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  1. I agree I think a draw biased head with a couple of anti left characteristics is more user-friendly. Face angle & shaft selection is a good place to start.
  2. Hi Mate, hope its ok i contact you.


    I have sold a set of epon 303 to a guy online that claims they are fake. I dont find that very plausible since I bought them from a very well known fitter in my town with many years history of selling epon aswell as fitting clubs for amateurs aswell as professionals. the buyer base this on the fact that... the serial number isnt stamped in a straight line...?? looking at the examples on Epon website, I cant see they have even stamped them there in a straight line (what is a straight line..)...and that the "E"  looks wrong, cant see that either. He told me he have checked with online experts as yourselves confirming this but cant share any messages or links.

    enclosing some pics. 

    any input is appreciated!

    Best regards








    1. Spoon


      do you have a link to where you got this set? epon is just doing due diligence. thank you.


      i need to help them in the right direction. thanks



  3. Just to make a few things clear. 1. Mizuno never forged its own clubs. It is done by a separate company in Chuo that specializes in manufacturing train parts. Today the majority has shifted to China. 2. Japan forged clubs are not made like Japanese swords. Please slap anyone who uses the sword thing to market golf clubs. 3. The 2 putters in the images shown in the link are the exact same 2 open model putter designs available for decades. I have no skin in this game, just letting ya fellas know.
  4. Chris

    Can I get a replacement PW for my MP66 set. Lost the original.

  5. These are the same guys who own Vega, Shimada Global, etc.. PGE Europe. They use Kyoei forgings to produce these outside of Japan. Would you like to see these in the proshop?
  6. Yes, that was awesome! I love when he wins! Class act all around AND he has fantastic taste in watches ?
  7. Yes this driver is awesome for kids. There is some wins for a 9 year old girl in Japan actually. some info Geotech sent me:
  8. The Kyoei CB is much easier to hit than the MB. I personally like the proto CB in satin, awesome soft forged feel and just enough forgiveness without adding a lot of size.
  9. Jbeam's drivers are all so similar in performance and feel imo . Subtle differences but the hard part is they do not properly describe them
  10. I used to sell Roddio's woods. All their woods are duds except the fairway woods. One day a client had a part fall out and I could not get it replaced. the club was useless. I gave up because on Roddio because of their unwillingness to support their customers with parts.
  11. Or once people accept it's all fuzz they can buy drivers for their own enjoyment with fewer expectations. I wish more equipment enthusiasts would collect grails.
  12. Hey TK, Soft, forgiving for a blade, a little larger for a blade. VG3 is much more forgiving and just as soft but in a different way. Crazy Sbi-02 isn't all that workable.
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