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  1. New season is a toughy fighting leg/hip issues which insanely doesn't affect my swing much at all ,apart form I cant laord into the front leg. so ive goe back to the old lift left leg and plant it down swing, to great success. played about 1 doznen games this season and driving has been insae. averaging 10.or 11 /14 fw per round with the driver(s). distance is obviously down a bit from prior but nothing that kills me. nothing NEW at all out now even remotely interest me ...................................... I wander thru the shops and its a cavalcade of TM and callway and PING spam everywhere I look. all branf new " on sale ' with speeder shafts errrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhh.. its enough to make me sick.! ive checkeout the new jbeam range and they don't even do it , the new z11 looks interesting and p3 is ok, but not over the 425 or 435 . best of those is the 435 black I think, that might get a gig one day. woods: so its still the astro tours v2 and 3 that are getting airtime right now for distance and the kamui pro tp07 and stuning roddio ( that I sold last weekend and took back from him on sat ) bec I was absolutely fkkn killing it, baby draws that are impossible not to just ogle .... soaring bombs. thigns of beauty, that part of my bag is a lockdown at the moment. all drivers have cadero grips. fairway woods : im in a transition mode been using the ryoma f2 13* freom the deck , its I think unbealtablke but its a bit lower than I need. shorter tracks I need a 15* high launcher so I found the kamui 14.5* which will get airtime soon, they make it in 14.5 and 17.5, ive got my trusty PRGR egg 16.5* MFD quadra fex and 18* egg stinger that ae comp clubs ,but I have a feeling this kamui might be right alongside ... driving irons: I use the old honma twut or saqra and Ive been hitting the titleist mb2i with mixed success. but the one I built that im gravitating to a lot is the PRG speed iron 3i NSsp orange, gives up a bit of distance but the consistency wit hit over rides the distance failures. irons: made a pact ot myself to play only mb this year unless something completely goes askew , so far its ok, so ive been ousting my cb collection apart form my PRGR tr500 which I don't ill ever relinquish, and and im gaiming honma tw 717/727, masda mb. tourstage maru, epon aftour, Yamaha sx25, minuno tn93, and eyes are firmly on mizuno mp5 or mizuno pro mb or the new (secret).... seven mb that I really do like the look of. all shafts are NS modus protos. predominatly the 2g18s or Dp, just like the way they fly. wedges: makes it very tough to play big easy to hit wedges when the mb are small and compact so the go tos have been tourstge xwedge form mid 2000s, fourteen mt protos , prgr tr, yonex ezones, Yamaha black raw, not much else so far, the new fourteen bd look very tempting as do a set of mizuno 07s. balls: been hitting all and sundry here, titlesit vx yellow, prgr rs spin I LOVE these, srixon z-star , bridgestone tour bx.can thorw a blacket over most of them but the 2 that stand out are the BS and RS spin for me., over all the bridgies tend to grab the spot more often tho. I pretty much only play fluro yellow so they BS have the best . putters: ALLO F THEM!
  2. supo

    Shimada K's-NINE 9

    weight stiffness height 125 with nice forged heads feel fantastic. played a set yesterday honma727m. got plenty of height no issue there not really much bend.layerally thructje air but when the hit the greens. zing! ifu like weight. they are excellent
  3. supo


  4. phoooooarrrrr, me likey!
  5. supo

    3w.. kamui pro tp xf ?

    found 2 , 17.5 and 14.5... can t help myself wil take them I think. looks are superb. btw not sure if anyone has noticed but the latest and greatest fwd out of japan are farkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen expensive man.. kamui,frehiet,our old friend George Takeis new brand "G ",muziik, all way over the $450mark for head only. new premium materials and associated cost seems the new IN.
  6. aeroech 110 stiff
  7. Smallest of chances id think, but anyone hit this in any loft under 19.5* dat55g ( love it ! ) had a peek at one of the weekend 14.5* but im right for low launchers , this looks to be the only FW id consider in the last 3 seasons. looks like a sleeker version of the syard XV. 17.5* is right on my radar just thought id try the forums for any detail..............
  8. supo

    Honma TW-U forged stock shafts....

    hmmmm these look great in hand but i wasnt enamoured by the big offset evem the ,2 and 3. went back to the old.model sold mine after 1round. with you on the shaft tho. much prefer.steel the vizard is a tad whippy for me. fyg ns 950 and modus105 is a wonderful shaft in the twu.
  9. honma are a totally diff shape to the kyoeis, masda is ur best bet that is closest to the shape of the kyoeis. if uwant an easyier to hit one , kind of in the mood if a driving iron , the srixon 945s fil that bill perfectly. will look like a Di in comparison to the set , which isn't a bad t hing, its got the v sole and tungsten insert for launching higher. id go that way personally
  10. supo

    GOLDS FaCtOry... !

  11. supo

    Some fine Driver heads

    that yammy is a beauty.. one of my old time faves.
  12. supo

    A Good Saturday!!

    epon 101 is the only.epon i ever liked . distance with that is spit on with most others and its workable. not a bomber but i love its shape..sound more than anything else. i dont get the big oh wow drives with them as a rule but they never misses a beat for.consistency and thinking of a shape and being able.to hit it with ease. that yammy and epon 101are most prob my 2 fave sounding feeling heads of them all.