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  1. Today
  2. SOLD! many thanks TSG
  3. ...and also jBEAM, Romaro?
  4. Yesterday
  5. Unfortunate for Scott McCarron but definitely a great social media clip! It's not the drivers fault https://t.co/2QeuRNwD8M

  6. Yeh right. Thanks Been a while...
  7. Sorry about that.... Not sure what you call the driver. Will have to dig it out for the real name... JBeam 7 Something.
  8. Yup. Times are changing..... Looks like this will go on the Bay. Lots of members seem to be having success there.
  9. Last week
  10. Enjoy!!
  11. Open to offers
  12. Good afternoon. I’m selling a brand new 52° Vega wedge. It’s shafted with the recoil 680 shaft and stiff flex. Grip is a black Lamkin grip. Length is 35.5 inches. Looking for $110 conus obo
  13. Oh man these look great. In terms of stiffness and launch angle, which common shaft would these be most similar to? I play S300 and hit them well but SS is below 100.
  14. :) PS: Going to go see grandsons next weekend. Gonna take the older one (4 yrs old) to the putting green, buy him his first club(s). Should be fun!!
  15. Sold thanks
  16. Can't believe this hasn't moved yet. Not only is it a steal, this is a great, not good, great FW.
  17. Reduced to rock bottom..... come and get it now. Thanks.
  18. @THEAFLSHOUTER So no reveal?

  19. Pre-order now: Callaway Apex MB and X Forged irons! - https://t.co/RfmXBFqc2W

  20. Very good, C! I've got enough Baby Blades for your son and grandson and...
  21. 100% materials sourced, made and the head manufactured... none. Modart is the closest. Kamui Works would be next but not all parts are from Japan. Even when Endo was in Japan their clubs were not fully Japan made.
  22. Time to move Head $100 $200 shafted
  23. Hutch! Where have you been? We’ve missed you 😊
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