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  1. RLL33

    Wedge lofts and use cases...

    Agree with B, with the caveat that it's all totally personal in addition to what the green and surrounds are telling you. I'd add that anyone who has touch and feel for the short game would almost always benefit from going with the gut after analyzing all of the above, especially if there is any question left after looking everything over. My general rule of thumb: p-wedge for when I want the ball to roll like a putt (especially on a large green), a-wedge for when I want it to roll like a putt after a slight check on the first bounce, s-wedge de-lofted for when I want a bounce-bounce-stop, s-wedge slide it under for when I want to finesse any spin, and l-wedge for a higher traj that needs to stick near where it hits the first time whether we're talking a 3-ft short sider or a 30-ft up to split level green. In addition, p-wedge (or 8-iron) for any kind of bump and run, depending on whether it's collar or rough you're bumping off of. Just IMO after a lifetime of short game practice, play, and love...
  2. RLL33


    Still love the original Miura HB3. Like you, Nobs, I almost never hit a 3-wd anymore. Off the deck, I'll either go for for the Miura hybrid or my 2-iron. I keep the Ryoma 2-wd in the bag, but use it only off the tee.
  3. RLL33


    Oh, and P.S., I should add that since I'm a 64* freak, I still have never found anything better than the (old) Cally forged copper.
  4. RLL33


    Another great write up, Nobs. I always used Miura wedges and still have most of them, could never sell even the worn out ones, so I'm with you on your love for those. Tried most of the wedges you mention, with the exception of the Modart. I learned the short game first, and still practice it more than anything else in my game. I SLEEP with wedges...! And then the A-Grind showed up. I haven't looked back since.It gives me the scalpel-like control on short chips and pitches that the Miuras used to, but it also feels better on longer approach shots, more controlled even when adding swing speed. And out of sand, it's just hot knife time. I've had them refinished in burning copper, but even raw, I love them. Just curious if you've ever tried them... I should also say that when I got the set of the Seven MCB irons, it's the first time I've ever incorporated a set's wedges into my bag. Both the Pitch and Approach wedges in this set are scary easy to control in all different circumstances. If Chris ever offers a sand or lob MCB, I'd definitely give those a go, too. Still the only set of irons that has stopped me cold from even thinking about anything else...
  5. RLL33

    My SP700 Tee box heros!

    Great review, Nobs! I really appreciate this kind of article -- I've missed them. So wanted to really say THANK YOU!
  6. RLL33


    Hi, Stew, I'll take this.
  7. Top notch set! (And I, too, am glad you meant "just for this season...")
  8. Agree things seem to be going through a weird, very slow phase... Don't know about you guys, but I've sort of hit a nirvana stage with my current setup. Have never been so satisfied for such an extended period as with my current bag. The Seven MCB's continue to just kill for me. And I'm even not swapping out putters with changes in cloud cover, I love the Benock so much... <g> Doesn't stop the fact that I agree there is some great stuff up here for sale, and obviously a great time to snatch it. Have fun on your travels, B.
  9. RLL33

    New Mizuno Proto Driver

    Yes! Exactly! And the way all the power generated by it flows all the way through the swing to the very end of her follow through.
  10. RLL33

    New Mizuno Proto Driver

    Gorgeous all the way around. I love watching the LPGA players. Played in a ProAm with them this summer, and enjoyed it enormously. Driver does look nice, too... <g>
  11. A little August clearance sale, eh, B... ? Some great stuff here!
  12. RLL33

    Scotty madness

    I had the Red-X too (still have the head cover and the hat, which I get offered $$ for...). But agree with you about Benock instead. Either this time with my Benocks is the longest honeymoon ever for me or I've finally found Nirvana. Nothing compares for me anymore.