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    Is this the only set he is interested in?
  2. I have been looking for a Diamana Stinger lately and see that they are scarce but see that the Matrix Ozik TP(Full Boron) shafts TP6 or TP& are available and at a huge discount compared to their original 1000 price tag. What is the difference between these two shafts since they both use Boron in their production?
  3. Looking to buy a Diamana Stinger shaft driver length 44" long untipped either 60 or 70 gram stiff.
  4. Well since Mizuno is done with Yoro customs or visea versa I have some MP60 Yoros to sell. I was going to have these refinished by TSG Clubworks but then that pesky Benock Bullet putter got in my head(so glad it did) so now don't have the time or wallet for that project. The set has 5-9 iron and thats all. Was going to try and source a MP32 PW but like I said that project is gone. These have no markings on them except the M in the rear cavity.They n have the grainflo forged on the hosels as well but no mO60 or anything like that.I dont know what finish is on them it looks like the jill nickle but its hard to tell. I have played them as is with the S200 shafts and the grooves still hold the greens but the clubs as seen are worn. No big gouges but obvious wear. A great refin project for a classic Yoro iron the MP60. Asking 100.00 shipped USA.I will ship anywhere but we will have to figure out costs.The 2 pics are the 5 & 9 irons face and rear and they represent condition of the set.
  5. Yes that's the one thanks.It was driving me crazy.
  6. I don't remember where I saw it but was there a Benock putter model that offered 3 different shafts that were interchangeable for different lie angles?I think it was a mallet.
  7. Chris are you going to try and grab a few sets for the pro shop?
  8. +1 at this time they should at least be starting to get things up and running albeit slowly and safely but new need to start. The shutdown is now going to cause more harm than the virus at some point if this continues. Sorry as well Nobs.
  9. Has anyone tried the Nippon G.O.S.T shaft yet?
  10. Save your money and get a custom or even off the rack Benock you wont regret it.
  11. Yes they were doing a great job with social distancing. One man per cart or walking only. Flags stay in hole no rakes in bunkers to touch. One man only on tee box at a time and on greens.Its just some other businesses said they shouldn't be open if we cant. The old its not fair stuff.Why shut down things that can operate safely so people don't need government help. Some states like North and South Dakota Montana Alaska maine have to shut down with such sparsely populated areas?Let the people work if they can and I am not even talking just golf courses.Thats why I said over reach.
  12. They just closed all the publics here in NY and I had a tee time Sunday too!!!!!!! This is relly becoming a government overreach.
  13. Its fine wasn't upset by it just thought I missed a sale is all.
  14. Well it was warm today and even though we are in a sortj of corona lock down I made my way to the course for a trial run. I think this is the first time this year they cut and rolled the practice green still not perfect but smooth enough. Only thing I can say is if you ever had a putter you felt was just part of your arms and hands just an extension of you this is it. Just perfection nothing else to say. Short long lags any putt is on line if the operator is on line. Should have done it long ago. Only one bad thing is they now dropped 100.00 in the pro shop!!!!!!!!!1 Go get one. Even if they aren't made "by you just for you" the in stock ones will blow any other putter away.
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