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  1. Seven 2018 ?

    All good... very good.
  2. Scotty madness

  3. Thank you for this, Stew! It really captures the way the 7D feels alive in hand. (And I assure you, those of us who consider ourselves NOT follower types appreciate anything and everything you post whenever you feel the urge. We ARE still out here. At least I am, I know that. Thx, dude!)
  4. Tyson Lamb

    More like probably transferred to the Bloviator forum, where he'll be right at home. Getting back to putters... I haven't rolled a TL, but I admire what he can do looks-wise. RE: Benock I've never rolled anything with more exquisite feel and responsive action. The Easpade S beats every weight combination Scotty I've ever tried over 20 years. The Sandila makes the Zen feel like a child's toy. And my favorite, the Seven Pantaleone, beats the Yamadas I still have and love. Anyone fortunate enough to try these will immediately, and without bias, know precisely why Chris favors them. And I do mean precisely. Because that is why I come to this forum and do business with TSG.
  5. Sold

    Great looking set.
  6. JDM Driver Durability?

    Sounds like a range rock problem more than a driver problem... What kind of balls is your range using?
  7. Miura (global) MC-501 Introduction

    Yeah, as we well know on this forum, haters on other forums gonna hate, and bloviators gonna bloviate... <g>
  8. TSG Clubworks props

    Nice! Congrats!! Enjoy!!!
  9. Beautiful set of clubs! I've hit that model and they play great, too.
  10. Tyson Lamb

    +1, Gregoire
  11. Down

    C - how does the AK compare to, say, the 153 in feel. I mean aside from the adjustability. Thx.
  12. Miura (global) MC-501 Introduction

    Also, Milstein is not some "hedge fund billionaire" as some on the dumb forums refer to him. Yeah, he's rich, he's a private family banker, but he also runs Jack Nicklaus's golf operation, owns Golf Magazine, and many other things. He knows golf...
  13. I hope so. Every move I've made in this direction has bettered my wood play. Haven't tried anything less than 50g yet, but would in a heartbeat.
  14. TSG Club Works - New Finish / Matte Black Boron

    Agree that is one gorgeous finish!