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  1. Driver - Ryoma Maxima Type D (Tour AD P9003), jBeam 435 (Bas AAA), Epon 105 (Crazy CB-80LS Noir) Fairway - Ryoma F2 (Tour AD DI), Epon 205 (CB-50 ∑ Noir) Hybrid - Royal Collection X7 U2 (Tour AD DI) Driving Iron - Epon 901 (Diamana Thump) Irons - Epon P2, 302 & Onoff Kuro 2015 (Nippon Modus 3 120) Wedges - Epon Personal (Nippon WV) Putter - Epon I-33, Yamada Emperor Copper Mainly chosen for feel but performance is top notch.
  2. Thanks. I am a big fan of the crazy shafts - terrific feel and feedback.
  3. dnq22


    Yes, they have seen some work but they are one of the best feeling set of irons you are likely to experience - penetrating ball flight and arrow straight with the Monacos.
  4. Nice iron covers. How do you find the Grindworks to hit? A buddy of mine loves them.
  5. dnq22

    My Bag

    Still have everything I bought from you mate and have added quite a bit to the stash. Always hard letting go of stuff....
  6. dnq22

    My Bag

    I often catch myself devouring what you all have to say (some terrific content - thank you) and saying to myself I need to contribute more and not just consume...I have been pretty hopeless at contributing - sorry about that. So, I thought this was a decent place to start? I have quite a bit of gear which I am regularly adding to (like most of you) but this is what is in my bag at the moment - - Epon 105 with Crazy CB-80LS Noir shaft - Epon 205 with Crazy CB-80LS W Noir shaft - RC SFD Black UT with Crazy CB-50 Sigma Noir shaft - Epon 903 DI with Tour AD DI Hybrid shaft - Epon 302 with Modus 3 120 X shafts - Epon Personal 2 wedges with Modus 3 125 Wedges shafts - Yamada Emperor putter I get that it's pretty boring but it has been giving me some solid consistency for a bit. Honestly, it makes me feel a lot better knowing that it's not just me that finds himself thinking about golfing equipment so damn often.... Best, Dave
  7. dnq22


    I have heard good things about these heads.
  8. dnq22


    Thanks mate - nice set of PRGRs you are letting go, good luck.
  9. Great report mate and totally agree - a real hidden gem.
  10. They look terrific - great combination with the Modus 3s - well done mate.
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