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    crazy 435 9.5* /diamana stinger 70x- kasco fd 12.8*/diamana stinger 70x-royal collection 15* diamana X -royal collection 18* crazy black ls 7.7-crazy f 20*/ diamana stinger 70x-yamaha tour 4-pw crazy cbi S-yonex ezone 52/56 DGwedge-fourteen mt 60*-bridigestone Bxs- hiro matsutmoto hand made /gs mod- dogatti pt 146

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  1. 1985/86 , even up to 88, there seems to be no definitive agreed upon year of release, none i can guarantee, my contacts here all say the same "about 86 ish " so , here you go, my full set at the range tour forged model re shafted with NS DP X. original DG400r with Pins and hosel furling , u can see the shaft hole. master said they were abugger of a thing to reshaft but agreed to bec, ( doing so was VERY expensive ! ) and they are in easily the best cond. he had seen a current set. i had to keep the 3i with original shaft . yea , so i played them sat. and there really is no loss of THAT forged feel with these over EVERY other set i have, il notice they are a bit thinner when u dont center them but middled shots are like your fist sip of an Asahai super dry post game in August , AND the new shaft compliments these superbly, gives then a higher flightier arc, ball lands on a penny zips about willy nilly low COG, 31 @ 23*- 49pw very workable to draw shots , but found they were a bit tougher to cut, my opinion is they prefer to be hit straight or with a slight draw more than be arced and use flight control for movement. that 4.8 face progression is noticeable in the short irons and hooking a pw or 9 watching it rip grass to pieces IS SO much fun i flushed a 6i on the 17th , 174y on the par3 to a tap in on sat . i almost ran onto the green singing it felt that good. i definitely notice they are a thinner feel than full, u know immediately where u have hit the ball on every shot. even slightly miss hits near center tell u the story but don't necessarily kill the shot. frames the ball well with a longer thinner blade . thin sole very thin top line. very straight at address. if u can find em, grab em , .they will bring a.smile. proper, these were forged by ENDO in japan , not thailand. make s no odds but nice.to have a set 100% locally. i dont play them that often, certianly not as oft as i wud like , but when i do im reminded of how good a soft forged iron really is, .......... regarldess of age~
  2. sold..sold only 47* left
  3. 9.5* original d1, NON maxima version . no headcover with it, lost the damn thing shaft will get PROFESSIONALLY pulled . flight characteristics are mid/lower ,flatter , arrow straight with an ULTRA deepr thumpy feel /sound to it. shaft recos are mid /low kick 60g or lighter, 45-46.5 inch play. chers..,
  4. gotta b syard? , i have a hi cor Royal Coll 10* head.
  5. heads only now. $225, Delivered.
  6. pop up spme pics , love to see those
  7. back to back rounds with this at my no 1 course this wekeend and with the jbeam 435 / stinger 70x combo in play stroke for stroke. i cudnt really find 2 more diametrically opposed heads if i tried. i used ths one as my shorter, go to must hit a fairway when i wasnt worried about distance as much as position , that went well but wasnt its only trick, bec this went miles more than i thought whne i stepped on it, , much more so than iwas trying to get form it. its not as long on out out dive as the beam is but for the ability to hit ANY shot u cud possibly think of , thers nothing ive ever hit that can hold a candle to it. tee it low hit stinger worm burners, tee it hight get some welly to it itl lstay airborn for an eon plus a can hook, slice pull draw punch , bunt with it with excellent control . forgot how much versatility this has , combo with diamana X shaft, superb! easily, like... theres no competition from another driver for the most versatile head there is. feel is spuerb. sound is as good as it gets, theres room out in driver land for a modern verison of this. but whats the point when this is so good as it is. id challange anything to match the range or imagery of a shot over this , plus a sneaky aside it DOES go long when needed . top of the shop combo glad i brought it back. no need to touch it,
  8. for a never to be done agian, golds mod head ???
  9. same here , 3 or 4 times. like all those L shaped putter , i have an addiction to buying them and always putting horribly with them. pendulum swings do NOT like 6oclock toe hangs. the odyssey 2 ball is a match made in heaven for those same as long necks. very dreamy match
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