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  1. Chris How nice are the limited Bridgestone combo irons?Not seeing ant buzz about them. The cavity back in that set is not the regular one of the full cb set correct?

  2. TourSpecGolfer

    New KYOEI Website

    FYI fellas: http://kyoeigolfclubs.com/
  3. TourSpecGolfer

    Iron Identification

    Yup Morita is the oldest. I was about to buy the name on the cheap maybe 5+ years ago and decided not to.
  4. TourSpecGolfer

    Ryoma’s New Irons

    It is him! And it costs massive amounts. More thank it cost the brand to put 10,000 Ryoma drivers on consignment in Japanese department stores!
  5. TourSpecGolfer

    Ryoma’s New Irons

    August 30th - http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/ready-set-ryoma-irons/ That is most recent.
  6. TourSpecGolfer

    KYOEI Blade Pics!

    I love hitting the KK MB #4 off the tee box. so soft.
  7. TourSpecGolfer

    DA faq is going on here!!!

    Ian, You wanna be a Mod? Anyone else?
  8. TourSpecGolfer

    Ryoma’s New Irons

    The full write up is in the blog but wanted to dump some pics here:
  9. TourSpecGolfer

    Shimada K's-NINE 9

    Its a strange fit this one. In Stiff flex I think its too firm for the type of player who would choose this weight. In R flex its not so bad. I would still go NS950 hard or soft stepped as those feel so darn good.
  10. TourSpecGolfer

    DA faq is going on here!!!

  11. TourSpecGolfer

    DA faq is going on here!!!

    I appreciate those words but I am just looking for a way to have less to do. More work is not the answer 🙂 Forums are becoming a thing of the past since the creation of social and do not drive our sales either. I am happy if the B/S/T is a place of an honest transaction and there is no Russian spam or shady activity. How about making 2 categories? BST and Japanese Golf Clubs. merge the rest into the JGC section, I get someone to Mod and I start posting cool shit once in a while. let me know guys. I have lots to share.
  12. TourSpecGolfer

    DA faq is going on here!!!

    Sorry guys been off the forum. What would you guys like to see done? consolidated to fewer categories or disbanded or ??? let me know. Unfortunately, it has become a burden to me more than anything else. If anyone wants to moderate let me know as well!
  13. TourSpecGolfer

    PRGR 2018

    I don't think much is forged by Endo anymore. Even if it is S20C.
  14. TourSpecGolfer

    Seven ST

    ST is conforming grooves. They are CNC'd as well as the very fine milling marks. It is about the same size as SDJ Proto / Crazy Toyoshima's
  15. TourSpecGolfer

    KYOEI Blade Pics!

    5 cut will remain on standard models. W grind will be on a new prototype series. overall the brand line up will be growing and make more sense. it just takes times to get things right.