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  1. j-beam driver heads......,

    Galpha is the opposite. anti-draw so consider your shaft and spec or the weights installed. I think ZY-11 and Galpha is their best. 435 is my classic fav because feel and its long but lacks forgiveness. I have both Galpha and 435 heads in my hands now and they look pretty similar to me. I will snap some shots to show you.
  2. Seven CB photos needed

    #8 and AW are my favorites in CB and MCB. We are also producing SW/LW for both CB and MCB.
  3. Seven CB photos needed

    Here are some additional photos from different angles. Sorry I do not have short irons for you.
  4. Here you have the new Benock White Dragon putter part of the Benock World Collection. Benock World products serve as a blank canvas designed with minimal stamping for clients to add options to. You may purchase it as seen here or with countless options and even the ability to create your own options in collaboration with the company. Follow the jump for more angles of this beautiful putter. The Benock White Dragon putter is designed for visual symmetry. It’s a center shafted which supports the more straight and through putting stroke. The simplicity of this design is very easy on the eyes and great for confidence. The face comes standard with Benocks softest milling design. You may also change the milling design with custom orders for a fee. The angles and shape of the face looking straight on is also symmetrical and this putter is perfectly balanced for a straighter roll down the target line. Some of our clients prefer this sight line on the top blade while others have ordered the White Dragon with various sight aids, even some pretty funky ones based on a unique visual preference. This particular putter in the photos has a bead blast top with a polished stainless sole, we find this to be the best finish to reduce glare and keep it easy on the eyes. The head weights can also be ordered at your request, the lofts are milled not bent and every aspect can be adjusted to your desire. Standard they come in at 350 grams and retail at 1200 for this model as seen here in base form. For the same price you may remove anything you like as long as it says BENOCK on the putter in the official font. For those of you who are not familiar with the brand Benock we suggest visiting their website here –http://www.benockgolf.com/ – Here at TourSpecGolf with our manufacturing knowledge we believe this to be the absolute best putter maker in the world.
  5. VA Composites

    I think so. We do have fast swingers though, not as fast as you but guys in the 100-110mph range. cant put my finger on why feedback isnt the same as TourAD and Fuji. The Mitsu iron shafts get great reviews.
  6. Coming soon to the TSG Pro shop:
  7. Callaway Epic Forged driver

    Have a look: In the above you see the Rouge has no perimeter weighting instead it has a screw. Also the jail breaks are thinner. below the 3 versions. No forged mentioned yet!
  8. New Orion Irons

    You are talking about the "closer" series correct? I know why. Its the raw blank they start with, its the only one from Oichi that has a good enough shape and also it is too compact to start with. I used the same one on the oldest Seven CB.
  9. Callaway Epic Forged driver

    If you are looking for more distance in a FW simply look at Titanium heads. They are longer than stainless steel heads across the board. A lot of brands shy away from the extra cost of Ti fairways because they run nearly as much as a driver to produce. By producing fairway woods like drivers more performance can be had, unfortunately, brands understand fewer people will buy expensive FWs.
  10. CB-1008 with many custom grinds

    Yes they were ordered from MCW!
  11. CB-1008 with many custom grinds

    sharp toe closest to onset possible thinner top line lead/trail killed edge grinds copper/brushed satin heavy heads
  12. Miura Giken's New HAYATE Driver

    Yes geotech consistently releases great products. The Quelot series has rave reviews from slower swingers. The muso shafts were top material and design for such a low price. I love that they make non-conforming players drivers too.
  13. Tyson Lamb

    Funny that Ari, Patrick and the scratch team has gotten over this and still work together with us yet you cant get over it. I still stand by all I said. Itobori owes us $$$ and is shady as hell. You guys have it that exposing brand misinformation in a direct manner is a negative thing. Without knowing what we do and what we create for brands your easily able to pass judgment on TSG. We show up and create and have more contributions over the last 15 years than you may know.
  14. Tyson Lamb

    Everyone is bias. I like my mom more than yours. So lets avoid personal swipes at me and please don't put words in my mouth and definitely do not come here if you want the same opinion you will find everywhere else. You are talking to someone who designs, manufactures, owns brands, builds brands, visits many factories each year and that many brands seek consultation from. You get that anywhere else? learn and know you don't have to agree but understand your insults will get you 86'd fast. 1. Epon is still great better than most out there incl Miura etc.. Never said it was Shit like you claim but can go on for days on things I do not agree with. You care to know where their drivers are made now? 2. Benock is the absolute best and I am willing to debate this with anyone. You have nothing just insults. Please do your best to back something up, anything? The Machines he uses, the CAD staff he has, the partnership with NSTool makes him untouchable, the ability is like no other. including The Masterful Tour Scottys. It has taken me 4 years to put this together. what are you doing? 3. Yes I did the same thing with SEVEN, stand by all of those. which one do you not agree about? So let me get this straight, I bring you the very best products, the most critical look at brands and you get salty about what I said about a brand. I am not here for your feelings sir and you should expect this at TSG. Knowing that, what the heck are you doing here? --- Benock produces the best putters in the world. SEVEN CB and MCB are some of the best-made irons in the world... FACT. my cost per head is $230 bucks. Any other brand touch this? Anyone else willing to tell you their cost and how things are actually made with no fluff? Any real questions about why? --- My motive? uh yes sell products and RAISE standards. RAISE YOUR STANDARDS! This industry is walking over the consumer like a bunch of chums and its dumbing everything down. It will end with consumers focused on buzz words, names of tech that do not matter and forgetting about the things that actually matter. What I have been trying to do is get people to focus on materials, where its made, how its made, what is better, etc.. When you buy an expensive product do you not want the very best you can get for your money? --- I am happy to talk about Miura, Scratch, Itobori, Epon, etc.. etc.. Is anything I said not true? Spin Welded hosels, Open Model heads overpriced, no 1018 sold in Japan... I hope facts don't hurt your feelings. There are many other forums for you to be and stay at. Don't come here if all you want is roses. You know what TSG is all about. Come here if you are a discerning mofo. The reasons why I am able to know and say these things is because I show up. I didnt just read it on the internet, I go there, negotiate, push our agenda, bring the products to market, influence these brands and often deliver. I fail in many relationships but when dealing with dozens of unique individuals it is expected. What are you doing other than whining in a forum you probably shouldn't be at anyway?