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    taking apart perfectly good clubs, and shuffling ,shuffling .

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    " 50/50/100 standard docs old boy, short and crooked "
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    PRGR- diamana-RYOMA-crazy-GOLDS FACTORY- nspro-FOURTEEN-tourtsage

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  1. how about you. buy it and do...A. review ,or for that matter on anything.
  2. callaway ERC 3 11.5* conforming immaculate condition. ENDO forged 200 gram head. no head cover. $125
  3. Monacco stiff shafted tourstage perfection. I was toying with going totally JDM again and getting some SP blues put in them ,, still might actually.. ive still got the original m226v shafts that were originals in these .. made by NS, pw is lighter than the 3 iron! these irons have actually played rounds at Augusta in the bag of a very well liked player from a few yrs back. tourstage sent me conformation they were originals..... I don't play these often but they caught my eye again , when I do its awlays a fun day out, had a cpl of absolute shockers with them and equally hit some scorchers. these are not for the faint of heart. the all copper gold look is interesting. but the grips on them don't stand out so I do need to re grip them , nice set of masda slicks shud do the trick admirably if I don't reshaft em.
  4. high toe. 34 inch solid impact. a game or two only on her. iomic absolute grip brand new. out she goes $125
  5. $800 delivered $750 heads $250 shafts
  6. what id give for a cavity design of the 302s with the off set fo the IDBL and the sole thickness of the callaway tour authentics. I cud stop hoing permanantly
  7. THESE.. these are in the bag this weekend. been a while..,
  8. .

  9. .

  10. hahaha doh!
  11. what shafts in these?
  12. not really .closest ive seen is the roddio s tuning.
  13. long means consistently long.. not just a one off right ? in that caase. the ryoma maxima I found to be so, but not the d1, the d1 was straighter the maxima longer but more wayward the jbeam l 435 and the kamui pro tp 07 awlayg gets max distance. prgr egg 7 as well witht the longer length shaft.
  14. .

    finally pulled this so head to go its a nice head if u like Cs heads this works well good quality materials. nice putter head.