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  1. Hurt me, you guys, hurt me... <g> Yeah, I remember the sensation when I'd catch one of these occasionally just right... Would make a grown man cry-y-y... Would someone please buy these before I have to bring them back to daddy...
  2. Nice to have a fresh visit with these beauties, B. Like seeing a kid making his way in the world and still looking good, maybe even better. 🀩 Still hurts a little that they left home, but glad they're in good hands and hope that continues. GLWS. These are right up there with the finest irons I've ever seen here in JDM-land.
  3. And btw, the Sandila makes the Epon Zen feel like amateur hour. I wish I could get it in the hands of Mickelson and watch the look on his face were he to give it a roll...........
  4. Thanks to all. They are something... And you're making me want to pull them... <g> And yeah, the eaSpade, it rolls so nice, it has the hefty-est weight and feel of all the Benocks I've tried. I still count my Pantaleone my No.1. and I thought I'd be using the eaSpade if/when I ever got back to Ireland or Scotland on the links greens where I always found a little more weight was warranted. But it don't look like that's in the cards for me, I'm sorry to say... Anyway, I welcome you, too, Darren. No offense was taken, I assure you. (I already punched Stew's card... <g>
  5. It most definitely is. (Hurts a bit to let either of these go...)
  6. Thanks, Nob. As usual, you are spot on. For anyone who knows what these are, this is an opportunity to pick up the best at a rare discount.
  7. Two gorgeous Benock putters that I've finally decided to part with since it doesn't look like my back will ever let me indulge them... and it seems a shame to just have them sitting here in my living room collection bag. Neither have ever so much as seen the outdoors, just the living room rug... Absolutely like new, not a mark on them. I've tried them all, and for me, nothing compares to a Benock. eaSpade --- THIS BABY IS SOLD 33" Standard loft & lie original Benock grip and head cover in white [$840] ---SOLD Sandila 34" Standard loft & lie also
  8. Thanks, mate. Do let me know if you come up with one... On a "positive" note, the stem cells have held up. I was just at a point where I was hitting 120 yds and in on the range when the pandemic hit and shut down my club. Haven't hit since. Presumably some day we'll see again...
  9. Glad to hear, especially the news about your back. I pray that I'll get to that point with mine. (My Club here in CA is going under financially... We'll see if it even survives under new ownership when this virus gets through with everyone and everything...) But... with my back, I haven't played a full round in over a year now...
  10. I have the 1st Gen MCB's, and they absolutely ended my long & winding road through just about every iron possible. Never felt anything like them, never anything better. (My review from way back is up here somewhere, you could find w/ search if interested) I too say go for it., you won't regret it. best & GL --RL
  11. That comes as close as possible for me, for when I think or say JDM, it's about the feel. Over the years, JDM has always said to me quality, craftsmanship, artistry, feel -- by definition the very opposite of the US OEM's. I think Stu's story about Stone Bridge sums this up nicely. Many of the JDM lines have stories like this in their history. What do the US OEM's have? Supply chain maximaztion. I guess the one thing I would add is the old line I usually answer with when a guy in a foursome asks how much did that putter cost you: If you have to ask... JDM is not for you.
  12. I get that. And don't mind me, Nob... I came up when films aspired to be art, not commerce... Never quite got over what the Star Garbage did to that world...
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