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  1. Yesterday
  2. Ryoma Maxima V-Type 10.5

    Found, bought, and shafted with an Oban Kyoshi
  3. £200 for both wedges + postage net.
  4. Thanks Gregoire! Great information.
  5. Trade / Sale : Miura Baby Blades

    So when are the 302's coming online.......? :)
  6. Honma TW727/TW737 much difference?

    I'd probably actually consider the 737s a slight downgrade, considering the faces of most 727 drivers were Endo forged. However, I do like the 737c wood in comparison to the 727 wood, but I'd take a 717 wood over either of them any day in my opinion
  7. JBeam ZY 7 Basileus Shaft ANOTHER PRICE DROP

    Sorry this finally sold
  8. RT @TopOfIowaChill: BETTER CATHOLIC SCHOOL RT for Newman | Like for Garrigan https://t.co/rwqgaIrEmV

  9. Is the TW737 a big upgrade from the TW727 when it comes to the drivers and fairways? Thanks
  10. Last week
  11. I dispatched a dozen carrier pigeons just so my data won't be compromised.
  12. Clova is now on @IFTTT https://t.co/QBdSCYQPOO https://t.co/DCT8yc7P1D

  13. Yun ang tinatawag na "silat" sa basketbol. #Puso #magnoliahotshots #PBAFinals

  14. tuning in to instagram for sure
  15. JBeam ZY 7 Basileus Shaft ANOTHER PRICE DROP

    Still available?
  16. 550 net to me shipped final price before I pull
  17. awesome, was just thinking it started today.
  18. Hey Guys, Today is the Japan Golf Fair for real time updates and video Instagram and facebook are your best bet!
  19. Midsize grip changes SW?

    The 2g = 1 SW is for the head. Grip weight effects are in the order of 5g = 1 SW Standard vs Mid for Golf pride products can be different as much as 15g. So yes, it will bring the swing weight. Use this calculator and change the weight of the grip to see its effects on SW. http://www.golf-components.com/swing-weight-calculator.html
  20. JDM Driver Durability?

    I have had one driver face crack on me. It was a Crazy 435 and a few years old and TSG/Crazy were awesome about replacement. I know I was lucky with that! Granted that was back when my swing was in the 110 range but I still don’t hear about it too much around here...not even with the hi-cor stuff.
  21. PRGR iD RS02 Driver

    Price drop.
  22. JDM Driver Durability?

    Just did some research and it seems that Srixon range balls have a compression of 83. Pinnacle Practice: 98, Top Flight Range: 116, Spalding Range: 112, Spalding Super Range: 110, Nike/Wilson: 107.
  23. JDM Driver Durability?

    They are Srixon range balls mostly with some Taylormade range balls mixed in. They definitely do not feel as hard as Top Flight or Pinnacle balls when I hit them. I understand that range balls are harder than my playing ball (Chrome Soft), but 99% of us do not get to practice at facilities that use ProV1 or similar practice balls. Is this planned obsolescence by the manufacturer? Thinking that we will buy a new driver before the current one gives out? I have older drivers that I have hit for years that have not cracked yet. Orlimar Trimetal, Zevo Compressor, Tayloramade Burner. Original Callaway Warbird just to name a few. I did have an old Makser that developed cracks though...
  24. JDM Driver Durability?

    Sounds like a range rock problem more than a driver problem... What kind of balls is your range using?
  25. JDM Driver Durability?

    New to forum and looking to try a JDM driver head. I have had 4 Callaway drivers develop hairline fractures in the face. One first generation, Big Bertha Alpha, 2016 Great Big Bertha (two of them), and the standard Epic driver. I admit that I spend a lot of time at the range (4-5 days a week), but I usually only hit around 30 balls with the driver. I have a modest swing speed around 100mph so it's not like I'm crushing the ball 300+ yards down range. Callaway customer service is very good, but i think it's ridiculous that I can't even go a couple of years without a driver breaking on me. Do JDM drivers have any face cracking issues? With the emphasis on thinner faces and maximum distance, does the issue of limited driver durability plague the entire industry?
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