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  1. SOLD *** BEAST FOR SALE : JBEAM BULLET driver with Seven Dreamers shaft *** SOLD This thing has snarled at me from my office closet for too long. It wants to be let out. It's THE beast from JBeam: high toe, compact, laser etched face, and mint. It's been hit less than the number of fingers on your glove. The Seven Dreamers shaft was made for me, and has never left my possession. It's 60g in the S/R flex low-to-mid trajectory profile -- an intentionally interesting combo with the higher loft head, which is 11-deg . So the howitzers it sends out are mid-flight despite the the higher loft head, and the result is easier to control penetrating LONG blasts that have enormous roll out. I won't separate the head from the shaft, so please don't ask. I'd rather keep the whole thing than change this experiment in configuration which is looking for somebody who will appreciate and take care of it. It's the original head cover and the grip is the Iomic Art Series Sticky Opus. Length plays to 45 1/4". $909.00 SOLD PayPal net. Contl US free shipping. International might be additional depending ( Price is 1/2 what this baby cost... ) PM with any questions.
  2. I'm sure that would work, too, B. But sorry, just sold the whole beautiful bundle.
  3. RLL33

    Seven 2018 ?

    All good... very good.
  4. RLL33

    Scotty madness

  5. Thank you for this, Stew! It really captures the way the 7D feels alive in hand. (And I assure you, those of us who consider ourselves NOT follower types appreciate anything and everything you post whenever you feel the urge. We ARE still out here. At least I am, I know that. Thx, dude!)
  6. RLL33

    Tyson Lamb

    More like probably transferred to the Bloviator forum, where he'll be right at home. Getting back to putters... I haven't rolled a TL, but I admire what he can do looks-wise. RE: Benock I've never rolled anything with more exquisite feel and responsive action. The Easpade S beats every weight combination Scotty I've ever tried over 20 years. The Sandila makes the Zen feel like a child's toy. And my favorite, the Seven Pantaleone, beats the Yamadas I still have and love. Anyone fortunate enough to try these will immediately, and without bias, know precisely why Chris favors them. And I do mean precisely. Because that is why I come to this forum and do business with TSG.
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    Great looking set.
  8. RLL33

    JDM Driver Durability?

    Sounds like a range rock problem more than a driver problem... What kind of balls is your range using?
  9. RLL33

    Miura (global) MC-501 Introduction

    Yeah, as we well know on this forum, haters on other forums gonna hate, and bloviators gonna bloviate... <g>
  10. RLL33

    TSG Clubworks props

    Nice! Congrats!! Enjoy!!!
  11. Beautiful set of clubs! I've hit that model and they play great, too.
  12. RLL33

    Tyson Lamb

    +1, Gregoire
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    C - how does the AK compare to, say, the 153 in feel. I mean aside from the adjustability. Thx.
  14. RLL33

    Miura (global) MC-501 Introduction

    Also, Milstein is not some "hedge fund billionaire" as some on the dumb forums refer to him. Yeah, he's rich, he's a private family banker, but he also runs Jack Nicklaus's golf operation, owns Golf Magazine, and many other things. He knows golf...
  15. I hope so. Every move I've made in this direction has bettered my wood play. Haven't tried anything less than 50g yet, but would in a heartbeat.
  16. RLL33

    TSG Club Works - New Finish / Matte Black Boron

    Agree that is one gorgeous finish!
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    <<Come on over and you sure can.>> Really would like to some day! Among the many reasons, it would be a trip just to see some of your collection of goodies...!
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    Beauties! Man, I envy you, can I come to your range?
  19. RLL33

    JBeam Bullet?

    I really don't think so, Mike. I've hit it a couple more times, and it just pushes out straight line drives even though my normal trajectory is a baby draw. Also I ordered my club face 0.5* closed... so that makes the straight liners for me even more remarkable. As mentioned, it's a meaty club that I think might really appeal to guys like you who I think prefer a heavier feel than I do. PS. I'm surprised, too, that more haven't tried it. It's a frickin' beast!
  20. RLL33

    Epon 105 sold

    Thanks, D.
  21. RLL33

    Epon 105 sold

    Thanks, Vic. I've heard others say the 153 is kind of in its own class when it comes to consistency and forgiveness. I agree, but since I hadn't hit the 105, I wondered. GLWS.
  22. RLL33

    Epon 105 sold

    Vic, could you (or anyone else...) compare the 105 to the 153? It looks similar in size and shape. How about feel & forgiveness? Thx.
  23. RLL33

    JBeam Bullet?