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  1. oskar

    Gday Stu, am after a 358 head only, so if it dosnt sell before Sydney, I could get buy it off you there. Cant see the shaft in your pics, Tataki? which I couldn't hit at all. Have a spare roddio shaft which is waiting for a 358 head. If you get a buyer, sell it, still have to much gear anyway,  Rob.

  2. I'll take that if Stu changes his mind!
  3. Think that was me Stu, currently has a 358 5w head on it which isn't getting much use.
  4. Got a near new one, PM sent.
  5. Think I have a choice of 2 Stu, wil check tomorrow
  6. oskar

    epon 901 19*

    Have a 22* on crazy x ute shaft.
  7. Have a pair of zodia wedges 52, 58 with roddio made for zodia shafts. If interested, send me your email and I'll get some pics.
  8. Have one in 9.5, but it's on a royal dec shaft in stiff. Am told it's risky to pull from this shaft (thin walled ) though. Let me know if keen on head and shaft.
  9. oskar

    Epon Irons

    Have a set of crazy 5-P cavities, just shafted with crazy tour 120 stiff, but soft stepped once. Sounds like would suit. PM if your interested.
  10. Have a set 3-P barely used hutchy, yours if u want em, u know where I'm at.
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