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  3. Hello all, I currently game a set of Yamaha tour model MB's from 2014 that is getting long in the tooth so to speak. I have really enjoyed them, so much so, that I think I will replace them with a newer set from Yamaha. I've been looking at the two latest tour offerings the rmx 018 and the rmx 020. Are there opinions regarding either iron. Hopefully someone has hit both, or even one of the irons and can provide feedback. One thing I'm a little concerned about is the sole width on the 020. It looks to be large for a players iron. In all honesty i've never seen the irons in person tho
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  5. There is a lot of new gear out there that.. at one time would have been listed in the pro shop with a full write up on the forum, but are no longer anywhere to be seen on Tourspecgolf. I think Chris probably has his hands full with Seven and some other brands that are now more important both business and passion wise. We need an administrator with a vested interest.
  6. been available for 3 months and still nothing on Tourspec ? Maybe they no longer live this brand ?
  7. I think JBeams best driver yet....Very long with great feel, tried it, like it, time to sell it....Near new...9.9/10 10.5* with adjustment of 1.5* up or down, square face Weight is 198g with adapter. Weight can be changed as with all JBeam Driver $550 inc post anywhere.
  8. Got a set definitely Japanese model.
  9. Sounds like you are playing some good golf ATM Nobs, happy days....Set up must be right. No doubt you will tinker with it though, as do we all.
  10. Can't wait for demo days to start........when we're out of lockdown which could be in March! I like the look of the SIM2 hybrid. I also like the look of the Cally Apex hybrid to, so.....
  11. I’m selling my jBEAM ZY-11 head bought from Chris a while ago. Excellent condition as you can see in the face. It comes with head cover and 5 weights. Loft: 10 degree Weigh: 200g Head cover 5 weights: 2x6.5g,1x2.5g, 2x1.5g $200 USD shipped, paypal gifted. No trades
  12. Congrats Nobs! Great playing 👊 We have a foot of snow and -17C here so no golf..
  13. We have a Winter Tourney series going at my course and today was the 2 man best ball event and I ended up shooting my all time low of 70 !! 36/34 5 Birdies / 3 Bogies Wooooohooooooo!!!! As a team, me and my 75 yr young partner shot 4 under 68 (gross). Maybe good enough for placing. we'll find out next week. I set an ambitious goal of trying to shoot sub-70 in 2021 and I came very close to doing so today!! And it's still only January!! Had a couple of 15 footers go in the hole today which helped a lot. I wish I could putt like this all the time!! Putter w
  14. Nice set. One of my all time favorites, probably the best feeling Iron I have ever used. Probably the best feeling Iron Epon ever made. First in the Personal series. Just don't play these much anymore as moving away from blades. Sold
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  16. I can sell the heads only on either iron set or wedges.
  17. Beautiful set of Miura Small/Baby Blades, near-excellent condition, always kept in iron covers - US$660 5-PW, Shimada K's Tour 115 R shafts, Iomic grips (+2 wraps). Really clean, just some ball cover marking on 1-2 faces. NB these are the original Miura Small Blades, before the more recent marketing/stamping as "Baby Blades". Bought from an official Miura dealer prior to the "Miura Golf" globalisation. Ones for the purist! Will post or courier - your choice, tracked and insured.
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