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  1. Does anyone have any info on the paying characteristics of the RR-B shaft? Launch/spin?
  2. One drop to 600 shipped USA.
  3. I am selling my Benock Bullet putter. I bought it new a few years back and used it sparingly.It is 34" long and is in great shape.I had a different shaft installed for a while but had the original reinstalled.There is some turning on the shaft near the hosel but it doesnt affect play and is not that bad.Asking 650.00 shipped USA
  4. Mizuno Yoro mP66 irons Nickle finish less offset and box toe.Its a shame Yoro isnt offered anymore.
  5. Not only young but obviously athletic so really a shocker.Read somewhere he had asthma a heart problems but still really young.
  6. Here in the states these original BMXs are going for big money.
  7. Thats a nice interpretation of it thanks.!! I was looking at this or the Messenger.
  8. Hutch I know all shafts feel different and feel is subjective but what US shaft(ie not japan only) would feel and play like your Aura
  9. I am selling a set(2) of Mizuno C11 Japan only Yoro wedges. The C11 ae cavity backs for people who dont get on with blade type wedges.The set is 50*/6* and 56*/12*. They are Yoro wedges and have different cavity stampings and a different finish which I think is their nickel finish. Both are shafted with Modus 105 stiff shafts in the limited blue finish. The 50* has minimal wear and is in great shape. The 56 has a bit more sole and face wear but nothing horrible. The soles on these are made to accommodate a variety of shots and can be opened closed heeled etc. I am asking 275 for the set shippe
  10. Man I would set those irons up with those shafts for sure!!!!!! Between those and your Benock Black finish putter you can be like AC/DC Back in Black!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.
  11. Hey Hutch is the finish on these close to the G.O.S>T shafts they have?
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