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  1. stability shaft? id like to try that as well i think ,seem popular as heck . not really a huge thing this side of the pond but i know they are about ,ive not even seen one out and about to try.
  2. Do many care about what they pop in the putter or is it just as long as it 34..33..35 inch you dont care? I popped into the crazy store sunday and played about with thier putters which are 2 ball odysseys which im gaming regularly right now. They have 2 long shaft 38 inch the other at 33. both not perfect for what i prefer lenght wise but it was just about trying the feel of them and i can tell you, theres a gigantic difference in thie crazy and mine which are simply stock shafts form odyssey, albeit in rather top end 2 ball heads. i have the protype black and the gold exo. they are both very different feeling heads with the identical shape , i hit the crazy shafts a few times ........................ oh yes! now as a rule i use: frequency filter. muziik dogatti diamana proto Ns purple. shimada and various other randoms i know what they are, prob DG or genreic NS , my top putters get the above shafts and for me.... theres a dichotomous difference between stock and custom, i cant say which of the upgrades i like the best or if there is actually a best , but the feel of the customs are significantly increased to "just stock steel" . i love the smoother feel of the diamana prob more than the ultra tight dogatti, but i think the muziik is a higher quality, similar in steel , the shimada is a very good shaft for a ver y good price but the NS has it for sure. The FF super light can not be under rated, if anyone wants to know exactly what thier putter head feels like, then FF shaft will illustrate that quite like no other. this is a great match with " denser, duller feeling steel heads; softens its up a tad. First time ive hit the crazy and it INSTANTLY resonated with me as an ohh shiiit, i need one of these in my quiver ....,! as close to what i have hit id say its in line with the diamana more than the dogatti, the ball pings off the dogatti shafted heads where as the diamana, it kind of feels like is a directional " softer feel", the dogatti is a distance feel if that makes sense ? 80t carbon made in japan shaft with a typical " crazy " look to it is somehting i cud add for sure...........,
  3. 11.5* ERC3 CF, **CONFORMING** HEAD oldie but one of the all time best . fuller body rounded, blaanced large face at address, one of the easiest drivers to picture/hit. any shaft is good ,i had this for years with a diamana Blue and it lost for nothing better, if theres is infact a bettter...., head is suited for the harder hitter looking for a higher soaring flight with a stiffer shaft . or a ligher airier shaft or some hang time . 202g --------------------- i had this CUSTOM FOAMED BY MY CLUB MAKER TO KEEP FLIGHT from ballooning , now it higher and fllatter . very good wet weather driver to grab as much air as possible square f/a sp700 ti ENDO forged face $134 delivered via EMS
  4. yea, wrist lok makes the head almsot dissapear weight wise, the balance changes enormounlsy , not good nor bad , just a thing u need to play with. 75g and 3 inchs longer makes a really big swing weight change.
  5. those grips any different to the wrist lok form super stoke ? i have a few of these on a the meoment but cant find the correct postion to lok the wrist, im hitting it wel with the bigger grip , def takes more fingers out of play but cant get the wrist, i think u need to adjust the length of the putter and the agnle of attack of the putter head to engage it. these a re not o cheap so im not that keen to start chopping of length to see it fail. i do like thefact u can find thee balance point of the putter really easily with this size grip
  6. daiwa. labospec , onoff . 35INCH soft s20c ** MADE IN JAPAN** forged face , ring any bells......., cond, gamer EXCELLENT. very limitd release with NS putter shaft tungsten/ rubber back with heel toe stability weights , deeper uber thin milling for a feel that is as dense and thick as one cud imagine, ball pops off face , not pings. this is 100% about control over distance. never long with this. new iomic grip. excellent t cond headcover. $295 , delivered via EMS from jpn.
  7. 14* pending, ute ok still
  8. these are most definitely in the best cond u will be likely to find these , anywhere. id say much better. As for the shafts . those are the top -o- the pops iron shafts from crazy way back when crazy were all the rage and making insane top end poles in all manner of styles. ive hit a fair few carbons over the seasons and dont really like many, they just dont do it for me... they kind of mute the head too much i found , ive not played the quadra DGL which im told by most are extreemly good as well, and no surprise there, these cbis are not one of those dampening feel shafts, the complete opposite of say the steel fiber ones which i HATED.. , these liven the impact to a redciulous degree , as far as ive hit, they are stand alone for that feel, ( 7 dreamers excluded!!!!!) and i get a mid flight out of them, they dont balloon , they dont worm burn, they are dead on mid with maybe just a hint of exta flight than Lower flight ... strong and decent weight. u wont overpower them , no way. and u put them in your ver ybest heads, in winter when its colder these just blow everything to smither eeens.
  9. ya shafts going to another set of undecided on heads.
  10. i remember that shaft , sanki planaria ? had a round with one in a testclub once upn a time ,that was a heck of a driver. ha lov to make a puttter with a stinger.
  11. well. theres no need for me to get one in that case. ill stick to the tried and true . wish i ahd a few more XXIP purples.......................
  12. i went bezerk over the last 2 yrs with mine, swapped so many over , too long, too short too light, only way to know is to try what doenst work nad when on does , well, thats it. i keep it what i think ive found is: NS purple logo xxip stepelss 130 i think iti is ?? is the best shaft in steel for me in all heads ive tried them in , i lik shimada as well but the NS has it covered. muziik dogatti PT makes the ball explode off the face unlik any other, when i play this shaft for a spell , and i go back to others im short all day. its a very differetn feel and has the most immdiate response of all, its the best " going away from the field " FOR DEEP MILLED faces. the diamana pt 135 141g i think has the most sublime repsonse sent back to the hands and super nice tingy feel , thats in my GOLDS gss 360 which i dont take out that much........... and shud do.... nad wont ever come out it seems to really like all head milling bec the GSS is DEEP milled and its great, persoanlly i think tis wud be better in a micp milled ut , hey if it aint broken. the frequency filtered attas is a real mack daddy of light shafts but is better in lightly milled faces,its gets lost in deep milled cant feel the ball. ive tried the quadra but not enough to give it any dialogue, id imagine its superb, i remeber it felt great but i never got one. also have a cpl ot copper TT monacco irons shafts that godzilla struggeld to hit , tip pakced for more stability , that actually work well but lok AWSOME, each time i take those out i get hteo ld , hey what ... whats that one!. suffice to say its best in deep milled.
  13. i can tell between endo steel forgings differnt OEMS , yamaha and tourstage are a bit taughter, i dont know why, i PRESUME........... they use some kind of different steel , tourtstage esp feel more rigid than others. they all feel nothng like say ONOFF , espsecially, those things are like marsmallow , or EPON whcih have thier own special feel which doenst get replicated by anyone else. if im honest about it, as much as i absolutely LOVE EPON its on the too soft side for me unless i use a rigid shaft like NS SUPER PEENING , TT MONACCO ( awsome in epon!!!!) or SHIMADA , i like a bit of feedback on bad shots as much as pured ones. these mizuno offer that in spades BUT u dont get that cold elbow chill on miss hits. pured shots for these are soooooooooooooooooooooo nice. they loose ZERO i mean ZERo to anything new, in fact they dominate over pretty much everythng non uber top end.
  14. i had to revist this.. i hit these agan on the weekend after a long hiatus, ive been playing BIG ol cavities of late, epon af tours, yamaha forged, prgr idlbs , that kind of head, so decided on a " my smallest set day " these irons, crazy 16 fw, RC 250cc driver, matsumoto HM blade, prgr nabla wedge, thin, small,compact. funny thing is i LOVED it . at first coming back to small is a bit disconserting, esp when one gets on the tee hits a cut to the first cut-o-ruff, on the first and the grass is LUSH. and the ball is .........sorta submerged....................... gulp. out cometh the 6 iron, thwack, deep into the back of it and out it flies with half an acre of subashiris finest cow food attached to the back of it. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... this might be a tough day if i do this all day long. luckily that happened not and i drove it well and got to try these all over again. now, i have a bunch fo really nice irons that are made to spec for optimising feel and performance, this set has NS 1050 x in them SST pured ,which i can assure you all iwas NOT made as a micky mouse touchy- feely set , tis a set up that was made for me a while ago when i once was quite fruity and cud get amonst it . this shaft is taught which i rediscovered. so , on the the par 3 17th , 158y always tends to play into the wind , which is a FULL 7 iron for me now that wil never go long. i hit 4 of these to the centre of the green like a swing matron robot , CARUsssseHD them, suffice to say i u cud not put the 7 down.... my buds had to usher me on... the feel is out of this world..... absolutley, TRUELY magnificent , the flight is a thing of beauty, high soaring arc, the combo of the taught shaft and the copper unlderlay on satin plating is just intoxicating. they are workable as good as any, the flight does NOT balloon, impacting that tiny thin sole is akin to a vulture pikcing the bones clean on a week old dead zebra left to bake in the sun . for a set of MBs 30 yrs old...... to feel like these do WITH non feeley shafts, says to me, theres not a lot of improvement to irons over the last 30 years... in fact.... i dont think i cud put thes any lower than at the very TOP OF THE RONGE. had a very good ballstriking round which totally rekindled my love for all things small again. tell you what, i say it time and again ,just bec its old ( and really 30 yrs now is getting on a bit ) , that dont mean its worse, these, are awosme.!
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