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  1. dnq22


    Yes - message sent.
  2. Hi, the Ryoma head is still available.

  3. dnq22


    $525 with shafts or $425, heads only - shipped and gifted.
  4. dnq22


    $1,100 with shafts or $900 heads only - shipped and gifted.
  5. dnq22


    Can do heads only $475 shipped, gifted.
  6. Also consider 901 at 22 - swing it a little easier - also a good option off the tee. I found the 901 more forgiving then the 903.
  7. Found this chart for FCM -
  8. Good analysis mate - thank you for this. Helpful.
  9. Sounds reasonable to me. Love the look of the Shinagawas - imagine they feel pretty good.
  10. dnq22


    Heads only, $1,000.
  11. I have the 2015 Kuro and really like them (a lot), in particular the smaller head size and the reduced offset. But the perimeter weighting is a little deep. Probably a slight preference for the support behind the middle of the face (more like the Epon 302, Tour CB and Seven CB). The 2019 Kuro look terrific but maybe they have gone too far....more blade than CB (although have only seen a few pictures).
  12. This is a slightly different direction for the Kuro - beautiful but more traditional bladelike.
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