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    hitting block cuts to right t pins that zinnnnnnnnnnnnng !

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    jbeam435/7dreamers xs -solid contacts2w/ diamana X -prgr egg. Diamana stinger. Prgr speed 3di- honma pp737/nsstx-prgr tr52/56nswv125- tourstage x-o1z

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  1. yea ..I duuno really , . maybe it does look closed.. I don't see it tho if I look for it tobe closed maybe I can see it, but I don't and im not in the least bit irlked by it, quite the opposite. .l I hit cuts with it WAY more than hooks , with the kamui pro its the opposite im always drawing it..
  2. orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrithgty then................. 2 days of non stop driving , only took the 2 drivers, this and the kamui pro kp07/diamana X 60x. (11*) all kinds of wind, fast dry short cropped fairways . tight fairways, big doglegs.... proper test of my drivers, always do my driver tests at these 2 courses , so I know exactly without question where the ball ACTUALLY goes, not theoretically goes!!!!!!!!!!! 2 enormously different drivers. but this is only about the 7d combo. THIS..... thing is totally unique..... totally , nothing like it, looks wise, feel wise. its stunning, really is . Distance was superb. easily as long as my big dogs, without exceeding any to any degree. consistent reliable GOOD distance. had absolutely no issue with it at all. flight is mid low flat, tee it higher to let it sail but for a stock shot its a nice flat flight ,then it . hits , releases and scuttles out a long way,got some sneaky cheat distance with it with roll, but that's similar on a lot of my drivers, TBH this isn't where this has a point of significant differentiation, that belongs alsmot exclusively in its relaibilty under the pump to deliver and VERYVERY tight flight, its does NOT like to be moved left right, especially left.,and lemme tell ya I can slice a fkn rock with a feather duster!!! but on a normal swing when I didnt fully nail it, the results were triffco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as in the range tests, the ball hangs I n here ( bridgestone b330s tour, GREAT balls!!) very soft on the face seem to stick longer on the face than the old faves the X01z model, but maybe not as long, the X-01s are a harder compound and I MUCH prefer the feel on the putter than the b330s , they were coming up short a lot on the putter. Had my share of ok this is good. and this is tight. this is my driver. only test now is to go head ot head VS the stinger 70x model with same head. Don't really want to play another driver any more.........
  3. PRGR Q fairway wood

    that's an utterly rediuclous statement....
  4. at the course with it now,9 holes in. quite delightfull....quite dlightfull indeed
  5. PRGR Tune

    every season the only big OEM I look at is the prgr range. gave up on bridgestone /Yamaha/srixon( although their latest Mbs are delicious!) Miura is almost farkeen OEM these days. that BLOWS in my book , a massive blow goats secision!/ yea actually im almost totally bespoke thee days . the last cpl of yrs have been a bit under whelming compared to PRGRS previous highs. the wedges , I have to admit are VERY out there thinking. wsie, nothing ever like anyone elses, I love their wedges , have tons of them from all kind of season past. their putters took a big jump forward last 2 seasons , their drivers are good ,the fairway woods slipped , the irons are hard to love at the moment, but boy do they feel nice, funny how quantitative easing works really!!! So, as a guide irate these as close if not their best offerings over the last 10+ yrs from prgr DRIVER : prgr egg 2015 . normal face looking one, but I LOVE the egg7, that's was revolutionary!!! FWDS: original egg 13* + egg 2015 16.5* + original egg 17*(3w) + original egg 5w 18* utes and di don't rate them high enough vs other makers. IRONS: tr500 + idbl + nabla tour+ tr900md + speed irons. WEDGES: tr round and flat sole +LED +nabla tour (fat chunky soled) PUTTERS : latest silver blade models from THIS year.
  6. Longest 3 wood

    honestly................ idont think u can say which is the longet , bec thers 2 factors . from the tee or from the fairway. id never use the egg from a tee box. it scares the s**tttt outtta me being that sleek and low profile top it immediately springs to my mind From the tee box its hammer time. for me, no just putting it into play , hit w3aqht ever club is in hand hard! so . the egg isn't the best idea from a tee and conversely for say the tour edge exotics its horrendously poor from the fairway in comparison. as a fairway wood................ the egg and the ryoma from the tee box the Tour edge exotics maraging face, 2016 model egg (very high thick face),crazy fw!, id say are close to the best ive ever hit. they jumped to mind.
  7. PRGR Tune

    i was at the prge shop last.weekend. u cant buy the heads , i tried. u have to buy the fitting .
  8. SP700 face drivers

    that old 340 dna is great and the fd is a freaking cannon, its a bit loud. but good heaven is it a good feel.. the fd especially is good. love the stuff.
  9. Ive tried a few in woods more recently and still its a lottery what i prefer , 6x as oppsed to an80s , as long as the ligjter one is pretty tight like the diamana x is , its an excellent choice in a head that is sub 198 gram but a 202 gram head and the shaft gets lost and wiggly , doesnt work well at all , heavier heads with shoter heavier shafts is awonderfull match 80gram [email protected] a max of 44.5 inch with a 202 gram head coming in at330 grams build is super. equaly a193gram syard t388 with a diamana b 60x tipped is virtualy unbeatable for very differnt reasons if u have a transition like fowler go the syard route if ur more like maruyama then the heavier build will be great, wont miss amny fairways!
  10. SP700 face drivers

    Gimme a super hyten face any day of the week .
  11. Scotty madness

    That's the truth.they just have a different mkt to everyone else. Theres Cameron and the rest. Ive seen a heap of these over the years but have never been attracted to them , prob bec the price point is just so high vs everything else to PLAY.. belive me I think when it comes to putters......... I wud be prob in the upper echelon of " havers' of decent enough flatties. Ive even got a cpl of golds mod Scotties that are brutally good, one of them ive not even used. the other just once , I never take them out, even tho I got them to play, I just dont. don't ask me why bec id still like a Circle- T mallet of some description . but again.. for the price I can get a benock, golds , kitada or yamada....totally customed horses for course for sure. btw..,this one above is EASILY one of the sexiest flatties ive ever seen!!
  12. For the love of mallets....,

    pop it up fella. lets see em. I liked the shape of the shin but didn't like the finish. golds cud make that SING!
  13. Scotty madness

    collective.wisdom. there a bunch of similarly exxy ones for sale. this is the top but a few.for around500 to the.mill. i was just ....how and why? but as u put it. its art. still confounds me. but there u go.
  14. Scotty madness

    try again....