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  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I agree with keep for longer! ive got a few ive sold , re bought , rejigged re sold and re bought again, the classic example is the 2 ball odyssey , I think ive had about 5 of these and the best one of them I think , is the black one I ve still got that top 3 good heavens ill try , this is much tougher than the drivers................................, Tying to take a top three from these isn't possible sorry, bec to understand fave, does that mean "top " = best looks ,best feel , best performance. best for specific greens..????? even tiger abandoned his SC to go to the NIKE (dump) truck but failed miserably so top .. is so relative. ok to make it easier for me to categorize id have to break it into head shapes . I play every shape imaginable and ive realsied after 35+ yrs of golf I don't have a fav shape. ás can prob be seen by these. TOP L shapes ; yamada razor, kitada custom TOP c shape mallets: benock Enzo, miura TOP ansers: Hiro Matsumoto mz07, gold factory gss 360 custom ,seven 01, TOP centre shaft: ks sugi 163m, TOP freakazoids: axis eagle,2 ball odyssey, 1986 mcgreggr golden bear, ping cushin, TOP feel: seven,golds gss,yamada burning copper GF custom The single best putting iv ever done is with the axis eagle at NSW on the coast in Sydney on a rather 'blustery" Thursday compey with a few more than decent players.. I beat the Longy penants a grade player with some outrageous bombs and didn't miss a 6 footer for 18 holes. I wont ever out do that day. not possible. the next best was 2 yrs ago with the ks sugi CS mallet where I went 68 in a comp and won it or the monthly medal I came second in with the 1986 mcgreggor! the rest pretty much fail in comparrison but that does not mean I play the ones ive done best with historically , in fact ive benched them, the more recent great events have been with the benock easpade which I have a recent tendency to reach for when im actually plaing 'golf"not some other game and where scoring properly is a "thing' , this is getting me so consistantly close , I just automatically reach for it now . my actual faves tho are the mini blades and c-shape mallets, the yamada razor, the kitada custom or the benock Enzo or miura c..... these are the one I love to take on hols and just play all day with practicing with on course. the ansers I tend to go back to just beceaure they are there but I don't really like them they are plain Jane shape to me, the long neck HM 1999 or semi LN mz 07 I LOVE playing and have a special spot in my rotation. ok if I had to keep just 3 and tin the rest as of now... id keep the yamada L.. the benock Enzo. hiro mats mz-07 but id have to be on a rack and stretched to within a mm of being torn apart. caveat.... im a planning to get another easpade made by benock with the small s neck "soon' which I hope will cure all ills!
  2. nope the ref is the v2 from me, ( the one I put up above ) or the v3 which is on the first page, this one , cud be the first model but ive not hit that. don't look a bad design tho. Chris I don't think it wud hurt, I think they go more than well and feel pretty decent. have 2 of them and they are both near the forefront of my faves. as I said the v2 is tough to beat distance wise, the v3 is quite versatile. always better to have too many more than not enough
  3. it was called chujocraft, ithink its been renamed tho. they have a very sharp leading edge , no offset and a big face . pretty nice in hand
  4. I don't play a ton of comps anymore... they don't really do them here. so I get to mix and match a heap of clubs every time I go out, I always take 3 putters / 2 drivers 7or 8 irons depending if I have a 3 iron or a driving iron and 3 wedges. of course , I have a "if I play tiger in a game what wud I bring 14 club set" but that never gets played week in out I don't think ive ever put it out actually but I know what it is depending on what course we play of course.. gotta maximize ones advantage! Any way ive been struggling to find a match for the epon aftours, as ive finally taken them back out agn the last cpl of games and ive absolutely killed it with them, problem is I just cant do the SW that goes with them (epon xl45) so im acing it and going a different route. so ..... after a covid induced weekend of cleaning out the closest i found these things... I may have hit them once or twice but they seem to be a perfect match for a bigger set of irons heads like the epons , ive certainly never matched them together or with the callaway tour authentic' s kinda thing but I shud have bec. they certainly don't look out of position as a balance set , ive been using the tourstage scalpels with them and they simply don't go. Good to have break every now and again to see the wood for the trees. I think these have a very similar look to the epons same kind of geometry ,and after I believe they were deigned by mr EPON and s-yard Kobayashi san , so it kinda made perfect sense, bec the other ones in line to be played with the epons are the syard bolds and Yamaha black raw. This kind of wedge look complements the bigger heads perfectly .. keep the scalpels, the tourstage x wedge, prgr tr,honma tw, and the like for the mini blades like the miura sb01s, honma pp737, tourstage marus and the easy playable wedges for the easier heads, as I didn't play a Cavity Backs all last yr its no wonder id forgotten about these wedges for the most part but right now, these, the syards and the yamahas have screamed to the fore of my eye , who knows maybe its time I slid back a notch and took it easier....................., Anyway these are pretty damn nice wedges.
  5. good decent cheap brand are by STM , kind of harder compound but sticky so they feel soft but I don't think they are , ur hands stick and don't move a MM with them but they are pretty thin. got em on a cpl of lob wedges, realy like them on wedges , they can be had for dirt cheap prices.
  6. thought I had a snap of it ill pop onbe up tomorrow and my apologies.. its actually the v2 not 1, it was the first one I got so I jstcaleld it the first version, there is a predeccsor but not hit it.. so I amended my posts to say ( v2) its this one at least.. ill pop photos of my one up
  7. playable.... epon af tour originals if the tc 1000 were chinky then look at the honma tw 717/727 masda mb Yamaha 2013 mb I thnk they came out ?? yururi 2010 kyoei mb
  8. huhhhhhhhhhh... well I ususally use a hook blade knife and a new grip. this I gotta test out!
  9. face shape is different . more bulbous looks like its more compact as well. like v3 I like the look of this. will investigate this closely when golfing IF golfing returns.........
  10. heres a few pics.. the astro tour, and jbeams have a pretty similar look the kamui kp-x just looks very draw biased but its not loved this head. its a big fat compact hammer
  11. ok let me.break down my best in categories. DISTANCE- astro tour v(2) jbeam435 kamui pro tp07. these seem to get me the most consistent distance taking good and bad drives into account. typically my misses with these are. pretty.good. so im not punished much. ACCURACY- ryoma d1. prgr.egg.7 onoff 2009 red v460. these go fine for diatance but dont excell. but if its a short course say pete.dye style it.wud be hard for me.not to take on of those out that day. the on off in particular was great . very high launch. and just went where it wa.ssposed.to all be it not lomg. won a amatuer club choper comp yrs.ago with it in japan 14/14 off the front tees. so naturally... i sold it! FEEL- epon 101 callaway erc3 yamahav4.6 all made by endo , says it all guess. LOOKS- jbeam425 tour roddio s tuning kamui pro kp-x very diff heads. the kp is like a fist at address all muscle all thump. the roddio is a flat elongated face that just looks impossible to miss with. this is my new onoff replacement. very reliable. 425 tour is.a.versatile 435. this is workable .where as the 436 isnt very. crazy black 50sx.in it.was. one.of.my all time.best sold it.to a. memebr here im oz i played.with him.afew.yrs back and he crushed me.with it. no idea why i sold.that.
  12. The tourstage "Ai chan" p5 ithink the model is called was a corker as well if u can hit the middle more.often than not. its as forgiving as a razor but when u got it pure it cud make you sing! small compact that wasn400ish cc as well. bsck when i played the yamahav4.6 , this and that were the uber hot clubs im JP. very hard to get hold of was the Ai model. tough task master but so rewarding on a.good day. -- ptune i had that when it.first came outwth a.stinger. my builders club. yea that was.simple.and.good! versatile.as they get, good memory
  13. ahhhh here he is again. mr.asgard the negative adding to the world one negative .post at a time.... mate if u have nothing to add thats positive or thought provoking why are you here? wherre s you contrivtion to this post ? or anythng actually. every post.of yours is a.take.done of somone elses thought or idea, its an arguement designed to be inflamatory whats your point on this forum? if u dont like what u read go elsewhere or add somehting that contributes. its just draining reading ur negativity pls.stop it.
  14. yup, that's it is, hard to get this to soar , and even harder to make it draw. you can cut it no worries and the best drives I put on this are small fades I have 2 of these in my bag s both at 9.5* I wanted to take the 7d out and put it in a 10.5* as this combo is prob my best along with the kamui pro /diamana X which is my all carry driver so I don't wanna mess with it bec. everyttime I hit it , ( I always seem to take it out when its windy which is always is here.) it just makes the day so much easier and il ltake the stinger one out when its a good day so Ive decided (when were allowed to play again!) to take the stinger out and put it in a 10.5* instead
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