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  1. TourSpecGolfer

    PRGR 2018

    I don't think much is forged by Endo anymore. Even if it is S20C.
  2. TourSpecGolfer

    Seven ST

    ST is conforming grooves. They are CNC'd as well as the very fine milling marks. It is about the same size as SDJ Proto / Crazy Toyoshima's
  3. TourSpecGolfer

    KYOEI Blade Pics!

    5 cut will remain on standard models. W grind will be on a new prototype series. overall the brand line up will be growing and make more sense. it just takes times to get things right.
  4. TourSpecGolfer

    Benock Questions Thread

    They can do anything bud. This is very light milling then they polished it off by hand a bit. Less side spin that others, firmer feel and some would say better for fast rolling greens.
  5. TourSpecGolfer

    Benock Questions Thread

    For the average player they would look at this pic and think... nice. But for someone who knows how to engineer putters, they would look at this pic and be amazed. They can throw millions of dollars at trying to duplicate it and not be able to. A few things to help you see. 1 - The only chuck is on its sole. look at other makers photos. They are not 1 chuck and they are held by the face not sole and loaded into multiple machines. It's actually a very big deal. It's almost like 2D vs 3D. 2 - see the neck and the edges of everything. smooth perfect curves yet no hand polishing is done at all. no one else can do it to this perfection. In fact for slant, curved and unique necks other companies have to cut the neck off and bend and crank. 3 - Notice how its milled and unpolished in the first pic and there is no pitting in the steel especially on the flat surfaces. Trust that with most steels worldwide at this stage you find flaws that need to be polished or hidden by a finish. Materials are a priority at Benock. There is a reason other makers do not post macro close images at this stage in the making.
  6. TourSpecGolfer

    Benock Questions Thread

    Just a few options. I really enjoy the bottom right only problem is I find sand or dirt gets stuck in between those cracks faster. Some of these produce more side spin than others.
  7. TourSpecGolfer

    Benock Questions Thread

    I know your Shingo well, it is a classic! George Takei ran Gauge JPN from his Shinjuku office which I was youngin always hanging out at. First brand to really give TSG a chance. That head is made by Kitada then engravings done by Sasaya's father.
  8. TourSpecGolfer

    Benock Questions Thread

    Please support TSG in helping the spread of misinformation on the web about Japanese golf clubs. We are all simply placing an order with the same finishing factory: TSG Club Works, Gold's, Miura, Itobori and a dozen or more brands all do the same. So I want to give credit to those who are actually doing the finishing work. Just as I would like to give credit to engineers, factories, and designers over brand names. I constantly compare brands, materials, tech, manufacturing... It is very useful because the majority of my customers are looking for the best or better and comparing clubs and want to know how they square off against each other. Those are the types of questions we receive most. Golf clubs are just products. It's ok to judge them subjectively. Gold's blanks have not been made by Kitada for many years. I know Kitada well he has made the Seven SM490A series putters and still does the CNC back face and logos for the Seven MB before Shinagawa hand grinds it. While Kitada-san is my good friend his work does not come close to Benock. Kitada uses mostly sus303, then carbon. The material is not the only reason carbon feels softer. You are also feeling a finish on top of the carbon, you are feeling the loft, cg and the face milling. The general rule of thumb is stainless is firm and carbon is soft but it goes way beyond that as you can make carbon feel firmer and stainless feel softer. I have always said that Gold's Factory does not make putters. They modify other brand's putters. They do exquisite work. Remember I introduced gold's first post Gauge JPN. We have shared staff with them and still employ the person who did their paint fill, polishing, and assembly for many years ( TSG Club Works ). Gold's best work is making weights, making holes, sight lines, hand controlled milling, etc.. I repeat they are not a putter head manufacturer and that is precicely why I said I could not compare them to Benock. Nobody can and we can discuss that in detail if you have interest.
  9. TourSpecGolfer

    Benock Questions Thread

    Golds factory has never used GSS to make a putter. They are willing to stamp whatever you want on a putter including a material it is not. This is not ok in my book. GSS is identical to standard Japan grade SUS303 though if that makes people feel better. That still does not make it German. Being real I can't even compare a Gold's to a benock.
  10. TourSpecGolfer

    White Satin X-Forged 18 by TSG Club Works

    You would have to use tip weights for that. You lose about 2-3g by removing the finish.
  11. TourSpecGolfer

    Yururi Tour Wedge

    Both the blade and gekku wedge originally had kurozome black finish. its not a durable coating but feels great and wears nicely. It is not RAW. RAW = no finish.
  12. TourSpecGolfer

    Benock Questions Thread

    It's best in Kyoto with Okuda-san himself because you can tour the factory. Let me know and I can help.
  13. TourSpecGolfer

    The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    Yes me and a couple others in this forum have hit it - http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/the-new-jbeam-g-fw-full-titan-fairway-wood/
  14. TourSpecGolfer

    Benock Questions Thread

    The fitting would reveal so many things other fittings could not. Benock fittings can only be done by Okuda-san and Tozono-san. But I think the best write up is - http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/benock-putter-fitting-experience/ You have Kyoto HQ & Factory or the Tokyo fitting center and both are impressive. They also have events at top-notch department stores in Tokyo and other cities. No one else sells his putters other than the brand and tsg. This guy gets it. Can do it all by himself yet has the most impressive putter machine factory in the world. It's not a numbers fitting it's visual, skill, their intellect AND numbers. These guys are experts but unfortunately do not speak a lick of English.
  15. We did these in black boron and now in white satin. enjoy: