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  2. agreed sp blue not tje best feel similar.to 125s . tjey also look really schmick
  3. Nothing against the SP Blues... I like them too. but I think they are Nippon's attempt to create something similar to Dynamic Golds. When you compare the steps on the SP Blue side by side against DG S200, they are almost identical. Obviously, quality control and tolerance are no comparison between the two but the design may be very similar.
  4. I play a ton of golf in very strong wind on links or by the sea each year so I don't need shafts that launch high and soar for these days so I build a few sets to accommodate these conds. the best ive found are the SP blue, modus 120x, shimada 125s even tho these are very strout and pretty heavy then the NS125s of them all he sp blue are prob the best and the ones id go to if I were looking to have just one set. I get whay NS moved away form SP to modus for the masses but I still think they shud have kept making these as they were so damn good. got a cpl of sets of orange up my sleeve still and a set of blues in a set of old callaway tour authentic heads that are really lovely to play when its wet! id take the Sp range over the modus range still actually
  5. The Super Peening Orange & Blue had been my go to shafts up until I first tried the 130... I’ve got nothing but nostalgia for the SPO/SPB though
  6. Nobs I don't think the 130s are anywhere near as stiff to play as the 125s ive got several sets in play and find them pretty smooth. love the ball flight. soft stpeed a set of 130x protos and that gives them an extra kick, I get the ball higher and lands a bit softer. they are heavy, but they play lighter the the 125s bec of the flight. 120s play light and super smooth and the 105play very light and pretty stiff. my order of pref is 130s 120x 125s 105x but I still like the super peening range so adding them to the mix 130s SP orange s 120x 130x soft stepped Sp blue s 125s 105x
  7. What’s really insane is how the 130R at 350 CPM is actually closer to the X100 at 354 CPM than the 130S at 359 CPM... I used to play the X100 & simply could not do it today... I suppose it could be the smoothness of Nippon, but the 130 profile just seems to fit my swing/tempo... The 130, in my opinion, is the perfect combination of stable & smooth... After the 130, I’d have to say the Crazy Target Tour 120 (Which I believe is pretty much a frequency matched Shimada k Tour) is next... I’ve yet to try the 125 however...
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  9. Modus 120 was their first Modus model. I honestly think they totally messed up with the stiffness specs. 105 was next and this time they did it right. 105 S is just above 950GH S which makes sense. 130 is a beast of a shaft. I actually won a set from Nippon when it was first introduced in the U.S. I had to Soft Step a Stiff. Here is a list of the top 7 stiffest in the list that I have but not including the DG X7 or the PX 7.0. I'm sure those are even stiffer. But notice how Modus 130 S is stiffer then X100. *** Modus 130 X 376 CPM K's Tour X 368 CPM Project X 6.5 362 CPM KBS Tour X 360 CPM Modus 130 S 359 CPM Project X 6.0 356 CPM Dynamic Gold X100 354 CPM
  10. I think an AF-Tour CB #4 or SUS-316 #4, AF-302 , AF-301 #4 would be good candidates loft wise. I think they are all 24 deg Any of these are more forgiving than a #4 AF-Tour MB in my opinion. If you are okay with other brands, Honma TW-U Forged #4 (24 deg) is a good multi-material driving iron that is quite forgiving for the size. It's not too bulky. I found that these Honma more forgiving that Mizuno's MP-18 MMC or Titleist T-MB in a smiler loft and better feel off the face.
  11. Sounds good. I do have a thing about playing similar makes of irons though.... 🙂
  12. hi is shipping to the netherlands an option? standard length etc??
  13. i cannot believe the 120x is only 327! That shouldn't be labeled "x" should it? I'm very happy to have read this though, great post, because I've always been a huge fan of DGx100 and i currently game Shimada K' Tour X (which I also love), but I've always been very interested in trying either the 120x or tx because they're so popular, and I also really like KBS Tour 130x which I thought they'd be similar to
  14. Can anybody shed some light on the st90 & st105 Repulsion Kick iron shafts by Onoff/Labospec... From what I can glean through my Japanese to English translator, they both sound similar to Nippon 130 (Stiff butt, active tip) but obviously lighter & not as stiff...
  15. I’ve got some LSL & 2F15 Proto’s both in Stiff flex that I’m about to install & test... I’ve read that the LSL is similar to 125 & 2F15 is similar to the 130... I typically play 130 in Stiff but I’m searching for something a tad less beastly...
  16. try emailing Chris, he might still be able to obtain a set for you
  17. i have a similar setup for which i have blade pw-5 and i bought OnOff 2011 forged CB #3 and #4 irons, Endo forged so although it's not Epon it's really close and they're really great irons. then I use a 19* 901 instead of a 5w or hybrid. If you can hit the 901 well then I think it'd probably be a really big difference, distance wise, going from your blade #5 to a 901 #4, you'd probably have a big distance gap between those two clubs. I get just as much distance from my 19* 901 as I do with a hybrid so it's a pretty robust club. going right from a blade to a 901 would definitely leave a pretty big distance gap for me even if the loft gapping is the same. having the CBs in between makes for a very smooth transition between clubs for me. however, my set is more about loft and distance gapping than anything because i like to have a club in the bag for every shot i might come across
  18. Check the usual sites for a new set.
  19. So sad looked on Monday to see if they had them, went to pull the trigger on them on Tuesday and Tourspec took them off the site. ☹️ Not a fan of the 2019 so I guess I will need to wait.
  20. Had the 901 but I thought that the offset might be too much coming from a blade 5i, so i discounted it from my search...?
  21. http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/grandista-rs-d-driver-climbs-to-the-top-spot-at-tourspecgolf/ 45.25 D1 Very very clean Super solid sound and feel teamed up w the ultra smooth Bangvoo PREMIUM--260 CPM. Sorry no cover but will be Packed with care $650 gifted USA or best offer Thx TSG
  22. I have the 901 at 22 bent to 20,5. The straightest club I ever hit both from tee and the deck...
  23. Hi Guys, I always buy from this forum but never sell. So after 5 years I collected some that need to go away to empty some spaces and get some money for the club building project. So let the business starts. Miura CB2007 5-P, Aerotech Steelfibre i110cw stiff with brand new Golf Pride MCC plus 4 grey with 2 tapes. I got an extra 4 iron steelfibre shsaft and will send together with the set for free. Got a noticeable chip on 7 iron club face. $1400 plus shipping from Australia. Ryoma D1 V Spec 9.5 with Diamana Kai'li 60S , I will send with a new NO1 grip. $400 plus shipping Ryoma D1 Maxima Type V 9.5 with Tour AD MX-V 65S, many noticeable scratches on the head. shaft is pulled out but will ship with the head, $250 plus shipping Epon 56 degree 210KGX wedge, head only as the shaft is a little bent, will get it removed before shipping. only used once. $100 plus shipping All prices asking are paypal gifted. PM me with your best offer.
  24. Also consider 901 at 22 - swing it a little easier - also a good option off the tee. I found the 901 more forgiving then the 903.
  25. Epon AF-Tour MB's have a 4i at 25* loft. If I were to replace it with something slightly more forgiving, which would you recommend; 901 25*/903 23* bent to 25*/703 6i bent to 25* or something else.......303 or maybe a 503? The newer irons are a little too expensive, so 305/505/705 are out.
  26. played both of these most days on home course can cud not fault them.. not long, definitely not the longest by some yards, but scarily straight and consistent. tiny draws were the order of the day,. just a cpl of feet. wud give up too much in JP on the grass we got here to play on but for where I was , sorry all my ubersclokens got benched. teamed these up with a prgr tour 5s with diamana thump 9 WHICH IS CLOSE TO STEEL without it being such... and well... game over for home golf on the short courses. seriously consistent.
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