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  2. honma cavities not my thing.... cavities i much prefer PRGR. or onoff its a finicky difference but thats why were here. im using yamaha 2010 NON tour at the moment and am in love all over again. finally managed to resteal my old set back form my bud and instantly knew why i built them. NS v90 shafts , which Ai miyamotos and kari web Killed it with in these. wow.. wowowoowowowo such incredvile shafts , soft but not "soft" reg flex. can make them sing a tune fx 435 is my only jbeam head now , not backl not v2 origianal( and best ) cud use a higher loft in one of them i think, these 2 are replicated pretty closely so ive been procrastinating gettng one with winter coming
  3. yeah i think the LZ steel shaft have been really solid. I was not a fan of project x shaft till LZ. It is my go to steel shaft right now.
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  5. Robbie, still have those Don White Lee Janzen's?


    jhalversongolf on Instagram too

  6. Many thanks for your help and time, I have bought many clubs following your advice and always all has been very good, I have 2 FX really good, but also have 435II and I want to know which one is youir prefered, thanks for your advice about Yamaha irons and wedges, really very very good, Which Honma cavity back is the best for ou? I have one muscleback very good but I want to try one cavity back for to mix a set. Regards
  7. ive been called.........., the 435 original , yes fx and or crazy 435 ( same head) , ive tried them all and cant be bested . the original 425 tour i loved and has now has been superceeded by the j-tour , tthats really good as well if u hit the mid very consistently. id get this head over any of the newer models if i was going to swap . i didnt like the zy as much as i was hoping , found it too low and flat. tbh i was looking to "upgrade "from the 435 but was left wanting. so stuck to them , they have a a diamana stinger and 7d shafts in them and are FULLY in play. hey, if it aint broke....................
  8. Labworx does the original black finish for Evnroll. The raw finish is really their prepping step before the black painted finish goes on. I believe it is some type of fine bead blasting.
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  10. Yeah the look is awesome really like it., the er2 is one of the best they do imo. the evnroll gets a bit of a muted feel as there isnโ€™t really a sweet spot because the whole milled area comes off much the same.once your use to it itโ€™s great. I got offered one yesterday to buy I may end up grabbing it yours has inspired me to get a finish done on one. ๐Ÿ‘ did they bead blast the head to get that look?
  11. Thanks Dean!! The only thing I am still trying to get used to is the softer feel at impact. I'm more accustomed to firmer feel at impact. With the Evnroll I feel like I need to give it a longer stroke to get the ball to the hole. With the Benock, the ball comes off the face a bit quicker. Weight wise, the ER2 is 355g vs the 347g for the Benock. total putter weight differs by about 100g due to the heavy Gravity Grip on the ER2. My initial assessment is that perhaps I would use the lighter Benock on slower greens and the heavier Evnroll on faster greens during the Summer. I am pretty impressed with the Gravity Grip which really helps to let you know where the face is directed. The 80g steel rod they have in the grip seems to be part of the equation for producing a more consistent stroke. I'm also getting my Seven Sandvik VS-R refinished and face milled. Originally sent it to Labworx but they thought that the head was nickel plated when in fact it was just polished.... since they don't do plating at Labworx, they did not proceed with the face milling. I resent the head to NorCal putters to get it face milled with a raw matte finish. It'll have a similar look as the ER2. I should have it back before Christmas.
  12. Guiding consumers of flex information using approximate driving distance can be so inaccurate. I would not think too hard about the discrepancies of those numbers. Who knows. Mitsubishi Japan could be labeling their shafts differently from their global models.... JDM models of the same product can sometimes be different even if they are names the same. Even with launch monitor measurements, results can vary so greatly between different methods and systems. Only way to really find your flex is through an actual fitting. If you have a shop/fitting center close to where you live, go find out if they can fit you for driver, fairway and hybrid shafts. If you are a beginner, unless you've got money to waste๐Ÿ™‚, I would not recommend dropping too much money in high end shafts just yet. Wait 'til you have a better understanding of your swing and an understanding of what type of shaft work best for your swing. (kick point , weight and flex. ) As you are a beginner, your swing will likely change over the next few seasons which will mean that you potentially may get fit into a different shaft a year from now.. For beginners in general, my recommendation is to start with the a softer flex. While you can adjust your swing to swing slower if needed, you really can't swing faster to adjust if the shaft you bought turns out to be stiffer than what you needed. As for weight, typically speaking, lighter can also mean less stability if the weight of the shaft is too light for you. For most adult male in their 40's, a 50g range in the driver are pretty standard these days. As for flex, I've seen people in their 40's fit into anything from Extra Stiff to Senior Flex. Not about age, not about past physical activity, it's about how you swing your club and how you hit the ball. Hope this helps.
  13. I'm also trying to figure out the right flex for JDM shafts. Particularly for the Grand Bassara Beta / Fairway / Hybdrid shafts. - The Japanese MCA catalogue indicates S-Flex as appropriate for 230y total driver distance for the Grand Bassara. - On the international MCA website, its R-Flex for 210-240 driver carry for the Grand Bassara. Can anyone explain that?
  14. Thanks for your reply. I would call myself a beginner, not the youngest (40s) but quite fit. Maybe because of my previous sports, I do prefer light clubs with a light swing weight, so am looking at the light / ultralight options available. My biggest concern is probably, that I expect my swing speed to improve, which would then push me to S-flex instead of R-flex ... but then again I am getting older ๐Ÿ˜‰ The Grand Bassara shafts seem to be more tailored towards R-Flex, if I want to use the same shafts in my driver and woods / hybrids... Maybe UST MP5 could be an alternative?
  15. Been using my Benock blade putter for most of the season but wanted to try something a bit more forgiving, still made of solid one piece 303 or Carbon Steel. Have tried many polymer insert type mallets like Odysseys in the past but always came back to one piece putters. After trying an Epon Fortune and a Betti QB8, I picked up a beat up Evnroll ER2 Black and had it refinished in Raw Matte at Labworx. They did a great job making my putter look brand new again!! I've fallen in love the understated monotone look that is all business!! Check it out!! I've regripped with a Gravity Grip which is similar in terms of shape/profile as a Flat Cat grip. This grip fits my hands really well. Seems to help produce very repeatable putts!! I feel like my putting ability has instantly improved significantly.
  16. I've not been too active in buying this year so I don't have too much to sell but a few nice things that may pique your interest. 1. Epon Fortune Mallet 34" Iomic Jyu Mid Grip - Condition is 8/10 some surface swirl on the sole. Magnetic closure head cover is rough but still usable. Your standard mid-Mallet shape, face balanced, made of S20C Carbon Steel, Deep milled. I could totally game this but I found another putter that works better for me. $400 Paypal net to me + actual shipping 2. Grandista RS-D Driver head only 9 deg / 202g w/unused head cover - Condition is 8/10 looks like this head had Hadlass Glass coating and close to the hosel there are wrinkles of the coating due to applying heat for reshafting. Does not impact performance. I have another head with slightly different specs so this one can go. One of my favorite JDM heads ever. Recent Trackman measurement showed, it can still go head to head against my Ping G410 LST in distance. !!Sold!! 3. Grandista RS-F The III 15 deg 3W head only 210g - Condition is 8.5/10 no head cover Full Titanium fairway. Traditional shape with mid-shallow face. Very nice feel at impact. $125 Paypal net to me + actual shipping 4. Grandista RS-F The V 18 deg 5W head only 215g - Condition is 9/10 no head cover Full Titanium fairway. Traditional shape with mid-shallow face. !!Sold!! 5. Modus 120 Stiff 4-9 + extra 9 for PW MCC White out grips $125 Paypal net to me + actual shipping 6. Modus 105 Regular 4-PW $100 Paypal net to me + actual shipping 7. NS Pro 950GH Stiff 4-PW Masda Slick Fit grips $100 Paypal net to me + actual shipping
  17. For sale is a rare limited edition Bettinardi QB8 (Queen Bee Eight) 34.5" made of 303SS with the F.I.T. Face option and limited edition 2020 Party On! head cover. Condition is mint with some hairline scratches here and there. F.I.T. face is noticeably softer feeling at impact than the normal micro-honeycomb face. Head over was $85 by itself! Asking $500 PayPal net to me + actual shipping
  18. When you say "Moderate swing speed" what do you mean? 90mph? 100mph? When you say "ultra light," do you mean 40g or less? "Karu-Kata" in Japanese meaning "light and stiff" has been kind of the trend the last few years in both irons and woods. Grand Bassara are great shafts. I've tried the Bassara Griffin in 53TS back a few years ago and they were pretty stable for a slight weight shaft. I used to use Diamond Speeder 5X which was great and I currently use ATMOS Tourspec Black 5TX in my driver which is working great at the moment.
  19. I'm looking at ultra-light options for moderate swing speed, not only for driver, but also fairway and hybrids. Grand Bassara Beta comes to mind for the driver, but there must be some other options as well? Does anyone know more about the Mizuno Platinum MFusion shafts? They seem to be very light. Or can anyone recommend a website with comparisons of the different options in the market?
  20. Hi Supo, when you says that your prefered driver for distance is the Jbeam 435, are you talking about the FX model?, black model? 435II? 435R? thanks for your advice
  21. Got some range time with the Seven SC PX LZ 5.5 set up and it is good so far. The feel is more solid feeling that uber soft. But it does provide gobs of feedback whether I flushed it or off center. This will force me to hit more in the middle of the face. ๐Ÿ™‚ The 5.0 flex definitely softer at impact overall but it felt okay even on off centered hits. Dispersion is defintely better with the 5.5 flex. For wedge shafts, I settled with Modus Tour 120 X flex shafts. They seem to work well. I had some Tour Only WV115's before but those were a bit too stout to my liking.
  22. hey Mags.... yeah... I compared the LZ 5.0 and 5.5 extensively yesterday and it does look like my swing works better with the 5.5. With the 5.0 while I love the softer feel, I think the shaft sags a bit at the impact zone and my impact is not as solid as with the 5.5. LZ 5.5 is really good for me. The Monaco is just another option that I want to use in another set.
  23. soft step 3 times usually equal to 1 flex. I think that is fine. i have done so before. But project x lz is a solid shaft. Why do you not just want to use that? It is the best feeling steel shaft for me - i used modus 105 previously
  24. Yeah ok ... that sounds fair... Thanks Stu-san.
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