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  1. it's my go 2 wedge shaft as of late, just seeing if anyone has a pair laying around gathering dust 🙂
  2. refinishing a wedge project and looking for a couple tour blacks
  3. thanks all, got it sorted...
  4. the old 8 iron trick... that would work too.. I-10 if anyone has 1 or 2 laying around
  5. 34 1/2 inches in raw length or thereabouts. let me know what you have... thanks
  6. Just like it says Gents...
  7. Agreed.. Roddio and don't look back
  8. Pm sent and replied to on the Roddio wedge shaft , thanks!
  9. Looking for 10 epon ferrules. Thanks. JP
  10. Just to clarify. All the heads will have the same loft as originals? So pw about 50 deg? I have a nice refinished set of MP-14 ,s that are fun to play, but the TN-87 are just Flat out sexy...
  11. Thanks for the right up... It's great to see the difference between two top of the line offerings next to each other..
  12. +1. Brand recognition seems to be #1 with high end resale
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