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  1. TourSpecGolfer

    The New Miura CB-301 Irons

    It's going to look the same with a different logo. maybe different lofts. use your imagination.
  2. TourSpecGolfer

    Yururi SEIDA 2018 wedge

    No one minds but a few brands and designers. Cant tell the difference even knowing its spin welded. The tight bore by Miura is not done intentionally. Miura global has been trying to fix but their machine of choice does not allow the bit that size i am told.
  3. TourSpecGolfer

    CGS Orion Closer MB

    I will post the CB soon! The CB is the same Oichi head I was talking about that original S15C Seven CB was made out of and Fujimoto CB and others. Same goes for this MB this is the same Oichi head as Fuji MB and Proto Seven MB etc.. Seven used S15C and SS400. Fuji MB is SS400 Not sure why CGS is claiming this is S20C I believe that to be false. The grind is Shinagawa but then CGS takes it a step further by polishing the edges and finish better than any brand does. The 2-D cad of the closer series is based on my design as well.
  4. TourSpecGolfer

    Yururi SEIDA 2018 wedge

    Keigekku is the main brand. Yururi is under Keigekku. Seida is under Keigekku as well. This new Seida is really nice, soft and forgiving with a great shape and spin. It is a spin welded hosel though.
  5. TourSpecGolfer

    CGS Orion Closer MB

    You are looking at the new CGS Orion Closer Muscle Back Iron. For those who have never heard of this brand it is a Japanese botique golf brand located in Tsubame Sanjo, Tsubame Sanjo is famous for it’s polishing and the company that handles the CGS Orion wedges in the past has been well known for the polishing the screens of Apple’s first generation Ipod’s. This combination of Himeji handcrafting and Tsubame Sanjo’s polishing creates a stunning effect. HIMEJI X TSUBAME SANJO – Himeji in the small town of Ichikawa has been known as the heart of Japanese Golf Club manufacturing, and CGS Orion has combined the best of hand ground wedges in Japan with the absolute best polishing house in Japan located in Niigata prefecture. The CGS Closer series consists of a muscle back and a cavity black which can both be ordered separately or as a combo set. CGS-Orion has specifically designed these to flow as a combo for more forgiveness in the long irons. Forged of S20C these feel soft and add to that the copper underlay below the nickel chromium finish. The forging, molding, grinding and plating is all done in Hyogo ken while the finishing and polishing in Niigata Prefecture. The lofts are a little stronger on these the PW comes in at 45* The sole shape of the #3 thru #7 have a constant center of gravity positioned lower on the face for an easier time launching the ball for more distance. The longer irons also have a 3 cut sole while #8 thru PW has a 2 cut sole grind with a higher center of gravity location of optimum spin and accuracy on approach shots. How they did this was by having a progressive weight bump that is narrow in long irons, medium in mid irons and spread wider in the short irons. In the photo below you can see the gorgeous shape at address. So it is my opinion that CGS Orion has the best polishing skills of any of the Japanese brands, second place would be Miura. It really helps with the overall luster and looks of the final product when experts at polishing put their touch on the product making the end result a higher quality appearance. above you have some subtle trail edge relief and the same goes for the lead edge. TourSpecGolf is offering the CGS Orion closer series in MB, CB, and Combo. Available 3-PW heads only or with your choice of the worlds best selection of exotic shafts and grips from Japan. We can also add custom blast art of your choosing to any area of the club head for an extra fee. please contact [email protected] if you have customization questions or feel free to order as is from our online proshop! Thanks for reading!
  6. TourSpecGolfer

    CONTEST: Win a Set of Pre-Release KYOEI KK Blades!

    haha, no they announced the winner on Instagram last week.
  7. TourSpecGolfer

    The New Miura MG-R01 Wedges

  8. TourSpecGolfer

    A 260cc Bridgestone Prototype

    Miyazato the dude was seen playing a 260cc bridgestone proto last week. It will not be available to the public 😞
  9. TourSpecGolfer

    MAGO by Benock!

    They make a short neck like this that i love on mallets too.
  10. TourSpecGolfer

    MAGO by Benock!

    MAGO by Benock!
  11. TourSpecGolfer

    Srixon Z585 and Z785 drivers

    Could be proprietary or they took a particular material made a small adjustment to it and changed the name so no one could pin point what it was.
  12. TourSpecGolfer

    on off kuro forged irons

    Yup I love the ONOFF's and the VG3's They are both for the same type of player. VG3 is seems shorter heel to toe and a little more chunky and rounded The ONOFF longer heel to toe a little thinner looking vs VG3. Both feel soft. VG3 is equal in performance or better imo. Really hard choice between these two. Like the Kuro's the VG3 older models are excellent as well.
  13. TourSpecGolfer

    Ian-500 WITB for 2019 hahahahaha

    I love those fourteens! Also the Glorious and 535 are just awesome drivers. JBeam is so underrated. I can play almost every one of their heads and they have a ton to choose from. They all have the same DNA but are slightly different. Your Irons are such an easy choice. They must fly Roddio!
  14. TourSpecGolfer

    The New Miura CB-301 Irons

    And I'm still holding out on you guys... 😉