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    Driver: Ryoma maxima type v crazy CB 46 3w: Ryoma D1 Tour AD GT5 R1 Iron: Epon AF 502 Wedge: 52 56 60 S-yard Bold Wedge Putter: Bettinardi Matt Kuchar Arm Lock Putter
  1. chuxiaoben


    Is the speed meter still available
  2. Price reduced! Selling a Ryoma Maxima Type V 9.5 driver with crazy cb 46 6.7 flex. The shaft is 45.5 with original Ryoma grip. Condition is 9/10. Asking for $800 net + shipping. Head only $450. Open to trade for a fairway wood shaft or Ryoma Hybrid.
  3. chuxiaoben

    WTB : Ryoma Maxima V Spec 9.5

    I have one type v 9.5 with crazy cb-46 6.7 bought from a previous tsg user.
  4. chuxiaoben

    Miura MB-5005 vs Epon AF-Tour Comparison Photos

    The af tour is so pure.really nice looking club.
  5. chuxiaoben


    Ly 01 still available?
  6. chuxiaoben

    Wtb crazy ly01 Nero 5.9/6.4 shaft

    Wtb crazy ly01 Nero 5.9/6.4 shaft Pm please.
  7. Open to only sell the shaft?
  8. chuxiaoben

    club head speed vs carry distance

    Tested on course today. Recorded that most of my shots are around 240 with a longest shot 256 and shortest 230. I think my swing speed is into low 90's. I'll go to a different golf store to how exactly my swing speed is. Thanks
  9. Went to a local club fitting center to test my swing. The simulator records my swing speed is around 80~83 mph. However my driver carries 230~240 yd most the time. According to the chart on golfwrx http://golf wrx/64715/carry-distance-vs-swing-speed-chart/, to carry 230 yd, swing speed is around 90 mph. In my case, is it normal that slower swing speed can carry the ball further? What flex should I play with? Thank you,
  10. chuxiaoben

    Romaro Ray Tour Select fairway

    Pm sent
  11. the white jbeam is sexy. Can't PM you, maybe ur box is full?