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    Golf, Tottenham Hotspurs, Ice Hockey

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    Where is the flag stick?
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    Modart MA01D+R 11,5°/7D Haute Couture, Kamui 12,5°/Accra FX-360 M4, Modart MA01F 19°/Tensei CK Blue 60S, Epon 901 22° bent to 20,5°, Epon 701/Steelfiber, OnOff Frog´s Leap 70°, Seven Double Milled 52+58°

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  1. Epon AF 705

    Looking for 5-G Heads Only if possible?
  2. Sounds like humbug to me : /
  3. My Modart will not leave my bag ;-)
  4. Window cleaner (fönsterputs) will do the trick ;-)
  5. Miura ICL-601 Driving Irons

    I don´t understand why they stopped manufacture the Epon 901??? Best driving iron ever!!!
  6. BOGEY's 3rd bag

    Nice :-)
  7. My next benock putter

    I'm curious to see picks of your mallet... I did find it... :-)
  8. KYOEI Blade Pics!

    Pure porn ;-)
  9. Favorite UT iron?

    Epon 901 22 bent to 20,5 with Steelfiber i70 Stiff... Straightest club in my bag, easy to hit and looong :-)
  10. 2017 Japan Golf Fair

    No... Interested in mallet putters with heavy heads by the way :-)
  11. KYOEI is creating their own house brand

    Interesting to follow...