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  1. SP700 face drivers

    When will this driver be released?
  2. PRGR Q fairway wood

    I have the 23 and 28 degree. They are awesome out of bad lies, rough, sand tight fw lies. The hybrids 28 and 33 degree are awkward to look at. They appear to have more loft than listed. The 23 degree has been the best performer so far. Great balance and amazing thru the turf.
  3. SP700 face drivers

    Callaway GBB Epic Forged Driver Also has SP700 face material.
  4. The Adams Launch Lab driver was hard to hit but rewarded pure strikes shafted with a PROJECT X shaft driver shaft 5.5 was the only driver I hit 3 straight drives on the golf course over 300 yards. It was perfect distance conditions,, mid 80 temps , great ball flight conditions and ample roll. The PRGR RS driver is forgiving, but rewards a good strike with perfect trajectory and great roll out. Fantastic driver for windy conditions.
  5. Small Driver Heads

    SYARD T.388
  6. Lighter golf shafts

    Nippon Zelos 7. https://www.tourspecgolf.com/nippon-ns-pro-zelos-7-steel-shaft.html
  7. Great 3 and 5 wood combo

    Crazy Full Titan. Maruman Shuttle. Cant go wrong with either.
  8. Brief Intro on the new Egg 2017 Series

    Yes. Im an old school feel player. I have found the PRGR shafts in irons, utilities, fws and drivers works well for me.
  9. Brief Intro on the new Egg 2017 Series

    I just got a set of these. I have used several models of EGG irons thru the years. The 2014 Super EGGS had the biggest wow factor, The 2015/2016 Red Egg irons had the most shot control. The 2017 PC EGG irons have the wow factor distance of the 2014 Super Eggs, and the shot control of the RED EGG irons. The sole design has the best turf interaction of any Egg, or any iron that I have hit. As for the gap factor, I have the 7-A wedge. The A wedge is 43 degrees (great for chipping BTW) . 50 54 AND 58 degree PXG wedges, and the transition is very smooth.
  10. Callaway Epic Forged driver

    Looks like a mid OCTOBER release with a limited product run.
  11. JDM wedges

    On Off Shingo Limited 58.
  12. New PRGR Eggs Coming Soon!

    They did the same thing to the hybrids also. More conventional design. I do like the look of the EGG Driver, and EGG irons.
  13. I have the XF irons. I prefer the original 811 irons. I have not tried the X series or XF drivers.
  14. Ive played the entire PXG line. The irons, hybrids , and wedges are all very strong performers. As good as anything Ive ever hit. The fws are a good solid design, but nothing ground breaking that stands out. The driver is a dud. Its forgiving enough, but really lacks the firepower. Not worth the cost.
  15. Pics of the new Crazy CRZ Full Titan Fairway Wood

    Ryoma is better off the tee for me due to the deeper face. The Crazy is better / crisper contact off the deck from all lies.
  16. Pics of the new Crazy CRZ Full Titan Fairway Wood

    These fws are hands down the best to hit off the turf i have ever hit (even better than the Maruman shuttles). Incredible turf interaction thru impact. I have the 5w with a Crazy Regenesis FW 80 shaft. Awesome match.
  17. .350 tip driver shafts?

    PRGR Super Egg drivers, SYard XV and T.388, and several Yonex Drivers have .350 tips.
  18. Fairways of (Ryoma) Heaven

    I have used a mixed bag of EGG hybrids thru thru the 6 , (and EGG irons) with great success, been testing the Fourteen HI877 24, 27 and 30 degree iron/hybrid/utility and been very impressed with the feel and performance. I was in a bad accident 2 years ago (broken ankle) , and any club/bag setup that makes the game easier is the way to go for me.

    Add the Maruman Shuttle fws to the list.
  20. F**k Cancer - an update on TourSpecGolfer

    Very sorry about that. I went thru it 14 years ago as I lost my Mom to cancer. Its a very powerless feeling. All the best to you and your family.
  21. My pxg collection-all 15 clubs

    I have the entire PXG line. The irons and wedges are standouts. The hybrids are as good as anything. The fws are solid and consistent, steady, but lack the wow factor. Driver is accurate and super forgiving but lacked the firepower and wow factor.
  22. That's similar to what Ive done. MY 5,6,7,8 are the length of my 7 iron thats 1/2 inch longer than standard. 9-G are the length of my 8 iron. However I have a 2nd G and SW at standard club length. The short game is too precise, and the longer shafts make it awkward. The longer club accuracy is much improved, and the WISHON design on the 5 6 7 irons makes up for the shorter shaft length. 9-G at 37 inches are fine for full shots.
  23. I have experimented with this as a side project all year. The big improvement is the consistency and accuracy of the longer irons. I got a used set of Pinhawks in the spring, all clubs were 38 inches long. I hit the 5 6 and 7 irons well, but the length was too long for the short irons. Since then I got a set of Wishon Sterling irons. Getting the club length right is key to unlocking the potential of this concept. After much testing I have the 5 6 7 and 8 irons at 37.5 inches shafted with Kuro Kage graphite shaft. I have the 9 , P, and G at 37 inches shafted with Wishons stepless steel shaft. Its working quite well. Very consistent overall performance.
  24. Krank Golf

    I had the original Krank Driver. It also had a grooveless face like the Rage. I t was low launching for a 10.5 head. Rolled forever on Hard fairways. Feel was not great. Hollow and metallic. Here is a review on the RAGE. rage driver review