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  1. hmm no worries.. i ask bec. I had this head for ages and tried to build it with all my top shafts at 45* to d2ish bec I cudnt control the 45.5inch version well enough and we cudnt get it above c9 without adding a fair bit of tip weight with any shaft I tried ,eventuallty we came out with the 75xs @ 45 and tip weight same labo shfat . it came out really good but none of the others worked... I love this driver... its awosme.
  2. you got a swi g weigbt on it as this head was buit to play with a.45.5 inch labo tataki60s so the head weight is very light like all onoff heads . id think 190g therefore the vast majority of shafts at 45 imch make this come out to mid c swing weight.. can u give post a swing weigt for the add
  3. 47* Ns proto 2fi5 453 gram shaf weight installed 111g high launch high spin this club zips! $120
  4. amazed how good they feel play. these are in perfect cond..as well. virtually no marks , had the shafts sst pured why i did that i dont know but theyare so taught now so straight. loved.playing them.as we wont be travellibg outide jp this year they may get.a.few.more runs in the.country.
  5. prob guys tbat see them as. overly expensive.
  6. not games them only used them at the range and thought they were pretty unbeatlable quality wise looking heads. the muscle back only. felt so much like epon . a modern epon. I loved them. size wise seemd mid to midlarge, cant believe there cud possibly be a negative feedback on them, itsn not possible
  7. sorry pal what is this rant in reference to ????
  8. here tn 93s 3/pw ns 1050x played these yesterday. killed it with them they are endo soft with honma.performance. magnificent irons. just won the bag spot baxk for travelling golf. my days with big cavities are over for ever.
  9. supo


    GREAT head.. one of, if not onoffs best player head. nah ,it IS their best
  10. give the 12s a go in summer. they are like the SPblue but a bit .. well not as taught. butevery bit as tight. GREAT hsafts for guys that like a DGs300 in NS I think. much nicer feel than dg tho.
  11. I use the 130s as well. love em. 2g18s protos to be exact. prob the best steel shafts ive ever used along with the NS SP orange. target tours ... god , I loved those shafts and the best match with ALL epon heads ive found are the NS Sp blue or monaoccos. if u want to see a "put on hold build program " u shud see my club room....................... theres more clubs top be redone now, than clubs! mr wizard builder is off and im snowed under, such a damn shame had so many thoughts for this season,
  12. its the shaft. my NS 2g18s set 5i is 426 gram @ d2.
  13. THE motherload of recent times if nto ever.. brand new NS protos ?????? where the heck did u score those , they have been unobtainable for years. esp the 2 f15s. good luck man, great gear.
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