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  1. Pm sent on Epon Personals 1st Ltd MB 3-Pw heads
  2. I've never played x flex in irons or wedges beofre, as I find i don't swing aggressive enough to need it for irons which is for accuracy. You're right i need s flex at regular weight (120g) to hit my normal distance otherwise I won't be getting the required height on my irons to hold greens. But I'm experimenting with Recoil 95s for the next build and got both F4 and F5 to try out. I think 20g lighte than what I'm used to it warrants a try with the F5 flex. The reason I choose 95 vs 110 is because I had build a 3 driving iron with a 95x and it is my favorite club so I'm thinking I could game 95 in the rest of the irons. But I'm going with 110 On the wedges as i need some weight I'm also dropping the 70x in driver as I only needed the weight for a 43.5" setup but will go back ro 44.75 or 45 with a 60x as I find i need the length to swing it like a driver because the shorter length tempts me to hit down on it like a FW The reality is I got a rotator cuff injury in fall of 2018 and never swung the same since. While i refuse to change my gamers right away, I'm slowly entertaining the idea of more forgiving clubs so hence this side experiment.
  3. Great topic! As a club ho learning how to do the basic club making allows us to spend the money on clubs and not labour. I started learning myself back in 2010 with a regrip, then moved on to reshafting irons/wedges with steel shafts, and avoided graphite reshafting for a couple years after ruining several $100 wood shafts. I even bought some used crappy $10 used clubs with graphite shafts to practice on until i was comfortable! The only things I don't do at home is adjusting lies, as I have a clubmaker that does a good job and i don't want to drop $$$ on a lie angle machine that I will only use once a year. My golf gear and club making materials have taken up quite a bit of storage in my basement, from laundry room to under stairs storage and next to the gym. Laundry Room - Storage for grips, balls, other golf supplies. Also an inexpensive way to measure club length by using a ruler (Hireko Ruler Buddy) Under Stairs Storage - Extra balls, bags, and shafts (placed in the cavity in between the backside of the dry wall) Basement Gym- where I do daily swing practices in front of a mirror (with a cell phone holder in case I want to do videos). Notice I even exchanged a patch of the gym floor mat with an artificial golf hitting mat so I can do some chipping and punch shots with a foam ball indoors 😃
  4. I've been toying with the idea to build a bag specifically with less than 10 clubs for a couple reason: 1) Sometimes golf gets too complicated when we have too many specific clubs for each and every shot! I remember learning golf with just a PW and hit all of the shots around the greens! 2) it would make walking 18 holes a lot easier 3) I normally play blades in my irons and wanted to include a CB set 4) I wanted to try graphite iron shafts but don't want to reshaft my gamers 5) I want to keep a set in the trunk of my sports car so I could hit the range/course anytime (Pre-Coivd idea) 6) I wanted to have a travel set to bring on vacation as I don't want to risk losing/damaging my gamers With that in mind, I started with build earlier in 2020 wity the following 10 clubs: -Adidas Adizero Stand Bag (2.8lbs) -Epon AF102 9.5° @43.5" / Kai'li 70x -RomaRo Type R UT 3/21° / Kai'li 80x -Fourteen TC888 5-9i / Modus 120s -Titleist SM7 46° / DG Wedge -Seven OG Wedge 56° / PX6 Satin (8i) I've played a couple rounds with this setup from the shortest tees (5500 yards) to Championship tees (7100 yards) and it was a lot of fun! Now I'm thinking of rebuilding this set to have: Driver, 7w, 5h, 6-PW, 52/58, putter, with graphite shafts in the irons and wedges 😃
  5. Just browsing GDO (golf digest online) Japana and found this Ryoma Sniper Fairway Utility. Looks to be a club from 2004. https://shop.golfdigest.co.jp/used/f/dmg_5001041209 Anyone got more info on this? I found a 7 wood / 21* for sale on eBay for $39 and bought it just to try as a 3 hybrid alternative but would appreciate more info on it. Google didn't find me anything on this club.
  6. Pm sent for the 2 Ahina 60x 3W shafts.
  7. I was looking at Itobori website today and based on the translation it says TSG is selling fake Itobori products? https://www.itobori.com/新規ページ/ perhaps retaliation for exposing them?
  8. Honma should be transparent and rename the stamp to "assembled in Sakata, Japan". Apple does the same "Designed in California, assembled in China" and it doesn't impact their sales one bit. At the end of the day golf club heads are made by machines, not hand forged, so a well trained machinist will be the same in china or japan. Personally I do not have an issue where the parts are manufactured as long as they meet stringent standards/tolerances. Clubmaking, however, is where the difference lies. The assembly and grinding/finishing of the club makes a huge difference and that's where i would be willing to pay a bit more. But i agree with the overall sentiment about JDM branding - if the club is not 100% made in Japan they cannot say it because consumers pays a premium for it. Having said that I still love my TW717 driver, 717MBs and TW-U. They are a quality product regardless if where it was made.
  9. My best club setup over the years are as follows Driver: TRPX S-01 9.5* MRC Ahina 60x FW: RomaRo Ray Type R 17.5* MRC Ahina 80x Hybrid: RomaRo Ray Type R 18.5* MRC D+ 92x Driving Iron: Honama TW-U 21* PXi 6.0 Irons: Honma TW717M KBS CTL 115x Wedge: Seven 52/56/60 (Thanks Chris!) / RomaRo Alcobaca Tour Spoon (Thanks Chris!) / Williams GP-90 (now given to my wife as she finally found a wedge she loves) Putter: Bettinardi Queen Bee Model #6 & BB35 Grips: Pure Pro Grips No wonder they are still around....
  10. we will always have a part of our game that we atruggle with, and there are always solutions - that's why we keep more than 14 clubs to give ourselves options =) I'm originally from Richmond and my wife's folks live near langara. whenever I'm back visiting that's or McCleeey is usually where I go for a quick round in the morning. Will need to check out Morgan Creek next time!
  11. great bag! very sensible setup with a lot of thoughts put in. with all the hybrid and FW options you have I see why you are selling the F5. BTW nice Eagle! Which course is this?
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