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  1. JDM Driver Durability?

    Sounds like a range rock problem more than a driver problem... What kind of balls is your range using?
  2. Miura (global) MC-501 Introduction

    Yeah, as we well know on this forum, haters on other forums gonna hate, and bloviators gonna bloviate... <g>
  3. TSG Clubworks props

    Nice! Congrats!! Enjoy!!!
  4. Beautiful set of clubs! I've hit that model and they play great, too.
  5. Tyson Lamb

    +1, Gregoire
  6. C - how does the AK compare to, say, the 153 in feel. I mean aside from the adjustability. Thx.
  7. Miura (global) MC-501 Introduction

    Also, Milstein is not some "hedge fund billionaire" as some on the dumb forums refer to him. Yeah, he's rich, he's a private family banker, but he also runs Jack Nicklaus's golf operation, owns Golf Magazine, and many other things. He knows golf...
  8. I hope so. Every move I've made in this direction has bettered my wood play. Haven't tried anything less than 50g yet, but would in a heartbeat.
  9. TSG Club Works - New Finish / Matte Black Boron

    Agree that is one gorgeous finish!
  10. Zodia...driver/md/wedges

    <<Come on over and you sure can.>> Really would like to some day! Among the many reasons, it would be a trip just to see some of your collection of goodies...!
  11. Zodia...driver/md/wedges

    Beauties! Man, I envy you, can I come to your range?
  12. JBeam Bullet?

    I really don't think so, Mike. I've hit it a couple more times, and it just pushes out straight line drives even though my normal trajectory is a baby draw. Also I ordered my club face 0.5* closed... so that makes the straight liners for me even more remarkable. As mentioned, it's a meaty club that I think might really appeal to guys like you who I think prefer a heavier feel than I do. PS. I'm surprised, too, that more haven't tried it. It's a frickin' beast!
  13. Epon 105 with KK XT60 SR shaft

    Thanks, D.
  14. Epon 105 with KK XT60 SR shaft

    Thanks, Vic. I've heard others say the 153 is kind of in its own class when it comes to consistency and forgiveness. I agree, but since I hadn't hit the 105, I wondered. GLWS.
  15. Epon 105 with KK XT60 SR shaft

    Vic, could you (or anyone else...) compare the 105 to the 153? It looks similar in size and shape. How about feel & forgiveness? Thx.
  16. JBeam Bullet?

  17. JBeam Bullet?

    Yes, at address, that's the look, kind of like the Black with a cockpit bulge on the roof. <g> Trajectory is a missile like boring through air wherever you point it. But I'd say it's probably on the low side. I say "probably" because after a lot of experimentation, I've come to combining higher loft heads with low flight shafts. Seems to give me more control. I got the 11* Bullet and put my howitzer 7D shaft in it, and unless I tee it up extra high, I get straight line drives. The 153, by comparison, is a smooth mid-flight traj that tends to do an auto-pilot match of my visual of a gradual, comfortable take off (and landing...). My guess is I'll take the Bullet out if/when I feel like it's a day to press G's and do barrel rolls. For business though, it'll still be the 153.
  18. JBeam Bullet?

    Pics are up. If the Black is a Boxter, the Bullet is a 911 turbo with a big nasty spoiler.
  19. JBeam Bullet?

    Thanks, Nob, I don't think you'd be disappointed. And I'd like to hear a 6-footer destroy the silliness about arm length, etc, earlier in the thread... (That ain't me, babe.) <g> Gonna put up a couple of comparison pics with the Black, too, shortly.
  20. JBeam Bullet?

    Okay, I hit (bit) the Bullet over the weekend. Took it to the range with my JBeam Black and my current fave, the AF153. Have to say, "Beast" is a good description. This thing feels like a big hunk of raw meat. Incredibly powerful pop off the face accompanied by a deep sound. If you prefer the kind of slow "thwack" sound in a driver, this thing is more like "SOCK!" I referred to the Ryoma F2 fwys over the summer as producing a gunshot sound, but if that was a gunshot, this is more of a shotgun. I mean it, it almost shocked me the first couple of times I hit it, and several people came by my stall to see what the sound was over there. It's not the kind of metallic sound that has bothered some people with JBeam drivers. I'm serious, it sounds like if you had The Rock take a side of beef and slap it on hard oak. The ball seems to stay on the face a very long time, and the rumble sound comes a fraction after you feel it, as opposed to metallic sounding drivers that seem to "clink" almost before they make contact with the ball. Comparison wise, it feels just a bit bulkier than the the Black. It looks slightly bigger at address, although nothing like some (460) heads that look like parking meter heads to me on the end of a fishing rod. This thing means business and it looks like it. It was every bit as long as the Black ( I had the same shaft on both...), and as advertised, it was easier for me to produce a draw with the Bullet. Interestingly though, I checked the hit mark on the face after each drive, and it was the ones center and in that produced the most draw. The thing that was cool was a hit on or nearer the high toe felt as solid as a hit in the center, and the flight on those was a nice power fade. The sound didn't change that much either with the hits out on that big toe. Usually if I hit a ball out near the toe of a driver, I get that nasty thin feeling vibration and a higher pitched sound that screams mis-hit. The Bullet did not make that sound. It was more like the t-bone hit the oak than the center cut, and the flight sort of winked back a haughty "no big deal" kind of shrug at me that I have to say was cool. I think it may be for the golfer with a bigger swing speed than me. You guys that use heavier x-flex shafts are probably more the candidate to make this thing come alive than me. (As I've mentioned, my main project over the past year or so was to just hit more fairways at a decent length than to have one great crusher drive somewhere in a round that I could drink to later... Thus, the AF153 has stuck in the bag lately.) But man, I can picture a lot of guys liking this baby, and I get that it would appeal to the long drive crowd. It feels designed for that, IMO, including the intimidation factor that the appearance throws off. It's a beauty, like the Black, but brawnier. Basically if you're a bomber, or looking to imitate one, bombs away with this thing. Here are a couple of comparison pics with the Black. (The Bullet is on the right.)
  21. SOLID GATE by Benock

    My guess is it helps to simulate the concentration/focus factor that you encounter when putting for a real score.
  22. SOLID GATE by Benock

    Yeah, it looks like kind of a fun tool for the office or something, a novelty item to make practice challenging or an actual game. I agree with you, B, about questioning the speed issue. I guess it depends on the greens you play, but putting at +1.5m to a hole on my course would-be enough to send a lip out completely off a green... Our greens often run at 12+... Re: the focus concept though, I think that's sound. A simpler thing to do there is what a lot of pros do to warm up: just put to a ballmarker instead of a hole, especially a hole with a mini flag in it. If you hit the marker a few times from 3' before you start playing, the hole on the first green looks huge when you get there.
  23. Miura MC-501 / IC-601 / MG-S01 Tour

    The one in the middle looks like a Klingon golf club to me. <g>
  24. SOLID GATE by Benock

    Interesting. Will TSG be offering it?