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  1. i....i...........i had to do a double take... cud this REALLY be you ?
  2. i cant blow them off , have to oil remove or cut.. at 40 bucks a grip cutting them is not an option . they are new. my builder is very busy and wud charge me a decent whack to do it, basically de-incentivizing me , if we went halves in that id ask bec i can use the grips .
  3. mizuno tn 93 bridgestone be cu 2 of my fav retro designs. still gladly game them.
  4. hes. been touted to make. near a billion$ bec of this.
  5. hahah this am stocks. sumitomo rubber 4.3% up golf -do up 18% mizuno up 4% descente up 5% graphite design up 20% just in case u thought golf/masters doesnt matter here...............
  6. thats a nice finish on the copper. hmmmm.......... i wonder if those makinos are my freinds old clubs u got em form e-bay ???
  7. Andreew, . DO A RETRO club thread.. weve all got a set or two th row up t!here !
  8. woke up this am turned on last hour.............. FK.!!! golf just EXPLODED here , biggest spoerting win in jpn history. damg. ill never get on a course again.!!!!!!!!!
  9. hmmmmm... .mine are now a wee bit special so id doubt it. unless i got a really good offer
  10. i pulled the original shaft which is perfectly fine but a bit whippier than i like it was fine. no issue at all. its a do u like hiting woods or irons better type of hybrid, the 1 iron is amazing as a short driver. the 3 is the one iuse the most, u dont need a new shaft in it it goes really well as is. doesnt go as high as others obviously with that head shape but its longer , no doubt. in longer grassits miles better than traditional utes bec u dont wky them as muhc when the grass snags the hosel fit fat face makes for smacking it MUCH easier. they go.
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