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  1. RLL33


    Hi, Stew, I'll take this.
  2. Top notch set! (And I, too, am glad you meant "just for this season...")
  3. Agree things seem to be going through a weird, very slow phase... Don't know about you guys, but I've sort of hit a nirvana stage with my current setup. Have never been so satisfied for such an extended period as with my current bag. The Seven MCB's continue to just kill for me. And I'm even not swapping out putters with changes in cloud cover, I love the Benock so much... <g> Doesn't stop the fact that I agree there is some great stuff up here for sale, and obviously a great time to snatch it. Have fun on your travels, B.
  4. RLL33

    New Mizuno Proto Driver

    Yes! Exactly! And the way all the power generated by it flows all the way through the swing to the very end of her follow through.
  5. RLL33

    New Mizuno Proto Driver

    Gorgeous all the way around. I love watching the LPGA players. Played in a ProAm with them this summer, and enjoyed it enormously. Driver does look nice, too... <g>
  6. A little August clearance sale, eh, B... ? Some great stuff here!
  7. RLL33

    Scotty madness

    I had the Red-X too (still have the head cover and the hat, which I get offered $$ for...). But agree with you about Benock instead. Either this time with my Benocks is the longest honeymoon ever for me or I've finally found Nirvana. Nothing compares for me anymore.
  8. I'm sure that would work, too, B. But sorry, just sold the whole beautiful bundle.
  9. SOLD *** BEAST FOR SALE : JBEAM BULLET driver with Seven Dreamers shaft *** SOLD This thing has snarled at me from my office closet for too long. It wants to be let out. It's THE beast from JBeam: high toe, compact, laser etched face, and mint. It's been hit less than the number of fingers on your glove. The Seven Dreamers shaft was made for me, and has never left my possession. It's 60g in the S/R flex low-to-mid trajectory profile -- an intentionally interesting combo with the higher loft head, which is 11-deg . So the howitzers it sends out are mid-flight despite the the higher loft head, and the result is easier to control penetrating LONG blasts that have enormous roll out. I won't separate the head from the shaft, so please don't ask. I'd rather keep the whole thing than change this experiment in configuration which is looking for somebody who will appreciate and take care of it. It's the original head cover and the grip is the Iomic Art Series Sticky Opus. Length plays to 45 1/4". $909.00 SOLD PayPal net. Contl US free shipping. International might be additional depending ( Price is 1/2 what this baby cost... ) PM with any questions.
  10. RLL33

    Seven 2018 ?

    All good... very good.
  11. RLL33

    Scotty madness