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    PRGR 2018

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    Roddio forged black limited

  3. supo

    hiro matsumoto sln mz07 head

    maybe. one more left
  4. Professionally re built using shimda black smoke stiff wedge shafts and gripmaster leather. --used in a handful of games only so the grooves are MINT they are perfect. --these are RAW WEDGES,,,so any rust is normal and expected. shimada shafts are a lower flighted shaft for very direct, take aim style. The ball grips and sits, these are NOT super high launch where balls back up 20 feet wedges. They were designed to play as a set in heavy wind or rain conditions which these are exemplarythe extra bounce is the reason I chose to do this over other wedges, much better suited. much better. $250 OBO .tracked insured delivered
  5. mate just grab a cl of original fire express driver shafts and cut accordingly , these are so good in fairway woods.
  6. . yesterday I saw 10 NEW MODEL sets..........10. in 1 shop alone. the black ones, one set had a sole so big I thought it was for a sandpit! I put the players set (???????) iron down and had a look, at address, it looks nice, like the titlesist MB good look at the ball. if you like jet black and massive screws in yr irons not me. total pewk.! bthe kicker????? 545 000 yen per set. farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff......................! these are pop outs!!!! whats so special about them ??? absolutely nothing , nothing what so ever.. totally uttlerly utterly lost in some kinda fake tour player hype . 1/1?? HA!!! more like 1/50,000!
  7. great condition.. spotless head 202 grams, 0.5*open shipped/tracked/insured. DELIVERED. if uwant full pics pls.ask $190
  8. hmmmmm.... I had t hem in my marus and they were fabulous. maybe they are a beter mix with the softer forging like epon/ mizzy..onoff. I was gonna put mine into a set of idbls, I think that wud be a fantastic match but as ive not played I havnt got around to it, infact that's a really good idea. I might shaft up the 6 iron for a test.
  9. .330gram training travelling putter pulled.head from to re.do with freq filter shaft, never got.round to. semi deep milling on copper umderlay for very soft feel. petrol hue ,colours in the sun are stunning. delivered. $240 obo
  10. top 5 sets of steel heavies in my book along witj the super peening blue and orange modus 125s and shimada125 tours. any, all of these are aleap above the rest tjat ive.played. u got some small blades? these are fabulous in mbs.
  11. good buy!!! did u have to throw in the toblerone,?
  12. 3/pw limited ed. tour heads . (quad dots.) less off set /more bounce. NS super peening blue stiff brand new unused perfect pro cords. immaculate cond. pm for details and in depth photos. $899 obo, open to offers NO TRaDES.none,nada,zilch. deliverd.
  13. join... one of the best heads for sound acoustics ive got,.
  14. supo

    Benock Questions Thread

    exactly, the ball definitely seems to pop off he face faster than my deep milled putters, or rather , it appears to me it does, but that ends up the same result anyway bec I adjust me speed accordingly, and the shaft although its just steel feels GREAT, better than my doggatis at times , this one and my yamada ( same mill) are my preferred faces. slowly working up towards getting a full custom benock done and .......... the wait for it..........new odyssey 2 ball gold/black. that shud do me for the season