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  1. And I would add that the Pantaleone has done the same thing for me re: putters...
  2. Couldn't agree more, D. Over the years, I too have played SO many different irons... but once I hit the Seven's, I felt like my journey had reached its destination. Nothing else like them, IMO.
  3. Yeah, I appreciate this, too, Stew. If my back would let me, it inspired me to think about taking a bunch of my wedges out to try some different combos... (PS. I finally had a microdiscectomy (Tiger surgery No.1...) two weeks ago, and the doc says August for me hopefully to return to play... Man, it's a drag being away from the game... but at least the pain seems gone for now...)
  4. Would be even more interesting to see if they could reach in One! <g> On a real note, I found it very cool that JT played so awesomely well when he realized he was out of the running for winning and just decided to go for everything care free. Almost 59'd it! If only he (and we...) could play that way all the time...
  5. I should by now... ;=]
  6. Let me take the Etimo and the Elaster. What's your PayPal again?
  7. Hustler's famous last words: "You'll have your money tomorrow."
  8. We'll see tomorrow if it's "resolved..."
  9. If it isn't, I agree, please name the jerk here. Minimum, people should know not to deal with him. Should also be banned...
  10. I don't know what that slot is about either. Seeing it everywhere -- even in the US copycats...
  11. Yup, I doubt anything could get me away from the MCB's. Have never felt strongly enough before to say that about an iron.
  12. RLL33


    Some fine sticks, man.
  13. RLL33


    Some seriously NICE clubs!
  14. Thanks for that write up, Stew. Sounds like "because I can" would be the winning answer to "why..." Nevertheless, I found it interesting, particularly that he chose to go with screw-in shafts. I've had conversations with a couple of co reps about this. I think it would expand club and shaft sales exponentially if all brands went this route and made it simple for all to experiment.
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