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  1. Open to (reasonable) offers on these now. I need to move at least one of them. Thanks
  2. Last drop or better off keeping and building for my son. I know you're loooooooking!
  3. All yours if you want 'em. Suspect you would add weight etc, but they are very, very clean heads the both of them.
  4. Hi all, I've had my fun with these. Both are in excellent condition with original head covers. Clearly I am a bit out of touch with the market these days - drop again. All prices USD 1. Astro Tour VIII 10* 197g - SOLD 2. Ryoma VSpec 10.5* 196g - OFF Market - KEEPING These are both great heads with fantastic reviews here on TSG. My G400/Crazy Boron just can't be beat so these have been gathering dust
  5. Love this. From a bloke who sure knows how to test!!! Just goes to show we all need to keep our minds open re bag setup.
  6. Anyone have a spare one of these hanging about?
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