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    SP700 face drivers

    looking for a list of good JDM drivers that have SP700 face material. let's see what you've got
  2. gregoire56

    The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    That's a solid idea, i never thought of it. I love the feel of my ZY-11 which is Factory foamed, I never thought of this easy way to not only get a similar result, but also add some usually needed weight to the club head. Consider your idea borrowed..
  3. gregoire56

    PRGR 2018

    so the new wedge is not from Endo, even though it's s20c and has he same face mill as the ID nabla Tour's from a few years ago that were Endo forged?
  4. gregoire56

    PRGR 2018

    I'd love to know if the new wedge is Endo forged like the older ones; it's s20c and has the same face milling pattern, so if they are then I'd be very interested to check them out (even though 10* bounce on the 58* is a bit too high)
  5. If I had the disposable funds at the moment I'd snag these beauties up in a heartbeat without hesitation. They look to be in phenomenal condition and you are 100% correct they're about as high quality an iron as you can get. Ughhhh I even even already have a full matching wedge set.. 52/56/58/60(bent)
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    Club build spec

    Yes, the increase in length most likely accounts for the higher sw's. also, the stiffer his shafts are supposed to be the higher the sw's should be as well to compensate.
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    brilliant putter shafts!

    I would be very interested to hear some of those pros/cons of carbon vs steel and stepless vs stepped putter shafts and their weight, with regard to the type of head and/or stroke
  8. gregoire56

    driver face material

    That's for their newer models, older ones like the 435/425 were DAT55G I believe
  9. still available? if so pm me
  10. gregoire56

    driver face material

    I'll be interested to discover the answers for each of the other heads as well...
  11. gregoire56

    driver face material

    jBEAM 435 and 425 are DAT55G if I'm not mistaken... but I easily could be
  12. gregoire56

    SP700 face drivers

    Ya when I started this thread I wasn't expecting it to take-off so much.. I'm happy it did though because I think it's generating a lot of quality info
  13. gregoire56

    SP700 face drivers

    The first and most important thing I'd recommend worrying about is making sure your swing weight is spot-on... I see you're playing it with a AAA shaft, which should be pretty stout and a straight/low shooter, so I'd suggest (if you have the ability) that you have the club frequency measured with the head on, and then add weight to the head to get it around a D3-D4 (depending how high the frequency is). My experience with all the JDM driver heads I've had (so far) is that their stock weight is typically too low, usually around 200g, and I've personally also been fit into stout and low launching shafts, which necessitates that I add weight to the heads when building the clubs to compensate for the higher cpm of my shafts. Example: I'm fit to a 7.2 driver shaft frequency, which is around mid-range of x-stiff, and my driver builds are usually D5-D5.5 at 45", approx. 209-211g head weight, always standard l/l/l because I'm not a fan of adjustable hosels. If you play your driver at a longer length then maybe you don't need to add weight because SW increases as shaft length increases, but believe me when I say that proper length and SW make all the difference in the world. JDM driver heads I've had: Grandista RS-001, Epon AF-105, jBEAM ZY-11, Mizuno '15 MP Craft, Vega RAD-04, Fourteen GelongD CT-214; the only one of them I was able to get to the proper SW using only weights and no hot melt is the ZY-11, and only because I got lucky that there's spots for three 8g weights since I didn't have much choice being that it's factory foamed so, in short, swapping the weight positions might help get better results by compensating for certain faults in your swing, and there's nothing wrong with that at all.. but unless your club has a proper SW then it doesn't make much difference because it's much more difficult to put a consistent swing on the ball, and thus you could start dealing with inconsistent misses
  14. gregoire56

    Seven Double Milled Wedges

  15. gregoire56

    2013 Onoff Forged irons 5-PW

    User "marmaduk" has a mint set listed on the BST right now. I was eyeing them myself but decided I'm more than content with my current irons
  16. gregoire56

    SP700 face drivers

    based on my experience I couldn't agree more! That RS-D looks awesome and I've heard nothing except players raving about it, so it won't be a stretch to think that I might have to get my hands on one at some point. and I've just played my first round this weekend with my new Mizuno '15 MP Craft driver with a real forged SP700 face, and I must admit it's bitter-sweet because I LOVE it, the performance and feel are incredible, however it's quite upsetting to know that this real SP700 titanium will soon be a material of the past :'(
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    Hahahah I guess I'm just a bit slow on the uptake then
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    hah Good-Luck-With-Sale
  19. gregoire56

    SP700 face drivers

    I totally agree with your statement about DAT55G on FW faces, the Grandista RS-F is the best wood I've ever hit, its long and its straight and the feel off the face is sublime. However, I also just got a Grandista RS-001 w the DAT55G face, and I'm absolutely a believer 10000%. The very first time I used it I hit every single fairway which I used it for, and that is saying something quite significant, I cant remember the last time I even came close, because my driver is by and far my most inconsistent club so I use it less than my 3w off the tee because I'm very consistent with my 3w. But this round it was the reverse, I used the RS-001 a lot off the tee and the 3w only a couple times. Between those two clubs I didn't miss one fairway, and my driver is never ever as consistent as my most consistent club, that's unheard of for me. I saw no distance loss with the RS-001 from my jBEAM ZY-11 (which also helps me significantly with finding the fairway, but I still usually don't use it as much as I used the RS-001 during that round). And yes, I also believe both new Mizuno MPs are forged SP700, and I actually am picking up the2015 Mizuno MP Craft driver today from my builder, and that one is Endo made and also has forged SP700 face, I'm quite excited to try it out.
  20. glad to hear it!
  21. gregoire56

    PRGR Tune

    that's a shame, i think those iD nabla Tour irons and wedges are both phenomenal; after those, in terms of quality, i think their player's irons and wedges took a big step backwards
  22. gregoire56

    Longest 3 wood

    i find these two FWs to be VERY long with the shafts I have in them: -Grandista RS-F (DAT55G face) with Aldila Rogue Silver 125msi 70TX -Epon AF-203 (forged SP700 face) with Graphite Design TourAD P9003x both heads are great for feel and control and distance in my opinion, but they also both have smaller volume head sizes and i know the AF-203 especially is a little more difficult to hit, but if you can hit it properly then it is a bomber. the shafts are both low launch/low spin too so i'm sure that helps with distance. FYI though I have no experience with any of the other bombers that're listed here most frequently (ie. Ryoma, PRGR Egg, Maruman Shuttle, Baldo, A-Grind, etc.) so unfortunately i cannot compare these two with any of the others