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  1. Agree, Nob! The Pantaleone looks killer to me.
  2. SOlD 2016 RYOMA MAXIMA TYPE-G DRIVER 11.5-deg Beyond Power shaft from Graphite Design @ 45 1/4" Original head cover & Ryoma grip Brand new. Played one round. Beautiful black & gold finish. Launches to the sky, smooth and silky, and Ryoma LONG! Bought new from TSG this summer for $1200 Selling half-price for $599. PayPal Free ship to Contl US
  3. Do a search of the Forums. There are reviews and much discussion in threads.
  4. I've tried pretty much the full gamut, and the Crazy STP really jumped out as exceptional for me. It's long and explosive for a guy with a smooth tempo swing like me. And maybe it's the stepped structure, I don't know, but I find it very workable and accurate -- especially off the tee when I'm using it with my A-Grind DI's. Not that nuts about the all black finish, but I've gotten used to it. Interestingly, when I recently switched to Modus-3 shafts in my new irons, the STP-50 I was using suddenly seemed too light and it was throwing me off when I went to my driving iron. I seemed to get too far ahead of the club that I had previously been loving, resulting in pushes. So I decided to try and put a Modus-3 in the DI. Didn't work for me. The weight felt better, but the explosiveness of the STP was immediately missed. After talking it over with Chris, I'm going to try the STP-70 tipped slightly differently to make it a little softer, but more in line with the rest of my irons at the moment. Hoping that does the trick. When this shaft is the right matched weight for a bag, it's just tremendous.
  5. So can we assume that the opposite is also true for those of us who like to draw the ball? Also, any idea when this baby will be available?
  6. Hmmm... Will watch for a review if anyone gets hands on one. I've never seen that shape in a head, and am def curious.
  7. What would be the effect of the high toe on trajectory?
  8. If you guys are up for it, would love to see more pics.
  9. The Triple X Messenger worked well for me.
  10. My current bag. (Otherwise it wouldn't be my current bag.)