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  1. dont mess with non jdm! im going 115s as well nobs in a nice set of masdas
  2. kamui pro kp-x ithink it was .miss on the toe and it flies.
  3. IMMACULATE cond. black ion plating on DAT55g face in 6-4 ti body. from daido. head weight 198+/- with weight adjustments 314 g @ 45 inch with cadero and no weights in ports. mine was 322g all in They got this to THE min thickness allowable under rand a rules, yes its thin. This WAS a nitrogen filled head until it was resahfted and the difference was noticeably ...................... zero! zero is the difference i noticed from NIT to good old fashion air. Mr wizard almost laughed when i said do u think it was possible to chan
  4. its his own amde for shaft from . i PRESUME NS but its not a stock size. no propbs tho jsut need a bit of prep work. NS purple................... do it!
  5. nobs u gotta try this head if u have a amtchign shaft.... its really really good. issue with it cud be reshafting it with a ferrule that fits , have a look at the insert hole. not what u call a big hosel, plus its very very light so it need to be played long which the seller here shud have alluded to with a scale(hint hint...) magic driver esp with the labo tataki shaft. that played to 45.5 inch my builkder wudnt put a stinger i nthis for me bec it was too light and the balance was mid cCs yea this goes down as one of my all time faves , bit finicky but \magic
  6. damn.... he did a good job for me on a few, for a decent price i used slighter once and it was adequate, a bit expensive for what i considered not a lot of real attention to detail. the job was fine but when one use(d) golds for most things , unfortunatly, nothing else stacks up.
  7. immaculate cond. head weigh, what ever u like.its got weight ports.... as is its 198g. square face angle. $375 delivered.
  8. immaculate. its been out for a few years . not many left out there in this cond. tho. its a masterpiece for engineering shots for serious thinking players. IMO.. prob not as long as the distance mack daddes ryoma/prgr but a buzillion times more versatile. characteristics: fuller . thicker rounded pear . dense soft , just golf porn. workable pro level fw . no shaft i cant ship it with one, head alone. fwiw.. it had a diamana stinger going in it. but never got to it over corona season.l $299 delivered. fkkn amazing h
  9. custom by japans top putter artisan for me. never to be reepated., ive not used it a lot as you can see.... --rounded higher lied bumpers for a smoother look at address and a more ergonomic look. --deep milled insert, super soft mellow sound. --345-350g head ill get that done when pulled but its nto funky i cant remeber the exact deets on it $675 delivered
  10. yup... torey rat in california. hes done a few of my HMs and they came out fine.
  11. nobs, im gaming a 17.5 * 4 wood from kamui pro , its still not quite perfect but its so close im not gonna mess with it. id prefer to to to 17 * but this is seriously great so i kep it in the bag. The 3 wood is now a royal coll 15* with diamana X ,im strongly considerign gettign another prgr egg 17* spoon head as well for all carry and into winter it might make it easier to hit with a 65s shaft. prob a QFE.
  12. ok, i had a good waggle with these today., 3 and 5w two things: 5w is not closed BUT if its 6* open, im blind . the guy at the shop said oh its square i said can u measure it pls its sposed to be open, no its square his reply....... he wont be there long... ANYWAY. its looks semi triffico, i dont think itll suit the super low cappers as much as other heads wud , i think its a little more for the mid cappers than guys under 5. thats just me tho, id game it but not over what i have and the fact it comes with a diamana 50 s shaft.................... well..
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