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  1. good grief! just finding 'a" 1 iron is almost impossible. let alone a specific one. I have mine,, its a ping eye 2 1 iron , safely in play back on links in heady wind. ns 950 in it for a bit of ease ,bec its not the most confidence inspiring flat face to look at on occasions. I have this and a miura 2 iron that is SO ridiculously small. that 2 iron when flushed is the purest feel in all of golf, period.
  2. supo

    Some stuff

    these are a great set of sticks... so soft , closest to epon ive hit. nice square look to them with pretty minimla offset to upset the eye wedges are superb, micro milled, flared sole , you can get very funky with these.
  3. hahaaahaah.. good luck with that one!
  4. thats where u will struggle.id think. BN ... tuff
  5. nice time line... almost makes me cry they dropped the ball so bad with their last few abominations..... I used to speak to them regularly about coming out with player designs,, Mika ( ithink it was ) used to listen and pass on ideas but the others cudnt give a rats, then they re did the old model names with new a semi twist on the old and added more offset!??!?!?!?!??!?!!??!?? puke.. I gave up totally on them so sad. luckily I still have my af tours and they will most prob stay with me for life.
  6. ooohhhhhh.. k Yamaha tour 2010. nabla tour , good if u like a squarer shape syard.. like that one ,good call! prgr tr500!!! prgr idbl still cant be beaten IMO 2017 shingo model onoff kuro I love! tourstage 701g SUPERB irons much as I hate to say it.. TM tp 09 cb ( designed for sir Nick) iactually ahs this set and loved them. NEVER again has a tm set foot in my bag,, same as the driver , the triangle Tp driver is til lsue with a bimatrix 100g steel tip for links play @ 44 inch 09 they got the TP so right!
  7. a-grind, excellent choice. one of the newer mizunos looked nice too. onoff kuro .. pointless me chiming in il only point u to old stuff.. its miles better . than pretty muc hanything ive seen JDM in the last fer yrs. go back to 2011 and look u might get a pleasant surprise btw.. its made of EXACTLY the same stuff!
  8. played these last yr more often than not. so time to change it up in 20 and go a different route, think l-shapes might get the start... anyway have a look and drop me a line if any shape suits and ill fill the deets in. docus huga $250 jbeam $350 fusodream $350 nike $75 maruman $399 0r, ALL of them for $990 delivered. Apart for the nike, the rest are excellent quality and solid gamers of mine so I rate them pretty highly. quality is excellent all 34inch all prices ARE DELIEVERD. meaning that's it . I pay the shipping.
  9. 2020. end of winter is fast approaching and range time has reared it head. 2019 was a VERY mixed bag in terms of play and clubs. virtually NOTHING has taken my eye in the last yr or 4,or5,or6.............. seriously.. PRGR has gone to the dogs, Yamaha went there yrs ago miura is making space ship designs, epon is retarrrrrded, honma had a good spat a cpl of yrs back but their new mbs are so small, I think u need to hit a marble with them not a golf ball. drivers, bwahahahahahahahahha... are u kidding me they are all s**tttte!!!!!! no way anything new is better than say the epon 101.. from 10 yrs ago of course unles its TM and their average drive is now 525 yards of course!!! I almost vomit day glow every time I go and have a look at the new things on offer, they are gaudy and awful. 2020 driver will be the tried tested jbeam 435 with 7 dreamers for accuracy for distance its the same head with the diamana stinger for high launch on wet days its the roddio s-tuning with diamana X 70s or the kamui pro tp7 with dianaman X 60x. (9 this one has been magnificent in 2019!!!).. As alternates ill game the ryoma d1 ( yes original and best ryoma with diamana stinger 70s or the astro tour v3 with quadra ns-tp-v or whatever insanely convoluded mark they gave it! anyway this club I love. thing is a beast ! nothing new driver wise has ANY chance in hell of getting a look in fairway woods. well ive gone even more obtuse ( ie old) , I cant stop hitting the Royal collection bbd type d 14*/17* heads with diamana alislei shafts. I just love how they look at address and how they feel. sorry but all my other uber schlokkens are going to take a huge backseat to these for a while. driving iron , nothing competes with the honma tw u... utes well I don't mind supplanting a 18* saqra ute in for a wood at times on shorter courses the ute is more accurate no worries there. irons.. apart from the axisz2 irons which I found recently and will most prb get first , ill prob look hard at the muziik mb as well... ill try and keep it to those with my tried and tested masda mb/ honma pp737 30th/ epon aftour/ tourstage maru/. with hopefully both of the ones above added. wedges yamaha raw balck. syard bold. toursatge x wedge, fourteen mt protos shud see me right. putters ... finally going to get my custom personalized benock made , after having resounding success with the fugliest head on a putter ever .. I got as a test and cudnt stop nailing them , benock DLC face is insane! so u might see a heap of ."ok " putters on the blocks 'soon ish. haha balls, cant fault the bridgestones.. tried all the rest and just keep on coming back to B/S. yea kinda looking forwards toe the new golf season !
  10. s20c 562g x 71* x 3.5* NS heavy 34inch rosemark thick. soft and sweet as they come. shipped tracked delivered insured $ 375 or head only $295
  11. I dont know makes these heads, I dont think they are kyoei , I think he does them himself , ill find out later, they have a dense impact but as said they are very very soft , very much like miura feel to me. wouldn't surprise me at all if he did them... feel is so close to my miuraisms. ok quick blurb.. extra long neck, this makes the ball fflight lower and takes the left side out a bit more than most.. sounds wird but that's what it actually does. the St X shafts keep the ball straight but do give them a bit more height. and they are tight without being too stiff, u can still move these about just not a lot, which isn't bad thing!!! Shafts were BNTM from my buddy at NS so they were NOT obtained from some chopper shop on fktardbay where the tips are bent and the decals scrtathed to blazes! oh don't laugh had some tossser send me a set a few yrs back exactly like I described,, "oh its ok man just straighten themout your self,," I shiiiit you not.. last time I used that place, where was I..... condition is pretty spot on, they are used ish... faces are prob 99% soles are perfect. not much to say negatively. I have 3 sets of these. so its not like im "ousting them" I just prefer the heaver shafted models in play. anything else pls ask..
  12. how has this had no bids?? new: head 650 bucks shaft 900 sell for $390. there in nothing better than this nothing !!! .ever !! i dont care care what u heard this is miles.better. its not even close mate!!!!
  13. head only.. $275 OBO , delivered shiiped trqcked insured . immacualte cond.
  14. built professionally. st shafts are high launch arcing shafts used by henrik stenson 5i 37.875. light weight 5i @ about 415g ish . used em pretty.sparingly . simply.prefer heavier clubs. tracked shipped.divered price. pm for.full proper shots $990
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