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    Jbeam ZY-11, Jbeam BM Ti FW, Romaro iBrid Chapter2, PRGR RS Forged, Epon KGX208, Yamaha InpresX black, Odyssey Milled Collection 6M

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  1. Gone.
  2. PM Sent.
  3. Any cash offers? No trades except for the ones mentioned in the original post.
  4. Limited time offer. 510 Euro (ca. 600 usd) shipped for Baldo combo and Reoness head together.
  5. Ok guys, really want to move this. 210$ plus shipping for head only.
  6. No, this is the conforming head. Hi-cor head has the golden arc in the sole. Conforming is red.
  7. 570 Euro shipped almost anywhere for both in a bundle.
  8. Still have the Reoness head. Will do a sweet deal if someone takes both.
  9. Selling a Baldo Competizione 568 460cc head with a Fujikura Speeder Evolution II 661 stiff. DAT55G cup face. Head specs are 10* loft, 199 gr (exact weight is 198.9 gr) with the standard weight additional weight brings the weight up to 203gr. Will include both weights. Square face angle. Playing at 45". Will include the original head cover (which needs to be purchased additionally to the head at Baldo when ordering new). Sole has some usual brush marks from a black ip sole. Crown is clean except for a 2-3 mm scratch. Face is clean. The shaft I had previously installed in a ZY-11. Insertion depth was slightly deeper I guess and you can see a bit of paint chip above the ferrule because of that. I tried to capture a pic of it. I bought the head new and requested the specs. 400 Euro plus shipping. Only trade interest is a Callaway Epic Sub Zero 9* or Ping G400 LST 8.5*.
  10. Still have this here. Will keep the shaft though. Will listen to reasonable offers on head only. Trades also possible. Interested in: Callaway Epic SZ head (might consider standard as well) 9° PRGR RS or RS-F head 9.5° Maxima Type V head 9.5°
  11. Had the ZY-11 and loved it. Probably the best driver I have ever had. Completely different to the 435. Also had the ZY-7 but it also did not perform like the ZY-11. Very much preferred the ZY-11 in terms of feel and performance. ZY-7 was a bit bettter than the 435 but actually Pretty similar.
  12. I hated the sound and feel of the 435. It did not perform for ME as well. But that is just me. Glad to hear that they improved on that area.
  13. Looking exactly for a GW with that sole. But I think these have a lot of offset. If not these would be on top of my list for a GW.
  14. Guess the deal is not that good. Nobody interested at all?