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  1. 202HT is the best fwy wood I've ever found to date. Had one in my bag for several years now and it ain't leaving. And a great price. GLWS
  2. Anyone have any updated info on new Onoff kuros yet? Can't seem to find anything on the net.
  3. I like the looks of the CBs, and I think you're right about them resembling the Sevens.
  4. Can't believe this hasn't moved yet. Not only is it a steal, this is a great, not good, great FW.
  5. Good question. I asked on this same topic on May 6, sent an email, and never heard back from anybody. Guess you have to be in the special circle.
  6. These are beautiful looking creations. I don't know where to apply to get a chance to hit these, but I'd really appreciate a chance to put these head to head with the Kuros.
  7. Good God, there are beautiful irons! Material?
  8. These are gorgeous. What would you compare them to?
  9. I'll bite and take the 202
  10. I second the Onoff 2013's. Brought my handicap down from double digits to a solid 7 at the moment. Can't say enough good things about them.
  11. No, not a fan of those numbers at all. Does not look like a professional piece of equipment. Don't understand this.
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