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  1. honma cavities not my thing.... cavities i much prefer PRGR. or onoff its a finicky difference but thats why were here. im using yamaha 2010 NON tour at the moment and am in love all over again. finally managed to resteal my old set back form my bud and instantly knew why i built them. NS v90 shafts , which Ai miyamotos and kari web Killed it with in these. wow.. wowowoowowowo such incredvile shafts , soft but not "soft" reg flex. can make them sing a tune fx 435 is my only jbeam head now , not backl not v2 origianal( and best ) cud use a higher loft in one of them i think, these 2 are replicated pretty closely so ive been procrastinating gettng one with winter coming
  2. ive been called.........., the 435 original , yes fx and or crazy 435 ( same head) , ive tried them all and cant be bested . the original 425 tour i loved and has now has been superceeded by the j-tour , tthats really good as well if u hit the mid very consistently. id get this head over any of the newer models if i was going to swap . i didnt like the zy as much as i was hoping , found it too low and flat. tbh i was looking to "upgrade "from the 435 but was left wanting. so stuck to them , they have a a diamana stinger and 7d shafts in them and are FULLY in play. hey, if it aint broke....................
  3. 2 times with mons wud be more possible id think than most others. shimada tours... yea.. maybe x100 as well.. dont think id try tht with ns 950s , the ball may go back over ur head. sp blue is another. 3 times ?? nah that jst sounds wrong
  4. SP range are so good , no idea why they canned these..
  5. that was them, c-taper................ ohh my god they were hideous. target tours i think u need to go a flex lower. with those to ingite em best, they were pretty taught , very taught actually. dont know if u can get these over there.. shimada 3001.. been slowly putting these and super peening orange into rogue heads of late at the expense of the modus line. my builder LOVES the sp range , tried those ??
  6. good heavens. that place isnt run by KBS is it.? never used a more harsh worse.feeling shaft in my life than kbs. my tomatoes even rejected them when i staked them to one! phoooooar with a set of seven heads??? its like feeding truffles to goldfish
  7. Custom made from roddio tour dept stock. shaft was selected from mr Shingos mates personal stock when i had a very small window into some tour world JDM gear a few yrs back. NOT the retial version. there was a 6s 7s 8s i managed to procure.......... this is the last one . its 1/1 sorry but i wont break this up . this is ONLY for stronger powerful faster swingers. or your wastng ur time/money , theres no masking this , its firm and its rediculously straight. it does not like to be moved laterally. its low to mid flighted even with the egg head. , at times and max power in my prime it was mid flighted but it does not soar it chases u get MILES of run if its nice shorrt dry grass. or thats what i found ive been able to ignite it up till last yr when my back got funky. now i cant. its time to move it ( and alas others), along. id suggest over 105mph driver speed to make it sing u WILL NOT loose this left. $395 delivered
  8. no.. not the same... not anything alike actually.. the DG more more laterally , the NS move up/down better. for the equivalent in NS is suggest the modus 125x or the super peening blue x and do what u need tipping wise. ptob the super peening wud be ur go . or shimada tour 125x modus 125 wil have the most feel of these and launch the highest. any of these SHUD be a good change from DG
  9. used to have those,.. didnt mind them one bit.
  10. FINALLY found a shipping agent that can deliver in a much more appealing time, still NOT cheap but so much better than the big 2 thievng a holes.. so if anyone is agter steel NS shafts with great grips.. i got s few sets to move. ns 125 stiff ns stx protos x sp blue stiff sp dp protos s grips are excellent , these were all BNTM all built to stock JDM specs, 37.75 - 38 5i come get em before the missus turfs the danm things at me.! 3-pw and 4-pw on all random prices we can discuss individually $250ish ... delivered they all cost about $350 ish to build my price is shipping included cheers
  11. yea , might want to be a bit more pattient with this one.. a ew other guys had similar issues to be resolved adequatly it seems..... just sayen.
  12. blades fantastcio these.. re did my set with NS dps came up a treat. alas stuck over seas , never to be played agin......................... sigh.
  13. its got such a distinct feel. prefer it to a lot of my other copper isnerts, i think bec its so thin. u can really feel the impact . have another a bit thicker and thats a totally diff feel again.
  14. Well, i played my miuraisms on sat for the first time in eons and ill be blowed if theres a better thumpier,damp, fuller feel for me than a crushed ISM long iron........the epon af-tour is like golfing in gran class, every game, it dont matter where u hit it, its cup-o-tea ,Marry poppins , cucmber sangwiches every shot. like caviar.....poo....swisschoccy, kyoto beeefoo... its simply too pure to be played every day, ud grow tired of never knowing where u actually hit the ball bec. u cant feel a difference. at least with miura for me i can play that every day ( if i cud get used to the shape again) oh and the heads didnt fall off either nor did the hosel break when i absolutely skypunched a hosel rocket dead sideways at the speed of light on the par 3 second. i just cant dig the square look anymore tho. kills me. back to ( well not exaclty back to as in regressing , more gaming) honma for moi. the MB shape is too pure to ignore
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