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  1. supo

    KYOEI Blade Pics!

    One of the purest joys in golf
  2. supo

    DA faq is going on here!!!

    def not let go. thinking.............
  3. supo

    yamaha raw black 56/60 wedge heads

    I ahd the set ....... twice and sold them ...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! I hit the 52 on weekend and cud not beelive how good they are. want them back. dumb dumb asss decision.
  4. 1 in a trillion but what the heck.........
  5. Monacco3/pw stif flex About115grams cut
  6. supo

    OnOff Prospec 24 & 27

    ciallis, Viagra, betting casinos. asdklmireopi eroipfg2309 2348 l/as?sdflmw eiowioefojij
  7. asdasdasdf .,asm,dFDJKfjkS<>?MDC?/sse9u3489t ASlnkf w8ype [ w390u34rt90u 3 EVERY SECOND POST NOW. THIS SITE BEEN ABONDODNED ??????????????????????
  8. supo

    Seven Dreamers 3 wood shaft

    Cheers ill see if i can use it
  9. supo

    Seven Dreamers 3 wood shaft

    you got thue full specs on it or pls post me the serieal no. ill pop in a and chexk it out.
  10. i can be amenable....at times.
  11. supo

    Iron Identification

    grooves. pre 2010
  12. supo

    Iron Identification

    nothing wrong with them being old ,I m finding a lot of 20-30 yr old irons have fk all differnce to the shiny new models out now. ..... apart for them being non conforming of course !!
  13. supo

    Iron Identification

    heres the putter that goes with it