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  1. brand new minus 3 games. quality superb. redeployed CRAZY 80FW to diff shape head . none better than rc . ask away , ive been playing these heads for an eternity $170 delivered
  2. now THAT is handmade.. i shud never have given these back...........
  3. amelia $575 easpade $650 both $ 1000 delivered!
  4. yup soft heads the best mix i found over many seaons of playing differnt models of these shafts. miz, endo , miura, perfect feel. wudnt rush to put the TT in cast heads. nah. the Ns u can play in set of raliway sleepers wint do anything else than male the feel great. Ns are heaver and higher . they arnt really designed to be bent laterally much . flight control on these is through height moderation. they launch very high and spin a truck load. dead aim at pin and full swing or a moderated swing is key to their zest. Mons are more wo
  5. cond is perfect .both sets were BNTM grips of course perfect pro cords which are hens teeth now. brillant in rain as well Ns2f15x.....x3 $360 TT Monaco x....x2 $250 both sets. $475 delivered
  6. ASTRO TOUR v2 11* / diamana X 70s 323g 45 inxch d1.5 The same head/weight as is on my GD pt6x which has been my fave driver of this season , in fact its been hard to take that one out of the bag , i originaly planned to build this new one to leave on the links so ican travel lighter. but that didnt work quite as planned.................. THIS one came back with me, the GD stayed put. ahhhhhhhhhhhh, sigh, there is just something SO more my style with this shaft than anything else really , with the exception of the 7d and stinger that just makes me wonder w
  7. Prgr egg7 , 9* with diamana ilima 70x 44.875 d1 313g swapped this shaft from the 83g diamana aliislei ( which is prob my 3rd fave shaft of all time) and oh boy it changed its profile............. by a MILE....., aliislei was low, sturdy heavy and punchy. didnt like to be moved laterally what so ever. it was a purpose built wind buster that was designd to hit the middle of fairways with a draw swing, NO WAY was htis or did this go left. not a once. misses were ALWAYS fades, cuts, slices , blocks , which im ok with bec thats my miss and ive come to
  8. HEADS UNLESS REQUESTED More than a few very tasty wedges i just dont put to any where near enough use any more. syard bold 56* $100 grindworks 52/56/60* $ 330 prgr tr multi forged freeekn masterpice . 57* $150 fourteen prototype 53/58* 1400 sets made, most sought out pro level wedegs at the time , sold out in under a minute. $400 yururi tour 56* $150 BNIP yuriri 2011 pw 46* $150 BNIP Epon xl45 56* copper, sintialting cond$230 take them all for ...........
  9. FOUND THE specs on this , itsa 52gram distance shaft designed to get the ball up and out as fast as possible with deforamtion return as quick as possbile ..... well , they got that damn right.! Fast forwards to yeserday range session, i took this off my mate in a swap with or another fw i had , my egg was far too taught for him so he took a RC 14* instead , stiffer flex but lower launching for tee shots. Had a prolonged session with the new one and im convinced this shaft is NOT exactly right for me but damn if i didnt hit the blazes out of it and REALLY enjoy i
  10. sigh... the grips are worth 15-20 per grip.!
  11. Had a swap of a cpl fo woods with a bud yesterday, i gave him my egg with roddio 17* , he gave me his egg 15* w/trpx raytis tuale stiff. Tual is soft and high, very spinny absolutely delish to hit , the feel is like a blamange kissing a marshmallow, i loved it didnt miss a shot with it but it seemed miles too whippy. comaped ot my one buyt oh lord this was fun tho cud make this go wherever i wanted for shaping, the bal flight was lie watching an f22 take off its also very light weight. ID say rthis set up one of the easiest fwd i ever
  12. supo


    ROYCOLL BBD 16* fw. mine from new. cond absolutely mint. cpl of games old only repostioned crazy cb80 shaft in a 17* instead. outstanding fw head. $190 delivered
  13. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge price cut .
  14. ASTRO TOUR V3 11* - diamana ilima 65s. this thing has defied its image and cud be my surprise packet build of the last cpl o years. Ive had a few games with this now,higher launch NO BALLONING at all, good spin rate, excellent carry, and most of all VERY , surprisingly not a whippet over left and right field which i thought it was going to be . For the most its very very straight and high . My swing speed is back up to +/- 106mph now so 255-270yards with a max @ 280 im getting most drives, the average on the lower 260s , gone are my bombing days
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