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  1. orrrritey then drops saqra 100 titleist 130 honma 150
  2. I have this in my astro tour v III and it was my fave. driver last year. slightly non left oriented I found , although I cud get it to draw nicely, and it never was found wanting , I get VERY GOD distance with it more than control .. The misses right will probably be exacerbated more than the left. feel is like all FE,,,,,,,,SUPERB!
  3. head weight 380g 71x3.5 loft , face balanced thats a dogatti shaft in it so its not a mikey mouse head. dense soft feel this i find is all about distance control . its excellent i have 2 one with ns purple , keepimg that and moving the dogatti shaft into a lovely 7i just picked up. tracked insured deliverdd price. as alwyas individual snaps.for insurance purposes pre.sending or if required prior any marks u think u can see are rain drops $290
  4. i can add the honma di2i with vizard 850s with full set of twu wedges 50/56/60 ns 125x shafts original honma grips. the entire honma.set ----4/pw ns modus 3 125s -----50/56/60 wedes modus3 125 x -----twu 2 driving iron delivered price. just a little.heads up. the irons alone to rebuilf.from new were.1900.. $1250
  5. titlesit tmb 2i dg s200....$175 saqra 21* ns modus system3 125s....$165 honma twu 2i 18* vizard ut850s...$200 delivered prices ,via EMS japan PP tracked insured.
  6. shafts $200. heads , only$ 600 delivered
  7. supo

    CHEAP nike heads

    xenon ss 303 LN been toying with it for a few weeks. plays 40 inchs +/- just about the limit u can get without It resting on yr chest. very very nice mommetum pendulum swing , not often wrong on direction. gripping it towards the bottom of the grip seems to give best results, balance is insane. feel is like nothing else ,its resonates after u hit it. had 2 done. this and a buchi s neck, that wil be ready for this weekend, cant wait!
  8. supo

    CHEAP nike heads

    bought for the uber funky shafts don't need the heads faces are MINT. $80 each delivered
  9. now. $815 for set or $650 heads only delivered insured tracked
  10. contact Dmarshall, he had some a wee while back.
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