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    Jbeam ZY-11, Jbeam BM Ti FW, Romaro iBrid Chapter2, PRGR RS Forged, Epon KGX208, Yamaha InpresX black, Odyssey Milled Collection 6M

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  1. I think all Jbeam heads do not indicate loft on the head. You can order any specific loft on those heads and they indicate it with a sticker on the shrink wrap when you buy new. I guess they want to avoid having 10° stamped on the driver and have actually a 10.4° head if that makes sense.
  2. That is exactly the combo I had. Absolutely perfect.
  3. How about if I want my ZY-11 back one day? Lol. You go ahead boys.
  4. Sold.
  5. Really feel like trying the new Maxima. Might have been one of the few that actually liked the old Maxima. So the JBeam needs to go. I hope I won't regret it because I couldn't find anything better including its successor ZY-7. Specs: White head, 10* loft, square face angle, bought it with 200 gr head weight but installed heavier weight screws, but I can't really remember how much. I believe it is currently around 203gr. But I do have some lighter weights somewhere that I could include if I find them. Very good condition. Some minor brush marks on the sole from normal play and some minor marks on the face. I'll let the pics do the talking. Currently still shafted with a Fujikura Speeder Evolution II 661 stiff. 45" at D2 SW. Was thinking about keeping the shaft but if I get a decent offer for the whole club, I would think about selling it as a whole. Sold
  6. Ok guys. Will sell the combo for 600 USD plus shipping. That is less than what the shaft costs new.
  7. big drop on the combo: 680 USD plus shipping.
  8. Trade interest is a set of Edel wedges. Will sell head only as well and probably keep the shaft. Head with head cover 500 USD.
  9. Preliminary review:Don't really have much time at the moment to go out and play golf but managed to sneak out and hit a bucket of balls with the new irons at a range nearby. Just took out the PW and the 7i. Pretty bad range with really bad balls. Sun was right on the face and I couldn't actually see where the ball was going which does not help. Bear in mind I'm coming from 2011 Onoff forged irons. First few hits even though impact looked alright on the face felt pretty hard and dull for some reason. As I couldn't see the ball flight I couldn't tell if at least the results were good. Very very confusing and disappointed. My fist thought was, why the F@#% did I sell my trusty Onoffs. I'm an idiot. But I continued hitting and slowly I started to groove in with the new irons. All of a sudden they felt very good. It is a different feel than the Onoffs. Not as marshmallow soft but at the same time more dampened if it makes sense. It is definitely a more synthetic feel rather than the pure soft forged feel of the onoffs. I still prefer the feel of the onoffs. But the PRGRs feel great. They definitely give you more feedback as well. The onoffs felt great, no matter where you hit it on the face. The PRGRs will let you know that you didn't strike the middle. By doing that I had the feeling that they were not as forgiving as the onoffs. Slowly the sun started setting and I could finally see the ball flight. For me it is a stronger more penetrating ball flight comparing to the onoffs. Not really sure about length as this is not the usual range that I go to and the balls were really bad. But if I had to guess, I believe these are a bit longer than the Onoffs which surprised me because the Onoffs are plenty long. I could also finally see the mis**ts and even thought they did not feel as good the were still going ok. Better than what the feel off the face suggested which leads me to believe that the are quite forgiving. By the end of the very short session I was hitting them beautifully. Very happy with those results at the end. Definitely need more time but I am quite confident that these will be good. Will report back once I spent more time with them. Just wanted to give a first impression.
  10. Just remembered that T wrote something about it back in the days. Just found it for the ones that don't know anything about these great wedges. http://www.tourspecgolf.com/forum/topic/26556-2007-yamaha-inpres-x-wedge-impressions/
  11. Since I changed my irons now, I'm thinking now why don't let go of the wedges as well. I have 2 spare heads, 52*and 56*. They are not new but in very, very good condition. No rust on these whatsoever. I don't think you will find these in such a good condition anywhere in the world anymore. Have been waiting to shaft them up once I needed new wedges, but my current 56 (same model) is still in good condition and I can't get the 52* Epon KGX208 out of the bag. So these have been sitting unused. I have a 60* in my bag which I rarely hit though. Condition is very good as well. Since they are raw (I think) they do rust and the 60* shows a bit of it. These are really spin machines. Don't think anything spins more than these. Beware: The ball consumption will go up with these. Will sell these as a set and head only. SOLD
  12. Received mine yesterday. Can't wait to hit them.