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  1. Although the TR500s have been my most played club of the year by a ways , when i started to play the yam tours again , ive not got them out of the bag , i love looking down at that thicker head, a bit like the masda mbs which were my second most played irons , they too have a thicker top line prob more so than every other MB , it inspires confidence in my striking by looking at a thick top but ill reverse my thoughts on most dynamic CB , i think the TR500s are more so than the yams , they are more workable and easier to clip the ball to shape for my swing style.
  2. heres a wee illustration of 3 heads with very minimal off set. from left: tr500 / IDBL / yamaha tour. THE 2 PRGRS share very similar head dimensions but the differences to the eye make a case to have both in play! they are actually not really a like at all to view or play i had a good look and yes the IDBLS have less off set by a whisker and u can see it at address. the yamahas are the most compact and chunky of the 3 and i think are the most dynamic of the 3 sets by a whicker over the tr500s. prob. bec the head is a bit smaller IMO.
  3. Gold Factory mod of Gauge design jpn model, premium zone ,FULL CNC sus 303 cut head. 360g X 4*open F/A X 71* lie x 3* loft HEAD ONLY A chance to grab a golds MOD . bec. they arnt doing them to non golds putters anymore,..............., been a solid gamer, i need a square face angled head nowadays. 4* open doesnt suit me any longer. $450 obo delivered.
  4. hahah yes they prob did and they are a magnificent match esp in summer months . what ive found , is heavier harsher shafts seem to benefit softer ENDO heads like the tr500, EPON, IDBL nabla tour.. ESPECIALLY NABLA TOURS better than smoother shafts. im not really sure why but i find it so. shimada tour,, monacco,,Sp blue/orange/red. modus 125s DG! seem.. to have some play advanatge over say modus 120s. as for offset i get what u mean theres not a lot of it. ive put the tr500s next to the IDBL and the IDBL have less off set but are thicker, chunkier and a ful
  5. Nobs maybe beceause the heads have been flattened a smidge ? , have u checked that ?, i only say that bec i got a used set a few yrs ago from my pro source guy that were 2* flat , he said as most of the tr500s wud have been bought by A grade+ players who dont like to hook , that stood to reason. that set i got were quite noticeably flat to the naked eye , too flat for me, so i had them put back 1* even that small adjustment made a discernable difference to the eye at address. esp in the longer irons. ( 3/pw) oh btw........, in case u get tir
  6. well nobs , if u dont mind a blast from the past.... i mean the reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal past. as far as ive ever hit or ever will hit prgr data 801. full soft forged by endo japan no less. if u want a slightly more conventional , slightly more modern set the yamaha 2010 inpres x are a wonderfull set, those are the ones i came back from injury with this season, with the NSv90 reg i was going to sell them , or change he shafts but they just worked so well i cant think now why i wud, they will also be a set hard to beat come mid winter with that
  7. Brand new unhit. 12* x 57* endo jpn forged. endo score lines. thin sole. thin top line. medium volume head. sq non glare black coating for incredible finish longevity. i rate this head as close to the ultimate all rounder wedge ,certainly as ive ever played, its playable by everyone from 0-27 cap. shaft it with whatever makes u tick. pull will be by my pro builder so quality assured good.as they get. rrp 22000 Y. $ 150 delivered price . tracked, insured by ems from jpn.
  8. hahahaha.. ordinarily i wub trade some of my cbs for these for sure BUT... im out for the season. so no more blades do i need......
  9. sigh... what a set , monacco S is a fabtastic combo! , i built a non copper 7 iron which i "lost" as a tester and thought it was one of my better buillds. impact is sublime and the guuuuuuuuuuuuush u get from the middle is up there with anything! exquisite build here~!!
  10. nope. mons were but refit to jdm spec. heads so all 355 jdm dont do 370mm
  11. all play to stock JPN specs of 37.5-38 inch ( 5i play length ) there are none that are outliers. all in perfect cond. grips spot on, all are brand new to me. NOT pulls from unknon sources , so all the shafts roll true , no kinks in them! speccs are 100% NS 125 s 4-pw $275 NS ST x 3/pw $375 NS SP blue S 3-pw $270 True temper monacco S 3/pw + 2 wedges in X $375 NS w226v x 3-pw $250 DG s200 jpn model ( US tour issue equiv ) cpl of sets , 4-pw,
  12. the staff bags were for driving to golf whch doesnt happen much anymore , a new supermarket on the golf road turned a quick easy 60min drive to the course to a 4 hr ordeal , never to be repeated................... and wil never play those courses again!!!!! so i use travelling train bags 99% of the time these days. kino.......a cpl of honma tw....... (the best ) onoff they ever made by a mile the staffers ust hold my clubs these days. for looks. good bags tho.
  13. 201+/- gram head 440 cc (* ***** 0.5* OPEN FACE ANGLE ***** full rounded body shape Originally shafted with labo tataki 75xs I have it shafted with a diamana stinger 71x Very closely related to epon 101 in terms of shape but with the opem face it prefers not to go too far left. Brilliant head for hookers. feel is superb, it has a slightly muted but still quite tingy sound to it at impact. flight obviously is on the lower side. frames the ball superbly , looks all work at address, very confidence inspriing.
  14. $225 ??? DELIVERED pp to me
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