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  1. He was but has since moved on to the Tensei Orange shaft from Mitsubishi Chemical.
  2. New Graphite Design IZ Series Golf Shafts!

    Interesting, I would not have thought the TP was more draw promoting than the DI. I thought the TP was stiffer all the way through the profile.
  3. New Graphite Design IZ Series Golf Shafts!

    For those of us that don't speak Japanese, what is the translation for the labels on the graph axis?
  4. Can someone fill me in to what the differences are between the Crazy Nero Longest Yard 01 and the Crazy REGENESIS Longest Yard 01? Is one the newer replacement of the other or do they have different shaft bend profiles?
  5. .350 tip driver shafts?

    Except for the shaft that came in the S-Yard T.388
  6. S-Yard T.388 Sole Medallion Removal Question

    Great information, thanks for letting me know before I started trying to get it off.
  7. Is the medallion on the sole of the S-Yard T.388 driver removable? I can't tell if it's a sticker or it's a screw. I am hoping it's a screw weight that I can heat and unscrew so that I can access the inside of the head to add some hotmelt. The club head is a little light and I'd like to avoid adding lead tape. Anyone have any help or insight?
  8. Adams Speedline Test

    The funny thing is the Hireko/Dynacraft DSFI rated the Grafalloy Prolaunch Blue w/ Axis at 89 mph for the stiff flex and 83 mph for the regular flex. Very weak to flex as far as most shafts go. I would also venture to guess that Adams didn't tip it any when they inserted it into their heads. Most of their recent heads have had a longer BBGM measurement and would normally require tipping to make the shaft flex correctly. I wouldn't be surprised if the stiff was playing closer to 85-86 mph.
  9. Chinkyo's Bag

    Awesome sticks! The coolest part though is the Boston Terrier in the first picture. I have a Boston that's 2 years old and they are the best dogs ever.
  10. Code-6 Measurements

    Awesome, thanks!
  11. Code-6 Measurements

    I'm trying to see if a Code-6 shaft I have has been tipped. Does anyone know of the measurements from the tip to any of the graphics? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
  12. Just like the title says, I am selling 8 brand new and uncut True Temper Dynamic Gold R300 parallel tipped steel shafts. I bought them to use in some irons but didn't end up using them. All shaft bands are included (but not installed on shafts). I just want what I paid for them. $55 shipped in CONUS. Thanks!
  13. Longest, hottest face driver

    It may not be, but I have yet to hit a driver that felt as good as the XR-03 did. I would trade 5-10 yards for that feeling in a heartbeat!
  14. Longest, hottest face driver

    The longest driver I have EVER hit is the XR-03. I have hit the Callaway GBB II+ 415, a R7 MAX, and a R5 Max and the XR-03 was longer than all of them. I could only wish that they would make a legal version of this driver because I would play it all the time.
  15. Hey guys, This is a shot in the dark, but does anyone have a Taylor Made XR-03 lying around they would want to sell me? I would love to have a 10.5 but will also consider a 9.5 as well. Don't care about the shaft flex. Please email me at [email protected] if you have one for sale. Thanks!