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  1. hahahah..well , as we spend enough coin on these t damn metal things it best to keep them in decent order I believe!
  2. actually, if u keep putters in headcovers that are susceptible to rust , he said to spray some of it the HC to keep the film on during the humid months.. top tips from Susie homemaker.
  3. don't leave home without it, that stuff is GOLDEN, it actually kills rust a and adds a timy film to the metal. if u live in humid territory it shud be a mandatory addition to the club arsenal. needs recoating about every 6 weeks ish.
  4. I remember when EVRYthing lasted 3o seconds. was a buyers nightmare trying get stuff,
  5. 2010 onoff type d driver. prob my most forging unmissable driver , they get no love bec guys cant change the shafts with ease but when u gte one done right theres no need! Its easily the nicest easy to hit driver ive ever hit and by a mile , it just doesn't go overly long Wth a set of XXIO irons id never miss a target............. ever... oh wait, isn't that the ............. ?????
  6. Prob one of , if not the highest tech in a MB ever made 3-4-5-6 with tungsten toe inserts for a lower COG to create higher/easier flight control. 7-8-9-pw pure.........forged..........1020........endo.......steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel. added spin control , these are a-typical ENDO forged soft heads v-sole for increased turf interaction on all surfaces.. with an ENDO prgr nabla tour 56* wedge head micro milled the same . set of heads delivered , tracked, insured simply stunning Mb heads. $625.
  7. Pulling 2brand new to me diamana b shafts from a driver and 3wood this week. playing lenghts as per photo with heads on makes it pretty.easy i hope. Grips are perfect, pro cord on3w 70x muziik dry compund on driver 60x both in immaculate state. here they are. wud look at interesting trade bait non usdm No. Tm or callaway spam https://www.tourspecgolf.com/diamana-japan-b-series-shaft.html $ 215 each $395. for both shipped tracked insured delivered
  8. JOp was what I was ghoing to suggest. or the other one I like , I putt cross handed as well. is the rosemark. really liking this if u like bigger grips
  9. hmm some one wants the shafts on these ok heads $750 delivered.
  10. .

    nah. ijust painted that there .to look impressive.
  11. for alexander wept when he realized there were no worlds left to conquer. sorry nobs , but u have reached nirvana.time to hang.up the spurs
  12. BUCHI vs200 Mcb iron set 4/p condition is excellent. shipped tracked insured $750.. delivered.
  13. .

    head gone shaft 350
  14. spotless condition, head weight 403 grams zero offset. with an NS heavy shaft this comes in at right around 600 grams .at 34 inch VERY heavy dense feel but soft impact due to deep milling. pendulum swingers will love the way it looks. pm me for detailed snaps if this head shape appeals shipped tracked insured delivered $390