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  1. Would you sell just the head only?
  2. Hi, I'd like to try JBeam driver. loft - 9* or 9.5* fa - square Please let me know if you have any for sale. Thanks
  3. Looking for Ryoma Maxima 9.5* head. If you have one to sell, please let me know. Thanks
  4. If you have Ryoma Maxima2 driver for sale, please let me know. Thanks
  5. Try Zelos. I used to play variety of graphite shafts on irons and now I'm settled with Zelos7. Now days most of mid-capper iron set built with quite strong loft so the high launching of Zelos7 matches very well. Also, dispersion is quite decent as long as you have moderate SS.
  6. Kamui TP-07 Version 2 head with Matrix Speed Rulz A-Type 50 Regular shaft for sale. 10* loft, Square face, 194 gram. SW : D1 Length : 46 inch Sole and face show some normal wear but still in very good condition. Sold
  7. 2014 PRGR EGG Fairway 5 wood is for sale.Comes with stock M-40 shaft. Loft : 18*Length : 41.5 inchBought it last year and played 2-3 rounds. Mint condition.
  8. Looking for super easy launching 3 wood head. Always struggle to launch the ball on deck with 3 wood. If you have easy launching 3 wood head, please let me know. Thanks
  9. I really want to go but will be away on both days. Btw I can play 15th or 29th. I don't want you to change the date just for me but if it is okay with everyone, please let me know. Avalon is 27 holes course and as long as you don't have high expectation, you won't be disappointed. They have very good all day rate in summer too. Maybe we can do the all day in summer.
  10. Let's have 2 days event when things dry up. There are more TSGers in Vancouver, wish they can join up!!
  11. Guys, I'm in Vancouver. Wish I can make this Saturday but already have plan. If you make 2 days event, please let me know. I will be there!! Btw, isn't it still very wet? I played yesterday and some holes were almost unplayable.
  12. Hi,

    Does $450 includes the original VG3 shaft?



    1. jlam1127


      It does, but unfortunately, I just sold it this morning and was going to close the ad.... thank you for looking

  13. what you like to trade them for a mystery driver head 

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