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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh buddy.... thats some horrible news. I feel your pain , ive been contemplating my situation as well ,while not as advanced as yours I have to make some tough decisions soon as well . alas life marches on those a-grinds........................that as good as ive seen. such a tragedy.
  2. ha, yea rember that game, and yes it is on the louder side . it.certainly.goes tho.
  3. This was designed with the original shaft as a driver /fw alternate combo. It is very hittable from the deck as it is from a tee. super hyten (kasco prop steel) sounds and looks like aluminium but crushes the ball, this is a loud driver. reshafted professionally with a diamana stinger 70 x which is the best combo ive had in the 6 or so of these ive hadover the years I had this one made for a short driver on short ,tricky pete dye courses where accuracy is paramount over distance ,more so than as a farway wood . it can be hit from the deck no problems but as the shaft is 100% boron , mid kick and is very tight, it doesnt get airborn quite like it does with low kick shaft. so I never used it as one, it does not like to be moved laterally very much , its point shoot. Distance is somewhere like 15-20 yards shorter than my driver as a rule into the wind but with it I can get equality more often than not. Reliability to get it down the middle makes up for the distance loss, especially where acccuaracy is at a premium. ive tried so many option for a driver alt as most know here, this one has clearly been the best,, clearly. put a thinner DWD grip on it instead of my usual cadero and it was great so I didn't change it . Selling bec I have 3.............................. and I don't need 3 any more. $450 obo tracked shipped insured delivered
  4. not here.. nothing taken my fancy that's new what so ever. im worried that im completely done with golf gear, I just don't think anything new is better or can even match whats out already..., sad but so far very true it seems
  5. supo


    pop that up as a photo!
  6. supo

    CHEAP nike heads

    both for $125 deliverd! gotta clean some space.
  7. supo


    sure ill pop u a pm
  8. hahhhaha.. yea well.., tin cup used a rake, a shovel and a.......
  9. thats certainly true 58 lw 53gw 48pw 43 38 33 28 22 di ute long iron 16* alt fw wood 10driver putter x2 yea i cud easily.work with this set upwould take that im between iron nonsnense thunkin g out out my mind str8 away
  10. supo


    prgr egg MFD 16.5*/quadra fire express 75xs. been sitting idle for the longest time.here.
  11. i did something similar to my links set of idlbs with NS STx , the tw u Di is such a wonderfull DI but the vizard shaft is a bit theatrical for me , esp in the wind so I got an old prgr speed iron , 3 iron and threw a NS sp orange into it. No offfest and it matches the IDBLS perfectly, that's prob my fave DI now, its such a big fat sold club its perfect off a tee. winner winner chicken dinner!!!
  12. love it!!! nothing like crushing it on 18 to WIN rathern.than have your. oppoment loose. well played
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