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    Driver: Ryoma maxima type v crazy CB 463w: Ryoma D1 Tour AD GT5 R1Iron: Epon AF 502Wedge: 52 56 60 S-yard Bold WedgePutter: Bettinardi Matt Kuchar Arm Lock Putter

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  1. FS Jbeam ZY 07 w original shaft(uncut 45") & head cover
  2. Is the speed meter still available
  3. Price reduced! Selling a Ryoma Maxima Type V 9.5 driver with crazy cb 46 6.7 flex. The shaft is 45.5 with original Ryoma grip. Condition is 9/10. Asking for $800 net + shipping. Head only $450. Open to trade for a fairway wood shaft or Ryoma Hybrid.
  4. I have one type v 9.5 with crazy cb-46 6.7 bought from a previous tsg user.
  5. Ly 01 still available?
  6. Wtb crazy ly01 Nero 5.9/6.4 shaft Pm please.
  7. Tested on course today. Recorded that most of my shots are around 240 with a longest shot 256 and shortest 230. I think my swing speed is into low 90's. I'll go to a different golf store to how exactly my swing speed is. Thanks
  8. Went to a local club fitting center to test my swing. The simulator records my swing speed is around 80~83 mph. However my driver carries 230~240 yd most the time. According to the chart on golfwrx http://golf wrx/64715/carry-distance-vs-swing-speed-chart/, to carry 230 yd, swing speed is around 90 mph. In my case, is it normal that slower swing speed can carry the ball further? What flex should I play with? Thank you,
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