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    DA faq ia going on here!!!

    buyers from outside of Japan really need as much information as possible - even though all reviews are quite subjective of course. I'd like to see videos posted of testing new gear and a couple of guys like Chris discussing looks - feel - performance etc. This means a lot of extra work for someone - but it would lead to more sales I believe and certainly help most of us who are often buying gear based on reputation or one person's views. I'm a prolific buyer of Japanese products but have ended up with plenty of gear I wish I had not spent the money on - gear that ends up sitting in my garage because I'm too lazy to chase up buyers. Good reviews will not eliminate that issue, but it would help.
  2. dickyfowler

    KYOEI Blade Pics!

    and few people miss them -- the #3 iron that is
  3. dickyfowler

    KYOEI Blade Pics!

    #3 irons are like considerate teenagers these days -- they don't exist.
  4. if I offend you it is only because you are wrong

  5. dickyfowler

    Ryoma Irons

    There's just no accounting for taste. And unattractive women are grateful for that. Meanwhile, I only care if irons feel good and make the game more fun. So if these ticked those boxes I'd play them -- even if they had all the eye appeal of Shanshan Feng in a bikini.
  6. dickyfowler

    Ryoma Irons

    As soon as someone gets to hit these please advise on the FEEL. Their driver I play has a great feel/sound (to me) and just hoping these irons follow suit. Of course feel is subjective, but if the irons have that great soft... yet solid.... feel they will find a lot of owners.
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    new items

    Starting to see lots of new offerings on the TSG website and that always tweaks our (JDM-loving) interest, but when Chris and the team find some time it would help if we could get some more informative translations on what these new shafts, irons, drivers etc are touting. Some of the gems on recent products... Even if the swing is disturbed, we have the function "Face naturally returns to SQUE" if a single player who fell a little distance away with age may get back that shot five years ago. "excellent control performance, stickiness" of the steel shaft at high level Yes we can work out roughly what they are trying to tell us but not to the point where you would be comfortable buying into the supposed new technologies...
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    new items

    wondering why the Ryoma UT is making an appearance on the new list?
  9. dickyfowler

    Ryoma Irons

    might be November before we get to see any reviews - release date in Japan is basically the start of that month.
  10. Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

  11. dickyfowler

    Onoff Kuro 2019

    I need these out soon..... so I can add them to my Christmas list for new irons, currently consisting of the Ping i500, Ping i210s, Ryoma, PRGR, Mizuno Hot Metal JPX 919, Mizuno JPX Forged, Yamaha UD+2 and Callaway Rogue. My wife just needs to get them all to save me the grief of actually choosing. And to think I left the Bridgestone's off the list - let me just fix that.
  12. dickyfowler

    new items

    another classic...... this time from the Ryoma irons unveiling: For easy lays such as fairways, sharp swing with a narrow sole realized. In the case of Duffy and Fairway Bunker, the supplemental sole is added so that the head does not enter deeply, becoming "Super Wide Sole" to suppress the flight distance loss and excessive head turn. Minimal mistakes, great contribution to scoring make-up.
  13. dickyfowler


    New versions of these being shown on the NEW ITEMS and if you need long irons - these and the Ping i500's are going to ring your bell. The +2 in the name is Yamaha's way of saying they are 2 clubs longer - and when I hit the previous model I'd agree with that. They felt good and they went a 'mile' -- but I couldn't quite get used to the Kim Kardashian-backside of the irons.....just stuck out too much. Yamaha are saying the new versions have addressed that issue to some extent, although the photos still suggest you get plenty of junk in the trunk. And besides, having a 7 iron that goes like a 5 iron is not what I'm after. Screws up all your established thoughts and numbers. Not a fan of jacked-up lofts period. But these will appeal to people needing simple and long - but they are not cheap. Not tried the driver or FW/UT but will be looking into them.
  14. dickyfowler

    Yamaha UD+2

    my dad has the older set for sale - new model coming out. -- just asked for some photos but says sold already.
  15. dickyfowler

    New Mizuno Proto Driver

    watching her swing was not the first thing that crossed my mind but I must go back and do that...
  16. dickyfowler

    Summer bag is set

  17. dickyfowler

    PRGR 2018

    PRGR has new gear coming out in the next week or two - interested to know more about these offerings....more than the quick description appearing in the new items segment - roughly translated.
  18. dickyfowler

    PRGR 2018

    and we thank the Jedi master for his extensive review...
  19. dickyfowler

    PRGR 2018

    All of the of new PRGR gear was officially released to the market yesterday so hopefully it won't be long before we start getting some further news and feedback.
  20. dickyfowler

    PRGR 2018

    I would have expected the FORGED model to be more expensive, but this is not the case?
  21. dickyfowler

    PRGR Q fairway wood

    damm -- but things never stop evolving and let's hope we are pleasantly surprised in years to come.
  22. dickyfowler

    PRGR Q fairway wood

    Japan gear is the best - period! I'm an owner of many of their products -- plus I also have PXG and they live up to the hype in my opinion - if you are prepared to meet their price point, which is comparable to much of the good JDM equipment. The key for me is to ensure the Japan products are modified to suit me - something all buyers should be aware of. Many off-the-rack Japan drivers I found to be too light - but this is easily rectified. And you have to wonder where to next for the manufacturers - they've gone down so many roads trying to make the gear better. I'm wondering if the next big thing in design could be the head materials themselves or the inner-fillers - is there something coming to really stir interest?
  23. I found some good drivers from Japan with extremely closed face appearance - takes a little getting used to. A former version of the TM Gloire was so closed I couldn't game it. And my Maruman Royal Black is nit far behind - but I keep it in the bag because it is so easy to hit. About to get a JBeam similar to what is described here and will be checking that face appearance closely.
  24. dickyfowler

    PRGR Q fairway wood

    the only thing ridiculous was the attempt at spelling that word. Nevertheless, most Japan-produced golf equipment scholars would testify that the market is aimed at the local golfers- as it should be of course - and the majority of Japanese players are slower swingers and tend to be over-50. I am neither - but like many of the buyers on this forum we simply tweak/custom the top quality products to best suit our own needs......so keep it coming!