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  1. Xmas prezzy from the wife. she has no idea what she got herself into...
  2. TourSpecGolfer

    2019 Callaway Japan - Epic Flash?!?

    Or once people accept it's all fuzz they can buy drivers for their own enjoyment with fewer expectations. I wish more equipment enthusiasts would collect grails.
  3. TourSpecGolfer

    Crazy SBi-02 Forged Blade Iron

    Hey TK, Soft, forgiving for a blade, a little larger for a blade. VG3 is much more forgiving and just as soft but in a different way. Crazy Sbi-02 isn't all that workable.
  4. TourSpecGolfer

    2019 Callaway Japan - Epic Flash?!?

    Are we really expecting noticeable gains from any new driver? They are all pretty good. TM, Cally, Ping all the others... I could care less if any driver has a few more mph ball speed in the real world. Still gotta hit it well with the right combo to get your best distance. Golf is like Watches... You can tell time with a Timex just as good as you can with a Rolex or AP. It's about getting what you want, enjoying it, the quality, feeling good and standing out. Things in the real are maxed out despite anyone who says otherwise.
  5. I just got back into watches... I would love to make a dedicated watch category right below Japanese Golf Clubs category. What do you guys think?
  6. Ya know, as of today 2019 there are 6 brand new ones in dealers across america... I find that shocking.
  7. Yea it wasn't very entertaining imo. slow until the final holes. Also the guys being mic'd up. I am 99% they are not as stiff in the real. Would love if they could be their authentic selves but then likely they would lose a few sponsers if so.
  8. It's 50 bucks a pound when fresh. On a side note I just say fresh wasabi at 129 bucks a pound the other day!!
  9. Happy new year from Seattle as well!
  10. Been through a few since then. Mercedes S-Class W222 BMW X5M Now with a family I drive Audi S5 Sport Back Chrysler Pacifica Mini Van 🙂 --- Kinda over cars as I can't keep them clean anymore.
  11. TourSpecGolfer

    Onoff Kuro, 2015 or 2017

    I suggest the ONOFF Kuro 2015 if you can find a mint set used. 2017 is not nearly as forgiving or soft.
  12. TourSpecGolfer

    KYOEI Blade Pics!

    We have sold many of these. Any of you guys pick up a set. Similar to Yururi blades but people are loving the reduced offset of the Kyoei's and the 5 cut sole. I love the prototype series. so soft. well both are so soft but just different.
  13. TourSpecGolfer

    Miura (global) MC-501 Introduction

    Can't sir but I can get custom grinds and custom finish from Miura MCW Japan. That said I think global stamping looks cleaner and it's hard to improve on the shape and stock specs. Just an FYI all these cutaways and fancy back design do little other than allow a touch more size in different areas.
  14. TourSpecGolfer

    2019 Callaway Japan - Epic Flash?!?

    Epic Forged felt so good! I want more of that! When in Japan this year visiting material suppliers I will get more scoop on SP700. I was told it was toast from a very reliable factory last year and ran with their word. I hope I was wrong but we will see. SP700 has won me over with DAT55G a close second.
  15. TourSpecGolfer

    My 2019 Golf Resolutions

    Good luck nobs, let me know if u need anything to support you in this goal.