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    Ryoma F2

    Yes - message sent.
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  5. Head cover and grip options
  6. I think the Callaway Blades Francesco Molinari is playing were done by Miura.....
  7. found these brand new sitting in a box 9 muziik dry compound black 7tour wrap gripmaster storm grey. $90 muziiks $175 gripmasters $250 obo for the whole 16 delivered price
  8. Baldos latest 3 wood mint $280 head only ono kamui latest 3 wood 14.5 vgc also $240 head ono shafts shown are options for either head tour ad gp 7s fire express fw 75x Tensi av 65 reg all will play 43 and have lots of grip options. shaft prices depending on head options. Thanks
  9. I learned a lot from the fitting that I did.. such as proper shaft frequency for irons and woods, length, lie, shaft weight, and swing weight. Once I knew those things I could build almost any club to fit me by choosing the right shaft, and the rest I could choose by preference. That being said, at no time during my fitting was a Trackman used. Once I had all of this info I only had to try a few different shafts before I knew what worked best for me. I would tend to agree that, as far as a dynamic fitting is concerned, using a Trackman should not be considered the gold standard. Personally, I think Trackman is best used in a fitting capacity to get a starting point or baseline to proceed from and then to confirm a proper fit, but as was mentioned this type of thing is most applicable to somebody who has a very consistent and repeatable swing and Trackman results do not necessarily translate to course performance. However, I do think Trackman is very good for comparing comparable clubs against one another, especially when being tested by a player with a very consistent and repeatable swing. In such a test the same tester is hitting all of the clubs in the same controlled environment and the measurements are all being obtained by the same means, therefor if the clubs are built to comparable specs then the results will be reasonably valid.
  10. Hi, the Ryoma head is still available.

  11. PADMA

    Ryoma F2

    Hi , still available the head ?
  12. Last week
  13. What I found best about my fitting was the correct length and lie angles. Swing weight was D2.5 but I can play heavier or lighter than that as long as the length and lie are good for me.
  14. I have a very similar one using the same blank. Mine has Tungsten weights on the face and some additional letter stamps. The smooth face is actually not that different from a grooved face from a feel perspective. But I too have wondered how the initial roll of the ball is impacted. I've had it now for close to 6 or 7 years but I only take it out once in a while during warm months when I play on a faster green since the head is heavier at around 365g or so. Getting harder to find these older Gold's models. I feel that the shape of these blanks were better looking than the later models. The one above would make for a great base to customize!!
  15. Didn't realize those Cally Exclusive Apex MB Tour Versions were Miura made!! One thing I noticed was the TB Zeros are now S20C as opposed to the S25C used for the 5003. Don't know if there is pronounced difference in how they feel at impact?
  16. I agree totally! I think Trackman is perfect for finding your group of shafts that should work best for you. Then you bring heads with different shafts to the course and play. Preferably in different conditions (hot, cold, windy..) and make your decision on course. Or, like many of us do, buy loads of gear and see what you like best. Then you question that and buy some more... I know I feel comfortable with D3 (or just above) swing weight and 120g shafts. But like Nobs, I’m getting older and have back problems. I will try Diamana Thumps come golf season. Lower swing weight and much lower overall weight.
  17. Sarcasm? For real? For real? Interesting.
  18. So detail oriented:). But yes you are correct!! also no retail serial number on the hosel end of the head. Though I have no way to validate, I believe this head is a Tour Issued true “prototype” intended for guys like Satoshi Kodaira. look up Satoshi Kodaira’s “What’s in the bag” and you will see his all black Prototype also missing an F on the sole! It would also be interesting to know if this head was made before or after the HiCOR issue was found on their 1st gen retail RSF models.
  19. I don’t think trackman fitting is the be all end all process for deciding on clubs. Ultimately you don’t play on Trackman when you actually play. I do think it helps identify a certain group of shafts and heads that you are likely to do better with. The biggest variable in the equation is your swing! Can anyone swing with 100% repeatability? Absolutely not! That’s why Trackman session data can only be a “point in time” data rather than a definitive thing. one good Trackman session doesn’t mean that you will see the same numbers the next week. I think doing a Trackman session like once a year would be a good measure to track your changes for the basic parameters. Especially when you are over 50 yrs old:( like me...
  20. I was interested to see Chris' comments on club fitting in another forum thread. I was about to pull the trigger on going to Club Champion Golf to get fitted. They do have a selection of Japanese equipment including all the Epon, Fourteen and Homna lines. I do understand fitting is based off Trrackman, smash factor etc. and I have known people to spend a ton of money getting the "right shaft" only to go back to their old equipment after several months. With that being said, for those that have been club fitted, what has your experience been?
  21. Oh wowzers. Would love to tests those out nob. Loving the older Diamana's too. Kaili is one of my all time favourite shafts. Difference is that it says RS on the sole but RSf on the face.
  22. Then I have this sort of special head that is actually a rare find. Can someone tell me what's different about this head? Very much resembles the replacement to the original non compliant RS-F heads doesn't it? Answer in my next post. 🙂
  23. I have the means to compare these type of things with some very low cappers and the newest clubs and a Trackman, I’m a club tech for one of the big USDM dealers. I’m going to do some comparisons of the new USDM gear and my JDM gear for my own knowledge, could take some pics and make a post afterward if there’s interest.
  24. I disagree. When you have no access to see/touch/demo this gear, the next best thing is a vlog. Can't beat a comparison video in this scenario. I certainly can't afford to buy all the latest and greatest.
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