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  1. Love this. From a bloke who sure knows how to test!!! Just goes to show we all need to keep our minds open re bag setup.
  2. Anyone have a spare one of these hanging about?
  3. daamartin


    Done deal Hutch. If I give you a shaft can you stick it in for me as well?
  4. daamartin


    If still there, how much AUD local pickup Hutch?
  5. Doesn't happen that often. Might have expected a bit of a write up here given he used mostly PRGR tools to do it. Good on him. I am sure PRGR sales will be enhanced!!
  6. daamartin


    Is the onoff 18* gone Spoon?
  7. daamartin


    Ummmm.....new age version for 2018.......Girls Like Waxed Scr0ts?
  8. daamartin


    My mid thoracic hurts just looking at it. Wish I was 15 years younger!! GLWS D
  9. 5-pw or 6-pw heads only probably OK as well. Happy to trade etc Thx D
  10. Anyone have any nice minty heads from a combo set 7-PW? Thanks Darren
  11. daamartin


    Can't go wrong with these. Gushy soft! GLWS Stu.
  12. Went to Ping for a season then came back and fairway stats improved. Length is about the same for me.
  13. Best JDM all rounder (feel, forgiveness, distance and FAIRWAYS)? Yamaha V4.6 r.p.m. 2009 Got 3 of them. Very proportioned, pretty shape too.
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