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  1. Chris I sent an email about the face and finish.
  2. Does anyone game the benock bullet putter?I wanted to know what the face looks like and there aren't pictures of it in the pro shop.
  4. Willing to split head and shafts. Also willing to trade for a Fuji Evolution VI (6) 661 stiff driver length 45".
  5. I am selling a set of 3 Mizuno yoro craft wedges 50*, 54* & 58*.All three wedges are shafted with Nippon Pro Modus Wedge shafts stiff flex in the limited blue color.All 3 have GP MCC Midsized grips.Everything is in excellent condition with minor wear on the wedges but barely visible.Shafts and grips are in same condition.Asking 390 shipped USA. Price Drop to -300.00 SOLD!!!
  6. I wish this was flat black.
  7. Can anyone here say what wedge these custom ones are based off of?
  8. parputt

    Areso putter

    I know LOL I dontknow how to move it to BST. Will have to relist.
  9. parputt

    Areso putter

    I am selling an excellent condition Areso e13 mallet style putter.It is 34" long and was only used for a few rounds.Great feeling putter but cant upset my gamer.Asking 250 shipped USA.
  10. Selling a mint set of Bridgestone Tour B XL combo irons.All irons are near new/mint shape. All clubs have Nippon Pro Modus 120 stiff shafts from the factory with Black/White New Decade grips.Asking 750.00 shipped USA.
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