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  1. Yesterday
  2. @realmadriden @CDLeganes @Cristiano Stop appearing for these press conferences. #Zidane you have lost the plot and… https://t.co/jbSz2LNgHN

  3. @jirgasm succulents at #coffeeheritagehouse https://t.co/fzZvHJ0Uvw

  4. Last week
  5. @OU_CoachMike Please tell us all you are in Florida for an interview.

  6. Brand new Callaway Epic Forged 10.5 driver. Shaft is stock Speeder Evolution RS flex. Club is brand new. Price DROPPED to $575 shipped. Slight upcharge for international shipping.
  7. Seven CB photos needed

    Doesn't anyone have pictures to share? C'mon guys.
  8. Epon AF 705

    Looking for 5-G Heads Only if possible?
  9. yururi PDG mb .. anyone ?

    Ha...yea ..hmmm. been eyeing these off
  10. yururi PDG mb .. anyone ?

    Nope - but we eagerly await your review on them!
  11. Glad you're feeling healthy again, Chuck. Keep us posted on how you progress this season. With your work ethic, you certainly deserve great success. I didn't work out much last year and it's amazing how fast I lost strength and just didn't feel good, mentally. I started working out again 6 weeks ago and it's actually pretty shocking how much better I feel MENTALLY, never mind physically. Confidence climbs and I feel as if I'm slowing the aging process... getting better at something as you get older... instead of just getting older and s**ttier. My goal now is to perform better at 38 than 25, just simply because I'm hellbent on outworking my former self, that relied much more on natural ability. Now it's all about strength strategy, eating better and applying it all to golf and my golf game.
  12. Thanks Chris. Everyone's who purchased it has been happy with it. I tried to put as much quality information in it as possible while eliminating all the fluff out there. It's definitely a good value considering what's all included.
  13. @ClementJackson_ @Kmurrayy_9 He needs a lot of work. The difference between RS and KM was huge. 1st rounder compared to UDFA, at best

  14. RT @MichaelKistNFL: I would say this is a penalty... https://t.co/Egp0t2SlwV

  15. Benock Patnaleone putter

    OK then, so much for these being sought after! Lets try $400 + shipping.
  16. #paraMore ni Nessie. https://t.co/fzgXnHSN97

  17. anyone ever get a set of these ?
  18. @realmadriden @nachofi1990 Nacho has been the most improved player in the #RealMadrid side. He hasn’t let the absen… https://t.co/WHX4Ves5Jw

  19. #Matrrixx Custom #Cricket bats. For those who want 2 improve & play to full potential it’s most important to get fi… https://t.co/iYrNQEaocE

  20. @RjMickens10 Easy. #BoomerSooner

  21. Miura 1008 4/Pw shimada tours

    Miura 1008 Irons 4 to Pw 38inc 5 iron ( lie lifts can be adjusted if needed) muziik grips shimada tour stiff shafts vgc all round $975 Ono
  22. RT @WeeklyVerse: Do everything without grumbling or arguing, Philippians 2:14 Day 7: Evening

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