and smaller footprint overall. So if you just want to throw the club at the ball and get a decent result - the 9's. If feel is more important the forged offering might be a better way to go.
  11. XXIO

    Thank you for the response. So, did you like the 8s, 9s, or the X irons the best? No noticeable differences you think?
  12. Yamaha 2011 /2012 Tour Model Irons Hosel ?

    As far as I know they are taper. I've had the 2011 tour and the 2012 non-tour, but they both had granite shafts.
  13. iHome Control is now on @IFTTT https://t.co/bmskyllmCI https://t.co/EavqggW70M

  14. Japan Experts ..! Just needing a definitive answer to the above , looking to purchase a set of these irons & need to know if they are parallel or taper hosels will be either getting a stet of 2011 tour models or std V forgeds's ,...... or the 2012 Std V forged & looking to re shaft .. Any info , or where to get the info, greatly recieved . Regards Steven
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  16. TSG Clubworks props

    I just got 12 Rules for Life on Audible the other day. Haven't started it yet but VERY excited about it.
  17. XXIO

    The XXIO irons are generally always good -- a little clunky looking...but they are designed more along the lines of slower swingers and people looking for easy-to-hit equipment. I've played XXIO for many years and they rarely disappoint. Have tried every new option when they appear and while I like the latest offering - didn't really notice a massive difference to the previous model. Forged feel better - and still forgiving enough unless you are a 20+ hacker.
  18. @DalrympleWill Barbarism 👹 #HumanRights #torture #children #India

  19. XXIO

    Anyone have experience with these irons? In particular, the 2017 Forged versus the XXIO9 or the XXIO X? Are the forged just as forgiving? thanks!!
  20. RT @dezeen: Back to the future? https://t.co/CzRuY96nTZ

  21. Kamui KP-102 5/Pw

    $459 delivered USA gifted
  22. WTB: Honma BeZeal 535 Utility

    Like the one in the link below, any loft, prefer R flex but will consider all. Thanks Mark https://www.tourspecgolf.com/honma-bezeal-535-utility.html
  23. Roddio i8/i9 stiff iron shafts

    Just in case... I have Roddio I-6 5-PW to let go. Thx
  24. RT @RepAdamSchiff: Mr. President, the Committee reached no such conclusion — only Republicans. In fact, we did find evidence of collusion,…

  25. amenment to post, this is hammer and its not that low!
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