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    KAMUI TP 09 /7 dreamers 10*...ROYCOLL tp/diamana X 70s 14*...ROYCOLL tp/ crazy 80fw 18*....FOURTEEN ut /diamana stinger 71x 21*....YAMAHA tour 10s / crazy cb80ltd 4/pw.... YONEX chiba 48/50/52/58*....FOURTEEN mt28 tour 62*.....Hiro Mats handmade Goldsmod /muziik dogatti pt....TOURSTAGE x01s

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  1. yea... the S are especially good , particualry ih this condition . ive wanderd off the path so many times with them but just didnt set these back up. i had so many possibilities for them, EPON heads , MIZUNO, ONOFF, anything that is like marshamllow with these is a perfect match. EPON especially, ive played several sets of these since 2012 and the best match i had was with the af-tours and 302s. oh and.. i had them with a set of miuraisms as well once....... THAT was a set of blades!! sold them of course duh...
  2. yup, as soon as i hit these i went back and got more . i have 3 sets of these so im keeping one. that SQP plating is THE............. THE best plating a club can get, period, it doesnt fail.
  3. Making a hole , moving some pieces ive enjoyed to the n'th. pre spring,spring clean PRGR IS the top OEM in japan, has been for eons. basically, everyhting from them is made at endo. all of it is/ has been , ONLY MINE. HEADS : -idbl irons 3/pw. - idbl 3i brand new $150 these have the lowest off set there is. -tr 900md 3/pw cavity blade stle , soft as as iron can come. -tr wedge 52/57 multi forged(4 press endo) SQP plating highest cover there is. -Led wedges 52/57 sqp plated -egg fw long ball Lama -e
  4. supo


    sold. full set.
  5. last 2022 game. -epon af tour cb 5/pw -yonex ezone chiba ground 48/52/58 -roycoll 14/18* -fourteen ut 21* -astro tour 10*/ diamana x 60s -hiro mats hadndmade L 77 .......... not a bad finish on a jack nicholas tour course . double bogied the last to miss my best score here! if this is the last blog on this forum , this was a great bag to end on!
  6. 5i 37.75/38 stock BNTM, one time pulls condition is immacualte , professionally installed and pulled. quality guaranteed. 3/pw $450 delivered
  7. supo


    2g18s - modus 130 protos .sold both sold 75k
  8. looking agn.... need another one.
  9. mt 28 line utterly irreplaceable in one of my bags. prob my most used makerof wedges. esp when its hard and dry.
  10. u having a purge/ cleanse of biblical proprtions?
  11. FINALLY got my epon af-tour cbs back with the shimada ks 3001s in them and gripmaster leather non tapered. played them last cpl of roudnds culminting in onee of the best striking days of hte season yesterday. the antidote to butter soft head is a denser shaft. NS super peening and these shimadas. sort of forgot just how good a stike can feel. good lord if ur after a set of heads that just make u smile...................
  12. origianl shaft available with a benock grip. 34 inch.
  13. Winter cometh early it seems, snow already on the big bump by GOTEMBA and brilliant colour change of leaves usher in difffernt thoughts on the links , time for lighter , airier, easier drivers now required. enter the new build , the ROYAL COLLECTION 104t 10.5* / diamana stinger 71s 45inch Simply ........... if u ever wanted a head that says relax, just by looking at it, this is one of those. 460cc, 195g BIG, full bodied, slightly oval face , for me its a stand out from the crowd head , comapred to the other RCs above for eg, it cudnt be more opp
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