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  1. hand forged by a sword maker? I'm not sure I buy that. Hand forged club right here - http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/seven-hizukuri-proto-l/
  2. I miss the M-Stamps!
  3. No I dont.
  4. Very nice work. A brand built on Instagram and forums. You are buying his art and his branding and paying a premium for it. He is not using high-end cad software or controllers, he is not using top of the line 5 axis machines or tools nor does he need to due to the designs being very basic, you can get the same CNC setup in your garage for about 1500 bucks a month financed from Haas. Its just a matter of learning how to use it. He is not able to create a one off cad for the customer as benock is. Many lamb putters have a separate neck as well. Big no no in my book even for a $300 putter. His finishing work by hand and his attention to detail are beautiful. The putters do not have to be this limited. That is simply a marketing angle or a design flaw in the process. He can easily pump out all the heads he needs, its just a matter of finishing work, polishing edges, stamping and all the little cool stuff he does. He can put the same program into someone else's CNC machine to double his output with ease. He could purchase another machine to pump out double. He could hire someone to run the machine while he is busy with other things. if anyone has questions about putters let me know. I have made many and have many more coming. I know whats good it just depends on what you care about and want. Technology? - Benock Fitting Concept? - Benock Quality & Materials? - Benock Art Work? - Lamb Brand? - Cameron Market Buzz? - Lamb
  5. These are aftermarket. No idea, there are so many mod shops out now days.
  6. They are releasing much of it before the Japan Golf Show.
  7. No there is not, these are the same heads made at the same place. Difference is only in shaft options when comparing U.S version with JPN version.
  8. Awesome write up on both the Ryoma and Seven x Benock. Only 2 of these have sold. There is no stock and its now made to order.
  9. LS-001 was easier to hit for me than the RS-001. The RS-001 felt and sounded better imo. RS-001 vs 435 Blackout - lower, less spin on the blackout for sure. both Grandista drivers fly high for me. the Jbeam is a spin and height killer.
  10. Just an FYI to people. TSG is not selling the Mizuno Pro series. We are selling Yoro models prior. It was not fair if TSG had both Yoro and Pro. We choose Yoro. We can tell how an iron is made by looking at the Yoro options. The Yoro models have grind options which means Mizuno gets the heads in at least heavy and raw. These new Mizuno Pros or MP-18s only have finish options which lead me to think that they arrive at Mizuno already made. I cant say for certain why but that is strange because these are the first MP's not to have Yoro options. To summarize this it's possible they are made in China like the other non MP irons.
  11. All drivers are within 5-10 yards of each other head vs head. You can get amazing distance with this club or terrible distance. It depends on the specs you choose, the shaft and its characteristics together with your swing. This does not mean go out and get a fitting because imo those are often garbage as well just trying to sell you something. You need to learn what you like, your preference in size, loft, specs, and head also what type of bend profile, flex, weight, feel in a shaft you want etc.. then you write down what works. Then it becomes way more fun looking for gear because then you can actually figure out what you want on your own. Galpha is a fantastic driver. I am a ZY11 / 435 kinda guy for years. Galpha feels better, is forgiving, is a little higher launching than the 435/ZY it has just the slightest bit more spin ( I want this vs the other Jbeam heads ) its mid trajectory. good feel, the usual jbeam distance and lower spin, and with the right specs/shaft/build it for me is very long.
  12. No we did not want to buy stock so we turned it down. I have used them. they are nice but a bit round and thick for me. I'm trying all new grips always. I actually like Perfect Pro cords at the moment.
  13. The head and shaft have little to nothing to do with each other. That is such a common question I get = What shaft is good for this head? That is not the way I suggest thinking about it. Its what head and shaft and specs have characteristics that minimize my faults and improve on my strengths.
  14. Ryoma faces are thinner in general so the driver is a little hotter. They do have a little more spin and we must remember they are going after the XXIO crowd. The entire body flexes more than other drivers for example on the new driver with strong force using my hands I can bend the sole in and out. Head vs head I feel they have a little more distance but any gains are lost somewhere in the gazillion of variables that are taking place in the swing or build.