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  1. . yesterday I saw 10 NEW MODEL sets..........10. in 1 shop alone. the black ones, one set had a sole so big I thought it was for a sandpit! I put the players set (???????) iron down and had a look, at address, it looks nice, like the titlesist MB good look at the ball. if you like jet black and massive screws in yr irons not me. total pewk.! bthe kicker????? 545 000 yen per set. farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff......................! these are pop outs!!!! whats so special about them ??? absolutely nothing , nothing what so ever.. totally uttlerly utterly lost in some kinda fake tour player hype . 1/1?? HA!!! more like 1/50,000!
  2. great condition.. spotless head 202 grams, 0.5*open shipped/tracked/insured. DELIVERED. if uwant full pics pls.ask $190
  3. hmmmmm.... I had t hem in my marus and they were fabulous. maybe they are a beter mix with the softer forging like epon/ mizzy..onoff. I was gonna put mine into a set of idbls, I think that wud be a fantastic match but as ive not played I havnt got around to it, infact that's a really good idea. I might shaft up the 6 iron for a test.
  4. .

  5. top 5 sets of steel heavies in my book along witj the super peening blue and orange modus 125s and shimada125 tours. any, all of these are aleap above the rest tjat ive.played. u got some small blades? these are fabulous in mbs.
  6. good buy!!! did u have to throw in the toblerone,?
  7. .

  8. Kamui Pro TP-07 (Typhoon Pro), 10*

    join... one of the best heads for sound acoustics ive got,.
  9. Benock Questions Thread

    exactly, the ball definitely seems to pop off he face faster than my deep milled putters, or rather , it appears to me it does, but that ends up the same result anyway bec I adjust me speed accordingly, and the shaft although its just steel feels GREAT, better than my doggatis at times , this one and my yamada ( same mill) are my preferred faces. slowly working up towards getting a full custom benock done and .......... the wait for it..........new odyssey 2 ball gold/black. that shud do me for the season
  10. Benock Questions Thread

    can they do a face like this? this is my persinal fave feeling face.A
  11. Driving Iron - Honma 2017 TW-U

    Yea got both 2017 iss not as punchy as the old model but much easier to shape shots see more shotswith not as long as the old one but better from the deck, by a ways. And very sleek looking does come with the vizard althpugh i have an ns 105, ,more offset with the new modlel although its slight it is quite a different shape, i prefer the old model as an off the tee loking for distance di but the new one for par 3s or as an alt for the 3iute kinda thing. both imo are triffic clubs and the best ive hit although the new srixon looks pretty good now as welll
  12. Midsize grip changes SW?

    totally.opposite. not.tacky slick and hard
  13. Benock Questions Thread

    ha. been there , done that ( many many times) ,, not such a good idea with a driver.
  14. Benock Questions Thread

    Well, what I like to play with friends and what I like to game in comp are seldom the same. if its a sat.sun comp sure ill take anything out bec I like to change it up but the ones I have had most success with but benched are the axis eagle........... yup AND get this , anyone remember Jacks 1986 august mcgreggor putter??? yup ,well I have one of those gigantic axes as well and I play VERY well with it, too well actually, its so frugly tho, I had it refurbed in melk by kari lajossi but there was fk all to do to it so he just I dunno maynbe sanded it it flat no grooves at all, its hideous but in big games I/e in club champs here I take that out a lot , my lags with it are insanely consistent. I think my best feeling putter is a "non milled" sus303 shingo45 guage from golds. I prefer the slightest of milling u cant even say its milled. horses for course but no way can I say one of these top enders is miles better than the others. I can tho, easlly say my nike POS , albeit I putt well with it , is horrible poor quality, the paint chips, the material is god knows what , is scrathes just by looking at it , it really is a cheap ass POS , but I hit em well.. and I HATE that I do. the ones I like ot take out the most are the golds mods , yamadas/Hiro mats guage and the benocks , there is something quite nice about taking a one off out and putting it thru its paces. ill still take the jack spesshy out tho for a big game of Nassau!
  15. Benock Questions Thread

    thats left, and have culled plenty... its a badbad sickness.