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  1. SP700 face drivers

    My RS-D 10* just arrived! Got it paired with the 18 AAA 50 SR flex at 45.5" D2. Mine had the 8g in the heel and 2g in the toe as well.
  2. SP700 face drivers

    Grandista makes very good anything!
  3. 2018 changman

    very nice setup!
  4. Park Golf?

    Park Golf is an alternative evolution of the game we dearly love.. “Golf” The problem with Golf is that it is extremely hard to play well, for many of us here on the TSG forum, that is actually the addictive ingredient which keeps us coming back for the more, but not everyone wants to grind it out every weekend. “What if we simplify the game significantly and make it so that literally anyone, regardless of age or physical ability, can enjoy the game? ” That’s how it all started in a small town called Makubetsu in Hokkaido back in 1983. Park Golf is played on a 9 hole grass course where each hole is no more than 100m long. The grass surrounding the pin aren’t really cut down and it’s more like a temporary green at best. The hole is quite a bit larger than a normal golf hole and hole-in-ones are definitely a possibility on a hole that is less than 50m. They say there are approximately 1.2 million players just in Japan. and about 1200 courses throughout Japan. The emphasis of Park Golf is the social aspect of the game where 3 generations (child, parent and grandparents) can engage in the same sport and enjoy their time together. To make the game more accessible by everyone, the typical fee you pay for a round is about 1000 yen. (about 10 USD) Equipment: The only equipment that you need for playing Park Golf are: a club, a ball and a tee. No bulky bag with 14 clubs that you need to carry or push…. just you and a single club. The club looks somewhat like a driver head but shafted with a thick graphite shaft and is center shafted. the body of the head is made of persimmon or other natural woods and the face is made of carbon fiber. Loft is nearly 0 deg and the club weighs about 500g. Think of it as a large wooden mallet style putter with a large wooden head that looks like a 460cc driver. Some of the brands that you might be familiar with also makes Park Golf equipment. Mizuno, Asics, Callaway and Honma just to name a few . The ball is made of urethane like material and has no dimples so it does not airborne much. The size of the ball is larger than your regular golf ball , almost as big as a billiard ball and they come in variety of bright colors. How the game is played: At a high level it’s really a simplified game of golf. The objective for you as a player is to move the ball from tee box to the hole with the least amount of shots. And for the beginners: “A WHIFF DOES NOT COUNT AS A STROKE” How cool is that!!? Another thing that is different from regular golf is that you don’t need to play the holes in a particular order, if you find that the group ahead of you is moving slower than you, and you see no one ahead of them, just let them know you are skipping over to the next hole. Yup! all allowed and part of the game. Technique: Since the club has a flat face, the better players will use different shots for different situations. Typically, you let the ball run on the grass with very little airtime but once you get close to the hole, you might opt to use a lob shot where you open up the face and create an exaggerated cut shot to get the ball in the air and to land softly! The “easy to get into” nature of Park Golf may actually be a more sustainable form of golf? Maybe the single club idea doesn’t entice you as a club junkie? Oh, don’t worry the guys at Honma are producing super premium Park Golf clubs for the equipment maniac like you and I!! :)
  5. PRGR Q fairway wood

    light heads, high spin, high launch, big draw bias, closed face and pretty ugly in hand would be my summery.
  6. TRPX Aura

    We have sold many Aura-shafts. Its made for faster tempos or stronger hitters. I felt like it feels a bit stiff to flex compared to other 60g shafts. Feel was decent to me. Not easy to feel the load and unload but that is common with shafts of this design profile. In short I think its a stiffer shaft that helps promote a fade working against the hook.
  7. PRGR Q fairway wood

  8. PRGR Q fairway wood

    Hard to love this one based on looks.
  9. PRGR Q fairway wood

    I agree with this but another thing to consider is the number of blades, X, XX, XXX shafts, compact players CBs, one piece forged irons, low bounce wedges, smaller pear headed drivers in Japan vastly outnumbers the US. So while Japan does have a ton for the slower swinger they also have a ton for the most advanced players.
  10. PRGR Q fairway wood

    We should also mention they look strange. These are very game improvement from shape to size to colors and alignment. I can post photos up. Geared toward slower or senior player.
  11. PRGR Tune

    Yes they buy from PRGR USA. TSG buys from PRGR Japan. We do custom factory, have the newest products because we deal with Japan. USA side gets the old stuff but in this case they have Tune sold with no fitting. Tune did not sell well in Japan and was already marketed as special for fitting only. The excess stock flows to the global market now.
  12. Great Article on our ol friend Tario!

    When we hired him he then moved to Japan. He was working at a bank in Canada before then. He now works at the international department of ONOFF/Globeride.
  13. PRGR Tune

    Tunes are sold by global accounts or specialty fitting shops in Japan. We are not able to carry the tune series. They have been out for a couple of years now.
  14. SP700 face drivers

    Super Hyten is only made by Kasco. Its a cast maraging stainless steel face of the past. By today's standard its like a fairway woods face on a driver. So spin is lower but its ball speeds, launch height and repulsion is lower than Titanium.
  15. KYOEI Blade Pics!

    I think we will be done in about 3-4 months. On a side note and something you guys may be interested in. Tried to keep it on the wraps but word is getting out. KK in its entirety is my project. from design, logo, distribution and all sales is a project of ours. The CB just has a few aesthetic hurdles to sort and then final samples can be made for testing.