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  1. Aerotech 125s shafts sharp as a razor these, players wedges of the highest caliber ,make NO mistake. 58 bent to 60 by a professional builder in Tokyo. condtion is mint, grooves are in superb cond, I played them yesterday to make sure they were still good ,and they most certainly are. $250 deliverd ,tracked,insured via EMS jp.
  2. nope for a friend im done for iroms. soon as he saw the epons he .was sold
  3. all done, decision made. epon 303 got the nod. w/NS 950s
  4. Ok heres the list epon 302/303 miura 301 onoff kuro fourteen fh900 srixonz745 modart cnb Titleist vg3 amytjing ele this shud cover it id think
  5. need input on a set of soft (like mizuno) irons 4 or 5 /pw epon 303 miura 301 onoff kuro kinda thing, anything else to mention pls fellas , these are not in my wheelhouse so im clueless ..... no TM or callawya vomit spam pls... PROPER jdm... cheers!
  6. supo


    $400 delivered
  7. price.drop $250 delivered
  8. yep tjey are lovely. not seen these before.
  9. supo

    Lob wedge

    fella. the prgr (now) 61* from 58* nabla tour.... its a peach. cant get aby more lobbier and feeling is insane soft, ENDO scorelines . on s20c...
  10. Ran into a cpl of sets of newer newish MB model recently that need some simple honest dialogue.......... from a blade lover, I cannoned all cbs and am playing mb only so...... I have skin in the game muziik...........honma............epon.....mizuno mp05 hmmmmmmmmm...... the designers of mbs have gone in very different tacks recently it seems none of these are remotely alike! HONMA : are a Mb verision of the latest cb model line , same score lines on the back, same squareish head shape. but with a thinner top line this time and as always with honma MB , a nice compact body , this time they are a bit more blocky" looking to my eye with the typical not-a-lot-of offset ,which I LOVE , thats pretty much standard with honma. , they also went with a pretty ginormous deviation from their previous models shape wise , which were rounded smooth and clean lined with a bit thicker top line , I guess they wanted a new look for Justin rose or that's the shape he likes , maybe ????..., anyway I guess im just a little bit disappointed by these but I totally GET WHY THEY DIDNT DO ANOTHER similar style to their last models , im just not excited by these new ones..... sorry but I just cant see why youd buy these over the older model, unless of course folks want the latest and (pretty much never) the greatest ........... IMO still if u want a mini blocky set of MB get a set of miuraisms and forget any other club ever again !!!! but then again thse are 1/4 the price so well there is that.......................... caveat, i not hit them and will prob only do at a range. im about shape more than anything else bec here pretty much no such thing as a BAD jdm forged iron ! ofr my mind the older 2 models are a nicer look . EPON af tour new (ish) model good lord .....................what the FK happened here????????? picked these up ( for 1 second_) and said who the fk designed these and for what purpose?? they rounded and shrunk the original model and seems like quadrupeld the offset in them. they simply don't work!!!!!!!!!!! these are nasty horrible looking things AS FAR AS AN EPON CAN LOOK.... and I love epon, but whoever did these totally stacked an opportunity to make a competitive, stylish, expensive MB for the US mkt oh I presume these were aimed there ??????.............................. I don't wanna go into any more on these im still I shock by the butcher job they did on THE best easy to play Mb iron set of alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll time the original af-tour. im gutted........absolutely gutted by what CUDA/SHUDDA/WUDDA been a kille set of new mbs ,, honeslty they totally stacked it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUZIIK mb now THESE are interesting........... they are BIG chunky and falcoursome, they are NOT blades, no way they are MBS and a big punchy set at that. they look great.. nice score lines with satin muscle. a topline semi thick,and offset that doesn't disturb them too much. yea id game these I wudnt buy them over a few others but yes I cud and wud game them for sure they are in the origina af tour line of MBs bit easier, bit larger, and id imagine a delightfull impact. mizuno mp5................. GETTING A SET end of chat , blew the rest away , PW is a thing of beauty not seen a better one. rounded sole, no offset, HIGH thicker topline frames the ball beautifully. IF theres a detractor its they are too soft and distance might not be quite as long as ud expect, bwahahahhahahahahahahaha. im in , alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll in.
  11. really!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? going in the garden to aid tomato growth.
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