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    taking apart perfectly good clubs, and shuffling ,shuffling .

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  1. well bought mr boomer.. , well bought!!! insanely priced as well.
  2. magnificent irons.... cant wait to see what u build next. if I cud move anything , id have these in a heart beat....!!!!
  3. yea.. whats the diff in those shafts vs the grey ones, u played both ?
  4. wowSAH...., ur acing the agrind cbs already ??????
  5. no...................................,
  6. Thas one seriously good looking driver......... If only they wud can the tour world inscriptions!!!
  7. close to the best shaped high launch head ive seen. stunning combo!
  8. added some proper snaps
  9. bud, send that to golds u wont believe ur eyes what comes back.
  10. Regripped.with brand new muziiik tacky pistelro style grip gave the head a bit more swing weight. Changed paintfill . Face100% peefect ,milling grooves perfect. HOWEVER.. there is some "scuff marks from my ****s putting "on the leading edge which while its doesn't affect the club 1 iota u can see it. im a tad OCD on this so it matters to me, $450 shiiped tracked insured
  11. Truest anser in the biz by the master. Face is perfect, head is good. , theres no dents dings or what not but the Sole has use marks..... Bec its Been a gamer. Grip is a gripmaster and is 100%. Original HM shaft. Bos customed this for me , the Face Colours are spectacular deep oil blue hues. this is a thin/medium milling to keep some firmness at impact, its not buttery soft like the deeper mills but its not tingy either I like some putters to keep true and let me know where I miss, this does that well. Has a nice clik sound to it, I doubt itll be a TOP DOG for u guys , I had it as a traveler/ practice putter , a perfect accomapanyment for any trip where danger lurks and u don't want to risk your 10,000 buck one. id look at trades as well. $250 shipped tracked insured.
  12. I might have a 58 bold left ........
  13. 2015 driver is particularly interesting, one of the few recent drivers that have taken my eye. from an OEM
  14. dogatti in this wud look sweet!
  15. the first set of MBs I got in years was from them the v-muscle. fricken great irons,