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  1. stinger 7w shaft gone stinger 5w shaft. pending
  2. supo

    EPON 101 /diamana boron 9.5*

    one week offer or its gone 450 delivered . not a penny less.
  3. supo

    Scotty madness

    What wat mate .. its clearly written on the form whats ur point!!!!!!!!
  4. supo

    never mind

    Get this troll off here!
  5. supo

    For the love of mallets....,

    tm brand , awsome contrubution to a jdm website. try spambot pal
  6. supo

    The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    I might be the only one that actually likes the 435sound feel, its dull compared to the lively faces but i kinda like it.. i hit my callaway erc3/ waccine yesterday and my god is there adifference .. these are like polar opposites ,but i like both.. the 435just says boooooooom when i got that bagged.. its a cannon long may it live!
  7. supo

    The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    yep got.a.few.more.tracks where that wud be well suited!
  8. supo

    The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    send it. over to me when ur done building it and i can!! hahah
  9. supo

    EPON 101 /diamana boron 9.5*

    sure , new pics up
  10. Highest quality all round gamer, has been my favourite touring weapon for years. condition is good , but not MINT, face is perfect crown is virtually perfect., few c sole is fine. no dings obv. I got this ( and several other awesome sticks ) from a japanese teaching pro ages ago ,( I re gripped it with a cadero recently ) The shaft is a made for the tourstage pros back in the day, its the " tour stinger for tourstage players" I don't know which pro this is for but he wasn't overly powerful bec this plays pretty medium ish flex wise. I rate it as a stiff to stiff+ but not X , no way. its a low spin driver that is neutral biased, and produces a mid flight but u can do what ever you like with, this is open to move the ball with both ways quite easily ,control ball height by tee adjustment. feel/sound is simply .............................second to NONE. the ONLY reason im selling is bec im not playing and not touring any more so letting it go to the market im NOT OPEN TO TRADES , I have all I need , as ususal I will dismiss low ball opportunistic trollrubbish with a delete. we ALL know what this is and how good it is . so pls don't show me rubbish bids . ****sensible requests/offer obv. will be considered .**** I cant speak more highly of a diver than this , its easily playable as the no 1 in the quiver, easily.!!! will get CPM for the buyer if possible from my builder ( im pretty sure its around 260s-270 s )so if ur about 95/105mph consider this right in the wheel house . shipped , tracked,insured, delivered from JP via EMS pm me for anything else sensible u might require....., $595obo
  11. supo

    The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    wont disappoint that s for sure, different shape but not too dissimilar . still not found a deep head that beats the 435 tried a lot and lots are close and some definitely sound/feel better but the square face and super deep head = such consistency for me. my quest hath ended for deep face drivers
  12. kaili proto is a tiger woods shaft he didnt pickup . 90grams yes
  13. One Dia x gone .sensibly! ultra light 50 g etimo 3w under ref . as well
  14. Nope bec. there is nothing better , these are simply spares that havebeen taken out of thigns and ive moved the heads on or not gotten around to getting anew one for , the stinger 7w shaft just doent suit my distances so thrre no point making a new one the 4/5w stinger ,ive already gpt4 of so i didnt make another the dia x shfts i e got 5 already in play so no point same as the fairway woods . replace these with what cud i repalce the with 7d is about it but ,no need already got a perfect one so rather than sit here ill move em on