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  1. Hey Hutchy how did you get the putter in that black finish? I do not see any color finish options in the pro shop for it.
  2. I still play a set of Mizunp MP55s. Long irons are crazy easy to hit with the cut out channel in back and short irons are dart throwers.The new pro series sort of mimics this concept though they hide the channel with some badging.
  3. I was hoping you had the new model so i can hear a real review.
  4. Was looking at the new Yam Tours coming out at the end of the month in the pro shop and I am liking what I am seeing.The wedges are nice as well.
  5. I did not se the part about the shaft after i re read it and looked on the blog???What shaft are they recomending?They offer head only in the pro shop?
  6. Didnt see that part about the shaft good pick up Stu.
  7. Just saw this on the site. Has me intrigued but boutique drivers always make me cautious since the resale values fall pretty quick.Looks like alot of tech and adjustability went into this one though.
  8. Would he sell just the shafts?
  9. Did you pull the trigger on a set of these yet?
  10. Never understood why Mizuno USA wouldnt have brought these to the US player. They are so clean and simple but perform. So much better looking then all the gobbly goo mixed materials they are producing. Really classic MPs. Also the MP66s are awesome as well.
  11. Yes I am the only original owner. The finish is holding up great no issues as long as you wipe them down they are fine.Size and offsetr maybe like the mP60/32 line?
  12. Yes still playing a set with white satin Yoro finish.
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