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  1. I have the 901 at 22 bent to 20,5. The straightest club I ever hit both from tee and the deck...
  2. Epon 901..! Just saying...
  3. What you play is not important... It´s all about putting in the end ;-)
  4. How about these? https://www.tourspecgolf.com/geotech-hsw-v-utility.html
  5. Never underskatta fönsterputs ;-)
  6. Hehe... Salems GK is my place :-)
  7. AIK´s colours is BLUE & Yellow, but they play in Black & Yellow. That just because they are afraid to stand up for the colour of the Club Crest ;-) SSK & IFK Norrköping are my teams and of course Spurs in the Premiere League...! PS. Du får gärna prova den någon gång... Den är otroligt bra :-)
  8. No idea? But I would guess around 200cc something...
  9. I did bought this yellow bastard from Chris... http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/kamui-works-custom-order-driving-wood/ It´s a low launch, low spin, fairway finder without any opponents in sight!!! Yeah!
  10. Leffe

    Epon AF 705

    Looking for 5-G Heads Only if possible?
  11. Leffe


    Du får 1000 spänn för 901:an
  12. Window cleaner (fönsterputs) will do the trick ;-)
  13. I don´t understand why they stopped manufacture the Epon 901??? Best driving iron ever!!!
  14. I'm curious to see picks of your mallet... I did find it... :-)
  15. Epon 901 22 bent to 20,5 with Steelfiber i70 Stiff... Straightest club in my bag, easy to hit and looong :-)
  16. No... Interested in mallet putters with heavy heads by the way :-)
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