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    Epon 105 Rogue MSi Modart 3wd Crazy FW80 Modart Hybrid Miurasim SC01 / SB02 Modart 51/57 KITADA custom Backup Bag Modart DS w/ Bangvoo Modart 16* w/ Bangvoo Miura 501 Blk Boron OnOff Kuro KBS Blk Yoro MP64 OnOff 51/57 Modart 53/56 Yamada Samurai Copper Bettinardi DASS Tour Blade 2

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  1. Dont suppose them yoros are still around?

  2. Well I'm not sure who made it, but i have to admit without a doubt that this is the best i have ever rolled a putter.....not sure who is responsible for the magic but it works well for me !!!
  3. Well I'm not sure how that can be since Kitada made it !!!! Its not a Golds custom...its a Kitada modified by Golds, therefore a Kitada custom
  4. I thought i was buying Ferrari but instead i have a highly tuned Mugen Honda Civic..... : ( * but man it rolls the ball so nicely !!!! ** I'm gonna kick your butt D for killing my dream my beloved putter.....this is like the "Crying Game" For Sale :
  5. So basically Golds buys a blank putter head from somewhere and drills a few holes and adds some colored rhinestone weights and charges a few thousand for his service.....i mean his head covers are already horrible but this certainly pisses me off to no end.......I should have stuck with Yamada !
  6. Thread will be deleted in 3...2...1....
  7. Golds doesn't make putters ??? Learn something new everyday !!!!! *Bachman !!!! u got some explaining to do mister !
  8. Favourites finally found

    Now that is a Unicorn !!!!! Beautiful irons there
  9. Irons shafted and completed

    Those are awesome !!!! Miura are now my favorite solid hitting irons i got the same set.....but with the Black Kbs Shafts : ) * Might have to get some matching K wedges too !
  10. J-Beam ZY-7 Prototype Driver

    Exactly.....ummmmm how often should underwear be changed ?????
  11. J-Beam ZY-7 Prototype Driver

    If the G is that good, let it stay !!!!
  12. Crazy FW-80 7.7 5wd shaft

    It looks to be about 41 3/8"
  13. Muira Giken - new heads hosel boring

    I can verify this !!!! Not the ream part....hahahaha
  14. WTB: Foresight GC2 (with bluetooth)

    Dibs !!!
  15. J-Beam ZY-7 Prototype Driver

    It certainly would be a inventory issue ( old inventory would be stagnant ).....If this driver is indeed better than the old ZY11. I loved the old ZY11 and if this one is even better, my beloved Epon 105 fairway finder may be in trouble......With the release of such exciting news, Im not sure how many new or used drivers will be sold. Its like trying to get out of your old iPhone when a new model that does everything is reportedly being released.....Can u imagine a iPhone 7 that lasts for a week without charging or can charge wirelessly and is waterproof and unbreakable ???