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  3. Did ok on the front but totally blew the back with a 39,46 =85. Since I’m pretty much out of the race I’m playing my Seven x Shinagawa MBs , Grandista Driver and Modart woods tomorrow.
  4. RomaRo Specs: Standard RomaRo Loft/Lie Lengths: 4-38.5; 5-38; 6-37.5; 7-37; 8-36.5; 9-36; PW-35.5; 48*-35.5
  5. First off, thank you for looking. I think the best thing about this forum is the people you meet along the way. Let’s get to it! The Divinest of the Holy Grail: Brand New Titleist Limited 100MB 3-PW (complete set in all the wrappers and includes the original box)-my prized bull of all time. The Titleist Limited 100MB was made and released only in Japan with only 100 pieces to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Titleist. Release date was around 2014. The thing I love about Japan Acushnet is when they do a release, it is final, protected, and always the amount specified. When they say 100 pieces, then it is a 100 pieces. The intent of this release was for these irons to be played. There are no release or set numbers on these heads (1/100, 35/100, 86/100, etc.). That was not the purpose of the 30th anniversary release. Japan Acushnet released 100 sets period and they wanted them to be played by people like you and me. I received these irons straight from Japan and they were extremely expensive. These have been sitting in my closet and it’s time to move them on to a lucky buyer. There are plenty of pictures including specs and product information (all in Japanese of course). However, the pictures tell the story. You would be hard pressed to find a brand new set of these anywhere especially in all the wrappers and original box. The original box with irons in it will be placed in a larger box to protect it from shipping labels, etc. (I wish this would have done this for me). While these irons could be played, these irons in all likelihood will become the ultimate in a collector’s set. $2995 Thanks for Looking!
  6. Not another set like this anywhere in the world 2500.00 text nick 724-601-3056
  7. Well done Nob, you can do it.
  8. Benock cs putter Very nice condition and very nice feeling putter 33.75 grip to underside of face. 69 lie 3.5 loft original cover yes they are worth trying 😀 $600 posted worldwide
  9. Yeah playing tips all three days. With my current hdcp, they put me in 1st flight with the big boys who play to plus hdcp. Best gross today was 68. Several of them actually. My goal is to shoot under 80 all three days.
  10. I’m gonna Google Earth that Everett CC and fly down the fairways haa
  11. All the best to you Nobsan! 77 glad to here you playing from the tips?
  12. Today was Walter E Hall and tomorrow is Harbour Pointe , Monday is Everett CC never played Everett CC so not sure what to expect:)
  13. Last week
  14. This weekend I am in the Snohomish County Am tournament. Today I shot 77 (40,37) which was not bad for me considering rainy conditions for the entire round. Tomorrow and Monday are at harder courses but weather should be nicer.
  15. Latest update, Romaro driver and Geo Galaxy putter are SOLD - Thank you! Still Available - Romaro FW, Quadra 4AX 652i Iron shafts & Attas Coool Driver shaft. FREE SHIPPING!
  16. Yes I prefer my itobori wedges. The bounce for me is slightly too high. I prefer the lower bounce wedges.
  17. I’ve not heard of this brand but that’s a great looking driver.
  18. Selling an excellent used Progress Golf BB4 driver head AND 6 xtra weights for swing weighting purposes. Clubhead is in excellent shape with no sky or pop-up marks or any scratches at all. It has normal sole wear from it being black but nothing more than that. Check out the TSG pro shop for complete details on the head. I also have 6 extra weights 3,6,8.10.12,&14. Club has original headcover but no wrench. It uses the same as all other drivers like Ping and TM. Asking 750 shipped USA. Will ship anywhere for extra postage.
  19. Got my Kurokage XD 60 S today and put on a Mizuno adapter and tested it against a couple of other shafts in the ST190 head. KK XD 60 S vs. Tour AD TP6 S vs. Speeder TR 569 X. Out of the three shafts, surprisingly the TP6 felt the stiffest... not boardy but stiffest. Speeder TR in 569X felt a bit corse overall and did not look to be a spin killer. So maybe it's honeymoon period but I really did like the KK XD the best. Flight and trajectory really mimic'd the KK XT 60 S but he XD felt smoother but more stable and consistent. I will play the XD in the ST190 for now , but once I get the Jbeam head, I may use the XD with that.
  20. Speaking of wedges, I just picked up a 50 54 58 set of Cleveland RTX 2.0 Precision Forged wedges. Wasn't really paying attention to these wedges, but these are apparently designed with much feedback from Hideki Matsuyama and S20C forged in Japan. ( have not validated ) Think Cleveland's version of the Vokey Forged , I guess..... All the bounces on these are 10 deg .... which is mid way and I think that's really what I'm looking for in the Pacific Northwest course conditions where it's rock hard dry in the summer and soupy wet in the summer.
  21. I really like what Titleist Japan have done with these. GLWS. Wish I had the cash.
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