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    Epon, Yururi, Miura, Crazy
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    Crazy 460 + Crazy's LY 01 (LY-01) Hot Black 6.9 Ryoma F3 + Crazy Black FW80 6.9 Yururi Flatback Raw + Modus 3 Stiff Fourteen Wedges 52* 56* 60* Lajosi BM3 Smooth Custom Putter
  1. kamui pro 07 users ...

    Mine is with fire express and getting mid flight..
  2. New Grandista LS-001 Coming End of July

    Look like a high launcher.....
  3. Best Feeling Epon Iron Ever

    P2 and AF Tour CB gets my vote
  4. 2016 Ryoma Maxima Driver Information

    Gonna be interesting to see how they perform against their previous models
  5. Great loft options there....
  6. SYard XV or Maruman Shutter... Those gives you very high launch
  7. The New Titleist VG3 Utility Wood

    Also Romaro type R in terms of size, distance and ball floor get?
  8. SEVEN Wedge Contest (Forum Members Only!)

    Nice gesture....been a while
  9. 2014 ONOFF Forged CB-358 Irons

    358 address more upright for me.... Owned both and eventually sold my 358. Apart from the P in the 358, I prefer the look at address of my 13 model
  10. CLOSED

    Damn... Slow on the wide blade :-(
  11. WTB 10.5° driver or just head - conforming

    Glories reserve would be a good candidate...easiest driver to get it in the air and super forgiving..... Also have a Vega RAD 02 in 11.5 if interested? PM me if interested in either...
  12. The new OT 95 and aerotech i95 are two of the greatest steel/ graphite shafts around....
  13. 11* driver head - conforming

    Got a Vega RAD 02 in 11* PM me if interested
  14. Putting stroke trainers..

    Nob.... how the Dream 54 working out so far?? See any positive results?