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  1. Nobs report on feel is spot on in my book as well ive got a cpl of sets of 120X and they don't feel at all ike an x. more like a semi stiff at best..... modus 125s are much tighter than 120x I have found and a totally different flight. soft step modus 130x are a GREAT shaft, I have a cpl of them in play at the moment. love them
  2. supo

    2019 Srixon Z-Forged MB

    love what srixon are doing each year . smalls but not insignificant changes to thier mbs. again this year a bit roumder
  3. supo

    Egg 3woods 15*+13*

  4. END of another season of JDM and not 1 POS sepo spam went anywhere NEAR one of my bags. not a chance of that putrid TM mseries whaterver number where up o this month or callies new super spam theory of distribution. Nope only PURE JDM for moi. Nothing new was of any interest driver wise, saw tried a few of them, the new prgr very disappointing... Yamaha is a disgrace nowadays....tourstage doesn't exist....ryomas laterst don't hold a candle to the original D1.....srixon, I mean why??????....... so as it always seems to be, the bespoke makers grab my attention MILES more than the OEMS. roddio did a nice new s-tuning model, jbeam had some ' interesting ideas" but really none can surpass the 435 IMO. freheit did a very nice players 415 cc model.. that's worth a peek.. astro tour v3 is ripper that's prob my head of the year even tho it wasn't from this year... I mean recent years....and the kamui pro tp model is still in the bag as my all carry driver, finding that head hard to compete with let along beat! the astro tour is the only " new" head I kept, none of the others I tired beat out what ive already got. the BIG addition this season was the newer DIAMANA X shaft. its not too unlike the original model from 2013, but its a bit tighter and a lighter feel I find, I spoke to the head techy guy at bishi chem and he said here are subtle differences in the materials *( wudnt expand on that ) and there is a slight perfomramnce improvenment, but none that is easliy quantifiable on course , I tend to agree, the new one feel a bit livelier , the older ones feel a bit more dense and more controlled, the new ones SEEM to give the hitter a sense of added distance , although that wasn't proven in my rounds what so ever but I def fell like im hitting the ball longer with the new model and more controlled with the original model.. if any of that makes sense , its a thing for sure .......... ie if its noice weather id take out the new one, if its windy id take out the old one...its purely placebo im sure... ohg and BTW theyse shafts are MILES better than any other bishi model , tensie etc..... out there material wise... (str8 from the horses mouth!!) X is there top dog and wont be replicated again for cost reasons so bear that in mind . irons...................phooooarrrrr.......... not for me. none of the OEMS even remotely looked good, HONMA disssapointed, prgr was filthy!!!!, I don't even look at bridgestone anymore since they let go of tourstage. Yamaha,see above.... so, MASDA did a lovely set of MB that ill be getting next season, took me a while to like the new modle but I did a siede by side with the lastest MIURA models (yuk!!!!!!!!!!) recently and the masdas blew em all away for looks. The closest was the fujumoto MB but that's a hollow head and a very different beast . So ill be sticking to the old stuff unless something stunning copmes up , but I don't think they will beat in the masdas. that fella does some good things. driving irons/utes , fourteen did a lovely ut716 model ,that literally took over my bag, they wont be for most folk, but they are irreplaceable in my bags now. 17*/21* shafted one with a modus 105 and the other with a diamana stinger saqra ute/ di was a very nice cpl of pieces as well but I prefer the look of the fourteen so they go benched. fairways. nothing to see here at all. nothing beat out the ryoma and prgr egg. wedges..... hmmm nothing here at all as well. putters.. ridiculous, benock was of course the flavour of the year and yes there is a hype abut also the performance to back it. was a beees nudger awy form ordering an ubershlokken early this year only for injury to curtail the order, that will be rectified next year for sure. go get another fitting done to make sure nothing has changed..and hey presto all m y bettis,scottys, can say sayonara. ! so the bags ended up something like this.. perfect day bag : jbeam 435 9.5*/7dreamers kasco FD 12.8*/ diamanan stinger. prgr egg 16.5*/ quadra fire express 75xs or 21* fourteen 716ut/stinger masda (cu) 3/pw / NS 2g18x soft stepped, they have become my fave set. Yamaha raw black 52* gap/ Ns sp orange tourstage x-wedge 51/56 * / NS proto 130x fourteen mt28 60* lw//NS 950s. bridgetsone rs-x balls WINDY day bag : ryoma d1 9* / diamana stinger 70x kasco FD 12.8* / graphite design z9000m 6x. fourteen di 17* / modus 105s masda MB modus 120X Prgr nabla id 51/57 * / NS wv125s yururi 1.618 60* ( bent ) / ns 950s tourstage x01z balls. WET day bag: kamui pro tp 07 10.5* / diamana X 60x buchi 2w 13* / diamana X 70s prgr egg 18* / diamana stinger 70x+ grindworks MB / NS dp X. syard bold 52 + 56 * / monacco X prgr egg balls so that's a 2018 wrap of all things JDM troops. No ral surprises , balls might be the biggest change. loving the yokohaha range this year, PRGR balls are worth a look into , eps the rs spin model, they really do grip and rip. only thing on the horizon is a benock custom and a set of masda mbs for next season that I can forsee. all wrapped up in a new a diamana cart bag. bring on 2019!!!
  5. indiv pics ok if interested
  6. This little fella has been my travelling /practice putter since its refurb, its been everywhere. Face is perfect the body is still really good. Obv. its a bit used as its been a faithfull servant but theres no major chinks or dents that detract from it. Its more than a pretty decent piece still. Colours are great ,the copper underlay looks awsome. Sorry , I cant help with what finish this is , as I sent half a dozen of these out to difffent guys years ago and have no clue who did what, I THINK this one was done by kari lajossi tho. looks like his kinda thing. he does super work btw.... $175 delivered
  7. supo

    52/58 wedges and Hybrid and unicorn irons

    wedges.howwwwah where to start... tourstage x wedge BLACK, monacco X shafts.
  8. supo

    GOLDS FaCtOry... !

    address shown and head cover. or ifu prefer.painfill removed....or.not what ever
  9. supo

    Happy Holidays

    yee gads!!!!
  10. supo

    PRGR releases new driver heads

    hmmmmm.. had a few sessions with both the RS and tune.. not sure what it was but first PRGR driver headsseries in a long time I didn't grqavitate to. ithink the egg series are so easy to hit that the rs was a meandering away form that line to a more pro eqsue style .. the RS launched REALLY low. but hit very straight. it was a point shoot head for sure but it wasn't a flame on the egg heads for comfort and confidence at address so I never got one.
  11. $215 delivered...................
  12. onoff: $300 RODDIO tour caddy: 1/1..$700 KINOSHO: $400 PRGR $200 shipping is via EMS and will be in a japan golf travel sleeve NOT A BOX bec that makes the shipping double. i send all of my bags out this way anyway pm me for. more detailed individual snaps if need more detail
  13. hhaa nobs san for foooks sake ssend it my way. no idea but t will house some shafts for me and save some space . heab a shipping cost and well chat
  14. supo

    Driving Iron - Honma 2017 TW-U

    aced the latest version , was too much of set / gooseneck for my eye, went back to the original, cudnt be happier