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  1. I'm liking the Honma driver, however I think the heart belongs to jBeam.
  2. Ok, they look good, but what makes them better than other irons in the shop / site ??
  3. For those of you who have been fortunate enough to hit both of these, could we get a review as to the performance of each, and how the performance differs between the two. I understand the MBs have a thinner top line and I guess the CB are more forgiving.
  4. Wow, they sold quickly!! I have had my eyes on the blades and the cavities for some time. Hope they found a good home.
  5. I'll bet you have made some putts with that putter.
  6. This is really good news. "Out of stock", does not mean out of production. Man, congrats on your success with the dealers in the US and Korea. I am particularly interested in the 2017 CB, so all good.
  7. I notice in the pro shop all the 2017 seven irons are sold out. Is there a 2018 model in the wings??
  8. Supo, I have a bag full of JDM, however I have the Tour Edge Exotics 3 & 5 woods in the bag. The model is the CB 1, which is the original and in my view the best.
  9. Funny thing I'm really interested to make the AW part of the set. As you have said each to their own.
  10. I don't really like this! You have put your time and capital in to develop the product, only to have it plagiarized.
  11. We once "kidnapped" a garden gnome and took it on the golf tour, taking photos of the various locations where we played and the people we met. We sent the photos to the address where we kidnapped the gnome. The gnome was returned safely at the end of the tour. Maybe we should take photos of the Seven demo clubs in the various locations in which they land.
  12. Boys I know both of these are currently sold out, however I do have a couple of questions when these do come back in stock. I understand the CB is a "players" CB, and the MCB is a game improvement iron. I would like to get feedback from those who have either tested or purchased these clubs their particular reasons for choosing one over the other. Please feel free to be as detailed as possible.
  13. There you go boys What do you think of my "tour spec" Walter Hagen?
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