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  1. PRGR Q fairway wood

    We should also mention they look strange. These are very game improvement from shape to size to colors and alignment. I can post photos up. Geared toward slower or senior player.
  2. PRGR Tune

    Yes they buy from PRGR USA. TSG buys from PRGR Japan. We do custom factory, have the newest products because we deal with Japan. USA side gets the old stuff but in this case they have Tune sold with no fitting. Tune did not sell well in Japan and was already marketed as special for fitting only. The excess stock flows to the global market now.
  3. Great Article on our ol friend Tario!

    When we hired him he then moved to Japan. He was working at a bank in Canada before then. He now works at the international department of ONOFF/Globeride.
  4. PRGR Tune

    Tunes are sold by global accounts or specialty fitting shops in Japan. We are not able to carry the tune series. They have been out for a couple of years now.
  5. SP700 face drivers

    Super Hyten is only made by Kasco. Its a cast maraging stainless steel face of the past. By today's standard its like a fairway woods face on a driver. So spin is lower but its ball speeds, launch height and repulsion is lower than Titanium.
  6. KYOEI Blade Pics!

    I think we will be done in about 3-4 months. On a side note and something you guys may be interested in. Tried to keep it on the wraps but word is getting out. KK in its entirety is my project. from design, logo, distribution and all sales is a project of ours. The CB just has a few aesthetic hurdles to sort and then final samples can be made for testing.
  7. SP700 face drivers

    Endo was using the good Japanese suppliers for their face materials. They never produced materials on their own. From what I am told they do not fully produce Epon drivers on their own anymore either. Factories can work on a bulk order with a material that is co-developed but that is a serious financial commitment. Endo used KS-120 most of the time in their Epon faces. Great material, a little soft but what that same material supplier is working on next has me excited. I just need our factories to pony up and drop big coin in buying it in bulk. 50/50 chance. We need to be real though. SP700 and DAT55G do not translate into a great performing club. Its the culmination of every detail in its design and who its designed for that matters most.
  8. Seven 2018 ?

    Thanks guys, We do make slight adjustments to the designs once in a while. for example the Seven CBs coming in the next run ( approx 2 months out ) have slightly revised back cavity lines. Nothing that changes performance more visual than anything else. I am working on new driving irons, new putters, 2 piece game improvement irons and a larger single piece iron that sits above the MCB in size this will complete our top level CNC series. If the brand picks up traction we have a more affordable forged series planned. Which both a new version of the Shinagawa MB & ST Wedge would reside in. Shinagawa MB smooth body is sold out. Only a few Arakenma left. We have more on the way but with Kitada doing the cnc of the back face for this project and Shinagawa grinding them it takes a very long time. ST wedge is such a good product. Its what I consider Toyoshima wedge on steriods. We are working on the next versions of this wedge but so many things need to be figured out I expect this almost a year out. Anyway everything is dynamic but proceeding well.
  9. SP700 face drivers

    I think some are good but what bugs me is they create materials and name it similar to some really good ones from Japan. Its really shady and hurts the original metal more than anything.
  10. KYOEI Blade Pics!

    Yes working on it. Just caught first glimpse of it a few weeks ago.
  11. SP700 face drivers

    Real SP700 will soon be no more. Only one company in japan makes it and they have just gone under. There are variants used from China that are not SP700. China does some funny shit in the golf industry. DAT55 vs DAT55G. they both sound familiar but the two are like different metals. Same goes with many materials including original and japan sourced SP700 vs what other factories consider SP700. Personally I love 8-11Ti i the body with SP700 face. Now as far as original japan materials a new version of KS120 has been testing well and of course true DAT55G from Daido Steel.
  12. brilliant putter shafts!

    Carbon putter shafts are awesome. I know about Reve but not their putter shafts. I was just at benock and he actually thinks carbon/stepless and stepped putter shafts and their weight is very important for certain types of putters and strokes.
  13. Seven 2018 ?

    There are 2018 products I am working on. This brand will not replace products like other companies. For example CB and MCB will always be available. They are original design so there is no reason for me to remove from the market to be replaced with a similar club in the same segment. It makes more sense to keep them in the line up and offer new original designs along side them. We are sold out of the CB and MCB because we are assigning a particular dealer in the U.S and another in Korea and they are eating into our usual production. The price is also increasing from $350 per head to $450 per head when we do have stock again.
  14. Tyson Lamb

    I appreciate your comments Greg. Truth is I can't make everyone happy and that includes both our members and our brands. I have not done a good job being friendly for sure but we are also not the average company. When people say stuff like "pump and dump" I want them to really think about what would be the logic in that. Its far better if I got a long with the Epons, Itobori's etc.. Better for me as I would make more sales/profit, better for the brand as they would gain sales/profit/exposure. Also every year I always extend an olive branch to brands we do not get along with as there is financial interest in me doing so. That said if the brand is not back on TSG they choose to remain salty. Few know what I do or what I am a part of. If they knew they would either hate more or give props. On a side note I am a bit bummed with golf as few golf consumers care to uncover what and why things are better than others. Now days marketing is really leading the market toward confusion. I would love to bring it back to materials, manufacturing, technology etc.. but I speak frankly and people are emotionally tied to their purchases or beliefs so it creates bitter feelings. I was with Okuda-san all day yesterday at Benock. I was with Tyson Lamb last week. Why can't I have a strong opinion if its all grounded in fact and can be proven? I can prove it and if anyone does not believe they can ask specific questions.
  15. Hey Guys, Today is the Japan Golf Fair for real time updates and video Instagram and facebook are your best bet!