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  1. mizuno japan t7 wedges

    Yes the Yoros are custom but are the stock wedge finishes different from the US versions?
  2. mizuno japan t7 wedges

    Are the Japan T7 wedges a different finish then the USA version?The description in the pro shop says nickle chrome finish but the USA version looks like a dull finish.
  3. Nob

     Are you interested in a mizuno MP type 2 driver?I thought I read somewhere you were hot for it when you saw the first pics of it.

    1. nobmontana


      I bought a lightly used one. It's heading my way now. 

      Why,  did you have one for sale?  What are your thoughts on the driver?

    2. parputt


      Yes am selling one myself.Nice solid driver but it seems I cannot hit a JPN made driver for the life of me.I have tried them all and just cant seem to get the right one.

  4. Mjr D

    You still have those Tourstage heads in the pics?

    1. Mjr. D

      Mjr. D

      Hi, no sorry I sold those a while back. 

    2. parputt
  5. mizuno MP combo set

    SOLD close it up!
  6. mizuno MP combo set

    Selling a Mizuno MP combo set here.The 3-6 irons are MP15 and the 7-PW are MP5s.All clubs in great to excellent condition with ust normal minor wear here and there.They are shafted with DG Tour Issued S400 shafts and the grips are No1 all black.The 5 iron plays at 38".Asking 375 shipped USA.
  7. New MP driver

    Is it known is shafts with the JPX 900 or JPX EZ adapters can be used in this head?
  8. Srixon Z565 driver Mizuno Fli Hi

    All gone lock it up.
  9. New MP driver

    I know its very new but any reviews yet on either of the new Mizuno MP drivers?
  10. Srixon Z565 driver Mizuno Fli Hi

    Well it seems my impulses overpower my better judgement once again!!! Selling a mint Srixon Z565 driver 10.5* with a GD Tour MJ 6s shaft .Also have original headcover and wrench for driver.Great driver BUT still just too comfortable with my current driver.Solid club with a mid-high flight and nice roll out.Do not want to sell shaft only and not looking to trade. Asking 225.00 shipped USA. Mizuno MP Cut Muscle Fli Hi 18*with original Exsar Graphite Tour Spec stiff shaft.All in excellent shape.Asking 75.00 Shipped USA.
  11. Callaway Epic 10.5

  12. Callaway Epic 10.5

    Selling a mint near new Callaway Epic driver 10.5. I bought this as head only and fastened a UST Elements Chrome+ 6F4 stiff shaft in it.Very solid club for the 10 balls I hit with it but I will stick to my old reliable Aeroburner for the 10-14 tee shots a round I use it for. Asking 385 shipped USA. Also there was no wrench or H/C with the head but I do have another Callaway H/C for it.
  13. Chris

     Any info on the Yoro mp66s?

  14. Chris

     I have 2 questions for you.On the Geotech 215 wedges what does B7 or B8 stand for as far as the bounce goes.Is that the actual bounce?Also how flexible is the price on the YORO MP66 set in the pro shop?