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  1. Yesterday
  2. If that’s the case, you could not buy 90% of the USDM and 50% JDM golf gear on the market.
  3. I could not see the logo or the word SEVEN on the photo of the club head. Yes the shape and back milling does look like Seven so it’s more a bad copy rather than a fake.
  4. the only thing the Chinese make any good is sweet and sour chicken
  5. Sold many, customer feedback has been mixed. Geotech makes this driver btw.
  6. Anyone tried the Hayate drive before? Any review?
  7. @ThatChrisRyan It’s simple - just look at your open hand.

  8. Last week
  9. The thing is to me it isn't plagiarized. It is so far off from the real thing it's laughable. Its a forged open model Chinese head with CNC back face done terribly. a Chinese guy selling this for $800 bucks. Anyone who buys this thinking they are getting the real thing need help.
  10. For the price, I'd feel safer going with a Fujikura, Mitsubishi or GD.
  11. LAST DROP TO $490 SHIPPED, will ship out before X'mas! Thanks!
  12. I don't really like this! You have put your time and capital in to develop the product, only to have it plagiarized.
  13. Just what golf needs, more shaft offerings! TPT, the one Justin Rose is now using, says they're the best. Everyone says they're the best (eye roll).
  14. Christmas special Head only $180 shafted $240 delivered
  15. diamana B ( original and best ) series 73 s shaft perfect pro cord brand new. ultra stable flight. high lands very soft. I hit it 220 consistently , has no spot in my rotation tho. condition is good , its a gamer, passing it along simple as that $125
  16. I dont know much about them but : HANDCRAFTED PERFORMANCE - what does this mean? “We strive to make the best shafts in the world using the most exotic materials known to man.” - They are implying that 25/40T carbon is the most exotic known to man. I cant make a true high-end shaft for under 300 cost at the factory. How do they retail one for 200 bucks which includes a big margin for the dealer. They keys for all gear is what is it made of, where is it made, who made it, what is the tech, is it original, how much does it cost to make vs its retail price.. those are good indicators of a quality product.
  17. Woot woot. https://t.co/vupEHDvjNZ

  18. RT @charliekirk11: So @DonaldJTrumpJr testified 3 times now for hours on end about a meaningless 15 min meeting that resulted in nothing…

  19. $120 bucks + 1/2 delivery ( prob 20 bucks) ......... gotta clear the bafs guys / these are worth it!!!!
  20. cheers nobs. as I said , never seen them previous. absolutely delicious set of bats, s400s in them and double thick golf pride multi compound grips so the owner is obviously a beast master.
  21. RT @4golfonline: Comp time. #YesPlease To share between two winners,PuttOut are giving away: - 2 PuttOUTs - 2 PuttOUT Putting mats - 200(…

  22. @FCBarcelona @andresiniesta8 & @XaviSol_ with the X factor. The midfield maestros

  23. Hi Stew, I've got a D-1 Maxima V Spec 10.5* w/ headcover



  24. Wow!! just wow! What that means is that some of the fake club manufacturers guys are actually golf club enthusiasts like us? This is amazing!! well.. in a different sense.
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