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    hitting block cuts to right t pins that zinnnnnnnnnnnnng !

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    undercover ex HO..
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    J D M
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    jbeam435/7dreamers xs -solid contacts2w/ diamana X -prgr egg. Diamana stinger. Prgr speed 3di- honma pp737/nsstx-prgr tr52/56nswv125- tourstage x-o1z

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  1. .

  2. driver face material

    always said that erc 3 was and stil is one of the best drivers ive used, got 2 of them in play . and the erc 3 with diamana B 73sx is in my HOF. this has the best face feel of them all, then the epon 101 is next or vice versa both these are really good to hit
  3. driver face material

    nobs .. as usual, u are a star
  4. 45inch. x 325 gram x 10.5* square f/a 58* lie 15-3-3-3 titanium face high /mid high launch all carry. this soars very tight dispersion. feel , exquisite . custom hand built parts by my builder for me. EXACT deets avialable for those serious. plenty of dialogue on the compents here. this is an ubershlokken $890 delivered.
  5. driver face material

    thatll do till corrected.nice start
  6. great cond. $165 deliverd.
  7. anyone help with the following, I love these heads but have zero idea what they are made of, never been bothered to study them that hard. ryoma d1 v spec.--- jbeam 435 + 425---(dat55g) callaway ERC 3--(sp700) epon 101---(ks100) GP platinum--- kamui pro v2 tp -07---(dat55g) prgr egg 1/7/ super-- (6-4ti) taylor made tp-07--- Yamaha v4.6--- prgr pro 0--- cheers fellas, shud prob learn what I like and why I guess..,
  8. shafts..diamana+labospec +NS pro

    added some steel , ask for more pics if u need em I have heaps
  9. SP700 face drivers

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. finally a thread on a driver that doesn't say M1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 what ever or , is green!!!
  10. all in perfect order b60x...$125 b70x...$.100 labo..$225 kaili proto..$600 ( made for THE.. tiger woods) NS modus system 3 125s w DWD grips , these were used once or twice then pulled . $300 all of them DELIEVERED for $790
  11. one of the best heads ive ever hit, so good in fact i got 2 of them. balls.fly off this face
  12. .

    balance point added