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    Jbeam ZY-11, Jbeam BM Ti FW, Romaro iBrid Chapter2, PRGR RS Forged, Epon KGX208, Yamaha InpresX black, Odyssey Milled Collection 6M

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  1. Still have this here. Will keep the shaft though. Will listen to reasonable offers on head only. Trades also possible. Interested in: Callaway Epic SZ head (might consider standard as well) 9° PRGR RS or RS-F head 9.5° Maxima Type V head 9.5°
  2. Had the ZY-11 and loved it. Probably the best driver I have ever had. Completely different to the 435. Also had the ZY-7 but it also did not perform like the ZY-11. Very much preferred the ZY-11 in terms of feel and performance. ZY-7 was a bit bettter than the 435 but actually Pretty similar.
  3. I hated the sound and feel of the 435. It did not perform for ME as well. But that is just me. Glad to hear that they improved on that area.
  4. Looking exactly for a GW with that sole. But I think these have a lot of offset. If not these would be on top of my list for a GW.
  5. Guess the deal is not that good. Nobody interested at all?
  6. Interested in trades?
  7. Sold.
  8. PM sent
  9. Still available
  10. 75 Euro + shipping
  11. Drop to 450$ + shipping.
  12. Open to offers.
  13. How about 500 $ + shipping for the complete club.
  14. Reasonable offers welcomed.
  15. Would sell shaft outright for 250$ net plus shipping.