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  1. agreed sp blue not tje best feel similar.to 125s . tjey also look really schmick
  2. I play a ton of golf in very strong wind on links or by the sea each year so I don't need shafts that launch high and soar for these days so I build a few sets to accommodate these conds. the best ive found are the SP blue, modus 120x, shimada 125s even tho these are very strout and pretty heavy then the NS125s of them all he sp blue are prob the best and the ones id go to if I were looking to have just one set. I get whay NS moved away form SP to modus for the masses but I still think they shud have kept making these as they were so damn good. got a cpl of sets of orange up my sleeve still and a set of blues in a set of old callaway tour authentic heads that are really lovely to play when its wet! id take the Sp range over the modus range still actually
  3. Nobs I don't think the 130s are anywhere near as stiff to play as the 125s ive got several sets in play and find them pretty smooth. love the ball flight. soft stpeed a set of 130x protos and that gives them an extra kick, I get the ball higher and lands a bit softer. they are heavy, but they play lighter the the 125s bec of the flight. 120s play light and super smooth and the 105play very light and pretty stiff. my order of pref is 130s 120x 125s 105x but I still like the super peening range so adding them to the mix 130s SP orange s 120x 130x soft stepped Sp blue s 125s 105x
  4. played both of these most days on home course can cud not fault them.. not long, definitely not the longest by some yards, but scarily straight and consistent. tiny draws were the order of the day,. just a cpl of feet. wud give up too much in JP on the grass we got here to play on but for where I was , sorry all my ubersclokens got benched. teamed these up with a prgr tour 5s with diamana thump 9 WHICH IS CLOSE TO STEEL without it being such... and well... game over for home golf on the short courses. seriously consistent.
  5. Shimada are taught more like the125s for feel im playing a set of 3001s ina set of mb and they suit prefectly. kick seesm abit higher and lower launch and very tough to move about, they are point shooters the tour125s are like a dgx100 the tour115s like a s300 or ns120x kinda thing.
  6. 120s is miles.smoother than105x 130s is smoother than 105x 125 s is as firm as 105x and just softer than 120x. my order of.play is. oh and i only play ns pro iro shafts.. 120s 950s 130s 120x 1150s 125s 130x. thats my lot. best of ns all round is the 120s best shaft is the 130s best players shaft is the 125s if...u hit hard thru the ball. cant fo wrongwoth 120s hard or soft ztpeed for the masses. 125 for playrrs and 130 for phooooarrrr!!!!
  7. supo


    Ive never believed bec. Its new its better.... esp in golf . while i play new clubs i dont foregt to look back and see hwere the new ideas came from. take these for eg.. been gaming these quite a lot recently. While the modern player will gasp in horror that the 7iron doesnt go more than 150yards bec its in a set where the loft of the pw is49*.. yes u read that right and these do take some hmmmm i really do need to restock my distances with them , the feel, the playability and wirkability is as good as any. i dont like offset, rather i domt like gooseneck. These are pretty set back but beceauese of the top line thinness and pure blade loks they dont go wizzing over left filed like mike trout on a spree. re did the shafts with NSProtos dp, had to build them at45.25 Inch 5i to get the weight right and nice perfect pro cords. Set is3/pw but left the 3iron original as i dont use it a lot. are these as good as the new stuff??? prob not better but not a lot worse, feel is almost the same, shape is important do these remind anyone of anyhting abit more modern maybe???
  8. These are superb sticks they shud move quickly. was looking at them recently.
  9. Crazy yururi and kyoei are all the same thing. masda have a long hosel to help stamp out toe,high hooks. miuraism are small compact thick unbelievable feeling squared off heads. honma are rounded smaller thinner mbs that u can do anything with.
  10. Fantasitc outing yesterday, unfirtunatly the drought does nothing for golf but the ground was good enough to hit from with some sponge and i was off the tips7200yards.. so it was a full assault. jbeam435stinger70s prgr egg 7,9* diamana aliislei 83s kamui pro tp 07diamana x 70s kaui pro 17.5 diamana x prgr egg15 matrix proto syard vx15 diamana ali islei 83s RC bbd 17 diamana aliislei 83s ihit hundreads of balls especialy on the par5s and esp with the fairway woods. Nit had this good an outing in a long time so i got to try them all agaianst each other. Boy theres a difference! the egg was best off the tee by a long way its a bit lower and really straight. Its a hammer a proper hammer and a proper driver alternate It blew away the syard wasnt even close BUT from the ground... the opposite was true. The egg was a worm burner and the syard was invincible.. im going on a limb hrere but the combo syard was the best 3wood ive hit its not the longest the ryoma and prgr original egg have its metal there but for control and workability its unparralelled..... by a long way! Could hit with ease and control.....cuts and draws, stingers , high fades. And Ropey hooks at will with it and my Distance (im down quite a lot thru injury) was still getting me to sw/aw from the pin from the tips.. im hitting driver no more than280 max more like high 260s as an average and par 5s dead flat were at about 550. No wind So this was a proper testing. the kamui 17.5 vs the RC17 feel was the rc/diamana just lovely heavier weight but nicely balanced and as easy from the tees as it was from the ground. longer than the kamui but not quite as confident inspiring, the kamui looks easier to hit maybe just that extra1/2* gives it the edge its definitley the more reachable for of the pair but the RC was the one i prefered yesterday be of its longer distance. both are workable the RC sits dead straight no bias the kamui looks like it favours adraw but doesnt. Its the higher loft that does that. both these have a place , i think the kamui is better suited for lusher grass and the rc is perfect from the short stuff hence why i was probably reaching for it more and why i was loving the kamui in jp on summer cloud grass the slightly,higher face means u can get just a little,under it with more confidence thatn the sleeeker RC. shafts.. the diaX is the mack daddy ,super tight and much harder to work the alisilei is way friendlier and smoother but not as long u feel like u leave abit on the tee at impact where as the X u get instant feedback and propulsion, the X is most definitely the superior shaft but the ali is so so so easy to hit. Its almost unmissable. U just dont get the same feel . I prefer the X but prob hit the ali better.. = conundrum!,,!,! so out of the above the best bag was: jbeam/stinger syard 15 RC 17 for the dry hard pack ground. caveat the RC can be used insread of a3wood no problems but the kamui i dint think can the RC ahd a soft edge to look at but the syard was the over all winner. then there was the 1iron......... but thats another tale!
  11. doh.. rc sorry. nit sure why i said fourteen. hopefully.today i can do it
  12. found my old ( not fourteen!!!) .. royal collection !!!bbd with diamana alisilei 83s 17* going to have a head to head with them . on golfing hols rihgt now. great time to test builds...
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