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  1. if you want bigger individual pics pls ask. collage makes things miles.easier to post. condition is good its not mint .. its a proper gamer. headcover is a bit beatup. but its a head cover... cadero grip is brand new and only a cpl of games old. cheers
  2. my travelling buddy. cant fault this one . will make a great back up, feel and sound is exquisite, this packs a mean punch. lower mid flight for a 9.5* head this does not get beat up by wind it cuts thru it. i always took this to the islands to play where its very blowy and it was spot on perfect. ***texans/ hawaiians take note!!!*** regretable but alas a neccesary sale. epon 101 9.5* roddio labospec tataki70xs. mid/ high kp , shaft is unavailable to buy as a single shaft , I had to take this from original onoff type.s 9* to remake it. the 9* head with this was too low , I wasnt maximising distance but with the extra loft it makes it a much better driver, the heads are very similar so it was a no brainer, this is one of my back ups so the gold outline on head is painted over. IMO it looks way better all blacked but..... i can remove and take back to gold if required . shaft was **** brand new to me**** professionally removed and rebuilt in Tokyo by the best there is . 321g 45 inch d2 plays a bit anti left, I get a mid flight with a shallower piercing arc that hits the deck and rolls a fair bit , hence it was perfect for island life, it does not balloon . This is a powerful driver make no mistake. $449 shipped via ems tracked, insured
  3. oh man .. i likey. if i cud i shud pls .allow me to retort.....
  4. supo


    ok.. $210 for these.... delivered... ????
  5. nope for a friend im done for iroms. soon as he saw the epons he .was sold
  6. all done, decision made. epon 303 got the nod. w/NS 950s
  7. Ok heres the list epon 302/303 miura 301 onoff kuro fourteen fh900 srixonz745 modart cnb Titleist vg3 amytjing ele this shud cover it id think
  8. need input on a set of soft (like mizuno) irons 4 or 5 /pw epon 303 miura 301 onoff kuro kinda thing, anything else to mention pls fellas , these are not in my wheelhouse so im clueless ..... no TM or callawya vomit spam pls... PROPER jdm... cheers!
  9. supo


    $400 delivered
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