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  1. sounds like SP Blue would be one of the better quality heavy and low launch options, might have to pick up a set and give em a go
  2. anyone find a pic to post of this driver? not very enthused about the adjustable hossel tho..
  3. hmm wellll I have wanted to get my hands on a couple of the TourAD IZ hybrid shafts..
  4. 903 is definitely a better players DI, I like the 901 because it's a bit easier to hit but it's also a bit more difficult to hit straight. I'd actually love to do a side-by-side comparison with two of the same shaft but unfortunately I have a TourAD DI hybrid in the 19* 901 and a Matrix hM3 in the 20* 903 so even tho they're same weight and flex the launch, kick, and feel are quite different
  5. very nice! glad to hear the AMT s200's are working out. would you say that DG's are the best low launching shafts you've tried? i'm definitely looking for low launch steel iron shafts that are on the heavier side. I've used DG's, PX's, KBS Tours, C-Tapers, and Shimada Tours. of them all I probably like the Shimada Tours the most, even though they are listed as being a somewhat mid launching shaft they're definitely at most low/mid, with the DG's and PX's a close 2a and 2b. i'm definitely interested in trying out any other quality low launch iron shafts that you can think of, I just don't know of any others. are Monacos heavy and low? any Nippon models fall into that category?
  6. Seven ST Crazy CRZ Tour PRGR iD nabla Tour S-Yard Bold Yururi Raw Gekku honorable mentions: Titleist Vokey SM5 60* L grind - the shape and grind of this wedge is off the charts, only 4* bounce and able to be played wide open for some crazy shots around the green, seems even Titleist has done away with this grind though and I'll never understand why
  7. i agree.. if I use GI irons i'll get more distance because of the high MOI and strong lofts but my shots also have much much more sidespin and are much more difficult to play effectively. I've also realized how big a difference it is using proper iron shafts for your swing, I went from DG's to KBS Tours with comparable weights but the trajectory differential makes a bigger difference than I thought it would, I'm currently looking to go back to lower launching iron shafts and would like to find some high quality models to try other than DG tour issue, PX and C-Tapers
  8. would you say that the Loop IP is the lowest launching shaft that they make?
  9. I'm using an OnOff '11 Forged CB #4 iron (Endo) which is nice and compact and I find to be very long, very forgiving and very straight
  10. LOVE the RS-F! Terrific head if you want a smaller profile with a shallow face I also LOVE the 14* MA01F! You're description is spot-on The OnOff '17 Kuro 15* is also a great Ti FW with a small profile and shallow face
  11. yup I agree, my newest model clubs are Seven and I have a couple of the OnOff '17 Kuro woods. otherwise the rest of my gear are older models that were definitely Japanese manufacture and that's all I really look for to buy anymore too
  12. THANK YOU!!! I asked this question almost a month ago on here when I noticed the new irons are s20c instead of s25c like the older irons.. i'd heard that the 737 lineup was made in China and wanted to know if they were continuing that practice or if they switched back to a Japanese forgery because, you know, "Made in Japan SAKATA" I was really hoping that Honma had switched back to a Japanese forgery, SO GLAD somebody was able to get an answer tho
  13. i cannot believe the 120x is only 327! That shouldn't be labeled "x" should it? I'm very happy to have read this though, great post, because I've always been a huge fan of DGx100 and i currently game Shimada K' Tour X (which I also love), but I've always been very interested in trying either the 120x or tx because they're so popular, and I also really like KBS Tour 130x which I thought they'd be similar to
  14. try emailing Chris, he might still be able to obtain a set for you
  15. i have a similar setup for which i have blade pw-5 and i bought OnOff 2011 forged CB #3 and #4 irons, Endo forged so although it's not Epon it's really close and they're really great irons. then I use a 19* 901 instead of a 5w or hybrid. If you can hit the 901 well then I think it'd probably be a really big difference, distance wise, going from your blade #5 to a 901 #4, you'd probably have a big distance gap between those two clubs. I get just as much distance from my 19* 901 as I do with a hybrid so it's a pretty robust club. going right from a blade to a 901 would definitely leave a pretty big distance gap for me even if the loft gapping is the same. having the CBs in between makes for a very smooth transition between clubs for me. however, my set is more about loft and distance gapping than anything because i like to have a club in the bag for every shot i might come across
  16. hi Hunt, are you still in the market for this river? I have one that would be right up your alley. Drew
  17. I noticed the new Honma irons are made of forged s20c, in contrast to their past TW irons which were forged s25c. my question is: does anyone knows who these new Honma TW irons were forged by, because to the best of my knowledge I don't think Honma has ever forged their own irons? in addition, I heard rumor (but do not claim to know whether or not it's true) that Honma had begun outsourcing much of their manufacturing of certain products to China, specifically for the TW737 lineup. IF this is the case, I'm curious as to whether Honma has continued to outsource manufacturing to China, specifically their irons. If not (or if they never did, as their "Made in Japan, SAKATA" engravings lead one to believe), I'm also interested to know who or where their irons are forged.
  18. the new Romaro Ray Type-R Ultimate Tune driver says in the listing that its face is made of a special mix of materials, including SP700. I was under the impression that there is no more SP700 being produced because the last factory that created it closed. I'm wondering if anyone has any information to clarify this discrepancy?
  19. I know nothing about it but found a pic, not a fan of "Waoww" at all
  20. I don't blame you for deciding to keep those KZGs. Those are from back when KZG still used Kyoei for their forging. I also use a set of KZG Kyoei mb's and a handful of backup clubs with the same heads... i'll never get rid of them, they are amazing . and this set you have listed lppks pretty amazing as well
  21. not to repeat what's already been said... but, damn, those ARE gorgeous GLWS
  22. That Geo Galaxy is absolutely beautiful.. where would you be shipping from?
  23. The AD DI Hybrid shaft is by FAR my favorite hybrid shaft.. I have a DI 85X in Modart MA01H 19*, a DI 105X in an Epon AF-901 19* driving iron. It is little bit different load/launch profile than the regular DI wood shaft, the launch is pretty much a perfect Mid with a Mid-Mid/High kick point, but I absolutely love them both they are probably have the most consistent shot dispersion I've ever used in a hybrid shaft and they are just soo reliable.
  24. I have the p9003 in an Epon AF-203 15* wood with an iomic sticky 2.3 gray grip.. it's a beauty of a club to say the least, and you are correct the p9003 is an amazing shaft. I also am a big fan of the M9003's
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