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  1. parputt

    MP55 or 2015 Kuro or 2018 VG3 irons

    Rich have the MP55/66 combo cant beat them really.
  2. Selling a mint set of Bridgestone Tour B Xl combo set 5-PW with Nippon Modus 120 Stiff shafts. Everything is all factory original and in mint/like new set. Got these a couple months ago and had two range sessions on grass with real balls not range rocks. I got these to have another combo set but realized my MP55/66 set is just perfect for me so this impulse buy is expendable.They are a gorgeous set and bridgestone really has a winner here but just love my Mizzys.The set is in the pro shop for 1140 new but since some were hit I am asking 850 shipped USA. Drop to 775 shipped USA.
  3. parputt

    Some fine Driver heads

    Nobs did you get that Mizuno GX driver yet?Cant wait for the review on it.
  4. parputt

    Driver help

    I am curious aboutb that BB4. It is suppose to work well with swing speeds between 90-105. I wonder if you put the 16 series TPT shaft in it which is the same swing speed recommendation would it be a match made in driver heaven?
  5. parputt

    Mizuno Pro Series

    Those two allen screws on the driver look kind of garage built.
  6. parputt

    Driver help

    Yes the TSg pro shop said next batch of BB4s wont be til April 15th so I guess they are moving well enough. Nobs I read many times you LOVE the Diamond Speeder can you tell me how the low torque effects the feel in any way.Any other shafts to compare it too.I still have a driver with the "old" Fuji Rombax Type X so I am positive the Diamond is light years ahead of that.
  7. parputt

    Driver help

    Thanks Stu going to look into these too.
  8. parputt

    Mizuno Pro Series

    Saw some pro series driver on the net.There is a Type E and a Type S. Are these a tweak on the Type 1 and type 2 of 2017
  9. parputt

    Driver help

    Just need one more club to finish my 2019 JDM bag. I need a driver and have my eyes on 2 that I like. One is the Grandista RS-D driver and the other unfortunately is the Progress Golf BB4.I say unfortunately cause there isn't a lot of info on the BB4 and I am leaning that way only cause of the adjustability.So anyone who can help me unlean or lean further to one or the other would be helpful . I really like to carry the driver a long way since at my courses there isn't a lot of roll since they keep the fairways lush and soft so finding a higher launch is a big factor.
  10. parputt


    No not yet but thanks for the tip.
  11. parputt


    Thanks Nobs have to see if Chris can get me one then.
  12. parputt


    Looking for a Mizuno MP66 PWmif possible.
  13. parputt


    No just a regular stock one.Which auction site?Checked ebay none there and never saw one.
  14. Chris

    Can I get a replacement PW for my MP66 set. Lost the original.

  15. parputt


    Can you get a replacement iron from Mizuno Japan? Have my backup set at my sister in laws beach house and lost the PW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a MP66 so what is my solution?Can I get this replaced?I know they sell 3 & 4 irons but what else?Thanks.