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    Callaway Epic SZ/Ping G400 LST, 3W Jbeam BM Ti FW, 19°&22° Romaro iBrid Chapter2, 5-PW PRGR RS Forged, 50° CGS Orion Spy S, 56° Yamaha InpresX black, 60° Edel DGR, Odyssey Milled Collection 6M

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  1. Anyone got more information on this driver? What does it play like? Low or higher spin?
  2. Still here. How about 75 Euro plus ship?
  3. shacco


    had a set that 52,56,60 that I sold about a year or 2 ago. Really regret that.
  4. Selling my Nikon Coolshot Laser Rangefinder. Has not seen much use. Still the first battery in it and it shows still a full battery in the viewer (see last picture). Great condition. White is still white. No discoloration. Original box still available with manuals. Pouch is a bit dirty. Very compact rangefinder. Can even play golf with it in the pocket. 99 Euro OBO plus shipping from Germany.
  5. Selling my gamer putter. Condition is very very good as it was always used with headcover. Please refer to the pictures. I think they speak louder than words. I love the feel of the insert (not too hard but not too soft either) and the shape. Unfortunately, I seem to be fighting the putter a little with my stroke. I need more toe hang which seems to fit my stroke more naturally. I used to putt with a heel shafted putter. Weight kit with pitch fork comes with the putter as well as the headcover. 99 Euro OBO plus shipping from Germany.
  6. Have had a few DAT55G faced drivers in the past. Did not find any of those to be special in terms of distance and feel. Now gaming a DAT55G faced 3W and that is something different. Long and feels awesome. Very different to any of the drivers I have hit with the same face material. Oh by the way, I think the new Mizuno line up has a SP700 face.
  7. Some trade bait possibly: 1.) 56° CGS Orion Spy S wedge 2.) Fujikura MCI 80 stiff (need it for a 19° hybrid) 3.) possibly a 56° Fourteen RM-22 wedge
  8. Selling my JBeam BM-Ti FW 3W. I believe it has 15.5° of loft if I remember correctly. Shallow face and very easy to get up in the air. It is paired with a Roddio W6-WA stiff shaft playing at 42.5" and D2 SW. Shaft is untipped. Therefore, it plays a little softer and very smooth feeling. The grip has just recently been replaced so it is virtually new. I'd say perfect for people looking for a little more spin to keep the ball in the air. This has been my gamer so it shows signs of use. Definitely used but not abused. 160 USD shipped to your door to most places?
  9. The Muziik DF FW is supposed to be a monster long fairway wood. Love the looks and would love to try one, but damn they are price. And that is the club that I hit the least throughout a whole round.
  10. Looks much cleaner than with the original yellow paintjob. GLWS.
  11. JDM is probably the Ryoma D1 Maxima Type V for me. Overall Epic Subzero.
  12. this one launches easy. Can't compare it to the ones you mentioned though.
  13. Of course I also don't really know what it is, but it was just intriguing to see that ball speed was better than with other driver while maintaining similar launch conditions. So, my conclusion would be it's jailbreak, but I could be wrong. Whatever it is, it works FOR ME and that is all I care about.
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