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  1. 577gram x 34 inch s20c cnc milled 4* loft x 71* lie x 29* shaft angle. head weight 409 gram 65 gram grip weight. immaculate.. used 4 rounds . moving this, getting my buddies with a diff grip. SUPERB mallet. $425 delivered
  2. mid high flight. 45 inch x 325+/- 1g CADERO GRIP DIAMANA x 70S SHAFT 2.2 TORQUE x 72g +/ x mid high kick//diamanas top shaft range. 9.5* loft 58 * lie square fa 200g headweight 6G heal + 4g toe weight 415 cc Face:Ti5322 forging cup face Body:6-4 Titanium vacuum precision casting this aint no ho dad its sublime. delivered $799
  3. ONLY....................if your worthy. 43.5 x 338 x god of thunder mid high , this is longer as most if not all cheap shiity drivers. and 1000 times easier to hit its......................, the uber -hammer. NO not going to break it up , dumb ass idea its perfect as is, its my spare . $399 deliverd
  4. SOLD

    NOW that is a freeeeeeeeking thing of beauty !!!!!!!!!!! GOOD shaft choice!!!!!
  5. PRGR Egg Utility 2016

    dats de sheet right there!!!!

    Yup done ill send over
  7. .

    threw em away close it up
  8. Made in Japan woods

    nope. MIJ woods.are hens teeth modart. maybe? kamui pro epon no.
  9. 4-pw + the 56* wegde head
  10. Longest 3 wood

    from the deck ....prgr original egg 13* or 15* for a bit more height. ryoma d1 for carry from a tee.. tour edge exotics maraging head, cant rem its model name. awful from the deck tho. no one holds a candle to them that ive tried.
  11. forged s20c .... 46* pw .... 5i @ 404 grams --Used 1 game these are in impeccable condition. A+ --brand new to me stock shaft PRGR m43 ( ns 950 modified for prgr) --made by Mr ENDO for Tahihara pro about 2011 . feel , well ENDO speaks for itself. originally was going to reshaft them but I have a set with NS120x in them already and they do me fine so happy to pass this set along AND u get the 56* wedge head that goes with it. RRP $1200 $650 **delivered** for ENDO irons brand new -1 day. full set of photos if required.
  12. Zodia...driver/md/wedges

    ha...its dwindling these.days,all my golfing guys have gone or stopped playing so I've got little incentive to build more and im platijg much less . shame really been fun prior. plus no one is into sharing anymore . what i have got now is pretty much it might tweek a set or two or iorns and cut a few drivers and. putters but tjhe salad days have gone
  13. Buchi vs 200+ cavities

    Think I know the cbs , not seen too many of them about.
  14. Zodia...driver/md/wedges

    Come on over and you sure can. wud like to play with the driver head a bit more.the feel was akin to modart. shaft was ok ish.. I had my 435 stinger 70x there as well and was hitting side by side both the zodia guys said errrr maybe u shudnt worry about the driver! I really hit that well now so it's a good placebo. Anything that comes close gets my full attention. The zodia felt better off the face but was wrong specs. i think it play it without to many questions shafted properly
  15. Spent a cpl of hours at the range yesterday they had an industry day there about 30diff co.to try their new models out. mizuno.prgr.diamana,dead or alive epon,Bridgestone srixons , metal factory ,u get it ,everyone. a cpl of real eye openers but the one that really caught my eye was the zodia mbs. spent half an hour with the guys from the co, and hit their irons wedges and driver. well I'm impressed, almost zero offset or gooseneck as they like to call it brushed chrome finish that is easily changeable to different finishes, and a very interesting look,high toe longer club head thin sole thin top line. Really really beautiful feel imstantly taken to them hem will be getting a set this season for sure. They were the standouts forged in Himeji g index is superb by what these turned out like was immediately ok I'm in. then the driver looks like the onoff Shingo 358 and roddio s-tuning had a baby this is what came out.stylish... very very stylish,unfortunately like every other driver it's MIC so a little let down but only a bit bec this is really nice head with awsome feel. kuokage 65x in it but t10.5deg it was miles to high for me.but I got the drift and the drift was good!!! wedges they do plenty of wedges in all manner of necks And the flat ground sole as a rule but very very addictive shape classy looking incredible feel highly impressed by what i hit but the mbs were the standouts.