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  1. daamartin

    Modart Ma01ds adaptor?

    Anyone have a spare one of these hanging about?
  2. daamartin


    Done deal Hutch. If I give you a shaft can you stick it in for me as well?
  3. daamartin


    If still there, how much AUD local pickup Hutch?
  4. daamartin

    Kodaira Win

    Doesn't happen that often. Might have expected a bit of a write up here given he used mostly PRGR tools to do it. Good on him. I am sure PRGR sales will be enhanced!!
  5. daamartin


    Is the onoff 18* gone Spoon?
  6. daamartin

    Jbeam zy7

    Same as GLWS I think!
  7. daamartin


    Ummmm.....new age version for 2018.......Girls Like Waxed Scr0ts?
  8. daamartin


    My mid thoracic hurts just looking at it. Wish I was 15 years younger!! GLWS D
  9. daamartin

    Mizuno MP iron heads 7-PW?

    5-pw or 6-pw heads only probably OK as well. Happy to trade etc Thx D
  10. daamartin

    Mizuno MP iron heads 7-PW?

    Anyone have any nice minty heads from a combo set 7-PW? Thanks Darren
  11. daamartin


    Can't go wrong with these. Gushy soft! GLWS Stu.
  12. Went to Ping for a season then came back and fairway stats improved. Length is about the same for me.
  13. Best JDM all rounder (feel, forgiveness, distance and FAIRWAYS)? Yamaha V4.6 r.p.m. 2009 Got 3 of them. Very proportioned, pretty shape too.
  14. daamartin

    different bags for different days?

    Very interesting keeping irons same. Here in QLD our greens actually get firm and quick in our dry winter, so an iron set with a few more revs of spin can be good.
  15. daamartin

    different bags for different days?

    Yes indeed, but not flipping often. Need to stay with a set for a while to score well. Latest experiment is exact same driver setup in 9* and 10* lofts to suit conditions. One goes with one iron set and vice versa. Madness or clever I don't know. Hypotheses through to experiment is a fun process!