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  1. found these brand new sitting in a box 9 muziik dry compound black 7tour wrap gripmaster storm grey. $90 muziiks $175 gripmasters $250 obo for the whole 16 delivered price
  2. hit the balls on a. golf courze and see for.yourself u can poke tnat fkkn mschine so far in yr assssser swap. total crap. hit the balls on the course its easy!
  3. spot on with that. the 125x are a much smoother feeling shaft, pretty much the same weight if I remember correctly. I had the shimadas in a set of miuraisms for a long time until I started playing them here and I wasn't getting the launch I needed in JP to land on the planet sized greens we have, so I swpaeed them out for the 125s... was a good move. on links tor in wind the shimadas are a tough nut to compete with let alone beat, u wont move them about laterally. only ones I think hold candle to them are the NS super peening blues. shimadas much more stout feeling and lower launching than the 125s and similar to the super peeening blue. iwud toss a caoin over the shims and SP range as to which are better, in fact that's impossible they are very similar
  4. haha.. u looked at the pt shaft from GD ? that is such a medium shaft. absolutely nothing i can find about it that i dont enjoy. its a little bit older now, as well, shingo was using it for.a.while. and another one is then2016 quadra ptv-nx got that in my astro tour and I cant get it out of the bag~ ! .
  5. nobs I found htose heads to be low, the stock diamana blue 60s in them didn't help get the ball airborn much at all. they were long al right. the pro black one was a beauty but it wasn't that easy to hit, not overly forgiving. cant wait to hear ur thoughts on them, I passed THEM OVER IN FAVOUR OF THE older egg models I already have.
  6. diamana X 60x 45 inch 323g 2* open professionally built by my builder . head was bntm , i had the original shaft taken out. shaft- im the second owner was bought from a japanese pro and taken from a kamui pro tp07 which i bought and changed. I had the new cadero gril put on. bascially ur not going to hook this into the shrubbery and bushes ! This, is a one driver quiver end of.chat. cond is great. pm me for detailed individual snaps pls. $749 obo delivered tracked insured .
  7. found these hiding away , anyone want em for.say $125 delivered ? you get the fantastic RC bbd 3 wood head for free!
  8. callaway tour authentics . endo forged, limited quantity. more bounce less offset. super peening blue.stiffs sweet sweet riders!
  9. For someone of discerning taste that wants: ---An impeccably well thought out 100% JDM bag but might not have the experience and/or knowledge to do it themselves by someone that has been doing this for just on 20 yrs ---Wants a professionally built USED bag of the highest quality by a player (TSG member) that meanders around the 2-6 hcap. ---Can be assured the components are professionally sought, acccesed and built , NOT from some backyard chop shop or hack random internet site !!!! THIS is a custom professionally buil,t ultra premium club set . Personally , think this is a.... "pretty decent set " ......that I have hand selected to run seamlessly together and stand the test of "fashion" and marketing rubbish trends . This will last as a whole bag long as u like. They are all MINE........... not I got them 3rd hand from ebay~ !!! I had them built, and I played them extensively to know their personalities intimately. Any views,thoughts, whatever u may need I can provide effortlessly as these were designed by me ,for me. Every part of this set at release was the very top of its class. From $ 900+ wood shafts to US PGA professional prototype iron shafts , to a gold factoy mod putter and japan release only balls. go on, See if you can pick a hole in this bag,....... I dare ya........ I double dare ya !!!! BAG-- ONOFF mid size cart , 9 inch mouth , pockets up the wazoo, NONE of this model left on earth its brand new sans the clubs I use to stand in it while it goes unused........................................ ($375) DRIVER-- a choice of either: or both! 2015 PR-GR egg 10* w/diamana X 60x , 2* open f/a , 45inch , 322g +/- new cost to buy/ build .......................... ($749) 2014 ONOFF type s 9* w/diamana stinger X , (100% boron)71g, midkick 2.7 torque. .........................................................($499) FAIRWAY WOODS--S-yard XV 15* / diamana aliislei 83s, masda slick grip................... ($275) + PRGR egg 18*/ diamana stinger 70x ................($350) DRIVING IRON---HONMA tw di 2i (18*) vizard shaft ,cadero grip. ............................($175) IRONS--- PRGR IDBL/ NS PROTOTYPES 2g18s 3/pw, endo forged , the most minimal offset in a CB out there , mid size muscle cavity , plays like a MB looks like a CB mid wide sole ,mid thin top line. tall face, workable. ......................................................... ($725) WEDGES--- PR-GR LED 52*/56* ( limited edition) " brand new, unhit" , endo forged , mid size head , thin topline, thin sole , mid to larger face . clips the ball like a pro , spin is excellent, mid launch , semi workable, more accommodating than theatrical + 60* prgr id nabla tour..........................($350) PUTTER-- golds factory premium zone GT anser style, thick topline, thick sole square f/a 34inch. .........($399) BALLS-- DOZEN TOURSTAGE X-01z........($75) These are TIMELESS ,recession proof pieces I have had PROFESSIONALLY made ( apart obviously from the honma di ), these will last as long as you need without falling out of favour due to a trend change. PS.. shipping on this alone to say the USA, will cost me somewhere like $ 500 , SO factor that into your thoughts ! prices listed are my sell one off prices if u want just the one piece. $2250, tracked,insured delivered price for prgr driver, $2000 for onoff driver choice $2600 for both driver choice .
  10. here some outdoor at the range.snaps of it , its stil lin perfect cond. yes its very hittable from the ground. its not as low as i thought im just hitting some balls now and its more workable both ways that I thought, a draw off the ground isn't easy but its a par 5 flag chaser finding it better to cut it gets more spin and height, but yes its very playable from the turf., no prbs at all. getting this to move about draw fade control, just takes a slight tee height adjustment. teee it higher just a tad to make it sing. I tee this very low as a rule and its straight
  11. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh buddy.... thats some horrible news. I feel your pain , ive been contemplating my situation as well ,while not as advanced as yours I have to make some tough decisions soon as well . alas life marches on those a-grinds........................that as good as ive seen. such a tragedy.
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