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  1. My current bag. (Otherwise it wouldn't be my current bag.)
  2. Congrats, Nob! Gorgeous putter! Can almost feel the roll through the pictures. What's the finish called?
  3. Yes, absolutely workable, nob. I not only find that I can hit nice draws with all of them right through the AW, but that I'm even having some luck with baby fades -- a shot I've always been reluctant to use in any pressure situation. (Don't know why exactly, except for undying memories of ugly wipes that take longer for me to erase from memory than hook mistakes, for some reason... I feel an odd pride sometimes in a hook, but nothing but embarrassment with a wipe... <g>) Anyway, i find I'm more versatile working the MCB's than I was with the last CB I truly liked -- the A-Grind R1 CB. I could draw the longer irons in that set, but starting at the 8-iron, not so much. Maybe it's just the confidence that the MCB's seem to have inspired in me, I don't know. But even if it's just that, I'll take it. Also meant to mention that I'm really liking the Iomic grips I put on these, too. They're the Art Series Sticky Opus. I think they add to the overall feel that I'm enjoying. (Used to always stick with Tour Velvets...)
  4. Just a quick follow-up on the MCB's. If I'm still in the honeymoon phase with these irons, it's the longest honeymoon I've ever known. They just keep growing on me, and I find myself looking forward to hitting them the next day when I go to sleep at night. I've also posted a new personal best round with them at my club, and my handicap has come down a full point. The sweet spot on these just seems to get bigger... Also re: the finish, another big thumbs up that verifies what Chris describes as unusually durable. We have multiple holes at my club with waste bunkers lining one side of the fairway, and the surface down in these baranca's is very harsh with sand, sticks, small stones, and whatever else God and the red-tail hawks care to deposit down there. Some of my other sets -- i.e., black or copper -- have taken a beating in surface scratches from these valleys of sin, but the MCB's show barely a mark so far. Also have to say, I'm glad I seem to have provoked several discussions relating to putting ego aside in favor of scoring via more forgiving clubs. The difference, I'd still add, is that these MCB's give up nothing, nada, zip, to the blades that I'm still super fond of in terms of both look and feel. A rare, rare set of irons, these. Next up in my experiment is a very unusual configuration of one of the new Maxima drivers that Chris and I have attempted to get close(r) to the F2 2-wd experiment I've been running than any driver I've tried before. Will report back on that, too...
  5. Not sure where/how you're getting your info on the MCB's... Height...? Distance...? Have you hit them? They fit the bill for what you're looking for to a T.
  6. BTW, these ARE great clubs from a great TSG'er, and this listing is a great deal if anybody IS looking at grabbing these beauties... Good luck, Mikey. Either way you win in IMO... ;=]
  7. Yeah, keep 'em. I have mine in my office. I just like to look at them.
  8. These feel more BMW to the Yoro's Mercedes, Ian. The pop when they're hit on the sweet spot is so pure. Very long and lasting sensation. Like more road feel but with big muscle and tech behind it. I assume that's the Titanium in the muscle. I let a 2-HC friend hit one on a Par 3 with his normal club choice, and he hit it over the green and down a hill bank, and he lost the ball. He's a blade user, and he said he never felt a sweeter impact. Until I tried the MCB, I agreed.
  9. SOLD Rare Limited Edition Forged Mizuno Black-IP MP-15 Titanium Muscle Back Irons 5-PW Grain flow forged 1025 NSPro Modus3 Tour-105 Stiff flex in Mizuno Custom White Mizuno Golf Pride grips The one set sold here on TSG was to me. I've recently gone Seven MCB. So I'm willing to part with these at almost half-price. The 5-iron is unused. The rest are lightly used. Two clubs in the set -- the 8-iron and the pitching wedge -- have unfortunate sand scratches in the black IP finish on the sole (pics below). The rest are perfect. All grooves and club faces are perfect. Grips are like new. $795 USD PayPal only. Free shipping to contl. US. Anyone else add $50.00
  10. Top notch Epon bag, Dave. Enjoy!
  11. Can any of you guys describe the characteristics of each of these heads and how they differ?
  12. Wow! Just wow! Thanks, Nob!! PS. Would love to see an interactive version of this chart that would insert any (or even just most) irons. Would also bet the MCB would be WAY in the upper right.
  13. Ultimate combo set. I'd go for a 4-mcb. (This is actually the first set of irons in a long time where I'd go for a 3 as well. )