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  1. Lee oh mah! Rhee oh mahhhh for stupid people...
  2. Mark, what's the bounce on those? Very nice! Very tempted...
  3. Hutchy, if you and Dale took your act to Vegas you'd be leaving with that thing in a week...
  4. They are fantastic! A little whippy so you should go X flex...maybe even hard step those....I think you'll like them a lot...
  5. How would one shaft it up? Looks like custom huge a tip sized shaft is needed....
  6. Wish they were at least 6-G, 5-G even better...if they did 50 sets, where did the 5&6 go?
  7. I have a romaro 24 with basileus ut80s...real good club but I also have the 21 and would rather sell as a set...
  8. Nice stuff c! That kamui18* looks amazing over the ball...
  9. Sorry, 105 didn't even leave my foursome. That shin is great as well, sold it within my regular Sunday group and kinda want one back...
  10. Any chance we can work out a trade?  Happy to add cash, just need something to leave...tons of stuff, shafts to heads of everything, lmk

    1. gtrader88


      Sorry not very good at this, apologies for the late reply. This message is in relation to which item? 



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