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  1. supo


    still trying to move these beasts .............
  2. supo

    shafts: driver, fw. carbon

    hahaha.. ok your doneski.
  3. If you cant find.a.shaft here , then im afraid to say you have no golfing soul....! tour ad pt6x...$275 diamana x 60s...$450 prgr.egg m43 fw...$125 ryoma tour ad 63 s fw..$125 diamana x70x fw..$400 diamana kaili proto(made for THE tiger woods) fw...$1000 etimo 50sr fw (extra thick butt) smoothese shaft on earth...$100 diamana b 70x fw....$175 elaster fd 5000 sr flex. (ultra smoith) fw.....$135 diamanan b 60x .....$200 roddio labospec.tataki 70xs...$250 all of them.for $1550 delivered imsureed tracked pp obv.all in sparkling nick as.they are mine. the ryoma, kaili, prgr.egg anre brand new.pulls the rest are.simply stunning. ask relevant qestions.
  4. supo

    Issue resolved

    at aminimum....yellow card!!
  5. wish that .system wud come here..!!
  6. supo

    X Flex Iron Shafts and Tour G Grips

    ns m266v made for shgeki maruyama x flex. 3/pw
  7. supo

    Hiro Matsumoto Tm???

    Id go for the old models when dad made them amd send one in to golds , they come up out of this world "he was the grandfather of putter makers , best there was" yamada.
  8. supo

    Hiro Matsumoto Tm???

    prob new model hm= hiro matsumoto tm prob the son. impossible to converse with since dad pased. lord know ive tried... looks nice tho
  9. I hit the 100s in a trial range session yonks ago. iloved them found them very taught and extrelenly lively in a strange way..... as nobs said head was totally negated by the shaft , things vibrated like a pitch fork. I liked that feeling but left the head totally mute. id game them in a heartbeat but for the fact u need o sell a kidney to get a set.... but id prob soft step them (if possible these days. ) there is no point for me , they cant out perform the NS sp orange/blue/130s and 125s I have in play already..... ive tried every carbon set of shafts imaginable and nothing beats steel so ive given up. oh sorry one set has but that's another story completely............
  10. supo

    bridgestone cb/mb combo test

    they didn't look too bad to this eye... if u have thicker fariways these will be superb im backing!
  11. FINALLY............................................ after a gazillion years of making so cool mbs designs but with HUMONGOUS squared off facs e and ENORMOUS offset pws , the tour guys (id presume) finally said fellas , seriously............. ENOUGH I don't wanna hit the PW into the water on the left each pw shot! so the new bridgestones have NONE................ I mean NONE.... the pw is an utter thing of beauty. I cudnt believe it was from B/S! VERY out of the box design these , fat rounded sole, I mean ROUNDED, not sure what the bounce is on these but it looks a lot. not sure if these wud be my pick for longy mid summer!!!. but for nishi nasuno .oh my lord these wud light the place up!!!!! THESE are the only set of bats from ( RIP torustage) that ive even given 1 second of a look at in 5+years. FEEl:.........SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO peRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRb.!!! full thick, guuuush ( DGs200) didn't miss a beat. loved the feel. didn't take any in hand snaps , ran outta time. but of the 4 sets I hit, these CUD prob get the nod. not overly sure about a mix set of cb/mb but these wud go the closest forsure. TOURSTA... sorry I mena stoine bridge is back for irons baby!!!
  12. not a lot of idea about these but cruising past the test bay they took my eye,. originally was the 56* wedge that I gravitated to. then I saw the MBs. yup, my kinda look. brushed satin non glare. very classy. hit the 7 iron first ( ns modus 120s ) , OFFSET check, not a lot. non glare check, thin top line, but a pretty full muscle, slightly longer blade, these are made for scoring not distance. feel , very nice!!! dense compact thud. cud get a wee bit fancy with them, although I did hit 4 hosel rocket shankkkkkkzzzzz straight off the bat that brought a few raised eyebrows!!! then I found my game and hit them well. reminded me of the kyoei mb I had a few years ago with a different grind. id game these in a heatbeat. but I don't think id get them over the new masdas or older honmas. wedges.. these are VERY funky.. loved them the 56* in aoprticular I loved, not got a snap of that but its worth a peek for new wedge hunters. don think theseare overly cheap!