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  1. low launch primo condition. 200g +/ head $250 shipped
  2. Hit these 3 times pulling them this week. they don't match the heads in em. .BUGGER! do I need photos unpulled ????? brand new dance with dragon grips in navy blue. these are on the thinner side with small taper bit longer as well. SOFTER heads = awesome delight, with these shafts 5i stock @ 37.75 or 38... il measure exactly when tugged $300 shipped (grips were 100)
  3. 90grams Unit Kind of Brand new well it is , bit I've had it for4yrs,ive never got around to installing it. , the kasco fd was the immediate choice but the stinger in it is unchangeable so i left it .I had it veriified by mistubishi at time of purchase , but thats a long sicne been mislaid, so I'll try amd get it re veriifed in required. Most Prob not for everyone. But who knows . Kaili is the non boron stinger shaft for the masses lord knows what this will monster cud do! $ 500
  4. Pulling these soon They have not been hit in a year and were brand new to me. Stock 37.75 or 38 inch 5i build. Grips were brand new and in perfect cond. No point.putting up pics.yet till I pull em but they are perfect. $300 ish Dgx100 never hit pulled str8away. 3/pw. $175 ? Shipped.
  5. .

    Ahhhh finally. Some sense ! sold!!!!
  6. Like this?
  7. had a putt with the thinnest one of these indoors today. well........, it was , unique springs to mind. feel is something ive not felt previous, kind of a super dense "ting" . actually it was kind of nice really but the look of it, " A face ONLY a mother cud love " resonates . cudnt work it out if it was massively onset or it was a left handed putter.! so I hit it both ways , def felt like it was a lefty but I wasn't sure!!! the shaft was one of those double bend things . weight was great , balance was great. feel was great. looks are just a little disconcerting tho.
  8. "galpha"................ I mean really.... where do they come up with these names!!!! looks like a nice shape head tho. this certainly has my interst.
  9. had a good look bud,.a very good look., im in the middle of re doing a lot of my gear now but unfortunately im going older not newer. if not id be all over those mizzie s, they are magnificent !
  10. shimada tour 120s and X flex ive played pretty extensively. the X flex I found insanely impossible to move laterally what so ever but my gawd were these unfriendly for feel. the s are better...... they are still very rigid but the X were something else. the NS 120x are a much nicer smoother feel. id prob not go for the shiamda x unless u really are a strong stiker .. ( think x100 Dg plus) the stiffs for me are good , and I cud prob soft step them for a bit more forgiveness. both these really don't like to go sideways what so ever.
  11. JUST IN CASE... re doing my iron sets so im pulling the shafts . condition is super, 9/10 ish faces are all mint, if u want to see the full set PlS just Pm me, ( theres no mb players here as a rule that re intersted) so just a feeler post In case a drop in comes by. ill go thru all the relative deets on their specs in detail for interested parties. these are probably the most highly speced out MBS ever. that are in fact not that hard to play. wudnt really call them a BLADE,, but a semi forgiving MB is a good description wud look at some trades as well $600
  12. good grief. those mizzies are insane . al of it is insane. ahh im going mad looking at it
  13. epon p2 no way in my book, same as all the personals . . my thoughts top of head miuraism sb 01 epon af tour tourstage mb us blade mizuno tn 87 honma pp 737 and if these rtuen out ok with new shafts.. the Yamaha sx 25. shape and feel from the centre is great but the r400 dg from 1980s leave some room for improvement, to say the least!!!!! the 7 iron at 447 gram is 20 grams compared to the ns DPs that im trying out this week. THAT shud make these pretty sweet!!
  14. had one of my best round on links with those. no idea why I ousted them must remind myself to get another set , scimitars for scoring..
  15. one will be mine soon enough!