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  1. Yesterday
  2. I did enjoy reading the blogs but none sighted in months..... and not enough reviews in general
  3. Confirmed will see you all Seahawks not Mariners hahahaha
  4. I’ll be at the course around 9:45 or so. I will have a red Titleist cap on.
  5. Sorry fellas I had mohs surgery again so I’m out of it for a while. I’ve got a free round of golf @chambersbay to giveaway. But it’s only good thru the end of the month. LMK if you want
  6. Confirmed Nobmo San . I will be at the course tomorrow.
  7. So that bag has changed bout a million times. Here's what I'm testing at the moment..
  8. parputt

    Areso putter

    I know LOL I dontknow how to move it to BST. Will have to relist.
  9. Hi nob. Which shafts did you test in this head? Does the head still 'look' closed even though it's spec'd open? Have you hit a G410 plus or F9 and could you compare? Thanks, Ian.
  10. Ian-500

    Areso putter

    Oooo I like that. GLWS.
  11. wedda

    Areso putter

    @parputt you posted it in WTB 🙂
  12. This is a breathtaking, amazing set of blade heads. Fujimoto MBs that were finished in a deep black Oxide and then engraved with the most incredible gear pattern by Corey Paul Functional Art. Head only 3-P. Brand new never touched a golf ball. $1200 shipped anywhere in the world. Email me [email protected] for fastest reply.
  13. parputt

    Areso putter

    I am selling an excellent condition Areso e13 mallet style putter.It is 34" long and was only used for a few rounds.Great feeling putter but cant upset my gamer.Asking 250 shipped USA.
  14. Gentlemen. Is it confirm for July 21st. Threesome at Loomis trail?
  15. Last week
  16. Johnnychia


    I have 2u and 3u both
  17. This is a super putter and limited Japan release I believe. 34 inc like new $245 delivered
  18. Hi I'm trying(unsuccessfully) to find info on a set of vintage Mizuno Scramble EX irons I picked up a set of these beauties a while back but it was missing a 7 iron and my OCD won't allow me to play them with a club missing in the middle lol My goal is to locate a 7 iron or another set of these without the missing club Anyone know of these irons or a year of release etc Thanks in advance Pictures are below
  19. So I received the Axis1 Rose putter last night.... putting it on carpet side by side against the JDM Odyssey Stroke Lab #7 . I haven't even peeled the shrink wrap... 1st impression is that it "looks" okay. But when you tap on the plastic fang section, you just keep wondering "why" Within this short time that I have been trying this on thee carpet, I do notice that there is less dispersion on the trace of the ball takes. It almost feels like it has a much larger sweet spot. Note sure if this is the case, but balls are rolling more consistently with less dispersion. The look at address will take some getting used to with the shaft connecting to the head at the heel in front of the face edge. Feel is actually decent. I think 303 steel with semi-deep milling on the face helps with the softer feel. It does not actually feel dense probably because the hitting area is actually not that thick. Still debating....
  20. Looking for a set of Mizuno Yoro Craft or MP Japan only irons. If you have anything like the Yoro Craft MP-66 , MP-5 or MP-4 to sell, I am looking to buy and very interested. Thanks.
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