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  1. Thanks, mate. Do let me know if you come up with one... On a "positive" note, the stem cells have held up. I was just at a point where I was hitting 120 yds and in on the range when the pandemic hit and shut down my club. Haven't hit since. Presumably some day we'll see again...
  2. Glad to hear, especially the news about your back. I pray that I'll get to that point with mine. (My Club here in CA is going under financially... We'll see if it even survives under new ownership when this virus gets through with everyone and everything...) But... with my back, I haven't played a full round in over a year now...
  3. I have the 1st Gen MCB's, and they absolutely ended my long & winding road through just about every iron possible. Never felt anything like them, never anything better. (My review from way back is up here somewhere, you could find w/ search if interested) I too say go for it., you won't regret it. best & GL --RL
  4. That comes as close as possible for me, for when I think or say JDM, it's about the feel. Over the years, JDM has always said to me quality, craftsmanship, artistry, feel -- by definition the very opposite of the US OEM's. I think Stu's story about Stone Bridge sums this up nicely. Many of the JDM lines have stories like this in their history. What do the US OEM's have? Supply chain maximaztion. I guess the one thing I would add is the old line I usually answer with when a guy in a foursome asks how much did that putter cost you: If you have to ask... JDM is not for you.
  5. I get that. And don't mind me, Nob... I came up when films aspired to be art, not commerce... Never quite got over what the Star Garbage did to that world...
  6. If only... Sorry, I've despised it from Day (Episode...) 1. But what do (Scorcese and) I know...? ... it's a license to print money... so I doubt it will ever be "over..."
  7. RLL33


    More than "pretty decent," Stu -- more like awesome! For anyone wanting a top set curated by The Man on this Forum, you wouldn't be able to put a better one together with all kinds of time and effort... GLWS, man. And GL to the buyer.
  8. Thanks, Nob. My surgery worked for a few weeks, then the pain came back even worse. I know that happens in a lot of cases, but still it was very dispiriting... Since I had tried virtually everything else I knew of, I was really down until someone put me in touch with a guy doing stem cells here locally. After much thought, I decided to give it a try despite the cost (it's not covered by insurance...), and so far, so good. The pain evaporated very quickly after treatment, and I'm just now beginning to be able to exercise again. Like I said, I have hopes at this point. We'll see where it goes... But I do think stem cells are the future of all kinds of treatments. I'm only sorry that US research was set back by years during the W administration... but that's another story... Anyway, thanks for the good wishes. Always great to read your posts and see what you're up to. Best to you for the holidays. --RL
  9. Yeah, big sighhhhhhhhh... that about says it......... This is the longest I've gone without playing in... 20 years... and I was doing 150+ rounds a year, plus weekends chipping and putting around my backyard green... Always felt like I was doing the Gary Player thing with my fitness routines, etc... But life finds a way to reach us all, doesn't it...? Anyway, like I said above, I have some hope with the latest thing, the stem cells. Reached a point where these beautiful clubs sitting here in my office were doing a little tormenting more than making me smile though. Still not totally sure I want to part with them... <g> Reached kind of a c'est la vie with them the other day, so put them up to see if anyone worthy here wanted to adopt them... ;=]
  10. Thanks, man. Yeah, it's been rough, which from your experience, I can see you understand. Can't even go into all the stuff I've tried and been through -- a lot of it felt like torture... But the latest treatment -- stem cells -- seems to be working. I've been hopeful a couple of other times, so I'm slow to let myself be that now... but I'm... well... hopeful. (And yeah, those A-Grinds... Hard for me to believe I've even put them up here... <g> )
  11. Hi, guys, been a while, but after a year and a half of trying everything from physical therapy to surgery to heal herniated discs in my lower back, it's time for me to admit I may not get back to fully appreciate my carefully curated collection of JDM clubs... So... I'm offering up some of the best of them in hopes that they'll find a better home in someone's hands here on the Forum. As always, you can see I spared nothing in assembling these, and I assure they're in top notch condition -- in fact, barely played. Enjoy! First up, the great whites: YURURI 2010 FLATBACKS 3-P NS Pro Modus-3 Tour 105 Stiff shafts Iomic grips Literally mint, swung indoors mostly, on course one time only. Won't find a better set of these babies. $1200 free ship domestic US; over there adjusted Next up: ***SOLD*** A-GRIND R1 BLADES in Smoked Copper with Monaco shafts ***SOLD*** These beauties are now sold. Congrats to the lucky, savvy buyer. I will always treasure the way these played -- best blades for me, ever. 5-P TT Monaco Tour Prototype shafts Wynn Excel carmel grips The original 1st gen A-Grind Ako-san blades, finished in the TSGworks shop in beautiful smoked copper. Also in perfect shape. $1200 free ship domestic US; over there adjusted Last up: MIZUNO YORO MP5 / 55 HYBRID SET 5-P 5-iron is the MP55; 6-P are MP5 Double nickel satin finish Mitsubishi OTi-85 R-flex shafts Tour Velvet grips I had this set custom built by Yoro through TSG, and my initials RLL are on the irons in subtle position as pictured (most won't even notice...). Again set is in mint condition, exquisite Yoro soft craft. $600 free ship domestic US; over there adjusted Enjoy -- Happy Holidays to All -- I miss you guys... --RL
  12. And I would add that the Pantaleone has done the same thing for me re: putters...
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