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  2. A Grind Kobe Fws 3 and 5

    A Grind Kobe fws heads 3 15’ 5 18’ with covers vgc the 5 has a white tie 70x and could shaft the 3 or Heads only $240 delivered thanks
  3. anyone help with the following, I love these heads but have zero idea what they are made of, never been bothered to study them that hard. ryoma d1 v spec. jbeam 435 + 425 callaway ERC 3 epon 101 GP platinum kamui pro v2 tp -07 prgr egg 1/7/ super taylor made tp-07 Yamaha v4.6 prgr pro 0 cheers fellas shud prob learn what I like and why I guess..,
  4. Itobori yes or no

    i got a pre-loved cavity set at a steal.. hehe thinking of getting a wedge as well to wrap up the set. dropped the idea of getting the driver
  5. Yesterday
  6. Looking for a raw finish blade

    Yoro has raw options. I used to have a set of MP-64s that I bought from a member that was raw. very cool looking .... for us in the Pacific Northwest, getting them to rust uniformly should be a cinch!!
  7. Hey everyone. I'm looking for recommendations. I would like to get a new set of raw finished irons. I am looking particularly for blades. I like the Kyoei's and the Yuryuri's (I don't really care for the PDG stamping) that TSG is selling but was wondering if there were any other recommendations out there? I couldn't find it but does Yoro Craft have this as an option? Also, I wonder if this is something TSG could do directly? Cheers, Jeff
  8. Grandista LS 001 10.5

    I found the other head so I have two of these if you are still interested. High launching with low spin. Dead easy to hit.
  9. Kamui Tp-07 version 2

    Head only please 10 degree thanks
  10. SP700 face drivers

    Do tell us how it works out for you!!
  11. EPON P3's (4-PW) & EPON Zero Driver

    I really just want to get this stuff moved and since I haven't been in the JDM scene for a while my prices are probably off. So feel free to make reasonable offers!
  12. OOooo imagine these without the paint fill... GLWS
  13. SP700 face drivers

    I have it built to 45.25" 320g D3 at the moment. Head weight is 200g. With my 100 mph or so SS I don't think I can handle the additional weight. I have a back up driver aan old Ping G20 at 207g head weight and while it provides good consistent straight drives, my SS suffers from the additional weight. I would like to lessen the effects of the weight being draw biased. I'll order a couple of weight screws to play around with and see if I can get a more neutral bias to the head. AAA '15 in 60g is not that stout. but it is a tip stiff shaft just the way I need it. Based on the swing analysis at Seven Dreamers a couple of years ago, I don't create a lot of lag in my down swing. thus I need a softer butt section to help create that lag with the shaft.
  14. Trades: I'm only interested in rare tyson lamb ball markers & divot tools. First up is a set of EPON Personal 3 heads. 4-P. If you want more pictures, let me know and ill be glad to get those to you. $1400 paypal'd OBO to the CONUS. Next, is an EPON Zero Driver with headcover. It has an aldila rogue S shaft. $250 paypal'd to the CONUS.
  15. Two Vokey SM6 wedges, excellent condition with very little use, $75 each including KBS Hi-Rev shafts and Japanese grips (Iomic and Sharpro). Happy to ship anywhere, buy one or both, no problem.
  16. Taylormade Itsy-Bitsy Spyder, 2017 black DJ model, outstanding condition, $200. i changed the grip for a Stroke Saver mid 2 but otherwise it is unaltered. Face is spotless. 2-3 rounds maximum. Just didnt take to it. Happy to ship anywhere, discuss price, etc..
  17. Very nice early Bobby Grace Jericho putter, face insert, new grip, $150. 34”, standard lie/loft, lightly gamed. Typical Grace putter, lots of feel and very good condition. Happy to ship anywhere.
  18. Titleist Vokey, Japanese spec wedge, 52/10F, head only or complete with KBS Hi-Rev shaft & Iomic grip. $150. Excellent condition, very little wear. Happy to ship anywhere
  19. SOMETHING SPECIAL A pair of Modart Proto wedges, 52 and 58, complete with Fujikura MCI 105 mild shafts and Iomic grips. $600 the pair + shipping anywhere in the world. Please NB: these are one of the 3 pairs that Chris sold before the Proto was released so they were set up by Tourspecgolf. Item is now sold out and not known when Modart will offer more. I will ship anywhere in the world, as you wish.
  20. Nice example of Odyssey Works 2 Ball Fang, the one with the microfoil over the white face. (see photos). $150 for a good sale. Happy to ship anywhere.
  21. Callaway X2Hot 2 Deep - the model after the famous "3 Deep" which Mickelson gamed - 12.5 degrees so really a 2 wood, $40. Bit of a rarity now, I guess, but this one is in nearly-new condition as I only ever tried it out a few times on the range: just couldn't handle it so put it away in the wardrobe until now. Nice opportunity to pick up something a bit different, a really good golfer would launch this one with the right shaft. Happy to discuss price, answer questions, etc..
  22. Mizuno MP650 3 hybrid, 19 degrees, some use and wear on the face but nothing too serious (no dings). $40. As with the drivers and fairways, the hybrids are just really nice solid clubs: nothing fancy but they look good, nice finish etc, and they are well made. Happy to answer any questions, discuss price, etc..
  23. Nice "ordinary" Mizuno MP-H4 5 iron, easy to hit, had a reasonable amount of use but still in very good condition, no dings, etc. $30. Happy to discuss, answer questions, etc..
  24. Miura Small Blades 4 iron, used once on a range, in near-perfect condition. $75. Love my Small Blades... but I cannot hit the 4 so here it is. A really good golfer will put a nice shaft in this head and it will be just delightful. Happy to answer any questions, discuss price, etc..
  25. Two Mizuno MP650 driver heads, one at 9.5 degrees, one at 12 degrees. Very little use - the 12 only ever went on the covered range, didn't agree with me. High quality products, $50 apiece. Happy to discuss price, answer questions, post more photos, etc.. Like the 3 wood they are just really good solid driver heads and deserve to be used so... happy to let them go.
  26. Mizuno MP650 3wood head, excellent condition with very little wear, asking $40. Nothing too flashy about this range - nice black finish, traditional head shape, quite low faces - but reliable and they go well off the face. I can post more photos but I'm guessing most everyone on this forum will know the MP650s - its a lovely 3wood if you need one. Happy to answer any questions and to discuss price etc..
  27. Just to confirm that I have TWO of these heads, both identical: Royal Collection BBD506V, 21 degree 3 hybrid heads, no shafts. Asking $50 apiece but that price is negotiable - this is a major clearout of some good quality stuff so I'm very happy to discuss whatever arrangement you're looking for. Thanks!
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