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  1. agreed photos are crap ill take new ones outslide . with shaft
  2. This one is custom micro milled from 2006 , ish. has a faster repulsion and denser firmer feel, with thinner topline and straighter upright lie of 2* than the retail version. BNTM from Yamada as a custom order way back when he was doing such generous " gifts" to voluminous customers, im afraid to say, those days are lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng gone , mainly thanks...... to Obamas gift form Abe. cond is still excellent +, A more compressed feel than the deeper milled softer feel retail ver. but thats a mat
  3. kind of mid but look sleek on the grass. play better of firner gras than lush. fast short fairways and these things rock!
  4. ive not seen the kamui pro 12.5* but as u see with the new ones u have , they are kind of o nthe sleeker side than full. as soon as s isee a FW on a tee i think hook. so i need a big fat face. like the RC s, they are so fgood... the MFD is MILES bigger than the original eggspoon there is no similarity what so ever. the other one i beglected is the prgr nabla tour form about 6 yrs ago, that thing is a hamme ras well. left that in oz for my links. love t hat head,
  5. good snare!!! they have been built by a pro builder. the specs on shaft are only done by the best guys as a custom build for someone . with these heads, they MAY look a little bit closed at address, particularly the 17.5 but they are not, its a bit like the jbeam 435 look to some., the 17.5 is very strong for a higher loft , very very good for slightly flatter grass than fluffy. yea GOOD pick up!
  6. yup ,resahfted the17.5* tpx fairway 2 weeks ago with a crazy black 8.2, what a difference that made. thing is a missile now
  7. very different clubs whish is why i also didnt put the original egg spoon in here. both the egga and ryoma for my play are fairway woods only. the thougth of putting one of those on a tee and the possibility of skyhook , is immenent on every tee for me . both the ryoma and egg ive yet to best for consistant distance form the fairway and doubt i ever will. but not for me for a driver alt. the ones above are much better suited for me.
  8. well, i love it,, with the jbeam 435 , astro tour and this i pretty much have all bases covered ahh actually throw in the epon 101 or callaway erc3 adn theres no wortlds left to conquer............, the kamui tpx has a different kind of feel to the tp07. that is a muted thump ( DIAMANA X 60X ) dull but loudish where say thebeam 435 is dull but quiet. THE TP07 seems to sit on the face more and the tpx repels it , the tpx has a tingier sound like the epon /erc but not as pronounced. great great head, if u like a slightyl longer elongated head to a pure full
  9. if u mean the head i put my 7d shaft in and have kepti it there over the other 20+ heads i have.. well yes... quite a lot actually . its my " game day" driver. esp if u like just a hint of a draw look at address or dont mnind shaping the ball ever so slightly. its worth the best shaft u have quite plainly.
  10. hahaha this is THE best repsonse to a post ever.. i doubt itll ever be beat.. god i hope he repsonds and u get them, that wud be so cool.
  11. hoping so. if it works as well in real as it did at the fitting, ill be a happy camper
  12. Ive got a cpl of Benocks, actually more than a cpl , ive picked up different shapes over the years bec i like the design options ,i like the shape and LOVE the feel, i mean LOVE it, they have such a distinctive feel , its very addictive, nothing else feels quite like it , so one of them always seems to get a bag spot , even just to practice with before the match. As good as they are tho, i tend to muck about with them more than " game for consequence" bec the ones i have dont REALLY suit my stroke as well as id like , bec i didnt get them customed i got
  13. back up again, took another one isntead. $800 deivered
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