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  1. You're absolutely correct... They sourced their heads in Japan.
  2. I know what you mean about putting lead tape on a beautiful JDM wedge.... The Scratch wedges are JDM were mfg in Japan and gorgeous. Using lead tape positions the weight where it belongs , behind the impact area rather then in the hosel area that a Tip weight does. Lead tape can also be applied higher in the head to do basically what some newer designed wedges do.
  3. These look fantastic but I would probably be miserable on off days with ball striking compared to my OnOff 2015 Kuro Irons.
  4. I play my Irons D2-D3 Range and my wedges D3-D5. I bought a Scratch 1018 wedge from a guy at WRX and at 35.25" the SW was C9 and it kinda freaked me out. I decided to use Lead tape and got it to D3 and it's fantastic. Tip weights are not my favorite solution.
  5. Tzoid08


    OK... Thanks Good Luck
  6. Tzoid08


    The WV Wedge shafts are my all time favorite... would you consider selling them ? what length are they ?
  7. That's a nice selection.... I sent you a message on the other Forum
  8. What are the lengths & Bounce & Lie of the following Epon 210 KGX 54 Degree with NSPro950GH S, No1 Grip, Carbon Ferrules - $130 Epon 210 KGX 58 Degree with True Temper Dynamic Gold, No1 Grip - $130
  9. That's why I asked the question.... Is it really too much to ask for someone that's selling a set of Irons to list details . Miura Irons don't come with a standard shaft so why would they have a "standard" length? I can quickly decide if I have the 5 Iron length.
  10. Standard length is not really a standard so ..... 5 Iron 37.75" , 38" , 38.25" ?? Thank you
  11. They look fantastic... I have a set of OnOff Kuro 2015 model in 9-10 condition with Nippon Modus 3 Tour 120S 38" 5 Iron I would consider trading plus $$.
  12. What length are these built from? 5 Iron , Swing Weight? Standard Lofts and Lie?
  13. The weather still sucks in the Mid - Atlantic region of the East cost so I'll do a review when I get a chance to actually play mine. I custom ordered from Chris at TSG with Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff 1/4 over standard. Chipping in the family room has left a great 1st impression and they look fantastic :)
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