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  1. i can be amenable....at times.
  2. supo

    Iron Identification

    grooves. pre 2010
  3. supo

    Iron Identification

    nothing wrong with them being old ,I m finding a lot of 20-30 yr old irons have fk all differnce to the shiny new models out now. ..... apart for them being non conforming of course !!
  4. supo

    Iron Identification

    heres the putter that goes with it
  5. supo


    done bud box her up tomoorw
  6. supo


    oops sorry , its 1* closed face angle, face is 2.2mm thick, super hyten is 2.5 times stronger than titanium, this was played on the PGA tour a while back fyg so its not mickey mouse club., it was the players club of the year in like 04-05 ish If i remember right. this is a powerful head it really delivers a thumping blow and no I never never had a snap hook with it being closed, not once, in fact most times I was looking to keep it from the right side of the fairway. really and small baby draws are what this does best. its a hammer
  7. you bet it is ... im prob gonna go the full bencok Nobs, if that don't work, Ill take up lawn bowls! if someone wants in longer I can have it ***************professionally********** extended with or without the grip on it, or even with a new grip of ur choice, that is not an issue .
  8. supo

    yamada razor blade.putter.

    cause u can always just pop into golf reetmong -matron in any local suburb and grab one from the used bin, bound to be oodles of them, or you can call him for a custom, bwahahahahhahaha... good luck!!!!
  9. ok, time.to move.some top dogs im going deep into the custom mkt.next year so i have to say ciao to a few of my uber schlokens. first up the centre shaft byron proto loosly based on the spud , but it isnt. sound slot 365g. head 33 inch gripmaster leather. grip. german stainless steel, made.for japan mkt only this was not released in the US. he did a run for the jaoanese mkt. only. retail,$1000 + a shallow micro milling for increased response at impact, a more ting feel than guush sound slot adds to feel imensly. very responsive feel, one of the most IMO it has been a gamer but face is pretty spot on. dont expect brand new. co its not its a well played gamer but its in super fine fellte, pp, shipping out of jp via EMS insured,tracked. $695 , delivered *****sensible offers***** considerd , no trades , im going custom.
  10. no one ????????????? how??
  11. supo

    Nippon steeeeeeel.

    3/pw ns125s with 2x wv125 wedge . sublime.combo used acpl of.games only, damn grips are.worth $200 alone! delivered price..shipping AINT FREE!!!!!! $350, that for u tigjht ass lowballing baracudas is about 13 bucks.a shaft !
  12. sigh... stunning. sold and came back ( took another) and re selling agn after nearly.throwing it off a mountain!!! obv its fault(again!!!!) $525
  13. for got about this still to go
  14. added a lovely saqra Di bec my season hath ended . both of these are fantastic.