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  1. diamana B ( original and best ) series 73 s shaft perfect pro cord brand new. ultra stable flight. high lands very soft. I hit it 220 consistently , has no spot in my rotation tho. condition is good , its a gamer, passing it along simple as that $125
  2. $120 bucks + 1/2 delivery ( prob 20 bucks) ......... gotta clear the bafs guys / these are worth it!!!!
  3. cheers nobs. as I said , never seen them previous. absolutely delicious set of bats, s400s in them and double thick golf pride multi compound grips so the owner is obviously a beast master.
  4. Hi Stew, I've got a D-1 Maxima V Spec 10.5* w/ headcover



  5. never seen these before i have no idea wjat they are.but tjey look like they belong!
  6. pack em up pack em in let me begin THESE.... are the nicest set of mizzies ive seen ,the PW is delightfull almost no offset at all mid/small size , semi thick.......PURE blade cant resist goin in HARD.
  7. glapha.... likey, very differnt shape to the 435 ,more like the 425 tour with a rounder look to it . kept the basica shape of the 425 but refined it, I had t he 535 / zy-7 / zy11. / 435 and 435 black In hand today. galpha was the stand out to my eye the zy 7 has a head only a mother cud love. I mean really whats that massive scoop in the back all about ????? doenst look like the ball wud spin at all. the galpha wud be my choice I think... that has the most ease to it but as its a jbeam I msure it goes like the clapperz. nice 10* with a diamana X in it. thinking schuweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet rider...,
  8. hahahajaa this will be good . cant wait to read this poppycock so itll be in enflish for.the ovetseas players, or is it. in jaoanese.for.domesticd which wud never make.sense.bec.thees a.billionsites that do tajt anyway. btw who is going to do tje reviews???
  9. 198/200 grams if ones out there.
  10. yup, heak of a shaft was hitting the 65 Sr flex, wasn't that bad what so ever. heck of a lot of shaft for a n SR flex that's for sure!!!!
  11. wet weaqther bag anyone had a specific bag for the rain. ?? for a start.. gripmaster leather grips on EVERYTHING.. driver = proceeed justick 10* with diamana ali islei 73s. high all carry slightly workable. so so easy to hit and get good carry without it ballooning. 2w = kasco fd 12.5* with diamana stinger 70x. never use a 3 wood off the deck in the wet for fear of diggage so this gets the alt wood spot. 5w=prgr egg 18* with diamana stinger 70xx (driving iron and ute usless in the wet. not enough carry) irons= grindworks MB protos with NS dps ( NS 120xs) thicker all over, top line with some flesh, sole just a bit thiker and a small compact head size. not overly great for moving about the place which is prob a good thing as rain ususlly equates to a bit of moving air. the extra thickness of the leather grips also make it much harder to get cute with and make me hit the ball on a straighter path to begin with. wedges= 52 Yamaha black raw ..........56* syard bold both with shimada smoke . thew 52 rips the bejesus out of the bakkl and the 56 just kinda stays put, can go straight at target and know I wont move all over the place. ball= prgr egg distance. ... this thing is a marshmallow that goes miles nad don't ned extra spin bec the greens hold!
  12. fashion........... not hit nor plan on, the older models 2010 (??) /2016 are good theres no point. in my book.'
  13. Ruled out the black 435 head shape didn't do it. Its a hammer tho. some kind on quadra blue white that thing is freeeeekng tight!!!!! put the blue diamana new one to shame. The bullet and Galahad were gone. bugger!
  14. 14000 on here wehich model?