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  1. supo

    FW sale. Ryoma F2 crazy FW80

    insanity abaolute freekin imsanity!!! if i wastn selljing fje exact same.id be all over tjhis.grrrrrrr!!!
  2. supo

    FULL Leather /brass custom Sunday bag.

    found this hiding in the dust , dropped the price massively , any cares ?
  3. supo

    FW sale. Ryoma F2 crazy FW80

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............., that ryoma is like kryptonite to me ...is it the 15* ?
  4. supo

    SHAFT/ steel

    DGx100 sold.... come get the balance guys these are good steel!!!!
  5. cheers nobs.thats not my prefered feel. i like instant gratifcation, the best example being the freheit G. driver. not sure what they use on that but with the diamana x in it the ball feels like its an oppsoite magnet. hardly touches the face and its gone. extremely rigid feel that gives a false impression of not being long. but straight and direct. this one feels like its gone miles bec u feel the shaft bend and flick.. it takes some getting used to. maybe itll grow.on me. illplay both the G amd this one day soon and see whats best suited.
  6. THE latest of Thors hammers. ****ASTRO TOUR vIII 10* head/quadra fire express 65x prototype (2016) cadero grip 45 inch 323g sp700 face**** I thought , ok it looks pretty hot , the graphics on the shaft are great, and the astro tour head I know goes monster long as the v2 is prob my longest single shot driver and the new shape head is more my style, its a compact full body with a hint of a an elongated rounded oval face (square face angle ) . A VERY good head shape for ME to look at to draw the ball which Isnt my natural swing so that helps me . yea,ok......., ill give it a whirl Hmmmmmmmmmmmm , first game up I wasn't that taken by it at all , I missed a few right! contrary to what I thought this wud do and that is a catastrophic miss for me..... and ............it felt a bit ,well , not loose, a but flippy.... its not as tight as im used to or prefer.. but it was, I was confused ! The ball seems to sit on the face longer than Im used to , it feels like a trampoline driver, so I benched ot for a cpl of weeks abut took it back out yesterday with the big dogs (In all honesty ithought id move it along bec I didn't thinik it wud cust the mustard vs the JBEAMS.) Well Yesterday it did , and its a keeper! 6/7 fairways, mid high flight that seems very tough to hook or draw more than a cpl of yards ( this has always been the case for me with quadra shafts) , but the best thing was the straight to slight fade shot, , its a bazooka, I leant into a cpl on open fairways and launched some all effort shots that I middled and it was huge. proper huge.. I have been driving the ball superbly last few weeks with all different driver combos , ryoma stinger70s, jbeam 435 diamana X, roddio s tuning diamana X and this vs these didn't miss a beat it handles all power with aplomb and really thumps the ball. At address is hides it 460cc size nicely and you can see just enough of the face to make it look like the shot uwant to hit, unlike say the v2 which is just point shoot. iprefer this to the v2 bec the shape is sounder, fuller like the jbeam. its a head that guys that like a fuller shape shud really gravitate to. THE SHAFT ,well its good, is it as good as my diamanas ?????? prob not. but tis not far behind nad theres a heck of a differnce in price for those. im actually really thinking of putting a stinger In an 11* version head bec I think that might take the mantle of all carry driver.
  7. supo

    SHAFT/ steel

    2sets of aerotechs gone ,still one mkre.to go dgx100 pernding
  8. supo

    SHAFT/ steel

    aerotexh 110s sold.
  9. 43.5 inch 333 gram 12.8* 250cc square face angle diamana stinger 70x pro model cpms280ish mid high flight super straight very very very long.there are more than few times this out longs a driver simply bec it so much easier to hit consistently from the middle. driver alternate for those looking for abetter option that a3wood. there plenty of dialogue on TSG about this driver, its pretty much the best of every sub driver ive ever hit/played.by along way. forged super hyten by kasco proprietary head. Was my one back home for years never played a round without taking it with. i have 3..... so imkeeping the exact same and the gd shafted one which is way lower for links. you hit this and u might find u wont go back to adriver! pp tracked insured delivered $399
  10. watched it yesyerday ryo was ok. he shud go back to yonex when he was good!
  11. supo


  12. supo

    TAD MOORE.. la grange pro 1 x bend neck

    cool story. yea its a nice stick allright, i went thru a.double.bend.phase , scotty catalina ,ping cushin, this ..... had fun with them then moved into blades razor.betti nitro, scotty napa..then this just never get a.game, i took it out this weeekend for first time in eons., rolls beautifully. its in immaculate cond.
  13. Customed by lajossi in Melb. weight inserts, head weight to 360g and mid deep face milling. stunning condition. 35ich. long bend neck ,original shaft and grip. individual photos of the putter available, I just make a college to save time and hassel, if u like the stick pm me, full snaps, photos taken yesterday 11/11 fyg. $350 delivered.
  14. supo

    and now... my flatsticks!

    mikey come.over again and get it done.properly, in tje meantime,ive plenty more.tracks.to show you.
  15. supo

    and now... my flatsticks!

    great piece nobs. love a putttrr blurb as much as a driver one. if u evber get tired of the wide benock. ill be ur huckelberry