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  1. That Geo Galaxy is absolutely beautiful.. where would you be shipping from?
  2. The AD DI Hybrid shaft is by FAR my favorite hybrid shaft.. I have a DI 85X in Modart MA01H 19*, a DI 105X in an Epon AF-901 19* driving iron. It is little bit different load/launch profile than the regular DI wood shaft, the launch is pretty much a perfect Mid with a Mid-Mid/High kick point, but I absolutely love them both they are probably have the most consistent shot dispersion I've ever used in a hybrid shaft and they are just soo reliable.
  3. I have the p9003 in an Epon AF-203 15* wood with an iomic sticky 2.3 gray grip.. it's a beauty of a club to say the least, and you are correct the p9003 is an amazing shaft. I also am a big fan of the M9003's
  4. I pretty much use exclusively TourAD shafts in my drivers, woods and hybrids; several different models. I currently have TourAD BB 6X, (2x) TourAD GP 6X (normal and black models), TourAD p90003, TourAD M9003 6X and 7X, and TourAD DI Hybrid 85X and 105X shafts. Love them all, by far my favorite shafts that I've ever tried.
  5. the TEE website store must have found a couple extra CB5's in storage because they've got the 3 wood listed new for only $120 right now; I also snagged one of their CBx hybrids from last year because they have a beta-ti cup face and are supposed to be pretty good so figured I'd give one a try
  6. found another one.. but get this, it's NOT JDM: TourEdge Exotics CB5 fairway wood. So far we've got a total of 3: 1. Epon AF-203 wood 2. one of the Cleveland Launcher Comp wood models 3. Tour Edge Exotics CB5 wood anyone have any more?
  7. nope, definitely does not HAVE to be JDM, although I assumed any would be and am surprised to hear that Cleveland had one. although I mainly have JDM clubs (like most of us) I do also have a couple of select clubs from USDM brands: Piretti, SeeMore, Exotics, KZG, Evnroll
  8. Hello all -- I'm trying to find out which fairway woods (if any) have SP700 faces, besides the Epon AF-203 which is a forged SP700 face. Can any of you fellow gearheads recall any fairway woods with SP700 faces? If so, lets hear them...
  9. What are the playing lengths of the two of these??
  10. I would be so into this club if it had a price for head only.. but I totally understand not wanting to separate
  11. have them messaged over to you very very shortly.. i'll also add them onto the listing if you wind up not wanting it
  12. Hahah thanks! I humbly agree
  13. I have a white 11* head if that might be of interest, I really like the higher loft combined with a super low launch shaft, I currently have a TourAD BB installed
  14. gregoire56


    I have an Epon AF-105 driver 10.5* and an Epon AF-203 3w if you have any interest in either. Both are in very good condition
  15. ah they must just be messed up on my computer saw that, even more enticing now.. also considering an Astro VIII driver or MA01F 3w, hmmm
  16. what happened to the pics? i'm seriously considering one after seeing this post
  17. ...actually, in addition to the Tour120 TX and Tour125 X, I'm also giving serious consideration to the Shimada K's Tour X iron shafts - anyone have any experience or input on these shafts? thanks
  18. Thanks for the info, fellas. That's pretty much what I was thinking, but this is my first time using this shaft so I don't actually know, and I couldn't find the data. As always, I very much appreciate the shared wisdom of the masters. I'm just going to snag a new set of shafts and fix em up right; thinking either Tour120 TX or Tour125 X.
  19. IMPORTANT QUESTION: I just bought a set of mint condition irons that were built for someone else's specs, and am trying to work out how I am going to alter them to meet my own specs. These irons have Nippon modus3 Tour120 stiff shafts that I would like to keep, if possible. My problem is that I do not have enough practical knowledge about the modus3 Tour120 shaft, and there's not enough info on its webpage. So.. since I bought a set that was built for someone else, it is +1.0" longer than I need it to be, although it is the proper weight and bend profile; however I was fit to 6.5 iron shaft frequency (which can be achieved by hard stepping a Tour120 stiff shaft 1x) which is perfect for the X or TX flex, but not the S flex which needs to be hard stepped once to achieve a 6.5 frequency. My plan is to remove the heads and take -0.5" from the tip and also -0.5" from the butt.. but here is my problem: since I am going to be pulling these shafts, I do not know if they will THEN be able to be tipped -0.5" and still fit the iron heads. If these were 0.370" parallel shafts I know this wouldn't matter at all and I could do exactly that, but since they're 0.355" taper tip shafts and they've already been installed once I'm not sure if they'd still be able to be tipped -0.5" more, or even at all, and still fit the iron heads. So...…… my question is whether or not anyone has any knowledge that could be relevant to helping me get this set built to my specific specs: 6.5 iron shaft frequency, -0.5" from std length, std lie/loft. I am trying to achieve that result from the spec of the current set: standard Tour120 stiff flex frequency (unknown), +0.5" length from std. If anyone can offer any sage advice I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks very much. Drew G
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