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  1. Nice set of irons and you clearly take very good care of your gear. GLWS.
  2. A huge thank you to Jeff for loaning me a few of the iD BL as well as some of the Legacy Black Stensons. The PRGR are definitely smaller than the 302 and have less offset. They had S flex steel shafts soft stepped and I play R flex hard stepped so the shafts didn't play a big difference in the equation, just a slightly lower ball flight (I think). Anyway, the felt great. A little more dense than my 302 and I liked the reduced offset. If I had never played the Epons, they would be my club. But at the end of the day, I prefer the feel of the 302. That "nothingness" feel on a clean strike is addicting to me. I probably got a little more feedback on the iD BL, and the less offset lead to feeling confident at address. I'm now torn between another set of 302 and the AF-Tour, which have the reduced offset and the Epon feel, kind of a cross between the BL and 302. Once again, a big thanks to Jeff for helping me out. Heal quickly!
  3. Every Shot Must Have Purpose Have you considered the mental approach? As a former wellness coach, training myself still eludes me in this aspect.
  4. Bunches


    "hey ive got an odyssey blade off he shelf in good nick i can swap for ur yamada" "really???? wow.., gee thats a good idea yea im all over that ,send it over,oh yea of course il lget the shipping and fees and tax!" Thanks for that. I just blew my martini through my nose :)
  5. What's the Flying Cat? I love the look!
  6. Wow, that answers all of my questions. I haven't seen a set second hand but will keep looking. Thanks for taking the time to post and take the photos. Valerie
  7. According to Epon's site, the higher numbers seem to indicate more offset. Using a 5i for example: Tour - 3.0 302 - 3.2 503 - 4.0 702/703 - 5.5 Isn't this the same way that Miura lists the specs, in mm? O course, please let me know if I'm wrong on this. Blonde...
  8. Between these and the new wedges, it's almost like they're trying to go after Honma's old market.
  9. I don't know, but I guess we'd need someone with both for a definitive answer. The iDBL look pretty compact and have little offset from the photos in the TSG store.
  10. Based on what you're asking for them with the shafts, I think we'd be too far apart and I don't want to insult you. I saw your listing on the Bay and think you'll probably get it on there. Thank you for the consideration and GLWS.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I just heard from someone that the PRGR are maybe a little bigger and have a little more offset. I was hoping they'd be in the other direction. I love the leading and trailing relief, plus the thin soles, but they sound like my old JPX 825 Pros with a thinner top line.
  12. They look on paper to be just what I'm looking for in a second set of irons, but if I find a used set, I'm going to have to buy them without hitting them. That's a little scary to me. How big is the head, heel to toe, compared to the AF-302? Does anyone who has a set, care to make any general comments on them? Thanks, Valerie
  13. I agree. I dated two guys with Tesla Roadsters and had the pleasure of driving them. I've driven a number of fast sports cars, but the linear acceleration of the all electric, single gear transmission was freakishly out of this world. But the sound of a Maserati or Ferrari is the part of the experience that is missing.
  14. I bet the putter sounds good.
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