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  1. So many great drivers in Japan. Yes SP700 is running scarce, as is DAT55G. But china is making similar materials and stealing the name. i.e DAT55.
  2. I am no expert but I expect a 25+% decrease in U.S GDP and unemployment reaching 12+% in the USA. Q3/Q4 will be interesting for the market. What is happening today @ (23k dow) isn't reality. Consider the inflation around the corner and the low rates. Consider the amount of cash we are printing, handouts, debt A possible wave of defaults is on the way. --- Travel & hospitality stocks are taking a beating. I will place a very stop order when they hit record record lows: DELTA HERTZ NEWEL TRIP ADVISOR --- And how we deal with China is very important.
  3. I recommend used clubs for you. Many of the drivers in this thread can be had for killer prices used. The endless choice of drivers is a good thing for those wanting to buy others unwanted clubs. opportunity.
  4. Amen... BUT on the flip side. Many of those who had their house in order are saving money without the expenses of vacation, restaurants, child care and large purchases. I also invite you to realize the financially savvy are either siting on the side lines, shorting, or buying at lower prices.. big boys doing credit default swaps too. Great time to reposition so don't be the guy slapping yourself for not making moves when markets return to their highs.
  5. No with SEVEN the orders are very small because its so hard to make. This putter takes like 26 hours to make. I think that is a record for milling time on a putter although that copper tungsten plug is a good 4 more hours. The cost to produce seven full cnc irons or the vsr, arrow or neo is many multiples more than any other clubs in the game. overkill for sure but it's the only way I can nail CG's and get shapes I want. its a beautiful thing.
  6. You are one of the few who like the 2017 Kuro shape. The two years they featured that were a toss up in the history of kuro line. I liked that toe, but it was just a very big departure from the year prior. It's when shingo started influencing the Kuro that sharp toe entered. None of my designs will ever have a sharp toe simply due to visual preference.
  7. Plenty science in this game but does any of it make much of a difference with all the variables that take place? brands can show some type of minuscule improvement from almost anything. I don't consider the sole slot to be a deal breaker or maker when seeking a new driver.
  8. I like how you describe the 435 - ( distance , flat and not movement king ) spot on.
  9. KYOEI TOUR vs SEVEN ST. Very similar but they obviously use different molds. Seven ST is a hair thicker. The KK and Proto Series are more forgiving no doubt.
  10. can you elaborate on snub nose? you mean more rounded tip of toe?
  11. Thankfully they find us, paid full in advance and wait patiently until the product is made. People who know good shit go after it.
  12. This driver is made by OTA, same as PXG and countless other big box names. That means little but it's something. I don't see gimmicks here. the hosel is bonded and it has a single weight. care to elaborate?
  13. not paid, he is a moderator supporting the forum. Of course if he needs anything we would hook him up and all he need do is ask. Feel free to support anytime as well 🙂
  14. So that completes the 2020 putter line up for SEVEN. VSR - Blade ARROW - Forgiving deeper blade with half offset NEO - Mallet with an emphasis on feel and alignment Revamping the line up was no easy task. These 3 models to me are perfection and will remain in the line up for years to come. Yesterday we launched the NEO. It's symmetrical and every spec is intentional. 2 years in the making. notice the small copper tungsten plug on the toe side of the sole? That opened us up for various necks while still maintaining the CG right down the sight line. BLOG - http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/seven-neo-putter/
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