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  1. Is this the V1 Astro driver people have been referencing?
  2. Does anyone have a picture of what the ASTRO Tour V1 looks like?
  3. The Tour AD QuattroTech was a lower kick point shaft and I believe Matt Kuchar used it for a while some time back. The PT shaft the other poster mentioned was more of a mid launch, mid kick shaft that was very popular in Japan but I don't believe made it to the US. I have one in an OnOff 358 driver and it's a good performer.
  4. It is, yes, silver and black instead of the black replacement. It's not going anywhere so don't feel in a rush.
  5. Looks like they are using the exact same adjustment sleeve as the PXG drivers. That will make getting an adapter tip much easier here in the US.
  6. The Fusion was a fantastic upgrade to the original FT-IZ. It's one of the most overlooked Callaway heads to come out as it was overshadowed by the Epic hype that started at the same time it was released. I'm pretty sure Hideki moved on from the GBB quite a while ago. Last I saw he was using a Ping G400.
  7. PM sent on the Callaway epic.
  8. My Bullet and 435 both have a good amount of hotmelt added to them and the sound/feel is absolutely perfect. There is still some metallic sound to them but it isn't the high pitched and echoing PING that was there before the melt was added.
  9. Interesting, I would not have thought the TP was more draw promoting than the DI. I thought the TP was stiffer all the way through the profile.
  10. For those of us that don't speak Japanese, what is the translation for the labels on the graph axis?
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