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  1. update 6/8 . sorry fellas if ur waiting for goods i have no good news to tell you aussie/usa ship only via japan post NO EMS for parcels. 2months plus. " sorry cant expect more.information . unlikely to change anytime.soon" lookin ike anygoods you order are going to be nice christmas .presesnts... on a fwd thinking note, thatss not an entirely a bad thing to look fwd to. dont ezpecxt things to change
  2. ifu have an epon head and are struggling for inspiration for.a.shaft i implore u to grab a roddio premium shaft. for.me its the blue/white tataki 71sx. on an epon 101,9.5* they jist seem to be made.for.each other. the materials are such a great match im struggling to find in my head a more.suitable paring! used it yesterday adn was stunned by how good it went. overall , feel is insane,.sound is insane. distance was unreal and it just wants to go straight with a.mid high flight controllable by tee height. i always knew it wud be a.good.match but after yesterday im drawing a blank why ive.not playedg it more. thats gonma.chamge! im raving about this now, its massive.winner.!!!
  3. for that price on this ..theres no wuestions required. thats a great offer. kinda specchless
  4. no probs. slightly diff look the 85029 has roumder bumpers compared to squarer on the musashi. both are handmade greats!!
  5. I just said. one putter 390usd to cal. its profiteering at the extreme il never use that tinpot POS co ever again for anything, their disrespect and contempt fpr customers is fkkn attroacious. 60 usd to 400 usd its just not fkkn on!!!!!
  6. just an update ............... DHL and FEDEX are available at EXTREME hassle and cost. finally after 4 weeks of trying to get FED EX to come measure a box.. one putter dimensions 81 x 18 x13 1.1kgs 39000 yen seriously DO NOT EXPECT this shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit co to do any favours. via EMS this same package is about 5000 yen little reality check for you. no one better EVER complain about ems shipping agin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. beaitiful putter .... but actually the 80529 is the ibushi hand made not musaahi
  8. driver head in mint cond. BNTM, i got one of the first of these with stock m43 shaft and KILLED it, so naturally.......... for NO reason needed , i reshafted it!!! http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/prgr-egg-driver-conforming-2015/ 10* x 2* open f/a head weight face titanium 8Al-1V-1MO) body 8Al-1V-1MO. 59.5* lie 460cc read the dialogue by users on this at the time of release as it was massive favourtie of guys getting really long drives with it. i used it with the X shaft as a control driver. was really low spin. shaft options to play at at 45inch i have it still with a diamana X 60x so thats what i rate this head. im redeploying the shaft into a jbeam 425 tour for a change of feell coming into summer. DELIVERED price.....$195 it was listed rrp 80,000 yen with stock shaft!
  9. well tbh im surprised they sold at all with all the detailed information u listed on them ........................, were they yours from new from MG or random heads bought from some auction site specs unkown the lofts adjusted ? the lies been changed ? lofts the same ? come on this is a classic example of why there fk all trust in the BST anymore!. list the specs, list where u got em.. give buyers a hope they are legit. like this i wudnt touch them with a barge pole, not shocked at all really
  10. my first set were prgr data 811 with M43 ns which are HUMONGOUS and STILL prob my all time fave cavity. pretty sure ive got a set tucked away somewhere at home , I bought and sold these multiple times over the years, every time I played shiiiit I retook them out, I cant believe the difference in size to what I play now. ive had my best ever ball striking round with these at my club in narita mid winter greens were frozen about 15 yrs ago, didn't miss a green all day so I kept a set for posterity. my first foray into heavy steel were a set of custom miura cb1006 / DG S400 he MADE me go with , Talk about dull the heads and ruin a shot when u missed it,when I pured it yea it worked superbly well for what u said Nobs but miss it slightly and u know about it!!!!! my arms ended up like popeyes . Absolutelly hated that set . so I traded them for a set with of ns 1050x in them, you wanna see a change in attitude to clubs.. played those for years till another mate nicked em off me .. then I went to ISM blades, best were a NS Sp orange my mate litrerally stole off me on hole 1 of a round I was playing with him, he hit one 6 iron and sid these are MINE bid me 250us over my buy price , we swapped irons that day on the 2nd tee and I went and ordered a diff set. hahahhaahahaah just reminding myself what a pathetic hopless joke its all become now days with the entiled grommets thinking they get Merceds AMGS for skoda prices . ohhhhhhhhhh I do long for a return to the salad dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys
  11. s400s .. phoaaar .. prob tje worst shafts ive ever used god.he.must.really really.crush his irons to make those things simg.
  12. goit it.. ive moved to 60X in some drivers with some good success. and lighter irons shafts like 120x or 105x in NS shafts with some good success as well. wedges im going to try a different route ive been playing 125s ox x in wedges for eons but got some super peening orange in my Yamaha raws recently and am LOLVING those above all others, soim gonan try to ease off a tad as well see if that helps any.
  13. interesting shaft set up 70 and 80 x in the woods and modus 120s in irons . tight and str8 for woods , a bit of flex and distance in irons the thinking ? '
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