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  1. Yesterday
  2. The Triple X Messenger worked well for me.
  3. good looking head! im abig.fan of freiheit thats one top head
  4. i foumd the quadra.fire express to be superb. the diamana b to be incredibly straight. the diamana stinger isnperfect and original diamana blue to be a great all rounder
  5. 2014 MP Craft 9.5 200g - It's a really good head .. More forgiving than it's predecessors for sure.
  6. the best shaft for that head is whichever one best fits your swing, find the shaft that'll produce your ideal launch trajectory when matched with your swing characteristics
  7. That GTD, bar the hosel, looks awesome!
  8. Like the look of the Zodia at address but I prefer the GTD's sole and face. Which Craft are you 'potentially' putting to one side, so to speak? :)
  9. Unfortunately, no links provided about the 18 driver test.
  10. I just got the S-Yard XV 3w with the stock rombax shaft. anybody played with this head with different shafts? thanks
  11. i'm drooling over both of these... can you post the link to this 18 driver comparison? i need to find more info on these and this ZA008 material
  12. this chart is great thanks for posting it, most of my shafts are TourAD so this is a huge help
  13. We all loved to see Justin Thomas win the PGA Championship this past weekend. Justin has been a long time user of... https://t.co/qHNeZJDL17

  14. Considering replacing my Mizuno MP Craft head currently paired up with a Seven Dreamers shaft. While it is a very stable pair and I am getting good performance, I don't feel that I am maximizing the distance potential of the shaft. Found a couple of candidates from recent boutique releases. I do like heads that provide softer feel at impact as well as sensibly muted sound. The SP700 + Carbon Crown combo on the Zodia has a similar construction to the Grandista RS-001 Ver S which I really liked from a sound and feel perspective. Distance was good too but not as forgiving as I wanted. I read somewhere that there is only one factory in Japan that can produce Carbon Crown Driver heads..... so if this one is also made in Japan, perhaps it is from the same factory as the Grandista. Also love the carbon pattern showing on the crown. Would match the raw carbon look on the Seven Dreamers shaft perfectly! No experience with the ZA008 Ti used on the GTD Code K driver.. I think Freiheit drivers also used this ZA008 material. But it was mentioned that this particular driver came in No.1 in carry distance in a recent 18 driver shootout. Zodia Z921CC 460cc SP700 face / 811 Ti Body / Carbon Crown 10 deg loft only Designed for exceptional feel and piercing trajectory GTD 455 Code K 450cc ZA008 Face / 6-4 Ti Body Adjustable hosel 9 deg to 11.75 deg Designed for explosive carry / No.1 in carry distance in a 18 driver shootout
  15. Limited time offer. 510 Euro (ca. 600 usd) shipped for Baldo combo and Reoness head together.
  16. This will help showing stiffness in different areas.
  17. On social media the same opinion is often shared. People are getting hung up on 2 things. #1. Its non-conforming and #2. the # vs loft thing. What I say is try hitting a #7 iron 200 yards then hit a 7 wood 200 yards and see which is more accurate with the better result. Also people are not taking into account the design of the club. It's not only about loft, it's about the length, the head design and shape that makes that loft easier to hit. You want a strong lofted club that is easy to hit. That is why it looks ugly by design because they can't do all that in a small package.
  18. How is this different from modern "players" irons having a 46 deg pitching wedge when 25 years ago everyone had 49 deg pitching wedges? I think its all about filling the distance gap. If you can fill your distance gaps with these irons, they should work out fine. Egg series has been a very popular product line in Japan. I look at them as the Japanese version of Ping G series.
  19. I think its more about catering to ego than anything else.
  20. I am no longer an aging golfer since I am already past that but still don't understand the need for super super super strong loft on irons. If i need distance, I just change to a UT to hit that distance that I can no longer hit with a mid irons. I don't carry a 5 irons but have 4 ut in my bag and could very well adding a 30* UT if I can no longer hit a 6 iron properly. Changing the # on an iron so you could call the 6 a 9 makes no sense to me yet.
  21. According to that chart then the GP is lower launching than the BB? I own both in 6X and that doesn't jive with my experience at all
  22. I am wondering what this average guy will use to hit a 50 yard pitch shot :)
  23. thanks Spoon anyone have 5-PW?
  24. Last week
  25. I have a brand new uncut Diamana 'ahina 70 stiff $100 shipped and I also have another one that's a one time pull in perfect condition plays to 45" $75 shipped
  26. I have a speeder evolution 3 757 stiff plays 43 or 43.25. mint condition $150 posted
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