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  1. Miura handstamp...

    Chris, Do you know any mod shops who are able to do this?
  2. Miura handstamp...

    Does anyone have an idea where you can get the logo’s done like the Miura irons?
  3. The New SEVEN MCB

    Chris, The seven Cb's have the Dg200 shafts and the MCb has the modus shaft, I am currently playing with the modus shafts in the Epon. I only got to hit them on a par 3 and par5 besides the range session.
  4. The New SEVEN MCB

    Testing these bad boyz. My initial thoughts on the Seven iron's. I would have to say the Seven Cb is probably one of the best looking clubs out there on the market, very modern and transformish in a great way, kinda makes my Epon Tour Cb look dated. Was surprise how great they look in the flesh, definitely a work of art you can hang on the wall. The milling marks and the attention to detail is what makes these irons so special in person, you can see how each club is precisely milled, definitely puts them on a class on their own look wise. I wont get into comparison about the size compare to the Epon, as Mikey as address them and he was pretty spot on. The Seven CB felt great but was hooking them with a lower ball flight compare to my AF Tour cb. In terms of forgiveness I would say they are both comparable, slight edge to the Epon but that could be because I am more comfortable with the Epons. Overall very easy to hit and definitely great to look at up close. Between the two Seven iron's, I would have to say the MCB were wonderful, very easy to hit, point and shoot. With the MCB, the ball flight keeps on climbing, if you play fast greens, these irons can help you stop the ball quicker with its high ball flight. The forgiveness of the MCB's are amazing, even if you put a bad swing, the ball goes with a little loss of distance, I was quite surprise by this. If you are a GI player and have own the Onoff, these's are very similar but more forgiving. Chris has created something special with the MCB, they are a tad bit bigger from the top view but these irons can help you score if you dont mind the little thickness. I would say Onoff's feel softer then the MCB but the MCB's are easier to hit between the two. If I was to buy irons base and looks alone, the Seven Cb's would win hands down. If you are looking for forgiveness and irons to shoot your best score, look no further, the MCB's are the clubs I would buy. Chris, thank you for giving me the opportunity to test these, great clubs and I have a feeling the MCB's will be a mega hit.
  5. The New SEVEN MCB

    Richard, Hope all is well :) The new Seven Mcb must be good if you ordered a set. Looking forward to testing these puppies out. :)
  6. The New SEVEN MCB

    Email sent :)
  7. The New SEVEN MCB

    Would love to try the Seven Cb's against my Epon Tour Cb's!!
  8. Still available, taking reasonable offers!
  9. The New SEVEN CB

    Chris, Maybe TSG special pricing for long term membesr?
  10. The New SEVEN CB

    Gorgeous irons Chris!!
  11. Anyone played these irons, would love to hear your thoughts?
  12. Up for sale is a Limited set 4-pw of Miura giken irons w/ mitsubishi OT 95 shafts, 5 iron playing to 38 inches in stiff flex. Grip is in excellent condition, grey GP MCC. Iron shafts and grip logo are facing down. This is the type f model, from address the blade has a squarer toe. You can read about it here http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/miura-giken-limited-type-d-type-f-irons/Irons always used with iron covers however the 7i and pw does have rock dings shown in the pics, it doesnt effect play. These were over $2300 brand new with the Mitsubishi shafts. I'm asking $1600 net shipped ConUs

    The holy grail of Miura's!!
  14. F**k Cancer - an update on TourSpecGolfer

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you Chris!